Vineyard Man - Ghengis Khan Song!

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Vineyard Man - Ghengis Khan Song!

Post by AnimeCanuck » Dec 9th, '10, 04:20

Hey Everyone!
I'm sitting here typing this as I watch the final 16th episode of Vineyard Man. I'm a huge Yuun Eun Hye fan, ever since I saw her in Coffee Prince (which was my first Kdrama, and my third foreign drama). I watched Palace next, when she was younger, and now this.

... and... the Ghengis Khan song that Taek Gi keeps singing with her is STUCK IN MY HEAD!!! So I want to learn it! Does anyone know where it comes from? I thought perhaps from an older drama, a themesong from that. I'd love to see it written out in Romaji, so I can sing it and learn the fast parts...

It's quite an awesome song, actually... I just loved it when they sang it together at the grape festival. Sooo awesome and sweet.

This is a really great Kdrama, for those of you who haven't seen it yet. The characters are dynamic and interesting, and both the male love interests are good to look at, too. And of course, as always, Yuun Eun Hye does a fabulous job as Ji Hyun! The supporting cast is also strong.

Anyways... please help me find this!

Jane-Jane-Jane-gis Khan! Dadada dadada dadladadada dadladada! XD

Now... on to finishing this series!
(I'm sure it will be a satisfying ending - I'm satisfied already! Excellent pacing!)
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Post by AnimeCanuck » Dec 9th, '10, 05:24

Oh, and since I think of it, I'm also looking for that "Show us some mercy!... dadadadada Shippo" song that played very often in the first 6 or so episodes, and was at the end during the final credits. It's great for dancing! "Hey you, way up there! Listen to my prayer!"... That might be easier to find on google. Anyway... yeah.

Awesome show! ^_^

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Post by Jackimi » Dec 9th, '10, 11:59

Watch it here:

This funny song "Dschinghis Khan" originally was an old german disco song (about 30 years ago). It was very popular around Europe - including my country Hungary :D

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Post by damarikomu » Dec 9th, '10, 12:11

omg haha I remember this song =D how silly to use it in a drama rofl =D

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Post by wndrswan » Dec 9th, '10, 22:04

l o l thats all i can say to that video.

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Post by rootabega » Dec 29th, '10, 20:50

"Genghis, genghis, genghis Khan..."
This series has shot to the top of my "must see" list as of right now!
The song was probably such a hit in Hungary because the composer/main performers were Hungarians, even though it was a German entry. Hungarians just looove the tacky, anyways (I ought to know, coming from that background).
I'm off to do some serious Vineyard Man downloading....

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