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Posted: Nov 17th, '10, 22:53
by 12bucklemyshoe
In a discussion thread about a t.v. show, if you can't criticize the acting, plot, music etc etc, what's the point?

Calling other people names because of a show is ridiculous. If people were getting personal and making fun of other fans, they you can remind them to stick to the content of the drama. But anything anyone wants to say about the drama is alright. Why should one go and post it in a blog if they can post it in a discussion thread?

If you don't like what you're reading, come up with your own counterpoints to explain why you disagree with their assessment. Nobody has the right to tell others to stop posting just because they don't like their posts. If you don't like what they are reading, then skip it and make your own positive posts.

Posted: Nov 17th, '10, 22:55
by esmer86

Diva much! :goggle: It seems like the only one bitching and whinning here now is you. It seems like Orion moved on so who is the bigger person now. Like you said...just enjoy the drama and leave the thread alone.

Posted: Nov 17th, '10, 23:16
by lovelybabe
@esmer: yup! I want to bit and whine back because I've been quiet for so long .
I can't write long and comment long because of my disability
I just want to read other's comments about the drama I like,
Yup! You can criticize it , but don't go overboard . The actors and actresses have been do good job of their part
The story line is suck, but this drama is an idol drama .
Please Don't put it up to oscar worthy dramas and laugh about how it sucks .
Take it easy, open your heart to enjoy it .
Korean dramas often have repeated things over and over .
They are in crisis, and if we continue to watch them, bear with them and just enjoy them .
I continue to stay here to read other's comments .

If you hate it, state your statement and leave the thread
You don't need to drag the pages out to say how much you hate it .
You can go to the HATE thread and drag it out .

Since I like this drama, I like Kim Jea Wook and Moon Geun Young I will stay here to read people's comments .

Posted: Nov 17th, '10, 23:51
by 12bucklemyshoe
You're admitting that Korean dramas are in crisis and the audience keeps getting the same recycled stuff over and over. If people don't criticize and make it known that they would like something different, what is the incentive to improve?

I'm not saying that this thread has any effect on the Korean drama market but how is "even if it sucks, just shut up and enjoy it anyway" good advice?

If the thread has been negative for too long, jump in and add variety but don't ask people to go and post elsewhere. Why should they? As it's a public thread, anyone can post whatever they like about the drama.

Posted: Nov 18th, '10, 01:33
by Issy
wow, i kept reading this thread at work (because yes, believe it or not all of us here on this thread do have a life and professional work outside DA and try to fill whatever hours left in our day with dramas to ENJOY) and could not comment so left them all for tonight. but after all these post, i see no point in writing more because Orion gave the prefect answers and reasons to what it has been said in politest way. there is nothing i can add. all i see is this repeated words over and over and urge to troll or create tension (such a contrast with user name) in the thread with no more points to make.

so this is going to be my first and last reply regarding this matter. feel free to reply back but be sure is not going to change my mind, be intimidated, change my point of thinking or my views. i will keep writing about what i like or don't like about this or any other drama and you are free read or not to read them. same goes with actors/actresses and their acting style and performances.

This thread is for every DA reader, it's NOT dedicated to praising the drama, it is a discussion thread. can be negative, can be positive. if you are worried about it filled with all negative comments, come and give your positive ones. they are all welcomed. BUT, if praise is all what you seek, i have said it so many times before, there is another thread totally dedicated to everything positive about MMM and is much longer than this one (talking about having no life :whistling: ).
i decide when to start watching a drama and when to drop it. at the moment, i have decided to continue watching MMM and write my thoughts. the drama itself will help me make my decision and no one else.

SO ep 4
glad that they have tuned down the drinking game. and Jae Wook's character now is showing some sort of emotions proving that he is not a robot.
there were some cute moments between MG and MR (like when she measuring his hand size for gloves) but i still fail to connect to any of characters so far. it's so strange because i am such a hopeless romantic that start rooting for a couple in drama as soon as i see a spark between their characters. I guess, there is no spark yet.
i don't know what to expect from the story but i keep waiting for something more serious (which i don't know what it really is) to happen and it does not happen. that's make the drama a bit slow and boring for me. somehow i want them to speed up the story.
oh, and i started to get annoyed by MR's hair. it's just every where most of times, all over her face and eyes and it's so obvious that is a fake hair . seriously, someone should tell them that this Sadako hair is just not cute. like everytime she is in Jaewook's house waking up and looking at him with that big hair.

Posted: Nov 18th, '10, 04:09
by janajee
Wow, just wow.

I can't believe how dragged out this topic has been. It's a discussion thread about a drama not a positive let's comment about how great a drama this is. That's the problem with other threads, this is a discussion thread, seriously. Besides @lovelybabe you were the one who started hitting on Orion, so get a grip. If all you want are positive comments on this drama go to soompi or something.

This is a discussion thread where we discuss the drama. It's here to tear it down, just as much as it's not here to praise it up, we're here to discuss what we think of the drama whether it be positive or negative. Yeeesh.

Posted: Nov 18th, '10, 16:28
by lovelybabe
@12bucklemyshoe: Korean dramas are in crisis, if you want to voice your opinion for them to change it, why don't you go to their Korean websites,, the drama websites and voice out your opinions ?

It is USELESS to voice out your opinions about Drama crisis and how to change it in here

This is D-addict, the website is created for fans and audiences who love Korean dramas . They love , and they volunteer to sub Korean Dramas into many languages. They love, and they do it for FREE to spread out the love of Korean dramas to many people around the world .

To me and many people I chat, Korean dramas are in crisis, but because we love and ADDICT to them, we continue to watch them with selectivity according to our taste and the drama genre we like .

We know we can't change the situation, so we are better adapt to the Korean drama crisis .
We don't pay out money to watch and we watch them for FREE , so why do we ask too much ?

If you want to change the world of Korean dramas, GO to their drama's website and BIT
I will really appreciate if they listen to you and change their drama strategy .
I will really graceful and say thanks with all my heart if anyone in here have the courage to do that .

However, this is fans and audience's website, LOVE IS MUCH MORE APPRECIATED THAN HATE AFTER ALL .

PEOPLE love the drama and spend their time to translate, to sub, and discuss . They don't try to find every hole in the drama to give out negative comments .
iF They don't like the drama, they CAN say they don't like it, why they don't like it .
They don't spend their time keeping on watching the dramas they hate or they don't like , then keep on and on of the bitching .
AFTER ALL, trying to focus on the drama you love is much more fun and enjoyable than trying to focus on the drama you hate right ?

Unless you are addict to HATE , you try focus on the drama you hate to have ORGASIM and fun for HATING

As I see in this thread so far, some people seem like to ADDICT to criticism and hating , they drag these ugly matters on and on . They make the thread turn into anti thread and UN-enjoyable to read .

They think internet is FREE to express their opinion and they don't recognize that they can hurt people with their sharp venom teeth .
I am often wondering, out side of the internet circle, do they have enough courage to step forward to someone they don't know much about and tell that person how they hate him/her and going on and on with their criticism .
In real life, they might receive a PUNCH in the face if they try to do that .
Just because this is the internet, they think they can get around without anyone can PUNCH in their face . Oh well !!!!
That' is enough OK !!!!!

Posted: Nov 18th, '10, 16:46
by arakira

you know what is strange? Where are all those people you are talking about? Why don't they create the love love thread for this drama here? Why did only people speak up for a free discussion who wanna read positive and negative opinions alike?

Now others can't even discuss about the crisis of kdrama anymore?!? What you write sounds like from abother, sad period in our history where free speech and criticism were forbidden. Where bad things just had to be swallowed and accepted. That's a fatalist and destructive approach on things for me. And I am glad, this site is not like this at all!!

As far as I know, you are not the creator of this site or even this please, stop telling people what you think is allowed or not. If this thread bothers you so much, why don't you create a new one, a "Praise for Mary me Mary" thread? Then you can lay down your rules in the first post and I promise, I won't go there to tell you to be negative!

Posted: Nov 18th, '10, 17:40
by Issy
Honestly people, I think discussing this matter any further is fruitless. not-so-lovelybabe-at the-moment made his/her point very loud and clear. we gave our reasons too. as i said before, this is looking more and more like trolling to me. nothing new being said and every points being recycled more than once. so why don't we just ignore coming similar posts and continue with our discussion. :mrgreen:
and as it being said so many times before, i quote it at the end again:
"That' is enough OK !!!!!"

Posted: Nov 18th, '10, 17:52
by lovelybabe
@arakira: Oh well, your sharp venom teeth have chased many good people away .
The creator of this thread did not do good job anyway , you guys and her chased good people away .
I don't see any points for good people to come in here to debate with your guys .
They will waste their time since you guys already have formed bad opinions about this drama .

I've been debating with many girls, and I know it's hard to change their opinions unless there is a miracle or a special understanding .
I don't want to debate with your guys since it will be useless and wasting time .
I want you guys stop BiTC so other people can come into this thread and have fun .

I will stay in this thread
Be nice to him, you guys have been expressed and BiTc too much . That's enough already ! Go and Bitc others to maxima like you used to Bitc at him

Enough for him already, be nice to him . If you don't like him , you already do the GOOD JOB of BICT , NOW it's is the time to ignore, forget, and move on .
Just be nice to him . :-)

Posted: Nov 18th, '10, 17:58
by Ethlenn
1. I was the original creator of this thread, but I can be the annihilator of it if the futile discussion on our views procrastinates.
2. I am an active participator on Korean forums and official websites. I see what's going on.
3. I don't love Jang Keun Seok. And I'm not going to be nice if he doesn't deserve. No one can force me to it.
4. I stopped b*tchin, because I have no time for that.

Issy said the truth, other people tried to move the discussion further (like Viande, who commented on the episode), so those who can't stand this drama may go, those who love this drama may kyaa. With giving the reasons for that.
Please, every post after this one that will try to stir the thread more will be deleted.
Thank you.

Posted: Nov 18th, '10, 20:23
by Peggy
I think that someone has gone into meltdown and it is time to exclude.. or we will all be drowning in nonsense. To agree, or not to agree, does not mean reams of repetitions of babbling.

Stop it already and just discuss the drama or go somewhere else where you find only your opinions are accepted. This is really beyond anything sensible I have ever seen on d-addicts about any subject in many years.

Enough already please.

Have at it Ethlenn.

Posted: Nov 18th, '10, 21:07
by Helanite
Well, I gotta say this is an interesting discussion, although, i could have sworn the original topic was about 'marry me mary' not about how bad korea's getting or whatever.

I personally am 50/50 for liking the show and not. There are some cute moments that make your tummy do that little squirmy feeling, but then it also, like many before it, is predictable. Still, after watching ep 4, it looks like things might start to get interesting! :w00t: so, lets hope that the drama starts picking up, and we won't be left feeling like we want our presious hours of our lives back from watching it

Posted: Nov 18th, '10, 21:15
by Peggy
I have yet to see this drama. I am most interested in knowing how Kim Jae Wook comes across in this role.So far I have only seen a few photos and he does not look at all like himself...if that makes sense.

Anyway I shall be pleased to hear any opinion from you, good or bad, about his acting and his appearance in this drama.

Posted: Nov 18th, '10, 22:56
by Helanite
Hi Peggy!
I'd love to tell you what i think so far! as long as you don't mind my biased opinion! lol
Its true that Kim jae wook does look different (although I've only seen him in coffee prince), but it may be that he changed his apperance and such for this role. he's portraying a man that it thoroughly absorbed in his work, and I've seen business men,and alot of them look really skinny and like they maybe don't eat alot from being busy and on the go all the time! maybe that's why he looks a little gaunt and thinner. but thats just me! :lol just out of curiosity, which pictures did you see? the ones where he's in a business outfit, or where he's dressed all in leather and all bad guy looking? because i honestly don't know why they bothered taking pictures of the later, because it really doesn't portray his character AT ALL!

I think that he does a good job in his role. I've read other peoples comments on other sites as well as this one, and alot of people say he is too serious and looks bored and whatnot, but i think that's his character, and he's doing a great job! correct me if you think differently when you get a chance to watch it yourself! I'm sure his character will warm up as the series progresses like most serious characters do in other shows. :D

Posted: Nov 18th, '10, 23:08
by Peggy
Thank you Helanite.
Well the photos I saw were the very first publicity and to tell the truth I was not quite sure what they had dressed him up as really. He sure did not look like a business tycoon.

I have seen Jae Wook in a few dramas. I loved him in Coffee Prince of course. In fact the whole cast was good in that drama I thought. Loved him to pieces in 'Antique Bakery' and if you did not see that you really must find it. It is a comedy and very light hearted but they are all adorable in the cast. Then of course he was more serious in 'Bad Guy'. Not the perfect drama for reasons out of the actors' control.

I am waiting to see how he does in MMM and because I like him I will probably like his appearance and acting. Hope so anyway.

Posted: Nov 18th, '10, 23:37
by Helanite
You are very welcome! :D
just to warn you that its starting to look like one of those drama's where its pretty much obvious (right from the get-go) who she will more than likely end up with. some people hate those kind of drama's, but honestly, I like 'em ! they are a nice change up from the depressing, bawl till you can bawl no more, wringing your hands, drama's! :P I like watching those too though, because, THEY are a nice change up from the predictable, romantic comedies! :lol i just watched Chuno, and holy crap on a stick! did i cry like a baby on that one! so , marry me marry is a nice change-up from that! :lol

Posted: Nov 18th, '10, 23:43
by Peggy
You MUST find Antique Bakery. I have a feeling that you will love it. It's somewhere on line I am sure.

Posted: Nov 19th, '10, 00:18
by janajee
Alright first episode.
I like it. It's something light and fun. It's not mindblowingly awesome, which was what I was expecting, but I wasn't really going all snorefest all the way. Plus, I really missed that man's voice. It's what caught me in the first place. Hahahahah, alright, I'll admit it, I'm a fangirl. I'm a big easily pleased fangirl. I just absolutely adored it when they were drinking together and the fighting. It was just... so cute. Ok there. I'm a fangirl, I'm sorry :(

The water nymph though... just made me laugh. Out loud. Just laugh hysterically. Was that supposed to be hot? Because if it was supposed to be funny, then they really got that right. It was just damn hilarious. Hahahahahaha. I think in a bad way for him. Hahahahahaha, and alright, the S-line scene was weird. But it hasn't gotten to the point where I'm all grrr, I've had enough. It's still funny somewhat. Hahahaha.

Okay though, when he went in after she's been crying in her room like that? When he said Merry Christmas, I just went awwwww, and that smile just killed me again.

At the end of episode one, with that cute drunk smile of his
You know how it feels to have this ex boyfriend whom you have loved for so long that even now, if he comes crawling back to you, you still can't leave him behind even if he's been such a jerk to you. That's how I feel with JKS right now. I don't like what he's doing and how I'm not seeing much of an improvement and I am scared he's going to ruin whatever chance he had at acting for a very very long time... but when I look at him, and hear his voice and see his smile, I just melt all over the place.

I can't hate him.

I just can't.

Help me, I think I'm losing it. Hahahahaha. I need me some Seonjun from SKKS to snap me out of this mess that I placed myself in. HAHAHAHA XD

Posted: Nov 19th, '10, 12:29
by janajee
Second Episode of Marry Me Mary
The woofing and meowing is ridiculous. Hahahah, but they're drunk, and sometimes people do stupid things when they're drunk, at least that's what I've heard. My only beef with that is actually Mae-Ri. She's meowing, and she's not drunk. She's got no excuse to be an idiot. Hahahahaha.

Also, who in their right mind would agree to a scheduled marriage thing that happened there? Seriously, it's like a what the eff situation if I ever saw one. But, I still like it, shallow as it may be for me, it's still pretty cute, I guess. I just wish that they didn't have to make so effing unbelievable that it could never happen in real life... you know?
So far still in this drama-ride. XD

Posted: Nov 19th, '10, 19:49
by Orion1986
The subs for the first episode have been released by WithS2 and the series now has a page on their site as well. I'm updating the first post.

Posted: Nov 19th, '10, 19:58
by leonice
Midnights-Dreams released hard subbed ep3. in avi files here: ... l%20Night/

Posted: Nov 19th, '10, 20:04
by Helanite
I read the synopsis for episode 5 and i think things are finally going to pick up! I am looking forward to what they will do for the show in the future! :-)
and I have to admit, at first when i saw JKS's hair and appearence in the beggining, my first impression was ' what the heck! they turned him into a girl ! ' but, now my eye's are starting to adjust a little. And maybe its his voice that helps me deal with the girlie image. I love JKS's voice, whether singing, or talking, its a nice deep voice that melts you! *sigh* I absolutely love the song ' my precious' ! awesome song! or is it just me who likes it?

Posted: Nov 19th, '10, 22:52
by esmer86
I, too, started to watch this show and to be honest I cant stop laughing...not because of some funny moments but because of JKS. :goggle: SORRY!! :P BUT i dont mind watching it. I think its also going to get better but I do hope in the future ep. the threesome relationship does become better where the viewer really doesnt know which "guy" she chooses. Its kinda obvious right now. :blink Anyways Ill still be on the look out for this one. :D

Posted: Nov 19th, '10, 23:04
by chapi
I just started watching this drama and read the whole topic (I like to be informed before replying :) )

I haven't really seen any other work from JGS except YAB or his movie with the baby (forgot the name...sorry...) and I don't really watch any videos with him in real life. I guess it makes me appreciate his character and the actor a bit more? Because it is true that when you know that a character resembles too much the actor or that all the characters the actor plays are the same, it's not as enjoyable to watch.

I find the drama sort of cute. I wouldn't say it's very deep and profound but I need this type of things to keep my mind from work and University. It's entertaining for me and that's it. I believe I am very open to all sort of movies and shows from all kind of countries. And this is not the worst show but it isn't the best either.

I don't know if it's the story or the lack of development for the characters but you can't really relate to any of them. I am going to continue watching this but it probably won't be in my top favourite dramas. I'll probably still enjoy it. Because there are some funny moments for me.

And I'm not really affected by fan service. I swear! I find JGS and Jae Wook good looking but I don't know I didn't even realize that the bed scene and the bruise scene were for that :P And I kinda like the hair, it's so lush haha.
But I think he'll be cutting it. I saw a picture, can't remember where though..

Anyways, I am looking forward to episode 5 and everyone is entitled to their opinion. I like that not everyone is all "kyaaaa" about a drama, most of the time, it sets expectations and then *pardon my language* you realize it actually sucks >.< (won't say names)...Threads like this kind of let you judge on your own knowing that you might not enjoy it. It's not like you HAVE to not watch 'cause someone else doesn't like it.

Posted: Nov 20th, '10, 01:43
by Helanite

here are the subtitles for episode 4!
gotta love those dedicated korean drama subber people! where would we get our weekly fill of drama's if they were'nt around?!

Posted: Nov 20th, '10, 17:55
by Viande
4th episode is subbed and up at Dramacrazy.
Best part of this episode was the scene they stuffed Mae Ri in the van. :lol That actually made me laugh, my exact feelings about her. I'm sorry but she's most of the time like annoying puppy barking at your feet all the time. Shame that she got out there... ;)

Anyway, even though there was pointless fanservice again (like the "escape" scene where they went to karaoke) the plot finally started to develop. So it seems that there is some past between Mae Ri and Jung In and not just between her father, mother and Jung In's father. I hope we will hear more about the past.
One more thing that bothers me is characters talking about being in drama. (The ones like "oh we are like in some bad drama" or "if this was drama, this would happen...".) Those lines make me crazy. I like watching dramas to feel the story and to be in different world and when someone in drama mentions something like that that it instantly breaks the bubble. In this episode they pointed out that musical dramas are more for younger audience and adults would probably not watch them. I disagree with it, you can make a good music drama without making it so that only teenagers kyaa about it. Or maybe they were only talking about this drama, in which case I agree.

Even though I can't find much positive to say, I can't really say that this drama wasn't for me. It's just that fanservice makes me mad and the fact that they're totally underestimating viewers.

Posted: Nov 20th, '10, 21:08
by Issy
Viande wrote:
Even though I can't find much positive to say, I can't really say that this drama wasn't for me. It's just that fanservice makes me mad and the fact that they're totally underestimating viewers.
I could not agree with you on this more. I have seen much more cheesier dramas than this and totally loved them. I always loved this kind of dramas and enjoy them anyway but these kind of fan service makes it look alike it is intended for a certain age group only when they can make it for all to enjoy it by avoiding them.

Posted: Nov 20th, '10, 22:25
by Viande
Issy wrote: oh, and i started to get annoyed by MR's hair. it's just every where most of times, all over her face and eyes and it's so obvious that is a fake hair . seriously, someone should tell them that this Sadako hair is just not cute. like everytime she is in Jaewook's house waking up and looking at him with that big hair.
hehe, seen this one Issy? 8)

Posted: Nov 20th, '10, 22:30
by Ethlenn
Viande... I just have to say it... just love your sense of humor...
This movie... :blink

Posted: Nov 20th, '10, 22:36
by Issy
Viande wrote:
Issy wrote: oh, and i started to get annoyed by MR's hair. it's just every where most of times, all over her face and eyes and it's so obvious that is a fake hair . seriously, someone should tell them that this Sadako hair is just not cute. like everytime she is in Jaewook's house waking up and looking at him with that big hair.
hehe, seen this one Issy? 8)
:O now I am thinking ahead. Maybe they have something in their mind. Some kind of Mary's secret weapon? :mrgreen:

Posted: Nov 20th, '10, 22:57
by Viande
That movie is awesome btw. :mrgreen: (if you don't take it seriously)

Posted: Nov 20th, '10, 23:25
by Peggy
I decided to try this first episode online. I think I won't be watching much more of this drama. I really can't stand this actress. Her way of acting is very erratic and not what I enjoy at all. There is no tension as yet in the scenes and it is not amusing and there is nothing to pull my interest. I will watch until Jae Wook has something interesting to say or do and then...well...then it will be iffy.

Posted: Nov 21st, '10, 17:55
by biniBningPunkista
antique bakeshop is a nice movie. I'm vouching for it. A boyishly-cake-loving Yoo Ah-In is in it along with a very attractive gay Jae Wook. (his acting was all out in it and his pheromones... oh boy!) >_<

and speaking of gay...

episode 4 made me lol!!! that first scene was epic if you look at it at a different perspective. I was laughing through it all even until mary showed up, but her appearance sort of annoyed me as well because it ruined the moment of my laughing fits. ~_~

Posted: Nov 23rd, '10, 17:05
by micehell
For anyone waiting for me to upload, MMM got preempted by the Asian Games today, so no new ep today it looks like.

Posted: Nov 23rd, '10, 23:24
by nileyfan1
So we have to wait a week for episode 6?

Posted: Nov 25th, '10, 01:13
by caramelchampagne
guys is this series should i put it in must see list or not i need ur openion plz

Posted: Nov 25th, '10, 08:12
by biniBningPunkista
caramelchampagne wrote:guys is this series should i put it in must see list or not i need ur openion plz
i'm not sure about the must see list because rating wise, the drama is a flop. ~_~
but you can ask hard-core netizens about this drama and they might pump their fist up and squeal in delight talking about Jang Geun Suk and Kim Jae Wook non-stop.

my two cents on this? it's enjoyable but non-original. i'm watching it more for Moon Geun Young's sake. comparing her angsty moves in Cinderella's sister to this one. oh, and not to forget the two male eye candies of course, but more for Kim Jae Wook's side. I just love his character. if you are into fluffy story line, daddy issues, music that has garbled lyrics... you'll like this. you will seriously seriously like this.

Posted: Nov 25th, '10, 09:19
by Orion1986
Episode 2 has been released by WithS2.

Posted: Nov 26th, '10, 10:20
by Yolchen
i love this show so far! It's very cliché, of course, but that's the charme of it, and the drama itself plays with it ("This can't be! It's like in a drama..!")
Also I love the main actress (bad with Korean names, sorry), she really has great acting skills, imo, if you just look at how different her characters are in her different roles (cinderella's sister, innocent steps etc...)
I'm really looking forward to the next episodes, I can't waiiiit!!

Posted: Nov 27th, '10, 19:46
by never2muchcoffee
Well, I finally watched the first three episodes so I'll weigh in with my 2 cents :)

Personally, I don't think Jae Wook is all that good looking in this show. Loved him in Coffee Prince, thought he was hot there, so in comparison, I think his face is too gaunt now which over-emphasized his cheekbones. It really does not look good on him, imo. Also, I loved his longer, sloppier hair in Coffee Prince. Not liking the short haircut now. Of course, I do realize that the hair and maybe even the gauntness is part and parcel of his role now, but that doesn't mean it's flattering. Again, just my opinion.

MSY's hair only bothers me when it's been reeeaaallyy frizzed out, and she often looks like she's cross-eyed. But other than that, I'm enjoying her character. JGS's hair makes me jealous, LOL, but to be honest I think it looks good on him. But then, I've always been a sucker for guys with long hair. I think it's a side-effect of growing up with the hair bands of the 80's :D My daughter and cousin have been watching with me and they like JKS much more in MMM than they did in YAB. Me, I'm torn cause I loved Tae Kyung, but I'm quickly falling for Moo Kyul as well :)

Overall, though the drama is predictable and full of cliches, I am thoroughly enjoying it. It's fun and light-hearted, and that's just what I like. And I'll just add that the ending of ep 3 nearly had me rofl.

Posted: Nov 27th, '10, 21:50
by Viande
5th episode:
Moo Kyul's mother and Mae Ri make such a perfect team. Like mother and daughter. I hope they don't both show up at the same time on each episode or they will drain all my energy. :mrgreen:
I actually liked the time Mae Ri and Jung In's father spent together talking about past. I wonder if I belong to that "older audience" that would watch this "music drama" if it had family matters as Mae Ri stated. :)
About the kiss... there was something missing. There was no feeling in it or in the situation. I don't know if it was intended because it was just show up kiss for Jung In so it didn't matter how it came out.
Jae Wook looked even more thin and tired. Watching him makes me feel bad for him. :-(

Posted: Nov 30th, '10, 02:40
by esmer86
OK just finished watching ep.6 and :blink
I do gotta say the ending got me. Its the first time for this drama that I canNOT wait until the next episode. :cry:

Posted: Dec 2nd, '10, 11:49
by Viande
Haha, I agree with you Esmer... "water torture" got a new meaning :lol

Funny scene at the ep. 6: (pictures)
I just had to share it :D

Posted: Dec 2nd, '10, 12:05
by esmer86
^^See now, thats CLEARLY a fair warning for Mary!
The man said that he is gay :lol
I gotta wait until the weekend to watch it with subs but i some what...pretty much got it.

Posted: Dec 2nd, '10, 13:24
by Issy
esmer86 wrote:OK just finished watching ep.6 and :blink
I do gotta say the ending got me. Its the first time for this drama that I canNOT wait until the next episode. :cry:
I have been torturing myself watching MMM since ep1 but the "water torture" was my limit. I can't take it anymore. Dropping this finally.

Posted: Dec 2nd, '10, 13:46
by janajee
Looks like I'm the only one left standing... I mean I thought I had a high tolerance... but I didn't realize it was this high.

This could also be because I haven't watched anything after ep. 2. Will be watching the rest soon, just to see... if I actually can stand it or not.

JGS, ex-boyfriend, we'll see how long you'll last before I have to finally let go.

Posted: Dec 2nd, '10, 15:50
by Viande
I was about to drop this at 5th episode but somehow ended up watching 6th. I don't know why I watch this, I don't have much good to say about it. In posts I have tried to pring up some positive points but honestly it's very hard.
I don't really wonder why the viewer ratings are dropping. Only scenes that I find funny are those that are probably not ment to be funny. (Like when Mae Ri was locked in the van and that hair conditioner scene)

But I will continue... :salut:

Posted: Dec 2nd, '10, 16:02
by esmer86
I'll continue watching so Ill update for those who are not watching it :lol If I stop watching this show my sisters will kill me! This is the first Kdrama they are expecting every week so its kinda manditory. If they only knew... :blink

Posted: Dec 3rd, '10, 00:43
by poonk
Hmmm... So I've only seen the first 2 episodes of this and it seems I'm in the minority when I say I'm really looking forward to more. In all honesty I was first drawn to this drama solely by Kim Jae Wook. Like everyone else I loved him in Coffee Prince, Antique Bakery, and even a bit part in Dal Ja's Spring. But so far his character in MMM has left me cold (yes, I'm not liking the shorter hair either) though maybe that will change as he gets more screen time. The big surprise for me though was that I'm really digging Jang Geun Suk in this. I was not a fan-- I'd first seen him in the movie Baby and Me, which I really disliked-- it has none of the charm of the manga it's based upon, imo-- and honestly I think I sort of held that against him personally. Then, after hearing so much fan buzz I watched the first episode of You're Beautiful and was not compelled to continue. I really could not see his appeal because he always seemed to be primarily scowling or trying to look aloof. But watching ep01 of MMM this past week I had a minor "Kimura" moment*, probably at least partially driven by the fact that his longer, wavy, lightened hair in this role is very reminiscent of Kimura's (I even wondered if this was intentional, frankly). I suppose as someone who was not a fan of JGS coming into the show (actually the opposite, as I mentioned) I had no expectations regarding him-- whether it be his appearance or his acting-- so it's pretty much impossible for me to be let down as others are complaining. But I'm liking what I'm seeing right now, whatever he was like before. The so-called "effeminate"-style rock 'n' roll clothing doesn't bother me one whit either-- I actually prefer it as I think it looks good on him. In my opinion he's getting more interesting as an actor and I'm going to try to go back and give You're Beautiful another chance now. And I'm actually looking forward to the film version of Kimi wa Petto now, whereas before when I first heard JGS was to play Momo I thought, "Ugh, why him?" :lol

*My phrase for that moment when you suddenly see the great appeal that others see which you previously did not; named for the moment, early on my viewing of Long Vacation, when I fully appreciated why Kimura Takuya is so beloved when previously, before I saw him act, I never thought he was that great looking.

Posted: Dec 3rd, '10, 04:13
by never2muchcoffee
I'm in the minority with you, poonk. I've enjoyed what I've watched so far, up through episode 3. And Dramabeans has me looking forward to eps 4 and 5. It's been very hard to not read the recaps and spoil things :)

Posted: Dec 3rd, '10, 14:40
by Orion1986
Subs for Episode 3 are also available by WithS2 btw.

Posted: Dec 3rd, '10, 21:59
by shiofmedea
4 & 5 are out to

by the way I'm confused, should I collect (I usually pile a little bit, I hate to wait if I really like something) this? Almost everybody is against it as it's progresing :scratch:

Posted: Dec 3rd, '10, 23:20
by Orion1986
Do check it out, but if PK annoyed you, you'll want to scratch your eyes out with a fork after the first 5-10 minutes of the very first episode.
Some love it and don't mind the fanservice. I personally hate it since I see it as a big chance for Jang Keun Suk to make his fangirls kyaa.

You should watch a couple of episodes and judge for yourself though. That's all I'll say, before I get called a basher again. It happens. :lol

Also, 4 and 5 by WithS2 are only for VIA members so far. They'll be released for everyone soon enough though. I'll be sure to post about it. :-)

Posted: Dec 4th, '10, 01:39
by shiofmedea
Ups I forgotten about my status XD

I just went through most of first episode.. PK still is a winner :cheers: Hihi I think I'll start crusade to find something which can beat it :idea: Any suggestions? I propose Taiwan as subcategory as I .. hm let's say they are special.
Back here,I'm going to ignore for now father issue ( i have feeling it could be bad decision, very bad, I'm going to hate him like I hate this Ah Something girl) and go to the next part. The girl may be anoying but her way of thinking is not bad, in cases like this is better to have some paper ready. So she has rational, low recognized, reason to be crafty, not the stupid, school girl's one. And she want to learn, go to school, not to catch guy and impose on him. I will try a little more.. for crusade sake :lol
Buy the way I do not like this leader singer guy. I didn't like him in You are beautifull and still not do. So fan service is not going to do things for me.. I think.. I'm sucker for good singing :music: we will see. Still he is more human like here (so you can imagine what was my opinion of him in YAB XD )

Ah, Kimura Takuya :wub: I know exactly what you are talking about , it was like this for me too. He must be in action to be appreciated. Before seeing him in drama, even knowing him from music scene I couldn't understand what all this comotion is about. And it's not even about being good or bad actor it's just this charisma thing.

Posted: Dec 4th, '10, 03:13
by jubies33
I am in the minority too I guess. I have loved this drama since episode 1 and I just finished watching episode 7 and am DYING to watch the rest of this. I couldn't really tell you why exactly. I do like all the actors and actresses that are in this. I have seen most of them in other dramas or movies before and thought they were good. I find the characters and the whole drama to be hmmm I guess cute would be the word. Theres no real action here.. no huge crying scenes or craziness. No big laugh out loud moments either, but whenever I watch it I feel like I am floating on a big fluffy cloud. I can't wipe the smile from my face. The handsome male leads don't hurt either.

Posted: Dec 5th, '10, 16:24
by Orion1986
Episodes 1-4 are now available for all in the WITHS2 website. Episode 5 is ready as well, but only for VIA members at the moment.

Posted: Dec 6th, '10, 13:56
by *kawaii*
Hi again...

i finished ep 5 so far

the story line is typical nothing new and that really sad
but the cast are interesting thats why am watching :)


Posted: Dec 6th, '10, 14:21
by (A)Yumi
thanx for sharing the manhwa :D
i luv it!!!!!!!!! :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

Posted: Dec 7th, '10, 04:25
by esmer86
ok....did anyone else thought of....
when they saw this

^^These "men" care more about their hair than I do! I'm sorry, this episode had a lot of its "little moments!"
But I do give you one does look like JGS would be a good... :shocked:

Posted: Dec 7th, '10, 11:19
by Issy
esmer86 wrote:But I do give you one does look like JGS would be a good... :shocked:
even though i have dropped MMM but have to be fair, JGS always WAS. :P specially in HGD. :whistling:

ps. you sigi esmer, i'm with you on this all the way. :mrgreen:

Posted: Dec 10th, '10, 05:27
by janajee
Alright, ep 3.
When he appears in this episode (not the flashback), I have to admit he looked pretty good. Thin, but not girly. He just looks like an artistic hobo of sorts with nice skin. Hahahah, I kinda liked it, even the effect of the girly hair, it wasn't so bad really. Also, I like what he did with the place. I mean sure it's a little too emo-ish "music is my life" blah blah ish kind of effect that all rebels are sporting nowadays, but he really kind of turned that place around.

Actress girl just jumped to conclusion right there didn't she? Which could have been easily solved if people in dramas only learned one thing... ask questions. Yeesh. A lot of things in the drama world would be easily solved if people would only learn to ask before thinking one thing or another.

Mu Gyul just said "Won't you dress me up in ridiculous clothes... and all I could think was, you're doing fine on your own love. Hahahahah, still though I have to admit the songs are nice. Well nice because I really love his voice. Hahaha. And I'm kinda glad that Mari also fought in a nice way when she defended herself to actress girl. I hope they end up liking each other as friends because it'd be nice, you know? Just saying..

I'm sorry, but even I would get the wrong idea just seeing Joong In and Mu Gyul like that. One is wearing a bathrobe and the other is at least half naked. I can excuse Mu Gyul, cause he was drunk, but Joong In? Come on, have a show of common decency dude. Eesh. In that big big house of yours, don't you have a guestroom or something??
Still in it for the ride. It's better than Playful Kiss and I finished that with warm feelings. It's actually just light and funny. More when I watch ep. 4

Posted: Dec 11th, '10, 15:58
by janajee
Ep. 4
Alright, I'm still enjoying myself when it comes to JKS' acting. I just can't let go of the man. In the beginning when he says "WHY?" when Mari told him not to get the guitar, that was just so so so so cute. Hahahaha, his face is just, awww. And when he asked, so do you like me now? And I'm like... awwwwww. Melted. His smile still does it to me every time. Every single time really.

What's annoying though is how Mari keeps shouting "Honey", it's really getting on my nerves. If I was in Mu Gyul's position I would have slapped her just because it's annoying. It's so high pitched too.
Ep. 5
Hahaha, Jae Wook in the beginning was actually kind of adorable really. Hehehe, he's all how am I going to put this envelope in such a way that she sees it when she comes out of her room thing. Awwww.

And it's a nice suprise to see Auntie from MGIAGumiho. Hahaha, I actually went and shouted woah, it's Auntie! Hahahahaha.

Anyway, I hate her friends. They're annoying. They seem like the type of friends that only appear when they need something from you. Also annoying is when they keep saying "like they do in dramas" blah blah, it's okay once or twice during the whole drama, but it's like 5th episode and it's like they have said that more than I can remember. It has lost it's appeal already.
So far, still here. I don't know, there still hasn't appeared a deal-breaker yet. There's a lot annoying things, and even though there's not enough good things to balance it yet, I'm still wondering why I'm still here. Hahaha, it's still not as bad as it could be. I'm enjoying myself still. Hahahahaha.

Posted: Dec 12th, '10, 08:24
by 4everU
i just finished episode 9!!! ..but omg i am really pissed!!! i love the drama but also hate it...and i think this is my first time feeling this way about a drama..I LOVE JGS! However I SO DONT WANT HIM TO END UP WITH THE MAIN GIRL!!! I FEEEL SOO BAD FOR THE OTHER GUY!!! usually i always want the mian girl with the main guy regardless of how much i like the second guy, however in this drama i feel that she has so much more chemistry with the second guy, and i really like his character and feel so sad for him...they make such a cute couple...JGS looks good with his EX....who i actually like! and usually i hate the "rivals".... so in conclusion i really SAD at this point, as much as i love JGS...i will not like the ending! but i am still gonna finish it regardless.. :-(

Posted: Dec 12th, '10, 09:41
by Issy
ok, don't ask me why and how i found this because i don't know it myself. but if this the trend on how most of drama discussion threads are heading, i will stop reading them for sure from now on.
Hai everyone, i respect all of your comments..Lets not forget, this thread is dedicated to MSOAN/MMM lovers..I just hope there wont be any bad comments regarding this drama after this since we have 7 more episodes only before finale!!!
I did not even try to reason with them because it would be wast of my precious time and intelligence. the term "respecting all of your comments" just got a whole new meaning now. :whistling:

Posted: Dec 12th, '10, 12:51
by moll
Issy wrote:ok, don't ask me why and how i found this because i don't know it myself. but if this the trend on how most of drama discussion threads are heading, i will stop reading them for sure from now on.
Hai everyone, i respect all of your comments..Lets not forget, this thread is dedicated to MSOAN/MMM lovers..I just hope there wont be any bad comments regarding this drama after this since we have 7 more episodes only before finale!!!
I did not even try to reason with them because it would be wast of my precious time and intelligence. the term "respecting all of your comments" just got a whole new meaning now. :whistling:
My first time posting after lurking for a few months! Hello all :D

I was under the impression this was a discussion thread about MMM whether it be good comments OR BAD. I have been on drama boards before and I've always said what I think along with other users. There's no point having a discussion thread if we're all supposed to say only nice things!

I am a JGS fan after seeing him in You're Beautiful (lost count of the number of times I've watched my favourite bits in this ) and then following that with Hwang Jini, Beethoven Virus and Hong Gil Dong.

I've been watching MMM since the beginning and was not really very impressed. It is IMO a very light and fluffy drama, and I only kept watching it because of JGS. However, the last three episodes have gone up a notch and I'm quite liking it now. I think JGS and MYG make a really nice couple, and the ending of episode 8 :wub: Episode 9 was also very sweet when they were talking to each other from Mary's window.

I find the second lead characters quite boring and will quite often just fast forward to the parts where JGS & MYG are on the screen. I personally find KJW's acting very wooden (memories of PK). I haven't seen him in anything else so not sure if he's like this all the time. I did see a comment where someone said he seemed to be in model mode - and I have to agree. JGS on the other hand has a very expressive face and is a much better actor. Wasn't too keen on MYG to begin with but I really like her now.

I felt rather embarrassed for JGS when he came out of the bathroom after showering - no need for that scene at all or the 'make my hip better' scene They were just playing to his young fans there I feel. On the other hand I did quite like the water swallowing scene - a bit more subtle I think (or is that just me :)) The two dads want their heads banging together - might knock a bit of sense into them. Mary's dad is awful for virtually 'selling' her and KJW's dad is trying to relive the past through his son - nothing good can come of that

I see that there'll be a new writer from episode 11 so I hope it will continue to improve. Not sure why the ratings are so low I thought it would appeal to quite a lot of younger people in Korea and that the two leads would also draw people in. Maybe people just gave up after the first couple of episodes. I must admit there's only so much drunk acting I can take :blink

Ah well, we'll see what this week brings............. :D

Posted: Dec 12th, '10, 13:30
by Issy
SO happy that someone else finds our comments reasonable.

to be honest i should not be writing in here because i did drop MMM by ep7 and have no intention of picking it up later on and as i said, not sure for what reason, I was checking the other thread and could not believe what i read. luckily it was not about our thread here in DA. although we have to be careful because we admire one or two drama to its maximum (Secret Garden & SKKS for example :whistling:) and might have similar reaction. but as all of us are mature unnies, so it would not happen as severely as other places.

both negative and positive comments are all welcome. me and people like me with criticism about short coming ( in our point of views) of a drama have as much right of being here and expressing our views as you and other drama fans that they see it other way round. as long as we are polite and respect each other's opinion (in its true meaning :mrgreen: )

BTW, i was also JKS fan from YAB and loved that drama to bits and ended up watching and loving his previous ones too. so no surprise in wanting to check this one too.

the fan service by JKS and bad acting by MGY what killed the drama for me. for a drama where its strong points only and only based on 3 characters (because honestly apart from these 3, all other side characters worth nothing and total waste time and space they have been given), when they let you down the drama is over for you. not to mention that i could not connect emotionally to any couple. well, I think i am just too old for falling in love with these kind of rom-coms. but it is strange because i did like YAB and i am a sucker for fluffy romantic stories. :mrgreen:

Posted: Dec 15th, '10, 15:49
by moll
Didn't know there were three episodes this week. I've watched all three but only one with subs :roll
I don't think this drama is too bad now. I can see Tae Kyung expressions sometimes now (not a bad thing!) Maybe we're going to get some better acting. Lots of innuendos (maybe misunderstandings was a better word) flying round - quite funny I think. JGS and KJW are like a comedy act in episode 12 (in the car). This is the first time I've actually liked KJW. Of course without subtitles it's a bit difficult and I'm only going on what I see :whistling:

Posted: Dec 15th, '10, 15:50
by noshadow31
I'm quite the opposite of @moll. I've been really enjoying the series up until episode 7. The plot is really childish and so is the script to the point that one might feel a little embarrassed to admit to following it (if you're not a mid-schooler anymore)

even so, despite all that, i have been faithfully following the series, watching each episode once the subtitle is out and tremendously enjoyed the shoujo-manga-like (sonyuh-manhwa-like in this case?) story.

however ep 8-9 disappointed me. well sad to say but it got boring. T-T
will wait and see. if the rating goes up I might come back and finish it.

I don't know why MGY chose to be in this really. I thought she was a serious actress. (by this, i don't mean acting only serious roles of course)

Posted: Dec 15th, '10, 16:00
by moll
noshadow31 wrote: The plot is really childish and so is the script to the point that one might feel a little embarrassed to admit to following it (if you're not a mid-schooler anymore)
Well, I can definitely say I'm past the mid-schooler stage :lol

Posted: Dec 16th, '10, 00:51
by janajee
Ep. 6
Awww. When she reacted about how he kissed her, it was kind of sweet really. Like okay you can hit me now, and she did, and mostly while I was going awwww, I was also going woah, take care man, the guy's back is really weak! Cause he's thin and all.

Also, that thing with the guitar scene with the Jae Wook was a little too predictable for me. But I was never one to hate predictability. In fact I do believe I thrive in it. Hahahahaha, Like in that part where JKS' character starts getting jealous, that was just so precious. I don't know, I was just awwwwwing all over the place.

Now don't get me wrong, because I still love SG more than this, but the whole predictability and the nice flow of the lead characters love story is a breath of fresh air in the midst of the frustration that I'm having with Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im still pretty much not being together.

Also, the wig gave me false hope that I would get to see him with his short short short gorgeous hair, but it failed me and I was disappointed that it was just a wig. Huhuhuhuhu
All in all, I'm enjoying myself. I really am. I'm glad I stuck it out really. Because it's giving me a sense of enjoyment to see Jae Wook's character evolve from cold and heartless to this cute awesome funny awkward man. Also, seriously, JKS still does it for me in the acting scene.

In a way, I'm glad. I've kind of invested a lot in him when it comes emotions and admiration that even though he's pretty much a jerk in real life, his acting isn't disappointing. Still wish he would take more variety in his roles though.

Posted: Dec 16th, '10, 06:01
by janajee
Ep. 7

His hair that covered part of one of his eyes... may I just say that though it is long, it's kind of... well kind of sexaaaaay. Hehehehe. So about this episode... I just... WEll I just really liked it. It's not some well written masterpiece, but it's enough to make me excited for the next couple of episodes. Maybe because the speed of the drama and they're getting together is coming really fast. And I don't mind that. Plus.... JKS is really... I can't let go. I jut can't. Hahahaha.

I'm still here and liking this a lot, yes.

Posted: Dec 17th, '10, 20:21
by moll
IMPO it gets better from episode 7 - so stick with it!!

I've seen a written preview for episode 13 (presume it's correct):
The three of them actually move in together :rofl:

Posted: Dec 19th, '10, 12:08
by Viande
I don't know about getting better as I thought the episodes started to bore me so badly after ep 6 that I needed something else to do while watching. (made nice drama decorated calendar for next year ^^)

But... the writer is changing at ep 11 so I hope there will be some changes. Ep 11 wasn't that amazing but at least there started to happen something. Lets hope the new writer ditches the fanservice and gets some real plot instead.

Oh and I just realized that Seo Joon's actress (Kim Hyo Jin) was actually main girl in Magic... Her character has actually started to interest me in MMM, I hope they will tell more about her and not just make her as annoying ex.
She was annoying at start but now after revealing her past I just can't resist her teary eyes. :wub:

Anyway... Jung In's father is also quite handsome for an old man. :mrgreen:

Posted: Dec 22nd, '10, 15:23
by moll
Oh dear..............I may regret saying I thought it was getting better :crazy:

Episodes 12 & 13
There were some funny parts in 12 - I especially liked MG & JI in the car a bit of very welcome fun. KJW actually seemed human here - maybe he can act after all :thumright:

However, the beginning of episode 13 with MG's strange eye-rolling and running away from Mary's dad pulling a bag with Mary Inside - well all we needed were the custard pies! And as for the part where JI overhears MG & Mary talking in the bathroom - I thought I was in a Carry On film
:whistling: /spoiler]
I feel as though I may be in the minority watching this but as I've got this far I'll see it through to the bitter end :P

After, I watched some of my favourite scenes from You're Beautiful :wub: