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Posted: Mar 10th, '11, 01:23
by Peggy
Actually I think the answer is no to that question. Show business used to be pretty ratty in the early days. That was when women were considered cheap and 'no better than they ought to be' (whatever that means) if they set foot on the stage.
The musichalls were full of comedians and chorus girls and families who put on emotional melodramas. The life they led was tough, and children often slept in the suitcases when they were on the road. At least those days are over.

Nowdays I don't even watch any Hollywood films and rarely see US TV shows.
It's all so vulgar and it doesn't seem to bother anyone that children are exposed to violence and raunchy sit-coms. I am not easily shocked, but I am soon disgusted and most of the stuff now is too disgusting for words. I sincerely hope Korean and Japanese dramas will remain more tasteful even when they present dramatic stories.

Posted: Mar 10th, '11, 02:00
by TofuQueen
Entertainment is just a tough/weird business to be in, I guess. :|

I rarely watch US movies/tv either, for a lot of reasons probably very similar to yours, and don't expose my kids to it either. I also join you in hoping that Asian dramas do NOT follow the western/US lead & stay (overall) more tasteful & restrained.

Posted: Mar 10th, '11, 09:40
by Ethlenn
I'm not much original myself, I was bored to death with US/Western movies, dramas and shows. I'm not prude, but I got sick when in every show the first date was ending in some motel or restroom. I prefer korean holding hands more. Even if it's only on screen, I don't care.

Posted: Mar 10th, '11, 15:38
by middlefour
Same here. I never really liked US dramas/movies. I prefer my fellow Asians. :)

I found this cute pic, by the way. Hope you like it. :D
Yoochun and Yoohwan <3


Posted: Mar 10th, '11, 15:42
by Ethlenn
:rofl: :rofl:
Brothers are funny!! :mrgreen:

Posted: Mar 13th, '11, 00:20
by iluvasiandrama
After watching Painter of the Winds, I realize that SS was a great re-make. I can see where SS made up for what POTW lacked. I'm glad I saw both though.

Posted: Mar 13th, '11, 00:42
by Ethlenn
And you are mistaken. SKKS was based on the book, and Painter (...) on the real person.
It's not a remake of any kind.

Posted: Mar 13th, '11, 01:50
by iluvasiandrama
I still associate the two because of similarities and SS is much better than POTW.

Posted: Mar 16th, '11, 03:38
by middlefour
So Yoochun's next drama is MBC's Goodbye Miss Ripley?
Anyone in the know of his role there? :D

Posted: Mar 16th, '11, 11:30
by aility
There is so more news about the drama now. It is supposed be based on "Shin Jeong Ah", a professor who faked her academic credentials.

I am not sure how they will approach this story line. but most likely Lee Da hae will be playing this professor or whatever, while Yoo Chun her love interest or student?!!! ACK!! why did they have to cast Le Da Hae.... :cry:

Posted: Mar 16th, '11, 13:53
by Sham26
:O :O :O :cry: :cry: Lee Da hae !!!!!! is it official ?

Posted: Mar 16th, '11, 14:34
by aility
@Sham26, Unfortunately, it is Official.......................................

Posted: Mar 16th, '11, 14:47
by arakira
Oh well, with this woman...maybe she'll drop out :mrgreen:
Happy she did from Coffee and keeping my fingers crossed that it's becoming her habit :D

Posted: Mar 16th, '11, 19:12
by Ethlenn
Oh please, LDH, drop this project, pretty, pretty please. I can't imagine ff-ing the whole drama whenever her scenes come up.
Jeez... or Yucheon should drop it.

Posted: Mar 16th, '11, 19:21
by aility
i highly doubt that she will drop this project. I mean, she has been dropping TWO projects already. I think I even read somewhere that the reason she dorpped was due to this one...

ack, why didnt Yoochun pick another drama, with a LESS annoying lead lady?!

Posted: Mar 16th, '11, 19:32
by Ethlenn
Oh hell yeah. Whoever has an account on Twitter - please write it to this boy!! Please persuade him that there are better actresses than this one. He could have not noticed since he was busy with no time to watch drama... Aigoo...

Posted: Mar 16th, '11, 19:36
by Sham26
@ aility thanks for the answer Hearing that ,make me sad why is it supposed to be her ?!! More than that I cant see any any chemistry btw the two of them !

Posted: Mar 16th, '11, 19:39
by aility
Lee Da Hae is supposedly one of the prettiest ladies in Korea, an image of Korea etc etc... So I guess, YC wont complain thaaaat much about being paired up with her, no?

And you know, a lot of people will defend her... for some odd reason.

ACK! I dont know why I am even trying to defend her now, perhaps to get back the joy of having YC in a new drama? aish...

Posted: Mar 21st, '11, 04:04
by middlefour

Posted: Mar 21st, '11, 05:09
by Ethlenn
Awww... :wub: :wub:

Posted: Mar 24th, '11, 20:33
by Ethlenn
Anyone interested in Yu Ah-in enough to create a proper topic for a boy?

The first episode of some reality with/on Yu Ah-in.
I didn't watch it, so can't say anything.
유아인의 론치 마이 라이프.E01.110324

Have fun! :salut:

Posted: Apr 3rd, '11, 08:06
by Ethlenn
The second episode of Yu Ah-in's Launch My Life:

유아인의 론치 마이 라이프.E02.110331


Posted: Apr 7th, '11, 21:42
by esmer86
Havent written anything in this topic for awhile but I've been reading.... 8) I couldnt help but post this for the pictures of Song Joong-ki. I have to agree with Javabean...................YOU HAVE TO BE MADE OUT OF STONE IF YOU DONT SMILE AT HIS ADORABLENESS :wub:

Posted: Apr 7th, '11, 21:53
by arakira
Yes, those pics are lovely as everything about this *cough*pet*cough*... ahem boy I mean...

But what really made me smile is your siggi... :lol

Posted: Apr 7th, '11, 23:03
by esmer86
^^thanks. I was bored and down last Sunday and he just made me feel all better :-) At this moment Im downloading a JYJ Discography. I guess its time to get to know Micky better. :mrgreen:

Posted: Apr 7th, '11, 23:06
by Ethlenn
JYJ discography? 2 albums?? Plus Yucheon singing as a maid?? Hell naw!
DBSK, on the other hand... oh hell yeah!! :mrgreen:

But I prefer your ava, we know Gong Yu kisses well^^ :wub:

Posted: Apr 8th, '11, 01:06
by esmer86
I think I'll go with your advise Ethlenn cause it looks like the torrent I got for the JYJ is not going anywhere. Ohhh well, I'll keep trying for a little bit but look into DBSK.

"Yucheon singing as a maid...." hum..... I did not know that............... :crazy:

Posted: Apr 9th, '11, 03:14
by toenail
Wow I've been away from d-addicts for some time, and this thread is still going on. Long live SKKS! :-)

Posted: Apr 9th, '11, 08:42
by Ethlenn
Yu Ah-in's Launch My Life Part 3:
유아인의 론치 마이 라이프.E03.110407.SDTV.600p.X264-KaRot

But to just add, Ah-in lately has been criticized a lot. And I do get what this come from, eh...

@esmer86: in case you need something, let me know, keke^^

Posted: Apr 10th, '11, 09:08
by middlefour
Ethlenn, do you know how long Launch My Life will air? That's three episodes already.
What you said about Ah In made me curious. What was he being criticized for?
I haven't had any news about k-entertainment for the past 2-3 weeks.

Posted: Apr 10th, '11, 09:12
by Ethlenn
Have absolutely no idea of how long. I'm not that interested and I don't even watch those, I just put it here because there are Ah-in fans out there.
Plus, he appears in other reality shows right now, with the similar title, and the episode 7th already aired.

Well, he's being slightly criticized for his attitude. I didn't stalk his news, and this is all I read once on Nate, so don't know the detail. I bet there is something else in it, but I'm not that curious.

Posted: Apr 10th, '11, 09:22
by middlefour
I see. Thanks! I'm sure there is more to it also since it's an attitude problem.

Posted: Apr 10th, '11, 10:08
by Ethlenn
There is also the interview with Yu Ah-in in yesterday's Entertainment Weekly. The show's number: 1370. 2011-04-09. KBS will sub it in appr. 2 weeks, and DevilSlob most likely upload it here, so keep your eyes open.

Posted: Apr 11th, '11, 18:48
by middlefour
SKKS will have exclusive screening in Japanese theaters. Whoa! :D

Posted: Apr 11th, '11, 18:52
by Ethlenn
I need to get my hands on SKKS theatre version! I... NEED... TO... HAVE... IT! (see, in capslock cause I'm so excited :P )

And I almost didn't click seeing The Diva in the link name... Well, for how long she... he will linger in YAB fame?

Posted: Apr 16th, '11, 13:55
by White Reflection
Thank you for the eng sub ^^

Posted: Apr 20th, '11, 05:42
by middlefour
I feel yah, Ethlenn. Alert me if you manage to get a hold of a copy.

Last monday, there was a feature on M! Coundown in tvN about the comeback of TVXQ.
They sang "Love in the Ice," "Hey!," and "Mirotic." Micky's always hidden. Haiz.

Any news about Ripley? When is it gonna be shown?

Posted: Apr 20th, '11, 18:14
by Ethlenn
Ripley scheduled to May 30. And we have a thread on it already
Crap, I missed that Mnet episode... Will check it right now, thanksies^^
Hmm... can't find it... you sure it was Mnet on April 19th?

And yes, Yucheon wasn't even 2nd plan... idiot.

And no worry, if I get ahold of the copy, I will post it here right away. Unless I pass out with elation, mehehe...

Posted: Apr 21st, '11, 19:04
by middlefour
It was on tvN asia so I'm not sure if you'll find that on april 19.
That was probably a month ago, or so.
If only I had a recorder. It was replayed three times after. aish

Good news from Japan! ... se-charts/

Posted: Apr 21st, '11, 19:27
by Ethlenn
All I need is a name of the show. Mnet Countdown I got.
Clubbox I got.
Tons of Korean sites too.
I will have this episode!! :cussing:

Posted: Apr 23rd, '11, 09:35
by middlefour
That M! Countdown episode is being shown right now, so if you have tvN asia, check it out.
Performances included FT Island, Shinee (Love Like Oxygen), Brown Eyed Girls,
SeeYa, Wonder Girls (Nobody), Lee Min Woo (Don't Trust Men), 2PM (10 out of 10).
Looks like it was an episode from 2008. :( About the same time I stopped listening to kpop.

Some scaps. Pardon the quality for my camera's so ugly. haha.





Posted: Apr 23rd, '11, 15:05
by middlefour
OMO! Yoochun! *faints*

so cute!

Posted: Apr 23rd, '11, 15:29
by mimi2601
Hello all, hope this topic is alive and kicking for I love Sungkyunkwan Scandal and curse my luck I came to d-addicts so late. Really, you were the people I was looking for! Though it has been many months since SKKS ended, I haven't been able to get it out of my system and don't think I would ever want to. What a beautiful script and such round characters! Makes you think and feel at the same time. It was just like reading a great book with layer added to layer. The characters had their own internal logic which made them life-like.What an ensemble cast! I loved the Jalgeum quartet and adored the LSJ-KYH pairing. Now have made the natural progression from LSJ to Yoochun to JYJ to K-pop and artists' rights. Keenly waiting for City Hunter and Ripley. One of the best dramas I have watched . Who am I kidding? The best drama I have watched :)

Posted: Apr 23rd, '11, 16:13
by middlefour
Welcome aboard, mimi! I'm a late bloomer like you. haha.
Just finished my third run of SKKS earlier today.
What a way to cap the Holy week eh? :D

Posted: Apr 25th, '11, 05:19
by mimi2601
Thanks middlefour. Third re-run of SKKS, eh? You have used your time wisely. I am still a re-run behind you. Actually, plan on showing it to my friend who is miles away. But since this is one drama where she needs to have some knowledge of the historical context, plan to sit with her and do another re-run.
SKKS in Japanese theatres is great news, no? I haven't still given up hopes of a sequel and hope this one makes the producers see the possibilities of a movie sequel to SKKS, as Song Joongki was saying. I know it is an impossible thing, yet ....
Btw, did you finally get to watch 'Launch my life'?I gave it up after the first two episodes, but hope it improved as the show progressed.

Posted: Apr 25th, '11, 06:32
by middlefour
The rerun was kind of late, actually. I planned to watch it last Feb but my schedule's a mess that time.
Yeah. How I wish there was that kind of anticipation in my country, too.
I don't usually go watching movies but if its SKKS, I'd definitely go.
I've seen Launch My Life raw. Dunno much about what it's for, really. haha. Photoshoots?
Have you seen it subbed somewhere?

Posted: Apr 26th, '11, 04:17
by Ethlenn
Oh, hi mimi2601, we hope to hear (read??) more from you^^

As for Ah-in's show... well, it's weird...

Posted: Apr 26th, '11, 13:26
by mimi2601
Thanks Ethlenn. I have visited your blog and find it very interesting and extremely entertaining :D . Like you, I too love SKKS with all its flaws for I can find few dramas which were so daring in what they attempted to do. Found the drama's concern with the larger society so refreshing as also the consistency in characterization.

Middlefour, the haveners have subbed 'Launch my Life'. They must have subbed the whole thing by now. From what I have seen, I think the show was kind of built around the theme of how to survive life with Ah-In for 28 days(?) and the show consciously highlighted his 'difficult to get along' nature. But from the responses I have seen, I don't think most viewers got it. I vastly enjoyed his section tv interview though.
Yes, watching SKKS in a theatre would be quite an amazing experience! But quite happy with the re-runs as of now. Understood some of the parallel scenes and dialogues better the second time around.

Posted: Apr 30th, '11, 19:04
by middlefour
Oh. Thanks for the info. But I might not watch it again. haha.

Posted: May 3rd, '11, 15:45
by Ethlenn
Thanks, mimi2601^^

And you probably know this but just to report: SKKS is doing great in terms of sale in Japan^^
Nr 4 and 5^^

Posted: May 4th, '11, 10:02
by mimi2601
Yes, Ethlenn, good news travels fast. Wish those sales figures could persuade at least one of the many producers of variety shows to actually have the guts to air one with Yoochun! It's pretty frustrating reading about how yet another show was canceled with Yoochun in it. When will they grow a backbone and not backtrack at the last moment with the lamest of excuses?

Posted: May 4th, '11, 10:43
by middlefour

Posted: May 4th, '11, 18:04
by Ethlenn
Yes, I know, I fumed over it some time ago, someplace else...

It's so embarrassing to like K-entertainment while those things like this one happen... Jeez...

Posted: May 4th, '11, 18:10
by Orion1986
I will have another go at this. I warmed up to Yoo Ah In in He Who Can't Marry, so I have a good reason to endure the sports and period elements. Ehehe. And Song too. Them two.

Posted: May 4th, '11, 18:23
by Ethlenn
Don't force yourself to sageuk, love. We love you even if you are heavily mistaken...


Posted: May 5th, '11, 02:59
by Peggy
SKKS is a classic. I see nothing out of place and I could watch it over and over. Good cast young and old. Experienced actors never put a foot wrong and the young ones, even beginners, were never gauche. Lovely drama.


Posted: May 5th, '11, 09:37
by mimi2601
Hello all,

Saw the chinese subbed interview of Yoochun from the dvd on Youtube. Hope they Eng sub it soon. The Haveners are sure to do Ah- In's. Hope somebody subs Min Young's n Joong Ki's as well.

Middlefour, it sure is frustrating! Feel for Yoochun who must have gone to so much trouble to be there for Kim Kap Soo whom he revers.

Ethlenn, as we say here, what to do with people who close their eyes and call themselves blind? All the broadcasting stations know what is happening, but choose to turn a blind eye .

Peggy, well-said! SKKS sure is a classic. Kudos to the script-writer n director as well, especially for the changes they made in the characterisation of the Jalgeum quartet from the novel. Added so much depth to it. They wanted this one to be more than a drama( which I am sure ticks off some of the viewers :)) and that's why it continues to stay in our hearts.

Posted: May 5th, '11, 21:33
by Ethlenn
I'm sure I didn't post it here...
In the theme of "Let's delve into nice memories", I present - opening for the drama^^

Jalgeum Quartet in this gem of a drama

It's been a while, and I have the feeling that this drama will not grow old. It has so much to offer, so much to explore.
(I will write more when I get the confirmation of something personal^^).

New Video - Jaeshin & Yongha

Posted: May 20th, '11, 21:40
by gretafye
I'm always looking for videos on this couple, and I just found this one on YouTube. I like it a lot because of the song. This song is so perfect for the Geol-Rim couple.

Posted: May 21st, '11, 00:36
by Peggy
My apologies for being very vague here but I read somewhere on the net that in Korea they are having a serious meeting to discuss situations such as the boycotting of JYJ and others ...also the scanty costumes worn by some girl groups. About time in my estimation for the latter.

I think this was a grouping of officials with various TV people so there maybe a change in the wind. Let's hope so.

Posted: May 24th, '11, 09:43
by Ethlenn
I really like how Kim Seungwu acts toward Yucheon. He really backs him up and encourages him, as if all that is happening around is unimportant.

But now... you can die from teh cutie (read: Junggi)

Posted: May 24th, '11, 18:44
by arakira
I'm glad he's got some backing from people who don't need to fear the agencies...really really hope all the best for his new drama!!

Okay that's as far as I could go without letting the *kyaa* out. AWW such a damn cute pet!! XD

Posted: May 24th, '11, 19:33
by Ethlenn
You have some 6th sense whenever your pet is mentioned. Amazing...

Posted: May 30th, '11, 10:55
by middlefour
Haha. Just when I'm about to leave for work, this popped out.

Posted: May 31st, '11, 10:16
by Ethlenn
Wahahaha!! :rofl: And this face... ahahaha...

Meanwhile...Song Joong-ki comes back with SBS "Deep-rooted Tree"

Need air...

Posted: May 31st, '11, 19:43
by arakira
WOW, petto and Jang Hyuk? In historical clothes?! *faints*
I already like the drama just from the cast. Other actors announced are also on my like-list.

Posted: Jun 5th, '11, 18:29
by Ethlenn

Posted: Jul 3rd, '11, 14:13
by Ethlenn
Interview with Park Minyeong about her upcoming movie Cat, and not only, ohoho...
Right here, cut by yours truly^^ :wub:

Posted: Jul 4th, '11, 06:42
by middlefour
I need your help, Ethlenn. I recently had my computer reformatted and lost my Sungkyunkwan Scandal 720p torrent. Could you help me find the link? I only have a few episodes left to download. Thanks in advance! :)

Posted: Jul 4th, '11, 08:53
by Ethlenn

Posted: Jul 4th, '11, 09:28
by middlefour
Thank you very much! :wub:
I see that the romanization is different, which is why I did not see this on DA when I searched for it.

Posted: Jul 4th, '11, 12:15
by Ethlenn
I try to use new romanization, this is why. I hope torrents are seeded (they were few days ago), because my HD is already is so crowded I can't help.

Posted: Jul 22nd, '11, 21:43
by Ethlenn
Ladies, be prepared...
source: Nate

Can't believe he will be 27 next year.

Posted: Jul 22nd, '11, 22:54
by Orion1986
I liked Yoo Ah In in The Man Who Can't Get Married. Then I just "fell for" Park Min Yeong in City Hunter.
And now you're showing me Mr.Awesome Pelvic Bones? F*ck it, damn it! I'm gonna watch this series!

Posted: Jul 22nd, '11, 23:02
by Issy
Orion1986 wrote:I liked Yoo Ah In in The Man Who Can't Get Married. Then I just "fell for" Park Min Yeong in City Hunter.
And now you're showing me Mr.Awesome Pelvic Bones? F*ck it, damn it! I'm gonna watch this series!
then you HAVE to fall for Moon Jae Shin and no one else. :P