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Posted: Jan 30th, '11, 16:57
by Neliets
Korean writing can be mastered in a week, if you work hard... I don't have big problems with pronunciation but to learn orthography, words and such... damn... I just gave up. I admire Ethlenn who has learnt Japanese and Korean very well. Katakana and the other one, seems a bit difficult, but learnable, but again - all those new words, grammar and so on. I have been thinking about studying further but I have no clue where or how to start, since you can't learn Korean in Latvia, because there are literally like only a few people who know Korean even a bit and they probably live in capital city which is more than 1 hour drive for me.

"We should do what seems to be impossible, if we need a miracle, we should create one" - yeah, I love those quotes. To be honest, Confucius was a hell of a man, I can agree with him in most of the cases.

Posted: Jan 30th, '11, 20:03
by Ethlenn
Hmm, nothing to admire, really. Every language is within our reach, it just demands some hell of the work. That's all. No big achievement. Big achievement is to build a 20-storey apartment for people, in my opinion.

Katakana is a child stuff, easy and not good looking, hiragana too. Kanji... eh well...
But like every language, relying only on what we hear in dramas/movies/music is not "learning" the language. Learning the language is memorizing some words that may seem useless at the very beginning (I never thought I would use word "moisturizer" in Korean, and whoop, I had to), reading some books and doing countless practice on the grammar structures. It's a hard work, but it pays back so good^^

Oh hell, I would be so suitable in a Confucian school, me sounds scary...

Posted: Jan 30th, '11, 22:59
by Peggy would look so good in those robes. ( Hanbok only for weekends.) You would be so austere and powerful. Is there an SKKS anywhere waiting for you....

Posted: Jan 30th, '11, 23:23
by Ethlenn
Oh, Peggy, you know how to make me blush, see? I'm all red...

Posted: Jan 30th, '11, 23:27
by Peggy
:-) I know a thing or two about casting spells....:-)

Please see post re Mr. Park

Posted: Jan 31st, '11, 00:02
by Ethlenn
Oh, I know, I know.

Men named Park also know something about this, I guess....

Posted: Jan 31st, '11, 04:34
by middlefour
Wow, interesting topic... learning languages. :)
Hangeul is pretty easy to learn. I like that it's phonetic by nature so there's almost always a roman alphabet counterpart for each symbol. Unlike Chinese, everything's confusing. >.<

@Neliefs: There are many sites where you can learn Korean. As for me, I first studied the writing system. For some reason, I found it easier to learn when I can read what I was writing. I started learning 4 years ago, watching Let's Speak Korean/Traveler's Korean in Arirang TV. It felt great when I finally understood bits of Korean in shows. Achievement! :D But I stopped for a year now, huhu. I wanted to learn in school but work won't permit it right now.

Here are sites you may wanna check out. They're learner-friendly. :D

Have you seen the Good Morning show where JYJ was featured? The part where Junsu and Jaejung made a song about Lee Sun Joon? I was laughing so hard! There were only three or four words in the entire song that I didn't understand. But I still hope for subs, you know. hehe.

Posted: Jan 31st, '11, 11:25
by Ethlenn
Considering 6 consonants are read as "t" at the end of the word, pretty easy.
Never trust romanization, it's better to learn the alphabet than rely on it.

And yes, I upload here or on the blog almost everything I can find with JYJ, so I have seen the show... Boys are funny, have to give them that :wub:

On the other note:
TV special of Song Joong-ki's Japan trip to air next month

And for Ah-in's fans:
Actor Yoo A-in’s movie picks

And Jeon Taesu (in Korean, so practice reading):
전태수, 29일 새벽 택시 운전사를 폭행한 혐의로 불구속 입건

Posted: Jan 31st, '11, 16:43
by middlefour
Yeah, rules about pronunciation. There are so many hehe. :p
The reason for "almost" there. hehe.

Joong Ki: How I would love to be in Japan just to see that show. I just watched Hearty Paws 2 last night. It was fun!

Ah In: Too bad, I haven't seen any of the movies he watched.

Jeon Taesu: Isn't that article about the drunken incident? I read about it somewhere.
(Read and write anything in hangeul. That's usually what I do when bored. LOL
This article is really good practice. Thanks!)

Posted: Jan 31st, '11, 23:15
by Ethlenn
Yes, he was charged with assault of taxi driver and police officers. Ha Jiwon's liitle brother caused big trouble.
He admitted to all of it and expressed a deep regret. :|

Posted: Feb 1st, '11, 10:34
by tchang
Damn, this drama really had me going unlike any other I've watched so far (I started watching last week and just finished watching the series twice already last night). I really liked Seon Jun's character. While he may have been uptight, he was sharp, caring, and inspiring in a way that you could only find in people that had a strong sense of identity. :] I also have a soft spot for In Soo for some reason.

Anyway, I really really hope they do a sequel for this. (Or else I'll cry in my corner, and draw my own SKKS fanarts/doujins to lessen my SKKS withdrawal. *writhes in agony*)

Posted: Feb 2nd, '11, 19:13
by Peggy
Smiling here tchang. This drama is one that will never leave us. There will always be someone who discovers it and there will always be returning followers who can't bear to leave those people in SKKS. I am one of them...

Posted: Feb 2nd, '11, 21:14
by arakira
tchang wrote:Damn, this drama really had me going unlike any other I've watched so far (I started watching last week and just finished watching the series twice already last night). I really liked Seon Jun's character. While he may have been uptight, he was sharp, caring, and inspiring in a way that you could only find in people that had a strong sense of identity. :] I also have a soft spot for In Soo for some reason.

Anyway, I really really hope they do a sequel for this. (Or else I'll cry in my corner, and draw my own SKKS fanarts/doujins to lessen my SKKS withdrawal. *writhes in agony*)
Yes, you're not alone. Many of us still feel the same about this drama. I think I'll start rewatching soon, cause this drama made me feel so light and warm :-)

Hehe and I also had a soft spot for blinky in the beginning...but somehow i lost it later on. LOL I came to have softer spots for the left minister and the professor ;) ;)

Posted: Feb 2nd, '11, 21:53
by Ethlenn
Heh, I planned a re-watch for the second half of the February...
This is the power of this drama, yess...

(well, that is if I don't die from a heart attack earlier, aigoo)

Posted: Feb 3rd, '11, 15:07
by middlefour
Everyone on re-watch mode, eh?
If I finish downloading the HDs I'd be re-watching as well.

Posted: Feb 7th, '11, 10:18
by toenail
I am at ep16 rewatching + translating. Still at the scene where Seon-jun tries to tell Yoon-hee to quit SKK. Yoon-hee's answer to him got me .. damn, what a girl .. (actually, what a script writer!).
How she questioned why now she's not allowed to dream, who made her dream the impossible at the first place... Why when she was just a poor Namin, Seon-jun encouraged her to dream but now she's a woman, dreaming is suddenly impossible? She's got no bright future that she needs to protect, so she just want to live in the present because such moments would never come to her life anymore ... Usually I quiver on Seon-jun's and his father's words, but this time it's clearly shown how bright this girl is. She hungrily tries to hold onto the best moments in her life in SKK, as she thinks this is the only highlight of her life. She knows her dream is impossible, yet she dares herself to dream it.. even if just for today. I love this drama.

Posted: Feb 7th, '11, 20:32
by Peggy

Oh thanks so much for writing your feelings about this episode. I think it was splendid the way her response was written. It made sense at that time because the idea of a woman being in SKKS in the first place was so outrageous. Now that she has proven her intelligence already, it made sense that she would stay to reap any benefit for being there.

Yes I also loved this drama. 8)

Posted: Feb 9th, '11, 13:56
by jossah
Still rewatching this. I'm on my 3rd run already. SKKS is by far, the best written Kdrama I've seen so far. I've read excerpts of the novel and I honestly think that the writer for the drama did an outstanding job for the script. He/she added a lot of new elements and characters but it did not feel in any way contrived. If any, the additional storylines added fun to the story. I also like Yoon Hee in the drama instead of the character in the book. The Yoon Hee in the drama is so kickass and smart and lovable. In no part of the story did I find her annoying or inconsistent. She's my fave female character (Sorry Mulan, you've just been owned. LOL.) ever! And it doesn't hurt that the drama had a whole lot of cute guys. LOL.

Posted: Feb 9th, '11, 19:14
by Ethlenn
It looks like we have a winner for 2010 in the "Most Loved" category. I don't think I can write any thing more I wrote about this drama, except for this: loved even its weak points. Everything.

Sadly, the line-up for future dramas doesn't look that promising...

Posted: Feb 10th, '11, 21:58
by Peggy
Yes this was a drama that can be taken apart scene by scene if you like and it will be worthy of consideration. The story was acceptable even tho the premise was impossible. The actors were chosen as if they were reincarnations of who could have been there in the past. Tthe personalities were shining all the way through.
This drama will never tarnish or grow dull. You can watch this ten years from now and it will make you feel a glow of satisfaction.

OK. I loved this drama.

Posted: Feb 10th, '11, 22:08
by aility
wow 57 pages... We do have some serious loving here.

And yes, this year hasnt brought any good dramas so far, and not that much good lines up either...? Maybe the second half of 2011 will be better. At least that was the case for 2010 ^^

Ethleen, I am still waiting for your translation of the books :mrgreen:

Posted: Feb 11th, '11, 17:23
by nishitha
i want to download the piano instrumentals inthis drama but i cant find it.does anyone know the names of the instrumental peices?

Posted: Feb 11th, '11, 18:59
by Ethlenn
Aili, that won't happen any time soon, my disses has priority over my love even. Aigoo... Let's split the translation then, kekeke...

@nishitha: if I had the access to the full musical score, I would upload it here or someplace else, trust me. I want that rock music that appeared in some scenes too, and classical parts as well, but so far nothing.

And if we want more of the walking sunshine:
I would upload it here, but I'm occupied with some batch so enjoy the interview someplace else.
And since I know not everyone can access MU I never upload it there, so don't worry.

My PC must hate me, I know...

Posted: Feb 16th, '11, 20:16
by middlefour
SHARING: I bought a replica of Jae Shin's bracelet. It's rather expensive for a 3-beaded bracelet, but what the heck, fangirl mode. LOL. It's yet to arrive, though. But I'm really excited to get a hold of it. hehe.

I was thinking of ordering one of Yoochun's necklaces, too. :D Sometime, maybe.

Belated happy hearts day to all! :wub:

Posted: Feb 17th, '11, 20:11
by Ethlenn
Park Min-yeong is "positive" about starring along Lee Minho in City Hunter, but no decision was made as for now.

JYJ members underwent physical check-up at Military Agency on Monday, but they won't go to the army this year.

Hmm... I could do the check up of 1/3rd of it... the physical condition that is, and for all military purposes :whistling:

Posted: Feb 18th, '11, 05:49
by Peggy

Was it Claudius' wife who was good at those kinds of tests? Can't quite remember.

Posted: Feb 18th, '11, 13:40
by Ethlenn
Yup, that was Messalina^^

But I won't go as far as her, oh damn no!

Posted: Feb 18th, '11, 19:03
by Peggy
That's a good girl.

Posted: Feb 20th, '11, 15:10
by Ethlenn
Peggy, this reminds me of a question posed by DBSK: Are You A Good Girl?

And since I don't know anything about this show and whether or not it will be here on DA:Here's Song Junggi - I'm Real Part 1 and Part 2.

Posted: Feb 21st, '11, 02:12
by Peggy
I dl our sweet lad and he is charming. I have not watched all of either part ,but in the second one he looked rather tired when they arrived at the temple. Shadows under eyes.
I am not sure if he is missing his Korean food either. I know Roy used to wish for something other than bento boxes at lunch time. Did not really like them. He was not a raw fish man.
These would be good with subs. It looks really interesting.

Posted: Feb 21st, '11, 15:38
by arakira
Hm thanks for sharing! I think I'll watch soon - maybe it's work and maybe he misses Ms Ein Anyway, I wonder what's up with Ahin, no new projects, right?

Tsk tsk, such a lazy boy, take an example from your Co-stars! :mrgreen:
Like Park Min Young who will be female lead in City Hunter!! One more reason to watch the drama^^

Posted: Feb 21st, '11, 15:43
by Ethlenn
Oh yes, yes, I was really happy when I read it's a sure thing.
Imagine sweet PMY as a bodyguard, let her bully LMH, wahahaha!!!

Posted: Feb 21st, '11, 15:48
by arakira
Yes..though, I decided not to try compare City Hunter with the Japanese anime...I guess they will change the story and the characters quite a bit, huh?! Though, I'd love to see Minho as a sleazy flirt ;)

Posted: Feb 21st, '11, 15:51
by Ethlenn
I didn't watch the anime, just read maybe half of one manga, that's all. I will watch it unbiased then.
From what I know, there will be some fight scenes (more like thug scenes, keke) with Minho, and I'm positive about both leads. LMH at least looks serious about his job. And PMY is gorgeous. :whistling:

Posted: Feb 21st, '11, 15:54
by arakira
Yep, absolutely. And at least he's got the physical presence to make it believable that he ends up winning some fights :P

Posted: Feb 21st, '11, 17:00
by biniBningPunkista
aility wrote:wow 57 pages... We do have some serious loving here.

And yes, this year hasnt brought any good dramas so far, and not that much good lines up either...? Maybe the second half of 2011 will be better. At least that was the case for 2010 ^^

Ethleen, I am still waiting for your translation of the books :mrgreen:
Me waiting for that translation. Though... are there even rumors of translating the Novel into different languages? That would be awesome if it gets distributed in different countries. :D

Posted: Feb 22nd, '11, 04:54
by middlefour
Good thing I checked this thread before I go to work! GOODIES!
Thanks for sharing, Ethlenn.

About City Hunter... don't kill me, I don't like Lee Min Ho so I don't think I can stand to watch that drama. I have nothing against the guy. I just don't like him, period.

Posted: Feb 22nd, '11, 08:36
by maiurisan
wow...For the past two days I've done pretty much nothing but watch this...and boy going to sleep was difficult since all I wanted to do was continue watching. Amongst its many wonderful light hearted moments and inspirational speeches the show also manages to make me think about silly things like... whether the hats the men have to wear are designed specifically to make kissing difficult between two men?

Does anyone know any other light hearted historical dramas like this one?

Posted: Feb 22nd, '11, 14:33
by Ethlenn
maiurisan wrote: whether the hats the men have to wear are designed specifically to make kissing difficult between two men?
Glad you joking cause that was... well, silly.

Any lighthearted sageuk? And what you mean by that?
Well... Painter of the Wind is not that heavy, Hwang Jini too (except for few scenes), Return of Iljimae (Iljimae too), and Hong Gil Dong (but it's a mess).

Posted: Feb 22nd, '11, 15:13
by maiurisan
Ethlenn wrote: Glad you joking cause that was... well, silly.
mmm, I think this was near the end of my viewing experience, I was getting quite sleep deprived by then...
Ethlenn wrote:
Any lighthearted sageuk? And what you mean by that?
anything that has at least a little bit of comedy in it really...
Ethlenn wrote:Well... Painter of the Wind is not that heavy, Hwang Jini too (except for few scenes), Return of Iljimae (Iljimae too),
looks good to me :D I think I'll give them all a try, which do you think I should start with?
Ethlenn wrote: and Hong Gil Dong (but it's a mess).
I have a vague recollection of attempting to watch this show though the most prominent thing that I recall is lots of cringing, something tells me I didn't like it

Thanks for the recommendations!

Posted: Feb 23rd, '11, 15:46
by Ethlenn
Maybe "Painter of the Wind"?
But all those are good (well, I hate "Iljimae", true).

Posted: Feb 24th, '11, 04:15
by Peggy
Blinky got busted. Kicked a police officer. that ole demon rum I guess. Too sad he lost his role in his latest drama.

Posted: Feb 24th, '11, 10:42
by Ethlenn
But rumor is going around that Yucheon will get his next one.

Plus JYJ will hold a fanmeeting in 2 weeks in Seoul (March 12th).

And... SME has to pay!! Wahahaha!!! :cheers: :alcoholic:

Posted: Feb 24th, '11, 13:53
by middlefour
Yoochun's gonna film a new drama? YAHOO! :D

One word: VINDICATED! Happy for JYJ! :D

Posted: Feb 24th, '11, 15:09
by Ethlenn
It's only casting period now, but from what I read, PD are in favor of our boy^^

And yes!! I hope for equally good news in March for JYJ!! Assa!!

Posted: Feb 24th, '11, 16:53
by middlefour
Still, that's great news! :D I wonder what he'll play this time.

Posted: Feb 25th, '11, 20:09
by arakira
Wow Yucheon's busy, huh? So he'll do the fake-reality-show, a drama and then the world tour with JYJ?!?

Damn, where do these people take all their energy from?!? :D

Posted: Feb 26th, '11, 09:52
by Peggy
There was a long segment on the Entertaiment show tonight about the way singers and artists have to work like 'dogs' (commentators words) for a mere pittance. They have to rehearse and perform and do variety shows from morn to night with no let up at all. When their albums make millions they get maybe five thousand if they are lucky.

One man said 'of course we pay for their training and housing and food.'...That made me grit my teeth. They don't have time to eat and they have tiny rooms where they all live together. I could go on but I am sure that they will all be getting a better deal and JYJ will be the ones who started the whole thing. Bravo to them.

Posted: Feb 26th, '11, 13:59
by Ethlenn
Yes, the entertainment industry is a hell, and I'm glad someone finally started to break from those big agencies. And I hope JYJ will be the precedence is this case.

And I just read that there is another drama by MBC that is also taking Yucheon under the consideration. Oh man...
Amd you may look for this:
And since Yucheon is former DBSK, all news JYJ related I will post here. Unless we all figure something out.
So, few videos:
Keke, adorable boys^^

Posted: Feb 27th, '11, 22:30
by amktsy
Just finish watching this drama.
i really like it even though i'm not that fond of saeguk and i'm not a fan of micky yoo chun or even dbsk/jyj.

Posted: Mar 2nd, '11, 13:33
by bubbsie
oo ya i cant wait for city hunter too cos i love lmh and pmy!!

Posted: Mar 2nd, '11, 16:31
by middlefour
Yoochun impressed a lot of acting scouts with his performance in SKKS! WOW! Can't say the same for his other mates (DBSK/JYJ) But I heard Jaejoong's starring alongside Jang Dong Gun and Ha Ji Won for a $10M-budgeted drama.

@ Peggy, I find that really weird in Korea. Why do agencies house their talents in one place? And they rant about feeding them and training them? Aren't they compensated as well when their talents do well? Aish.

Posted: Mar 6th, '11, 13:58
by Ethlenn
연예가중계.E1365.110305. Song Jungki cut. Enjoy!

Agencies take care of their stars from the very beginning (the training) and then the full stardom. But when they are used up, they are thrown away as a trash.

Posted: Mar 6th, '11, 21:22
by Peggy
It'a not just in Korea. they do the same in Japan. The JE Entertainment has large dormitories and when they choose young boys they have a contract that has them living in the dorms as if in school. They have to go to rehearse every day and as they improve they are introduced in various small places but they do not make their official 'debut' until they are really well trained.They learn singing, dancing and gymnastics and anything else the management desires.
In the meantime they are under the supervision of managers and teachers etc. this is the norm but they do not earn much money for several years. It is really indentured servitued.
This used to occur in UK up until the late 1880's ...but in the field of painters, plumbers and such industries. It was a seven years deal . Then, the boy would be sent at about age seven or so, to live with the master's family to learn his trade. He would be fed there and sometimes sleep there. He would not become a journeyman until he was about sixteen or seventeen. Then he would get a weekly wage and be able to go back to his own family. He would have to stay working for the same master for another few years before he was finally free to leave if he wished or to set up on his own.

I just read that three of the former beginners in 2PM gave up because they could not take the harsh routine every day and the lack of sleep etc. When we see our favourite groups performing and then see them on variety shows they are always smiling and doing their best but they must be tired and even hungry many times.

Show business is just that...a business. Performers are cash cows.

Posted: Mar 6th, '11, 21:32
by Ethlenn
This was not only in UK, dear, but vastly in the whole Europe and I guess wverywhere where civilization made some progress. Boy was called terminator that was practicing in his master's house and workplace.

Yucheon said once they sometimes didn't have time to eat and they slept on their way to another show or photoshoot. It amazes me they are still alive.

Posted: Mar 8th, '11, 04:39
by middlefour
What? And the Labor Agencies doesn't have any say in this? They're training minors (most of them, especially beginners) for crying out loud!

Posted: Mar 8th, '11, 07:27
by Peggy
Well I suppose it was a general thing in UK and Europe to train workers to keep a trade going. They called the boys apprentices in UK. Nowadays there is a remnant of that in TV offices when they get young people in their teens to be gofers. They are supposed to be learning the business behind the scenes but I don't know if it leads anywhere.

They call them 'pages' in Washington in the government offices. I think they have a payment and somewhere to live. I don't know enough about that situation to comment.

I remember reading in school that when chimney sweeps were working, they would have a small boy climb up the inside of the soot filled chimney with a brush ,to make enough clearance for the larger brushes to be pushed up to the top. Can you imagine how much their lungs got filled with black soot.
Better to be a country lad and learn hedging and ditching.

Posted: Mar 8th, '11, 07:38
by Ethlenn
Peggy, you are totally right.

middlefour: remember what was going on with the first editions of "Idol"? Like American Idol etc. every country had its own edition. I remember the first one here, in my place (it was the only one I watched), and one of the contestants was 15-yo girl. For the show they stylized her into a whore. She was wearing fishnets, heavy make-up and so on. I don't think 15 years-old girls need that, but it was for a show and she had to write a statesment that she wouldn't break it just because she thinks smokey eyes are not appropriate for such young girl. She won the first edition and released the album, but no Labor Agency intervened. I think those agencies have no law that would suit to protect such cases.
Because they can shout about kids working at some manufactures and such places, but not about the kids working in entertainment business.

We've been b*tching about it for some time already - entertainment industry uses its stars to maximum, make out from them watever it wants, and those stars have nothing if little to say on this one.
The latest letters of late and tragic Jang Jayeon prove there is something very rotten and hideous in this business, but it's all hush-hush.

Posted: Mar 8th, '11, 07:54
by bjharm
it is not hush hush, it is just that no one on Korea seems to care enough to actually do anything thing about the abuses going on to young want a be. It just taken as part of how things are done and that about it. Take Dream High and the sexual abuse story line, sure grats for bringing it up..but what was the result? The victim gets black listed and the guys is allowed to keep doing what he was doing...what kind of message does that give to other 'real' victims out there...keep your mouth shut or kiss any change of making it in the Korean entertainment business!

Posted: Mar 8th, '11, 07:57
by Peggy
You 're up late?? Well read PM I just sent please.Also sent a pretty picture email.

There have been quite a few suicides in the Korean entertainment business. The people have beens used and abused and despite attempts to free themselves no-one will listen. It's appalling.

Offstage and behind the scenes there is no glamour. Even for adults in the theatre it is quite a grimy life unless you are a truly huge 'Star'. The old theatres have little room to house actors in dressingrooms so it's pretty cramped. Repertory companies would perform a show while rehearsing during the day for the next show and they would be travelling by bus or train from one place to another. I don't know if repertory is that lively now. I know some Japanese actors have performed in some of the well known companies in UK. I think Osawa has played Shakespeare and also Kitamura Kazuki has done Hamlet with the Bristol Repertory Company.

Posted: Mar 8th, '11, 08:02
by Ethlenn
Peggy: I read and replied Your pm^^ It's 9 am here.

Well, I don't think it's only Korean problem, it's like that in the whole world, but since K-Entertinment is developping rapidly lately (due to the late start because of the history), all monstrosities are accumulated one over another and not stretched in time. This is what makes it worse.
And stars are just humans, they appear to be somewhat over fatigue, hunger, health, but they are not. They are burning fast.

Posted: Mar 8th, '11, 08:17
by Peggy
Just looked at the time and it is past midnight. I have to go to bed. I lose myself on this computer and time just vanishes. No wonder you are brighteyed and bushytailed at early morn.

Well I wonder if the young actresses in Korea today will live as long as some of the seniors there now. they are all such good actors but they have lasted into their sixties and seventies. Somehow the really young ones of today who are burning the candle at both ends do not seem they will be that longlasting...just physically I mean.

Good night/morning.....parting is such sweet sorrow.....

Posted: Mar 8th, '11, 08:42
by Ethlenn
Ah, have a nice sleep and be back here witty as always!!

My fear exactly, they are somehow deprived of tasting fruits of their hard work slowly. It's just rush and pressure, no wonder some just can't continue.

Posted: Mar 8th, '11, 17:01
by Peggy
Well I had a bad night ..what was left of it. Have to see eye doctor today and it was on my mind when my head hit the pillow.
Meant to say that I watched an episode of 'Dream ???' forget name. I was not impressed. Seems rather gritty and young people in the web of getting into show business just as we were discussing. Nice looking young chap from one of the groups and I think he may graduate into dramas. Not sure I will follow this drama.
Going to straighten the day. Also sending good vibes to our 'a' .

Posted: Mar 8th, '11, 18:11
by Ethlenn
Oh, take some rest, dear! And take care of the eyes, because Yucheon's drama is coming fast, perhaps in May, so you have to be prepared^^

And I dropped "Dream High" after 1 ep, was it the one you mentioned?

Posted: Mar 9th, '11, 03:18
by middlefour
Oh well. But I think it's high time that Korean government make something about the situation in the entertainment business. After all, it's one of their major exports.

Just read this in, JYJ's excluded from the Oricon charts? WTH! ... con-chart/ JYJ’s DVD and album excluded from Japan’s Oricon Chart

Dunno what's wrong but whenever I edit my post the content disappears. Fail.... :'(

Posted: Mar 9th, '11, 04:39
by seirin
I don't know why people are blaming Oricon. It's probably SM Entertainment pulling strings. They seem to have affiliations with AVEX

Posted: Mar 9th, '11, 06:11
by Ethlenn
Because Oricon is also at fault. Court decided last week that SME has to pay and refrain from hampering JYJ's activities and boys have the right to promote themselves.
If SME forced Oricon to do this, it may signify only one thing - people behind Oricon are weak and easy to be influenced. And this is not good. Avex is a bit shady anyway, it never treated boys well.

This is really getting into some ridiculous situation. I have never witnessed something like that, but in place of usual amusement, I'm furious! :cussing:

Posted: Mar 9th, '11, 07:44
by seirin
From the article it says "According to Oricon, the decision was made in deference to Avex Entertainment’s condition of distribution...Avex agreed to release the albums under the condition that the trio are prohibited from promoting and advertising their releases for monetary gain." The condition for releasing album is no promotion. If Oricon put JYJ on the ranking, it will be a sort of promotion saying so and so record is popular so you should try it out. If the condition is broken, I'm not sure who would be in trouble. JYJ's album gets pulled the plug? Oricon gets sue or whoever is distributing it. Oricon is just following the agreement.

As a read in some article, Avex is promoting some of SM Entertainment's singers. So I think they are affiliated. I would think SM told Avex to put those conditions in. But you're not gonna hear Avex admit to it. Since Avex is going to gain by record sales, logically you would think they want the album to sell well. But to them JYJ earnings is probably a dim in a dozen and they would earn more by kissing up to SM instead of angering them.

So I don't see how writing nasty letters to Oricon would do anything. The letters should be directed to Avex.

As for not witnessing nastiness like this. It happens in Japan too. I read somewhere SMAP was trying leave JE but ended up having to stay because it was too hard to leave. JE practically controls the Japan Entertainment business. If you anger JE, chances are you might as well retire from show biz cuz you won't be finding a job in it.

Posted: Mar 9th, '11, 08:35
by Peggy
Same thing is happening to the girl group KARA. Three members are suing management to release them from contract. So they are now only appearing in Japan. It is a virus that will break up many groups I think. The agencies and management companies are too strong. It's really shamefull and I think governments will have to step in somewhere along the line.

Thanks for thoughts Ethlenn. Have to have some repair work on eyes with laser. Probably next week. Going to bed now. Past midnight again.
Thanks for PM..Will give you a shout when you can look out.....

Oh Yes that was the drama Dream High. Not watching.
In shock about QofR. Is it really over? She went with ex and left that lovely man? Crazy. Seemed very rushed at the end....if that was the end. Maybe you and I can comfort him....somehow.

Still watching Flames of Passion. It really holds interest. Great acting by those women. Girl seems to be crumbling. I do mean her face is falling off. Weird.

Posted: Mar 9th, '11, 13:00
by aility
No Peggy! According to Ethlenn she DOES NOT go with the Ex! I confirmed it before starting on it. I refuse to watch a drama where PSH picks the short end of the stick :mrgreen:

Posted: Mar 9th, '11, 13:34
by arakira
Peg, thanks for your lovely PM^^ and don't you worry, that was NOT the last episode.
For a change, this drama does have a nice wrap-up in the last ep :D

Yay for Yucheon's new drama, would be lovely to see him next to Kim Kapsu. At least the male cast'll be great then . . .

Btw, any news about that slacker Ah-in? :mrgreen:

Posted: Mar 9th, '11, 14:21
by Ethlenn
Re: QoR: I had my venomous letter of complaint waiting to send if the ending wasn't as I wanted. But they pleased me, and the last ep was pure fluff.

I blame everyone and everything that hampers JYJ's career. If the Dean of my Uni did that, I would bash him too. Doesn't matter.

Ah-in? Apart from eating ramyun? After visiting my belovingly hated Nate, I found one article stating that Yu Ah-in and Kim Yunseok are making a movie called Wandeugi (there was a novel under the same title), filming started 2월27일.

And to jus add, today is Yucheon's little brother's Birthday!
Park Yuhwan: 1991/03/09 :alcoholic:

Posted: Mar 9th, '11, 21:27
by nnnc
seirin wrote: As for not witnessing nastiness like this. It happens in Japan too. I read somewhere SMAP was trying leave JE but ended up having to stay because it was too hard to leave. JE practically controls the Japan Entertainment business. If you anger JE, chances are you might as well retire from show biz cuz you won't be finding a job in it.
This was just a rumor, one that occurs about once or twice a year ever since 1995-6. There were some articles when JYJ first filed to the court that Kimura Takuya and/or SMAP sued Johnny Jimusho as well but as far as I know, it never happen. If SMAP was actually trying to leave back in the late 90s as rumored, they could do it because Johnny Jimusho wasn't as huge as now and SMAP's big enough to survive.

However, SMAP was clearly having some disputes with the Jimusho because they rebelled against the company after Mori was forced to leave the group in 1996. Kimura published his own photo book through his father's connection with no approval from the Jimusho. I believe they settled quietly because SMAP has been given better percentage and more freedom over their career ever since. At that time -- and probably even till now -- the Jimusho couldn't afford to lose SMAP so they had to negotiate.

Posted: Mar 9th, '11, 21:52
by TofuQueen
As many bad things as I'm hearing about the Korean & Japanese entertainment "systems", the US "system" is also pretty bad - lots of young stars here end up too rich, too fast, too young and the end result is not good. Rather than burning out from too much work, they tend to self-destruct via drugs & alcohol.

Is there an entertainment system/industry/whatever anywhere in the world that doesn't seem to destroy a fair number of performers? :scratch: