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Personal Taste (MBC, 2010) Lee Min Ho & Son Ye Jin

Posted: Apr 8th, '10, 17:48
by Ethlenn
Title: 개인의 취향 / Kaeinui Chwihyang
Also known as: Personal Preference / Personal Taste
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2010-03-31 to 2010-05-20
Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55

Official Website

Son Ye Jin as Park Kae In
Lee Min Ho as Jeon Jin Ho
Kim Ji Suk as Han Chang Ryul
Wang Ji Hye as Kim In Hee
Choi Eun Seo as Na Hye Mi
Im Seul Ong as Kim Tae Hoon
Jo Eun Ji as Lee Young Sun
Bong Tae Kyu as Lee Won Ho
Jung Sung Hwa as No Sang Joon
Ryu Seung Ryong as Choi Do Bin
Park Hae Mi as Jin Ho's mother
Ahn Suk Hwan as Han Yoon Sub
Jang Won Young as Secretary Kim
Jung Chan (cameo)
Song Sun Mi (cameo)

Subbed by (click on the banner):

Episode 01
Episode 02
Episode 03
Episode 04
Episode 05
Episode 06
Episode 07
Episode 08
Episode 09
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16

Part 1
The Main

Personally, I was waiting for it from the moment YAB ended. And the drama is getting better and better. :wub:

Posted: Apr 8th, '10, 17:54
by isbes83
i love this drama. lee min ho i sooooo hot. he reminds me of takuya kimura a very tall kimura, i dunno why. can't wait for this! :wub: :wub: :wub:

Posted: Apr 8th, '10, 17:58
by Ethlenn
There is a possibility to watch drama on Viikii (with subs), more or less few days after the broadcast, or live with no subs.
Eh, this tall, tall LMH, what do you have that everyone faints with delight? :wub:

Posted: Apr 8th, '10, 18:17
by Corona
Looks to be a winner. The first episode started off a bit slow, but it cached up near the end. There is some wicked humour in it. Really had me laughing out loud!

Posted: Apr 8th, '10, 18:18
by wmcnair370
I thought everything Korean subbed was held back something like 4-6 weeks because of permissions. I can't imagine it would be any different with this one.

Watch the first episode last night and enjoyed so I will just have to wait for the WITH S2 subs.


Wierd, I guess MBC isn't going to license this one in the US. I have really given up on Viikii after Pasta and A Woman Who Still Wants to Marry, so I think I will just wait for the subs.

Posted: Apr 8th, '10, 18:44
by Ethlenn
Subs for Ep 01 are available on WITH S2 website, and for the second one VIA. In the moment they will be released for public.
This subbing team is simply amazing^^

Posted: Apr 8th, '10, 18:56
by wmcnair370
What is VIA? Though this also started out slow, and stopped to do some timing of a old Jdrama. When I started it back up I couldn't stop watching it.

All in all, I may enjoy this.

Posted: Apr 8th, '10, 19:06
by Ethlenn
VIA is special privilege for those who support WITH S2. Those can download subs (if I'm not mistaken).
There's something alluring in this drama, ne?
Ep 4 is up^^

Posted: Apr 8th, '10, 19:22
by wmcnair370
I was actually going to write it off as a failure when I quit so I could time Mukashi no Otoko. When I came back to it, the dorama seem to change, and it went from being boring to something I had to watch. I am happy I have lots of timing to do otherwise I would be on Viikii right now, and not working on subs.

Posted: Apr 8th, '10, 19:35
by Ethlenn
On Viikii still two episodes.
But I think second episode was like a trigger, especially the last 15 minutes. I hope they won't drag it to more episodes. What worked for Pasta, may not work in something like this.
On the other hand, in Coffee Prince, Choi Han Kyul discovered that Go Eun Chan is a girl in ep 11, so... maybe it will be the same development.

Ups, almost forgot, preview of episode 5:

Posted: Apr 9th, '10, 15:26
by aimlesswanderer
Watched the first ep.
Main character is awfully dopey and is entirely unattractive as a whole. Main guy needs to stop 'helping'/groping/kneeling in front of other guys. This is a write off for me. Oh, and as usual, everyone is an alcoholic, and then wonders why they feel like crap after. Gee, I wonder why?

Posted: Apr 9th, '10, 20:06
by Ethlenn
Episodes 3 and 4 are available on Viikii. So fast^^

What do you mean by "helping'/groping/kneeling in front of other guys" ? I don't recall any of these moments for Jin Ho.
And who is an alcoholic? (As always?? I've seen more than 100 Kdramas and maybe in some distant plans were alcoholic characters, but...). Maybe we're not talking about the same drama? I do find Kae In naive and over-trusting, but unattractive as a whole? Do all women look like from "Glamour" or "Marie Claire"? This is the appeal of the drama and Son Ye Jin, she's not afraid to look unattractive.

I do like this drama from one episode to the next more and more :cheers:

Posted: Apr 9th, '10, 21:53
by Corona
I think perhaps he is referring to the elevator scene? I found that hilarious! XD

Posted: Apr 9th, '10, 22:03
by Ethlenn
Oh, that one. Me too, I was almost crying with laughter :D :D

Posted: Apr 10th, '10, 13:34
by aimlesswanderer
Yes, that minor elevator scene. Oh, and the bit where his brother(? and another drunk) was chasing after him semi nekkid in the motel.

Alcoholic? Yes, how often do characters get regularly tanked and end up doing stupid things? This happens in just about every series, ever. It just makes me wonder at how sensible the characters are (and how alcoholic Koreans are) and I am completely unsympathetic when they feel the after effects. Let's count how many people got legless in just this first ep. Main guy's brother, main woman, and gutless evil guy. 3, in a single episode! Seems like alot to me.

Other actresses have taken on non glamorous roles (eg Han Ji Min most of the time), where they don't get to have lotsa makeup, bling or designer outfits. That doesn't mean that they didn't look good. I guess it doesn't help that I don't think Son Ye Jin looks attractive at the best of times, but her character seems just silly. Obviously the script decided that was how she should be, but it bugs me no end. I prefer women who wear minimal makeup and who aren't airbrushed or artificial, so the magazine covers are usually pretty bad, not to mention so massively "enhanced" as to be nearly fictional.

Good point about the first ep: a man and a women in the same bed (OMG) the woman in kinda underclothes, and it wasn't censored. Ok, so they weren't at any stage being intimate, but still, most series seem to avoid scenes like that like the plague. I know that they needed to show the main guy as not interested in women, but still, from most dramas it seems like men and women don't sleep together or kiss once a week even though they've been going out for years.

Posted: Apr 11th, '10, 10:22
by Ethlenn
It's a main appeal of Asian culture. At least the official one, you know. Here is "my space", there is "your space", do not interfere no matter how close we are. Confucian thought really.

And concerning the ending of 4th episode... Hmm, anyone has any other thought than mine, when Kae In said what she said?
To turn her into a woman??
Did I post a preview for 5th episode?

Posted: Apr 14th, '10, 14:24
by Ethlenn

Posted: Apr 16th, '10, 12:10
by Ethlenn
Yoon Eun Hye will make a cameo as JH ex-girlfriend in ep 08^^ ... onal-taste

"Yoon Eun Hye has been revealed to be making a cameo appearance in the drama and will be appearing in Episode 8. She will be playing the role of Jinho’s (Lee Minho) ex-girlfriend called Eun Hye.

Her scene sees her meeting Jinho and Kae In (Son Ye Jin) by chance at the cinema and the three ends up watching a movie together.
Catch Eun Hye’s cameo next Thursday on April 22nd." ... 4&p=Edaily

More pic spam:

Posted: Apr 19th, '10, 22:35
by Orion1986
We just started watching this recently and we've been laughing our socks off!

So far, it amazingly funny and the story is going well. The actors are likable (even though I hated Min Ho's guts in BoF, I like him here) and it looks generally well done.

Can't wait for more! :D

Posted: Apr 20th, '10, 11:47
by Neliets
I`m watching this # I`m just waiting for more subbed episodes but first 3 were just epic ;D

I feel that Dramas becomes better now.

Posted: Apr 20th, '10, 17:50
by Ethlenn
Lee Min Ho screaming, so far that was my favorite moment, hehe^^

Posted: Apr 20th, '10, 18:02
by Issy
as i have nothing new of sukkie or Zio to watch, me and friend decided to give this a try :mrgreen:

Posted: Apr 20th, '10, 23:15
by Orion1986
Ethlenn wrote:Lee Min Ho screaming, so far that was my favorite moment, hehe^^
Didn't see that. Well, I'm still in ep 3 since the subs aren't out for the rest, so... :P

Posted: Apr 21st, '10, 06:05
by Ethlenn
Preview for episode 7 is up:
Right here

Posted: Apr 22nd, '10, 20:02
by Ethlenn
And since I had free hour, as I said in Episode 8 thread, I made a video of the ending. Feel free:

It's funny^^ :mrgreen:

Posted: Apr 23rd, '10, 04:47
by Neliets
I don't know why, but new dramas is really making me addicted again :D I'm watching Oh! My lady, Personal Taste and Cinderella's sister and as far as I've seen - I fking love them :D Drama gets better or I become old...

Posted: Apr 23rd, '10, 05:19
by Ethlenn
And maybe those two factors, hehe?

Yes, after 2008 with little drama to interest me, 2009 with only three, now it's better. Harvest Villa, personal Taste, and in the line Road nr 1, Bad Guy and I Am Legend. Wow, I can't wait^^

Posted: Apr 23rd, '10, 11:42
by Orange_Guy
First Kdrama i'm watchin, do you have some recomendation about what i should watch first in kdrama? I'm enjoying this series at the moment. Was a little reticent cause i've been following Jdrama for a while since i know a little bit of japanese.

Posted: Apr 23rd, '10, 12:05
by Ethlenn
Go to Recommended Kdramas section.

Posted: May 2nd, '10, 20:19
by Ethlenn
Kissing at the end of episode 10 was great, not just pecking like in BOF (bleh).
Lee Min Ho kisses great (apparently, no experience in real life, unfortunately).

There is a rumour going on that station wants to extend the drama to 20 episodes, but they created a poll and seek the opinion of netizens. I voted for no. Although I would love to see more of our beloved fighting pair, I'm not so sure.
It may turns out good like Pasta, it may not.
I found some videos while idling around.

Looks like we will have some nice Jejudo shots:
More pics: ... age=1&bbs= ... age=1&bbs=

Posted: May 2nd, '10, 21:38
by Corona
I love the styling of this drama. sometimes make overs in Korean drama's are more miss then hit, but it's mostly hit here!

Posted: May 2nd, '10, 21:53
by Ethlenn
Yep, Personal Taste is a hit. I was complaining in Sukkie thread over contemporary Korean drama, but PT brought back my joy and faith in it^^.

I hope they can wisely manage the extention, if there is any (to 20 episodes). I would be happy^^
But, "I'm gay/ I'm not" thing should be out of question, especially after episode 10.
Damn, how can I wait till Wednesday??

Posted: May 4th, '10, 20:52
by Ethlenn
In case someone is lost, a character chart:

I found on dramabeans novel on which drama is based:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

And see who's gonna be as a next cameo:
And trailer for Ep 11:

Posted: May 4th, '10, 23:43
by Corona
Okay, I'm officially addicted to this drama. I really enjoyed it till episode 6 and then *BAM* it gets an angst injection and the enjoyment has risen to totally awesome proportians!

Posted: May 4th, '10, 23:52
by Ethlenn
Acually I was waiting for it almost 3 months, and drama didn't disappoint me. I enjoy every minute of it.
Lately I just watched dramas and deleted them. This one is the first NEW drama I burn onto CDs. I really don't care if they extend it or not, make them do it smoothly, like they did with Pasta.
If not, 16 episodes will be OK.

besides, Lee Min Ho has this smile :wub:

Posted: May 5th, '10, 00:07
by Corona
Ah yes, where would we be without Lee Min Ho? ;D


Posted: May 5th, '10, 08:27
by Ethlenn
Yep, we wouldn't go far without him.
hell, I was even thinking of watching BOF properly, but then again, naaah. Just watched scenes with him and that's really all.

OK, time for some pics. :wub:

More here:
Pictures credited as tagged.

Posted: May 6th, '10, 23:29
by Ethlenn
On the official website still no news on extending. if not, we are left with only 4 episodes (this would be my choice).Proof:
You can watch some clips on Official:
Personal Taste Clip

" 전진호 20대 후반, 건축사 | 이민호

시크한 매력의 정리정돈과 다림질이 취미인 ‘M’ 건축사사무소 소장!
적당한 까칠함과 적당한 냉정함, 적당한 개인주의적인 취향으로 본의 아니게 나쁜 남자로 오해 받기도 하며 은근히 여성의 모성본능을 자극하는 캐릭터! 차가우면서도 내면에 뜨거운 열정을 갖고 있고, 드라이하면서도 소통에 대한 갈망이 있다.
뭐든지 계획을 세워 실천하는 타입으로, 충동적으로 일을 진행하는 경우가 거의 없다. 프로젝트에 대한 욕심으로 우연히 게이라고 거짓말한 것이 퍼펙트한 그의 인생의 발목을 붙잡는다. 단 한 번도 망가져 본 적 없는 완벽남이 게이 행세를 하며 천둥벌거숭이 같은 여자 박개인과 동거를 시작한다. 그는 과연 이 난관을 어떻게 헤쳐 나갈까..."

Interview with LMH: ... id=1383797

And episodes ratings (4th place as for episode 11), but I read in Chosun that actually it was the second.
2010-04-29 10 13.9 (8th) 15.0 (6th)
2010-05-05 11 16.2 (4th) 17.6 (4th)

Posted: May 6th, '10, 23:49
by Corona
Thanks for the links!

Even though I can't get enough of LMH and Personal Taste, I'm never a big fan of extensions for drama's. I'd like it to end as it's supposed to. This seems like a drama that may drag out some issues. Issues we're all dying to see resolved. Or worse, add something from the long list of k-drama traps.

Posted: May 6th, '10, 23:52
by Ethlenn
Yeah, I mean, the issue of why JH's mother hates Han family so much, or Gae In father issue. I would like to end it smoothly.
But Pasta was extended in a great way^^

Posted: May 8th, '10, 09:53
by Ethlenn
Some pics flowing on the net^^

Posted: May 8th, '10, 13:50
by Ethlenn
OK, there are two bad things about PT:
In Hee!!!! I hate that b*tch!

No, seriously: directing and editing. Everything else is perfect. I like the way they treat everyday problems, like Gae In's menstrual cramps. I have never seen something like this in a drama. But then again, I haven't watched them all.

Here are cute gifs
click on the gif, a new window will open, and you will see your gif, then just click "save as".
As a proof I'm not lying:

And ratings:
2010-05-05 11 16.2 (4th) 17.6 (4th)
2010-05-06 12 14.3 (7th) 15.8 (4th)
(strangely, I saw expectations for 20 episodes, but so far I have no information on extending, nothing on the official website).

Posted: May 8th, '10, 19:47
by Orion1986
Nice series, although it's getting a bit too dramatic. They tend to overdo it on korean dramas sometimes. This hasn't reached that point yet though. I do hate that b*itch as well. HATE her! :cussing:

Lee Min Ho, I can't say I like as a guy. Kinda cute, yes, but just doesn't sparkle enough for me :lol Just kidding. I just don't get that heart fluttering feeling when I see him. So, hot guy, very handsome and tall, nice smile, but no fluttering on my part. :wub: He planted a good one on her though. I really wish they'll have more realistic kissing in series in the future. This was just sweet! She could've opened her damn mouth a little, since the poor guy was trying to drill his way in, but I can't complain. It's better than some others I've seen (I'm talking about you, Keun Suk! You better swallow the lady in Kimi wa Petto whole!)

I HATED BOF. So looong and dramatic and tiring. Bad acting, annoying main characters, ridiculous plot twists. Heck, if it weren't for the awesome Violin (don't remember his name, but awesome character) and what's-his-name's sister (beautiful woman, good actress, awesome character as well), it would be completely hideous. It was a good documentary though. Pretty locations. :lol I know lots of people liked it. Not me. :roll

As for Personal Taste, I just can't wait for In Hee to get what she deserves! I also don't like Chang Ryul's dad. The actor and acting. I like villains to be quiet and menacing. He's just annoying. He doesn't do much but laugh VERY annoyingly and generally look like a mobster from an 80s fighting movie. And the scar! Talk about cliche! I wish he was bad bad. Like the bad guy in "Bad Family". This one's just annoying to the point that it ruins every scene he's in.

The actor playing Chang Ryul is great for the part. Pathetic kinda guy. Actor's cuuute though. :thumright: Handsome fellow. Leaving for the army soon, I read. Take Keun Suk with you!!! Please make a man out of him! (ok, that just sounds naughty :roll )

My expectations for the following episodes? SEX!! SEEEEEEEEEX! Show her just how gay you are, you hot piece of male excellency!.....ahem....I'm fine.... :sweat:

Posted: May 8th, '10, 20:06
by Ethlenn
Oh, Orion, I don't think they will show any sex at this timeslot. But then again, in My Lovely Kim Sam Soon, there was this scene before sex, you know what I'm saying?
Yup, I don't like Chang Ryul's Dad either, he's overboard, as well as Jin Ho's fiancee. There were moments I was taking the glass and wanted to smash my screen.
And I hope In Hee will get all the punishment possible. EVERY punishment possible. It means: to be a flower girl on Gae In's wedding with Jin Ho, hehe. Muahaha!!

And I don't find it dramatic, but tense, some dramas are lacking thereof (Which Star Are you From), and I like it.

As for LMH, I stated few times: I could eat him in one bite. He sparkles (in the good sense of it, you Sukkie moron!!). I stopped watching BOF after 11th episode, the rest just skipped solely for him. Apart that Geum Jan Di was lackluster and plain, he did great^^
I liked him in Public Enemy Returns (yes, yes, I watched this movie not for him, so he was kinda cherry on top), and was waiting for more of him.

Besides, I like his style in PT, just so casual and normal. Apart from that tight pants in one episode, brrrr...
But with his physique... it remains me of Gong Yoo, such long legs... (omo, it started...)

Posted: May 8th, '10, 20:37
by Love Angel
it has been a long time since I watch a K-drama..the last was you're beautiful but well..didn't like it that much

my friend recommended this one for me & I'm glad that I listened to her..this drama is just toooo cute :wub:

I love the leading actress...first time seeing her..her acting is very good and she is cute..she left a good impression on me..

Lee Min Ho is so cute here..I saw him in BoF but I didn't like him there..maybe bcz the drama is self was bad :scratch:
both of them have a very good on-screen of the reasons that kept me watching this drama

and that evil woman..I HATE her :cussing:
Ethlenn wrote:And I hope In Hee will get all the punishment possible. EVERY punishment possible. It means: to be a flower girl on Gae In's wedding with Jin Ho, hehe. Muahaha!!

Good one XD

and yeah Chang Ryul's Dad is soo annoying..his voice is just too annoying >.< whenever he is talking I wonder when he will shut his mouth..

and I do hope that they will not extend the drama to 16 episodes..though I Love it but I don't want it to end up being draggy like other K-dramas..

can't wait for ep 13!

forgot to mention Jin Ho's friend..he is great XD

Posted: May 8th, '10, 21:34
by Orion1986
Yep. Some tight pants aside, good outfits here.

Also, Ethlenn, I'm not expecting sex sex (they'd never show that on TV at that time slot, like you said), but at least the indication of it. I mean, take Coffee Prince for instance. We got some veeeery passionate kissing (and not only, HOOOOT) and then the day after. It's good enough for me. It's another thing I didn't like in YAB. Why do most stories think the romance is complete when the "I love you" or the "kiss" comes along? I love to see some dramas that actually show more of the relationships. You know, the fun parts? What actually happens in a proper relationship. I don't need marriage or anything, but to see the main couple a bit as a couple more often would be nice.

And if they want to stop it at the "I love you" or kiss scene, why oh WHY don't they make those more memorable/passionate? Start kissing your women properly damn it! Min Ho, Yoo, show them how it's done! :wub:

When they do have sex in Personal Taste, they need to record it and then strap In Hee in a chair and force her to watch it over and over and over again for a few days. Same with their wedding! Of course, she'll be the bridesmaid there too. :twisted:

Posted: May 8th, '10, 21:53
by Ethlenn
But you know, you just pointed to some other topic. I read lately a lot about expressing emotions in Japanese (it also applies to Korean), and about all the cultural background. Relationship is not viewed as something physical, but rather emotional. So, basically if you can feel comfortable with somebody, if you can communicate non-verbally with someone, or just feel the connection, this is sufficient. I dont think skinship (Chin Ha Rim term, from CP) is so important TO SHOW. It's better to focus on typical mental approach to it.
You know, Murasaki Shikibu (the lady of Genji monogatari) said once that human body is disgusting thing. This is the first reason of not showing some nude scenes. Human body was seen as not a pleasant look. Times have changed, but not the way of thinking, and Confucian though (and then Neo-Confucian) just legitimized it. The second reason is - closeness. You show you're body just to the person you trust the most. Trust, not necessary LOVE.
Third: in episode 10 of PT, in some episodes of CP, the issue of living together was being put up. Man and woman unmarried living together is a crime against morality. They can live together after engagement (we know how engagement looks like in Far East, ne^^).

So, to sum up, somethimes just holding hands is sufficient to show closeness. In many, many dramas there is a special shot of pair holding hands, or grabbing a hand of a partner, I think everyone has seen it, right?
Touching the body of another person is actually breaking through a wall of another person's "safety zone". It means: if you broke it, you are now on my territory, you SHARE my space. That means: you are special".

Basically all.

I like that about Jdramas and Kdramas. I've had enough of relationships showed in Western way. Yes, maybe I'm old school, but I'm not prude, I'm just fed up.

But concerning PT: THAT was a kiss I have not seen for a long time in Kdrama. Woohoo!! Gong Yoo school, ne? And I have secret informations that there will be some scene in the course of drama, but I'm not sure if I'm reading the signs right, hehe^^

Posted: May 9th, '10, 09:15
by Orion1986
I do agree to not showing sex scenes. It's something very intimate and I just can't feel ok about watching two actors faking sex. It's useless. Just a way to wow idiots and make more money or try to be artistic (horse manure).

But I don't like the Asian way either. With finesse, you can make an erotic scene (not necessarily a sex scene) and let the viewer understand there will be sex or that there was sex, and still be proper.

Also, they do know that people from other non-Asian countries watch their stuff now, so they should adjust it at least a bit. I'm sure they have already. I mean, was the skinship (love Ha Rim) in CP in any way too much or disrespectful? Sexy kiss, grabbing on to the girl and taking her to bed. It was hot and didn't really show much. So was the one in Take Care of the Young Lady (Yoon Eun Hye, go girl!). You know it happened, you watched the indications of it about to happen and then the day after. It was good for Asian viewers (didn't really show anything) and also people from the west.

Relationships are like that, no matter what the culture or "laws of propriety" say. You meet, you like each other, kiss, have sex and all that jazz. Aaaall over the world, it's the same. So for me to feel that a relationship is starting for real, I need at least indications of that. Sure, emotions are important, but let's face it, not many series show such deep and awesome emotions that you can see true love etc etc and not need a confirmation of things going well. And sex isn't just about the physical pleasure. Personally, I think it's a big deal to show a very weak and primal part of yourself to someone. If we're talking about sex in a relationship with someone you like and in front of whom you feel aware of yourself (not the one-night stand, just to get it out of me kinda sex).

I mean, just because there's drama and crying and twists and turns, doesn't make me think "Oh, this was so intense so they'll be a perfect couple from now on". Kissing and holding hands makes a couple... At 12-13 years of age. I can't see adult people as a couple unless they go through all the stages adults go through in being a couple. After those, THEN we're left with the lovey dovey phase which later becomes love and respect and living together happily etc etc.

A proper kiss and an indication of a completed (at least physically) relationship. That's all I want from a romantic series/movie. Cause after those have been done the first time, you know they'll just keep happening like normal and that the couple can then move on to explore their feelings even more. You can't really be clear headed about someone you're attracted too unless you've taken those big initial steps. It's just the way hormones and the human mind work.

And if the kisses they showed were proper and more of them, I personally wouldn't even need a sex-indicating scene. You'd see the passion in the kiss and think "Oh, he'll be plucking her feathers soon enough". Many western romantic movies end with the kiss, and it's fine cause it's a proper kiss. When I see those pecks in Asian series/movies I just feel the two people aren't comfortable enough or passionate enough to kiss properly and it ruins the illusion of seeing a real couple. I see the actors at that point and not the characters and it ruins everything for me. So I need to see proper intimacy, at least in kissing, to feel like they're a couple doing well. It's just how my mind works.

Both Coffee Prince and Take Care of the Young Lady had both. A lot of kissing and the indication of sex. And not every kiss has to be a tongue one. I mean, in these series, you have the 1-2 strong kisses in very emotional scenes and you do have pecks too (when Eun Chan and Han Kyul made up in the chestnuts scene, she gave him a peck). But those pecks are fine cause you've seen proper kissing and you've already established that they're a passionate normal couple. Normal couples too, don't tongue kiss all the time.

I don't like either extreme in such scenes. I don't want to see an Asian Sex and the City (who the hell cares about rich horny women screwing everything on sight?) with sex and nudity etc etc, but I don't want to see something that looks fake and without any lust at all either. Relationships have emotions AND lust so I need at least an indication of both. Lust can just be hinted. It's physical, primal etc etc and, without emotions, not as fun. Emotions are important so keep showing them as you do now. I do love Asian series and how they handle emotions.

If a series is like the early teen stuff they show on Toon Disney or Highshool musical or whatnot, I get it. Let's not show too much lust to the girlies and give wrong examples. But if a series is otherwise for more mature and smarter people as well, I expect the intimacy to also be believable for those audiences too.

That's my two cents. Looong post, but I had a lot to say. :P Sowwy for giving you lots to read :sweat:

Posted: May 9th, '10, 09:37
by Ethlenn
I understand everything perfectly. But Korean TV stations are under the pressure of government and constitution (or law, it's not my cup of tea), and they are bound NOT to show any material that can be viewed as immoral. look what happened to last Rain's MV, he was banned because he was running on the street in it. When I asked my Korean friend about it, she laughted it off, saying it was stupid, but this is the law. I'm not saying relationships in Asia are not the same as relationships in Europe, but they are not allowed to be shown with all environment. Actually I like holding hands and being silent close to a partner in dramas, you know, but then again, this is my "personal taste^^". "The morning after" both in CP and Take Care... (hell, I saw it even in Goong, but maybe I imagine things), was a great scene. Wisely directed and acted (Gong Yoo, Gong Yoo, make some hot drama soon, now!!).

Some dramas can break the rules, like CP and Take Care..., PT also broke it (the kiss was hot, real).
But PT broke another rule, and made an anger on both sides: gay-right movement and anti-gay movement.
I read an article yesterday. Gay-right movement said that the depiction of gay relationship and gays itself is slightly not true. Anti gay movement called the drama obscene.

As for the first: DUMBASSES!! Look, Director Choi is someone on a very high position and was always self-restricted position. It's not easy for a people on that level to hang around and say: "hey, I'm gay, look at me, look at me!". As a gay he would loose credibility (as stupid as it is, it's true, a friend of mine was laid off from work, when.. nevermind). Besides, Dir. Choi was never in any serious relationship, and when he fell for JH, he didn't know exactly how to behave, thus the reason of his stiff behaviour. I hope screenwriters find a way to console him somehow.
I like the way how Jin Ho is handling this issue. he's calm, and regrettful. He could scream with disgust on his face but instead he remained calm. I like this calmness in him.
As for the latter: IDIOTS!! Nothing more to say.

Not every gay relationship is like heterosexual relationship showed in Western series. I guess we lost the true meaning of the words like closeness, trust, feeling and love. It's like in HYD Final: everlasting love is not something you can see, you have to experience that.
Through physical relationship, of course, also, but I'm not sure if it's the issue of being shown.

Also long post, but talking with you is a pleasure^^ And I love to read as you know^^

Posted: May 9th, '10, 10:09
by Orion1986
Well, yes, laws would make that difficult in such conservative societies as East Asian ones, but since some series do manage to do it, why can't more? I hope it will slowly change as the hallyu is getting stronger and generally, this wave of people getting into East Asian culture and entertainment.

I also do love silent and sweet moments like what you describe in dramas, but I do want the couple to be "complete" as well. Cause if you haven't done the horizontal monster mash yet, it wouldn't be such a relaxing moment, now would it? :P You can't very well be calm and serene when you are attracted to a person and want to have sex with them asap. And I'm sure that if the first time hasn't happened yet, you're like that almost 24/7. If there's passion, that is.

And about the gayness in PT, well, western movies do have the girly-gay type as well. It's just a form of comedy, just like a cutesy female bimbo would be. Women don't complain about cutesy and innocent bimbo characters in movies/series so gay people shouldn't as well.

And I think Choi's character, if anything, is being veeery respectful to gay people. He's a proper man, with honor and sense of duty and justice. AND he's gay. If only all gay characters in movies/series were as awesome as him. But like you say, he's a Director at a huge company and has a reputation to maintain. As dumb as it is, especially in such conservative countries, it's not easy to come out when in such a high position. And Jin Ho's co-worker was acting pansy-gay exactly because he wasn't and he doesn't understand gay people. He's a walking example of cluelessness around gay men and women as many people are, unfortunately.

Heck, people will always complain. Some were complaining about Last Friends and Ruka as a character there. They said that just cause she was a lesbian, it didn't mean she was a man in a woman's body. So why did she want to have a surgery? Some thought it was unfair to present gay women as wanting to be men cause it's not true. Think for a second, you dimwits! She's a woman who doesn't understand gayness. She's confused and scared! In a society where women are supposed to be cute and girly, she likes women and is tough. Of course she'll think "Maybe I have to become a man then". Because of her society and confusion, she thinks of herself as broken and needing to be fixed. She thinks she's problematic and needs to become a man in order to have the right to like women, EXACTLY cause such societies are still not used to gayness. "Women like men, so I can't like women and be a woman". That's what SHE thought because of her culture and confusion. If anything, it was a very well done thing in the series and respectful to such women and the struggles they go through of not knowing what to be and what to do.

Btw, LOVED that series. Very realistic characters, emotions and problems. Especially that scene where Eita's character hugs Ruka and tells her he loves her as a person, we just criiiiied! That's all the woman needed. To know she can be loved just the way she is. I found that to be a very sweet and very human scene well acted and directed. Truly one of the most moving scenes I've seen in movies/series of any kind.

As long as there are idiots, there will also be such debates and complaints about such issues though. So, forever. :lol

Glad we're having this talk though. ^^ Very interesting and complex matters need interesting and complex people to talk about. :thumleft:

Posted: May 9th, '10, 10:44
by Ethlenn
Orion1986 wrote:
And I think Choi's character, if anything, is being veeery respectful to gay people. He's a proper man, with honor and sense of duty and justice. AND he's gay. If only all gay characters in movies/series were as awesome as him. But like you say, he's a Director at a huge company and has a reputation to maintain. As dumb as it is, especially in such conservative countries, it's not easy to come out when in such a high position. And Jin Ho's co-worker was acting pansy-gay exactly because he wasn't and he doesn't understand gay people. He's a walking example of cluelessness around gay men and women as many people are, unfortunately.
Exactly. He was acting the way people thing gay act. Like princesses. Director Choi is my favorite character in it because of his complexity, and character. I don't think I would like the character that much if it wasn't for Ryu Seung Ryong, which I admire. This character could be turned into some pitiful middle-aged guy trying to seduce a young man. But it wasn't and this is actually the strongest point of this drama.

As you said, there always be some complains, but I guess either side is dumb in accusations. Gender issues are tentative topic. I didn't like how it was treated in Angels in America, for me it was too much. So far, this is handled good in PT. It depicts all the bias towards it (your family attitude, friends), and comments like: "you're a half-man because being gay", and so on, it's so true...

Last friends: is there any issue of bullying because of nationality? Or maybe you're more experienced in manga and stuff, so you can point me to it? I really need it. Badly. I was told in Sunao... thread that in Last Friend had this issue, but since I though main actress is sooo lame in it, I watched one epiosode and couldn't do more. Thanks^^

Posted: May 9th, '10, 11:23
by Orion1986
Ethlenn wrote: Orion:
Last friends: is there any issue of bullying because of nationality? Or maybe you're more experienced in manga and stuff, so you can point me to it? I really need it. Badly. I was told in Sunao... thread that in Last Friend had this issue, but since I though main actress is sooo lame in it, I watched one episode and couldn't do more. Thanks^^
Well, I don't really know first hand, but I do know countries with such strict "rules" about man and woman, family etc have more problems with being gay than other more modern (socially and politically modern) countries. Which is why they show these problems in series/movies as well.

Or do you mean if they bullied someone because they were a different nationality? If so, nope. All the characters were japanese.

Do you mean you didn't like the female character that had the lousy husband or Ruka? (Juri-chan). Cause Ruka was amazing. :blink The other character is supposed to be weak and change her mind all the time. Typical behavior of a woman being beaten by her husband/boyfriend. Weak weeeeeak character and this whole "He could ignore me, so if he's hitting me, it means he's paying attention to me and has feelings for me" thing is typical of such women. She's supposed to be annoying to any smart, self-respecting woman.

I would strongly advise you to watch Last Friends. We got so hooked with my mom, that we didn't sleep for a night to watch it. It just sucks you in. I REALLY REALLY like how it treats its characters and their problems. Absolutely awesome series.
The actor playing Choi is veeery good. He completely nails the emotions every time and his eyes/expressions do all the talking. Very good indeed. I honestly can't understand why such a good series has a character like Chang Ryul's father. Soo cliche and the actor sucks. He's ruining the otherwise very good casting quality. :glare:

Posted: May 9th, '10, 12:05
by Ethlenn
Yes, Chang Ryul's father is so lame.

In Hee is a real b*tch, and I bet she won't change till the very end. She's just a type that don't change at all. But Chang Ryul is vague. I don't quite understand him. In one moment he's a pansy, but in the next he wants to beat Jin Ho! Kim Ji Suk is really good in it (watch Chuno, Orion, watch!!), but Chang Ryul's character irritates me sometimes. he jumps from one emotion to the other. Couldn't he be more steady as Jin Ho??
I mean, at the beginning of episode 12, after being checked out from hospital, he said to Jin Ho that he accepts him as Gae In's man. But then again, without thinking he is caught in In Hee plot. Does he ever think on his own? he's so easily influenced. He doesn't know how b*tchy In Hee is?? She stated this few times herself.
Overall, I like the pacing in PT, not too fast, not too slow.
I'm so happy he's in this drama (I liked him in My Girlfriend is an Agent^^, harimao, hehe)
yes, I was talking about being bullied because of nationality, like you know, Vito in Smile. And yes, I don't like Juri, I don't find her a good actress, I wanted to strangle her in Nodame. Nothing on manga about this topic?

Posted: May 9th, '10, 12:11
by Orion1986
I personally love Juri-chan. :D

And nope, haven't found a manga with such issues. Well, foreigners in manga, yes, but they're usually there to impress. You know, all blonde with blue eyes.. Cause aaaall non-asian are like that. :lol

I haven't seen 12 yet (no subs, no comprende), but I also find it difficult to understand Chang Ryul. He's weak and a pushover. The only reason he accepts Jin Ho and all that, is because no one told him not to. If he were to receive pressure from In Hee i.e who knows how to manipulate morons, he'd change his mind right away. Overall, a weak weak man. A hot one though. :wub:

Posted: May 9th, '10, 13:02
by Ethlenn
Well, In Hee said
that she knows about the reason why Jin Ho started to live in Gae In's house, and it's all because of the architecture of that house, and the layout for it is a main theme for DAM Project.
. Then, Chang Ryul forgot immediately about his fair deal with Jin Ho(not to butt in), and butts in!
And then again he explains it with his love to Gae In. Moron. Hot moron, but moron nonetheless.

I feel bad for Jin Ho. He intended to live in that house for his business project, but he did nothing to progress it (his friend nagged him a million times about it), but he concentrated on his relationship with Gae In instead. She, on the other hand, invited him just to have some money from it and pay off the mortgage rate. But I guess when the truth will be revealed, it's Jin Ho who will be considered as a "bad guy" though. They are guilty both, if Gae In didn't want him in the house, she could say "no", and that would be the end for Jin Ho.
Gae In has a strange habit of believing the wrong people. And since she's been reminded few times of putting trust too fast and in inappropriate people, it would be easy for her to assume, Jin Ho betrayed her. I really hope she wouldn't though. I mean, does love means nothing? Why it is hard to stand by your partner no matter what? Grrr...

And on top of that Jin Ho's mother and his "fiancee" who is so annoying I like to kill her just for her "Oppa!".

Posted: May 9th, '10, 14:02
by Orion1986
Well, the "oppa" girl IS indeed annoying, but damn it, why can't Jin Ho just tell her IN HER FACE, make it loud and clear, that he doesn't like her? Just so she can be around to annoy us even more? Her and Chang Ryul's dad are completely useless characters. All they do is annoy the viewer. We don't need cliches to annoy us! We got In Hee. She's a good actress and plenty enough to annoy us. Chang Ryul too, with his idiocy.

Having the "oppa" girl and that scar-guy shows lack of confidence in the script and its quality. It really didn't need them. It needed the dad, but he should have been the quiet type of bad. Suure, I know, this sleazy kind shows an even worse person, but you can be backstabbing and sleazy without having that ridiculous acting style and voice. It's an indication that the actor is useless in portraying evil with subtlety and has to resort to cliches and overacting.

These two characters and their actors are enough to be a major negative point in the series which is otherwise very good so it's a shame. :glare:

Posted: May 9th, '10, 14:12
by Ethlenn
Yeah, I know, they ruin the atmosphere for me too.
But Jin Ho told "Oppa" girl that he never loved her, and will never do. As far as I recall, at least twice. She's just dumb to not realize/understand this.
And Gae In told her the same thing, they had this conversation at the gallery in Ep 11.
I'm trying not to think about them and focus on positive aspects of this drama. I mean, even though she and Chang Ryul's father are idiots and useless characters as we may see them, they have their uses in the script. I guess.

Ah, well, three more days, three more days...

Posted: May 9th, '10, 14:36
by Issy
so you guys think i should continue wih PT? i watched first ep and did not like it much. well, to be honest, it's so hard to go back to watching dramas after Chuno ended. the only kdrama that i am really really loving these days and looking forward to watch each week (and started watching its raw before the subs are out because i just can't wait to see happens next :mrgreen: ) is Dong Yi.
but i read it picks up after ep4. :scratch:

Posted: May 9th, '10, 14:45
by Ethlenn
You know, I'm not objective. I was waiting for this drama since January, and I liked the first episode, so I hooked on immediately.
I mean from episode 2 it is funny ride.
Just don't mind Chang Ryul's father and "Oppa" girl, and everything will be fine^^

Posted: May 9th, '10, 15:14
by Orion1986
I think you should watch it. It's a nice series and not as "dramatic" as some. Not much crying and drama so far. It's smart, funny and interesting.

Just try and ignore those two characters.

Posted: May 9th, '10, 16:41
by Ethlenn
A, look what nice piece I found while hanging around in my free 15 minutes:

Posted: May 9th, '10, 21:12
by Issy
ok, i have decided. i will continue to watch and try to ignore these two. if i still remember who they were :scratch: in the first place.

Posted: May 9th, '10, 21:22
by Ethlenn
You're memory will be recovered in the most horrific way: by Chang Ryul's dad screaming.
Apart from scheming he does nothing more. This is better than "Oppa" girl, cause she apart from screaming does nothing more. Strange, she was different in the novel, but...

Damn, LMH, what have you done with me!!

Posted: May 9th, '10, 22:09
by Corona
I think a "controversial" (Not controversial for me, but pretty controversial for some) subject as sexual orientation is quite difficult and maybe impossible to do. No person is the same but a movie or series often floats on stereotypes, because we understand, laugh and even identify with these stereotypes. It doesn't mean that all these stereotypes are true.

I think this drama has been trying to approach being gay from multiple standpoints, the stereotype and the more serious kind. I guess in their attempt instead of pleasing everyone they managed to antagonize some groups. Which I find pretty exasperating! I think a way to approach a controversial subject is often best done with a bit of humour and a dash of seriousness. I believe Personal Taste has done that. And in the world of K-drama (I've watched, together with Coffee Prince) it has hopefully opened the door to be more accepting towards *everyone*.

...And yes "Oppa girl" and "Bhwawahaha father" are two of the weakest characters. I don't understand how they managed to sneak into this drama with so many strong characters. In Hee manages to be more than a cutout cardboard character, because she reveals her (deplorable) motives (and she doesn't cackle every other sentence ;)

Posted: May 9th, '10, 23:55
by Ethlenn
Corona wrote:In Hee manages to be more than a cutout cardboard character, because she reveals her (deplorable) motives (and she doesn't cackle every other sentence ;)
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

That's true. Apart from them, every character is just great. In Hee is the b*tchest B*tch I have seen lately in the drama. And she wears such short skirts, I call them:'Look-for-me-skirt".
As you said, this drama presents "gay" problem from different viewpoints. Damn, it's not "No Regrets", for the love of LMH!!, it's a drama that has to be different from a movie. I don't know what gay-right movement expects. You know, there was a big problem with Chuno and it's near rape scene, and also with blurring the cleavage of LDH. I don't think Korean society or - mostly - TV stations are ready for more intimacy between gay lovers.
As stupid as it seems, we have to put up with it.
I find it very, very tickling in some sensitive points of the stereotypes and society.
Coffee Prince had some issues, but didn't have a real gay character as in here.
I hope they will solve Director Choi situation somehow wisely. If not, I will kill them all!!

And there is also Gae In's father who's coming to Korea. I have a bad feeling about this.

Posted: May 10th, '10, 00:13
by Orion1986
Her dad scares me. This mysterious guy no one's seen, but everyone's afraid of. Better be an actor with a very strong presence and not another Mr. Giggles like Chang Ryul's dad.

Also, Chuno has blurred chest? Man, that sucks. I think series and movies should try harder though. They're the ones people pay attention to, not politicians. If the culture of entertainment starts pushing for more realistic gay characters and relationships, society will accept them easier. If done in the right way, of course. Arts and TV/Cinema have great power of influence and they should push the boundaries with such issues.

Posted: May 10th, '10, 00:18
by Ethlenn
Naah, I don't think I will live up to that moment. I would love to, but...
In most of the dramas/movies, gay people are portrayed exactly in the way people want to see them: elegant, soft, feminine.
Or: sleazy, immoral, hedonic.

Director Choi breaks all the stereotypes, that is why I like him so much. And until the 7th episode I had no idea. I really didn't!! Because you can't say just by looking at someone whom he prefers. I'm talking about gay, not fags, drags, or Sukkie, for that matter :D

Chuno: yes, in spite of LDH chest being wrapped (as every woman's) under the hanbok, they blurred it. It raged everyone, but TV station made this decision. TV station bosse don't care about breaking stereotypes, but just breaking the bank accounts, I guess. And it's harder in the Far East where business in intertwined with politics so hard it's impossible to sever.

Posted: May 10th, '10, 00:24
by Orion1986
They blurred a covered chest? Heck. Start blurring ankles and arms too then! Better yet, put all your actresses in a burqa! :glare:

Choi rocks socks. He's a normal guy that likes men. The normal kind of gay. Sure, there are more feminine ones, but not very single gay man is a pansy. Or a Keun Suk for that matter. :P (that boy has gotten a royal ass whooping from us lately)

Posted: May 10th, '10, 04:42
by Ethlenn
He fully deserved it.

See how addicted I am? I should be going off to work, instead 'm checking here. Yh...

Posted: May 10th, '10, 18:40
by Ethlenn

Preview for episode 13, i can't sleep, i can't eat, I think I'm gonna crazy...
Watch here
or on the official website:
I'm gonna crazy, crazy

Hope the indication of everything is just after Jin Ho tells the truth. Damn, why Wednesday is soooo far??
I know, i'm acting like a "roaring 18", but it can't be helped. Shikata ga nai....

pics credit:CR : apple@naver, and @DC:
ps. I wouldn't mind if LMH took off this shirt, no no...

Posted: May 10th, '10, 21:30
by seirin
Issy wrote:so you guys think i should continue wih PT? i watched first ep and did not like it much. well, to be honest, it's so hard to go back to watching dramas after Chuno ended. the only kdrama that i am really really loving these days and looking forward to watch each week (and started watching its raw before the subs are out because i just can't wait to see happens next :mrgreen: ) is Dong Yi.
but i read it picks up after ep4. :scratch:
I just watched it and other than the typical korean plots, it's pretty amusing. It kind of reminds me of Hotaru no Hikari but with a gay twist. It's pretty funny, but I just wish they didn't follow the typical lame korean plots. It's getting tiresome. The only thing keeping me watching is the comedy.

Posted: May 10th, '10, 21:48
by Ethlenn
I'm looking for some more serious issues here. Comedy air is nice here, I'm having a really good laugh watching it. But then again, the "underplot" is no funny at all.

And funny thing, PT was planned as 20-episodes drama, then it got cut short. Now there is a talk about extending again to 20 episodes. No news on the official website though.

And synopsis for Ep 13:
정신이 든 개인은 진호에게 엄마 얼굴이 기억났다고 말하고, 진호는 밤새 개인을 간
호한다. 다음날 아침, 진호는 개인의 머리카락을 말려주다가 개인의 목에 살짝 입 맞
춘다. 진호는 상고재에 들어간 이유를 알고 있다는 창렬의 말에 멈칫하지만 개인을
향한 자신의 진심을 강조한다.

오늘이 개인의 생일임을 안 최관장은 화내고 간 진호 때문에 울고 있는 개인에게 아
이스링크 입장권을 선물한다. 즐거운 시간을 보내고 돌아온 개인과 진호는 영선과
상준이 몰래 준비해 놓은 생일상 앞에 마주 앉는다. 두 사람은 게임하다가 시선이 부
딪치자 후다닥 각자의 방으로 들어간다. 요란한 천둥 번개에 놀란 개인은 진호의 방
으로 달려가는데...
(Personal taste)

Gae in remembers now her mother, and tells about it to Jin Ho. After in Chang Ryul threatens Jin Ho that he will expose his reason for entering Sanggojae.
Gae In's birthday.
Thunderstorm at night, and terrified Gae In goes to Jin Ho's room...

Just a rough abstract. Hope didn't mess things up...

Proof that there is still May 20 as the ending:

Posted: May 11th, '10, 06:30
by seirin
The only serious issue seems to be about "sexual preferences" which is quite common. I feel bad for Director Choi, but I doubt society will change any time soon. Even US is not very open to it let alone Asia where tradition is still ingrained into people.

Did I mention this drama also reminded me of "Object of My Affection"? I found it pretty sad in the end but this one should have a better ending. I always wondered if its possible to have sexual preference change. Like gay turning heterosexual. But I suppose it's next to nil.

Posted: May 11th, '10, 08:00
by Ethlenn
I don't think t works from gay to straight, but it may work from straight to gay. In the means that someone didn't realize it earlier. I know few cases of it. Guy wasn't aware of being gay up until one day. It happens.

Society won't change, it's a difficult and too complex organism to change easily.
And I do hope this drama ends with light tone. Not for everyone, whatever the ending, I feel bad for Dir Choi.

Posted: May 13th, '10, 15:25
by Ethlenn
yes, call me oldschool, but I like this kind of scenes. I'm just a girl. And Min Ho is such... :wub:

And did I say I hate In Hee? I really, really do!! She can lie while looking somebody straight into the eye. She's a real b*tch! I just want to hit her with a train!!