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Heading to the Ground (MBC, 2009)

Posted: Sep 13th, '09, 00:48
by sahansah

Title: 맨땅에 헤딩 / Maen-tang-e He-ding
Also known as: Heading to the Ground
Genre: Sports, romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2009-Sep-09 start
Air time: Wednesday & Thursdays 21:55
Official Site:

The drama about a man trying to achieve what is thought to be impossible: fulfilling his dreams of being a great football (soccer) player. He meets Kang Hae Bin, a sports agent who tries to live her life away from the influence of her rich father.

Jung Yun Ho as Cha Bong Gun
Go Ah Ra as Kang Hae Bin
Lee Sang Yoon as Jang Seung Woo
Lee Yoon Ji as Oh Yeon Yi

Source: Information taken from its drama wiki page. All credits to the fine people who keep the drama wiki running.

I am new to K-dramas and so this will be my first ever K-drama that I will watch. The sole reason being that its kinda about football (soccer). I hope it turns out good!!!!!!

Gods of the East Subbing Squad are subbing this drama so I thank them for their time and effort :-)

On a side note - Both South and North Korea have already qualified for the 2010 World Cup. Big whoop!

Posted: Sep 13th, '09, 00:57
by mazels
the drama is interesting for now...but i dont really like the principal male actor...i dont really like his acting....but i love the principal female actress ^^

Posted: Sep 13th, '09, 04:08
by Yunkie
Any body know what songs in this drama? Let me know. Thanks in advance.

Posted: Sep 14th, '09, 16:01
by uchiha hikari
i also want to know who sing the endiing of the drama, because i want the lyrics

Posted: Sep 14th, '09, 21:50
by Lucille
Ok, I am trying to like this drama, but it has quite a few problems and I have only watched the first episode. The acting aside. No one has impressed with their skills, but the plot holes and devices are killing me. I like sports. I will try to keep with this series and the subbing team is awesome and quick, but...
A. The first scene was a little off. I know it was her imagination, but what happened to the guy who was driving the car? You can clearly see him and when the car stops she is on the passenger side and he's gone.
B. She has been filiming this guy play soccer, saw him at the hotel, but she still does not recognize him when he gives her a ride on his cart?
C. Question B + she sees him in the resturant, but walks right past him as if she don't know him? I mean she needs this guy, but she still don't know his face the third time she meets him?
D. You need this person badly. All of a sudden he is right in front of your face, but let him leave the resturant without saying anything? I mean, as soon as I would have saw him, I would have been jumping to sign him.

There are a few more things wrong with episode one, like the whole falling in the water thing and the wedding, but anyway on to episode two.

Posted: Sep 14th, '09, 23:42
by Baruch Menachem
Is this streaming anywhere?

Posted: Sep 16th, '09, 14:30
by amktsy
disappointing drama for me.
but i will still continue watching it...

Posted: Oct 2nd, '09, 08:02
by namilussah
I Love this drama.. :cheers:

this drama is one of those dramas that starts really confusingly. but latter on it turns out to be a really good and intense drama.. if anyone of you guys watched the drama "Green Rose".. its something like that drama..

Before i would have recommended this drama to yunho's fans.. but now i recommend it to everybody.. this drama is not only about sports.. it has another humanly side of it.. :cry:

i just reached episode 7 and yunho is soo hot and his acting is 180 degrees improved from the beginning of the drama :wub: .. i must tell you i was upset in the beginning because of his awkward acting. but it turned out to be temporary only.. i don't want to blew it for you.. you guys just have to watch this drama... :thumright:

I'll leave you now with some picies :salut:

Posted: Oct 23rd, '09, 03:13
by Baruch Menachem
I have heard this is not doing well. I actually like it a lot. A very good villain in the lawyer. He gets sleazier every episode. I would think after his omai went so badly, he would give it a break. But he just keeps digging a deeper hole for himself.

I do think she should go to her father and tell him just what kind of scum ball he has for a lawyer. He needs to know

Posted: Oct 29th, '09, 14:09
by tini
i luv this drama... and i don't understand why it has low rating in korea....
no offense, but this is a way lot better than 'boys over flowers'...
i was really hooked to this series, 'httg', d 1st time i watched it...

Posted: Jun 22nd, '10, 10:10
by Shichikou

I'm a very picky person when it comes to drama! but I am Hooked on after the first Episode! I started watching this with the mind set that it's gonna be bad (due to viewer's comment and wiki low raiting) Despise to that. I decided to watch it for Yunho-Oppa~

His acting IS kinda awkward in the first episode. but after that. He's totally into it. I"ve been watching 10 episodes non stop All day today! Can't get enough of it! <3

I don't even like Soccer! LOL. And he made me Cheer when he goal! BLAH! YUNHO! You're too awesome!!!

anyways. To those who are holding out on it. Give it a shot! :cheers:

P.S: I Totally agree with comment above! This is WAYYYY better than Boys over flower! I'm sorry but I couldn't even finish the first episode of Boys over flower. No offense. Their acting in there is like. worse than This drama in my personal opinion. :roll

Posted: Jun 22nd, '10, 14:08
by The Chaos
I love this Drama and Yunho acting in it ...he is so awesome :wub:
the story was great to me from the start ...I'm not fan of watching sports in real life and I couldn't help it I started to cheer for him in each game XD

hope Yunho have another drama :heart:

Posted: Jun 22nd, '10, 16:49
by Shichikou
HAhahah.. Same here~ I don't like any sport and i freaking cheer like a fan girl~ GOALLL!~~~~~!!! ahhah you'll never see me do that in real life. XD

btw Chaos. I LOVE YOUR AVI! HAHHAHAHA.. He's so darn Cute and awesome. That scene is hilarious!

Posted: Jun 22nd, '10, 16:59
by The Chaos
hehe Thanks I loved that moment in Coffee house I had to make it in avatar XD

Posted: Jun 22nd, '10, 17:02
by Shichikou
HAhah.. i saved it. I hope you don't mind. AHahhahaha

back on topic though. Man. After the first episode, Yunho seems to got a little more comfortable and less "nervous" i might say? his acting gets better and better as it goes. i was actually quite impressed at much later episodes. after the character got over his childish play.

HAHAha.. that little scene cracks me up. XD i thought it was cute.
(to those who didn't see it yet and wondering wtf. Ahaha.. he's yelling at the girls behind him because they were fangirling by just seeing yunho, and show them how to cheer) LOL

Posted: Jun 22nd, '10, 17:40
by The Chaos
lol..its o.k with me :p

yeah I agree in the first ep he wasn't that good be he sure learn fast :D
I liked his acting better in Banjun Drama maybe because the rest of the band was with him ^__^;;;

I need to re watch the drama soon ^__^

Posted: Jun 22nd, '10, 17:55
by Shichikou
OHH man!!! I LOVE Banjun Drama! HAhahahah.. He's so FUnny in it! LMAO i think i love the one with him and Hero best. XD Have you seen the NG for it? LMAO! Hero kept cracking up at that "look me in the eye" moment! Hhhahaha..

Yunho asked him why he kept laughing and he goes: " When I look into your eyes, i see myself" HAhahhaha

Posted: Jun 22nd, '10, 18:12
by The Chaos
Dangerous Love ep was the best .. Yunho was natural I almost believed he was gay XD
he acted more than his friends in Banjun Drama and I have to see his ep from Vacation drama soon ^__^

Posted: Jun 22nd, '10, 18:24
by Shichikou
OOhhhh.. Vacation was good.. well. It's short. but it was Cute. His story was pretty pretty serious some what. i'm thinking it somehow relate to This drama role. but hey. I'm just speaking out of thin air. Lol

Posted: Jun 22nd, '10, 18:45
by The Chaos
he fit more in comedy roles since I'm big fan of him I'm sure I'll love it :D

Posted: Jun 22nd, '10, 19:19
by Ethlenn
I will be hated again, but I couldn't watch more than one episode. I watched the last one to check if anything improved, but...
It's not like I don't like sports, everything was not right in this drama.

And, The Chaos, JJH is the best, nenene :P

Posted: Jun 22nd, '10, 19:36
by The Chaos
E-chan..don't judge it from the first or the last ep just try watching it again :D

no no ..I see more fangirling about Yunho than JJH ..I'm not saying JJH is bad actor he did great job in Gonng but still I see Yunho better :heart:

Posted: Jun 22nd, '10, 20:03
by Shichikou
OMG! SO I just finished episode 11!!!! KYEAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

GOALLLLLLLLL!!!! XD @%&!^%*&@%!!!!

SOO GOOD! Yunho is UPPER seksi when he went to try on Suits! HAHAHAHHA
I have this soft spot for men in suits.. Ahhahahahha <3333 so that scene is LOVEEEE!!!!
and with this ADORABLE SMILE of HIS! GAWD!
I love how Any of DBSK members look good in ANYTHING!

Posted: Jun 22nd, '10, 20:12
by The Chaos
I'm so close to open the eps file and watch it again but I have a lot of mangas to read >__<
yunho with the hair cut and the suit look hot :wub:

Posted: Jun 22nd, '10, 20:23
by Shichikou
Mmmmm~ Yunho~ Seksi~ ahhahahahhaha... he's calling for you!!!!

Posted: Jun 24th, '10, 01:42
by Shichikou
OKAY! I officially Finished this DRAMA! I LIKE IT! First episode is kinda ehhhh! But After that. Things starts to pick up! Great story line! ^_^ acting gets better as it goes.

Posted: Jun 30th, '11, 06:56
by Sajen16
I watched the first two episodes but I have to stop here mostly because Lee Sang Yoon to me in this role looks almost identical to Joo Sang Wook and Joo Sang Wook 's role in That Fool caused me to despise him instantly on sight