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Posted: May 10th, '10, 21:32
by Mugatu
binbou danshi, such a stupid character! couldnt see more than 1 ep

Gokusen 2, i was like WTF? the same thing all over again?

Kami no shizuku, cool idea and i liked it at first but it got out of hand. maybe it's just me not getting how good those wines must taste..

Posted: May 10th, '10, 21:38
by Ethlenn
Anything on K-dramas?

Posted: May 10th, '10, 22:18
by kusaina
Call center no koibito here it goes a drama , i still don't know why i finished it ...after the last episode, i suddenly asked myself , why , why did I watched it

kimi hanin ja nai

hachi one diver

Posted: Jul 23rd, '10, 20:45
by Sham26
I ll say : The world they live in ( worlds within) Ive starte watching it cause of Hyun Bin , WTF ! I ve stopped at ep 4 ! Didnt like the story sorryyyyy :cry:

Posted: Jul 24th, '10, 08:46
by Viande
Let's Go to School, Sang-doo - I just didn't like one of the main characters, somehow she annoyed me... (or actor Gong Hyo Jin itself) Also the first episodes were so boring that I fell asleep while watching.... (well ok, I was sleepy then :P )
Boys Before Flowers - Again annoying female lead.. and the boys were not that interesting either. Acting was like watching theater... Actually I didn't find any reasons to continue. Probably only series I have dropped after first episode.
Fantasy Couple - Again... so annoying female lead / character... and the guys looked so old :roll I didn't even like the plot that much, felt like "oh I have to watch 16 episodes of this??" But I will probably finish it at some point as my friend liked the series.
Witch Amusement - Suprise, annoying female lead! Or actually rather wrong one, I don't think Han Ga In fits to this character's profile, she's just looks too young and kind. :| But I will probably again finish this in near future because my friend liked this series. (and Kim Jeong Hoon)

Now that I listed them, I think I have problem with annoying female characters (or actors). :blink

Posted: Jul 26th, '10, 21:50
by spiral_flare
HAHAHAHAHAH some of you guys are really funny. I'm glad there's a thread like this. Here I go:

Coffee Prince - yes I KNOW it's one of the most popular dramas....I got up to episode 12 and then just started to get frustrated over the main characters. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Yoon Eun Hye, but for some reason, her character started becoming annoying and same with the main guy's character. It just got so annoying....and I only had 4 more episodes to go but I just couldn't do it.

Gokusen 2 - I started comparing it to the first season, and it just wasn't as good. Guess that's partly my fault.

Creating Destiny - It started out really good, but the 2 main leads got together halfway through the drama, and then there was nothing left but BOREDOM and DRAGGINESS. I got up to episode 28, so I only had 3 more to go but I JUST COULDN'T TAKE IT, I felt like yanking my hair out. In my opinion, dramas should end with the couple getting know, in the second to last or last episode. If they get together in the middle of the least have something to make it interesting instead of them hugging every episode after that. It got so boring and made me annoyed at the main leads. And I love Eugene, but she started to get annoying.

Let's Go to School, Sang-doo - watched an episode.....mehh

Hot Shot - what the hell is this? 5 minutes into it and some stupid **** started happening outta nowhere. I'm like WTF?

Sweet 18 - was recommended by a friend, I got halfway through (episode eight) and it's not that it was boring....I can't really put my finger on it, but I know that it has something to do with the main guy. Something about him that bothers me.

My Fair Lady - I liked the main guy at the beginning, but then I started to dislike him and stopped watching by episode 10.

Goong - first time, I got up to the 19th episode and it got so draggy that I'm like "I quit". A year later, I rewatch the whole thing and I DID finish it and it became one of my most favorite dramas. Though it was still HELL going through those draggy episodes.

Delightful Girl Choon Hyang - I started watching this 2 months ago and I actually LOVE it, not boring at all and I love the main guy...LOVE HIM. But for some reason I just stopped watching, I'm still planning on finishing it one of these days. I hope I get to it.

Hana Kimi TAIWANESE VS. - I don't know.....I don't really like Ella.

They Kiss Again - I watched until episode 6 I think...does it get any better? I might start again, since the first season is one of my most favorites. Plus, I love Jiro Wang <33

Proposal Daisakusen - I love Yamapi and all but I barely even finished the first episode. BOOOOO-RIIIIIIIIINNGG

Why Why Love - I loved the cast, since I'm a huge fan of Devil Beside You but I stopped before the last 2 episodes because everything was pretty much resolved, but they added a very stupid thing to make it dramatic all over again when everything was pretty much resolved. It was just stupid so I didn't bother with it. They just needed to fill in the last 2 episodes with something and what they thought of was so stupid. So I'm like "screw this". I pretty much know how it ends anyway.


Boys Before Flowers - Jandi's faces and expressions started annoying the **** out of me, but I finished it and got used to her. Still don't like her though, but I loved the drama overall. I didn't even mind the draggy parts, I actually liked them.

You Are Beautiful - again, the main girl....Go Mi Nam or whatever....UGHHHH I HATED her expressions....sooooooooooooo ANNOYING, especially the way she would make her chin look. So ugly and irritating. But I loved all the other characters and it was very funny and entertaining. I just hated the main girl so much that I actually started to like the villain played by UEE.

My Name is Kim Sam Soon - again, I don't know what it is with me and hating the main girl.....but she started to get on my last nerve. I only finished it because Hyun Bin is so gorgeous, seeing his beautiful face helped me get through with it.

Posted: Jul 27th, '10, 08:38
by jubies33
Bad love- This was one of the first k-dramas I watched and I quite liked it at first...then it seemed repetitive, the characters kept saying the same things over and over and way too dramatic. It was worse than American soap operas. I kind of want to know how it ends but not enough to back and finish it. Its a shame too because Kwon Sang Woo is gorgeous and since watching full house i really think Kim Sung Soo is attractive(I didn't like his character in this drama though).

Autumn tale- seemed slow, boring and draggy to me

Cinderella's sister- I really don't understand why everyone likes this. I really like the two lead actors in other dramas but I just got tired of them not having any relationship development. It seemed like obstacle after obstacle and I got annoyed by the stubbornness of the main girl. I really liked all the characters at first but it just got old to me after a while.

don't ask me about the past- I was actually really enjoying this one but I couldn't find the rest of it anywhere. I was really sad.

Only you- didn't care for the lead actress. I find her annoying. The show got boring too.

3 dads 1 mom- boring

why did you come to my house?- I really wanted to finish this but the subs were horrible

witch yoo hee- It just seemed to drag for me

wonderful life- i liked it at first but it got boring after a while

shows i wish I hadn't finished-

She is nineteen- I actually really like this one. I just thought the ending fell flat. It was so disappointing since I really enjoyed the rest of it.

Dal Ja's Spring- I think Chae Rim is a great actress and Lee Min Kee is so cute. I really wanted to like this one but I just found it boring. There were good parts but...meh and the ending sucked for me.

Loving you- I really liked the main characters but I hate hate hated the villain so much that I wanted get violent. I also hated the ending. the two leads had gone through so much together and for what? it was just beyond stupid

Soulmate- I really like this drama I just didn't like the ending. I guess i am just the type that doesn't like open ended endings in a romantic comedy. It was supposed to get a second season though .....

Posted: Sep 8th, '11, 22:36
by Biozombie
Princess Hours - Just could not get into it.
Sign - Please please please, someone drop a nuclear bomb on Park Shin Yang. I would rather stick my dick in a blender than attempt to watch a drama that he is in again. Reason = It doesn't last as long and is less painful.

Posted: Sep 9th, '11, 08:58
by Silverman
Come Back Soon-Ae - I just couldn't finish this one. I really like fantasy-romcoms, but this one was draggy and the maincast unappealing.

Mary Stayed Out All Night- I tried it...twice. Every time i stopped at episode 8. I don't know why. I like the cast, i like the story....but i cant finish this one.

Why did you come to our house?- i thought i could manage the horrible subs, but after episode 4 i couldnt take it anymore.

Coffee House - Dropped it after episode ~12. The reason is, that i didn't like how the couples were paired. The first leads ended with second leads, who were just a few minutes to see in this drama (especially the second male lead was only seen in about ~10 scenes). It just doesn't feel right.

I wish i had dropped:
49 days - I watched all 20 episodes, but i wish i hadn't. I wish i knew just the first 18 episodes and the half of episode 19. I hate the ending sooo much. If i could travel in time, i would kill Hitler, stop myself from meeting my second gf...and stop the writers of 49 days from writing the last 2 spisodes this way.

Posted: Sep 9th, '11, 09:45
by Ethlenn
Secret Garden - waste of time, dropped around ep 12.
City Hunter - "I can't be with you, it's too dangerous".
MMM - I didn't actually drop that as I managed to go through first episode of this apocalyptic crap.
The Duo - lousy story and miscasts.
Spy Myung Wol - damn, that was bad.
Lie To Me - "How to mess up with good cast".

Those are the most recent ones. :whistling:

Posted: Sep 9th, '11, 19:40
by arakira
OMG where to start?? Where to end?? Guess naming the few I managed to finish last year would be quicker...

49 Days...plastic dolls shouldn't try to act and some writers should be limited to webtoons...
City Hunter...hey, repetition DOES NOT create suspense or tension.
Midas Nice setting, good actors, but flat, cliched characters I couldn't 'feel'
Baby Faced Beauty...meh nothing good to say about it at all...the only thing I dropped quicker was MMM
Sign see the poster above...though I wouldn't go so far as to maim myself...
Miss Ripley Not even for Yucheon...well if I was a guy I might have watched it for a pair of legs...
Lie to Me should have ended after like 6 eps. Meh
Fugitive... plot?
Myeong did they manage to f*** up such a light and funny story with perfect chemistry between the leads?

Posted: Sep 9th, '11, 20:03
by Silverman
arakira wrote: Myeong did they manage to f*** up such a light and funny story with perfect chemistry between the leads?
They fd up, because they changed the writers.At least I think so. I loved the first half, the second half was still good, but nowhere near the first least imo.

MMM? Marry me Mary?

Posted: Sep 9th, '11, 20:13
by arakira
Hmm...well changing writers mostly does the messing up...but it made me really angry for this drama cause I wanted some light comedy and it was just right until the big fuss about the female lead started...

Yeah Marry me Mary...I'm at a loss of words for it

Posted: Sep 9th, '11, 23:22
by Viande
I loved 49 Days' ending, it was meaningful and I thought it was a happy one. For me it was defiently one of the best endings I've seen in dramas. But I love melodramas. 8)

More dramas I couldn't finish:

Love Story in Harvard - Not interesting at all and looked too old.
Fugitive - Action, reason enough for me to drop this one.
City Hunter - Illogical plot, very uninteresting political plotting and action. Very far from what I like to watch.
Miss Ripley - Plot wasn't that interesting afterall and the female lead was annoying.
1% of Anything - Dragging from ep 1 to ep 13, where I just decided not to bother anymore. There would have been 13 more episodes... >.<

But I have finished some really bad dramas... I think these I listed were just not interesting enough when there were some more interesting ones around.

Posted: Sep 9th, '11, 23:34
by saranghaepperu
Even though it breaks my heart, I couldn't finish Dream High. I accidentally found out that I wouldn't get my happy ending(coupling).... Now I can't seem to bring myself watching episode 12. It's not that I don't want to, it's just that I completely lost my Dream High spirit...

Posted: Sep 9th, '11, 23:38
by Ethlenn
Oh, that puts me in the minority that finished AND enjoyed Ripley (except for the ending and LDH throughout the entire drama). :whistling:

Posted: Sep 9th, '11, 23:54
by Viande
I guess I have to retake it to my watch list at some point. It wasn't that bad but some more interesting stuff (like Lie to Me and I Need Romance) came up so I ended up dropping it.

Posted: Sep 10th, '11, 00:03
by Issy
recent dropped ones
Midas as Ara-chan said, could not connect to characters emotionally
Royal Family
I hate it when they try to show the lead female an angel that does no wrong no matter what, too innocent but she did not look it.
New Tale of Gisange
same reasons as above. could not stand the main couple. specially the lead guy who could not act at all. the girl? I just wanted to slap her all the time. it started OK and I liked it at first though.
I loved this family drama alot but it half way through, it totally changed direction and became so repetitive and draggy.
Fantacy Couple
I had to do lot and lots of fast forwarding because I could not stand HYS. who made her an actress, I don't know. but I had to see OJH in there.
very boring from the 1st ep
:scratch: I'm sure there is more. :mrgreen:

Posted: Sep 10th, '11, 08:47
by arakira
Hmm I keep hearing 49 days ending is good. Maybe I should just watch the last ep. I dropped it like after 12 eps or so...

Yeah Issy, I agree about Fantasy Couple, I was gonna watch it for OJH but just couldn't bear the lady.

About Ripley, had dropped it after 2 eps but since Ecchan liked it a lot I gave it another chance but still dropped it after like ep 5...guess one needs patience to enjoy it - or a huge bias for a certain promising young actor... :mrgreen:

Posted: Sep 10th, '11, 09:38
by Ethlenn
arakira wrote:guess one needs patience to enjoy it - or a huge bias for a certain promising young actor... :mrgreen:
I have both. :wub:
But LDH part was really, really hard.

Posted: Sep 10th, '11, 15:43
by Biozombie
Issy wrote:I could not stand HYS. who made her an actress
I've no idea but I'm eternally grateful to them as she is fooking banging.

Posted: Sep 10th, '11, 18:50
by riki_kun
Biozombie wrote:
Issy wrote:I could not stand HYS. who made her an actress
I've no idea but I'm eternally grateful to them as she is fooking banging.
Lol i agree mate! :D plus i liked her in WISFC.

Posted: Sep 10th, '11, 20:33
by Silverman
I like HYS, but I think she is fitting for just a certain roles. For me her voice sounds in a few dramas...i dont know how to describe this...out of character. But as for Couple of fantasy, i think, that she fits the role perfect.

Posted: Sep 10th, '11, 23:59
by Issy
I guess male d-addicts have to disagree with my point of view for obvious reasons. :whistling:

sorry, no offence was intended :mrgreen:

Posted: Sep 11th, '11, 11:11
by Silverman
Well perhaps^^. Its the same with Yoochun. I can't understand why everyone likes him, but almost all of the female users like him^^. I whink he looks way to average, to have a lot of women drool over him. But perhaps its just because i'm not female, tht i cant see his appeal.

Posted: Sep 11th, '11, 11:18
by shuzzack
recently Lie to me and City Hunter

Posted: Sep 11th, '11, 20:03
by Silverman
Which of the recent dramas was not a complete letdown? I mean I loved City Hunter, 49 days, and Spy Myung Wol. They all started out strong, but the last few episodes were compared to the first, well, not so great. Greatest Love and Lie to me are(for me) the exception. They were worth to watch from the beginning to the end, even if they had their ups and downs.

Posted: Sep 11th, '11, 20:55
by shiofmedea
I do not know why but recently I went droping almost everything from new ones. And what I ended it was not for plot but becouse of being biased :P
But to be serious
Lie to me - out
.. Spy -out
Scent of woman - out
I do not even count those I stoped watching after 2-3 episodes on fast forward

I still do not started Warrior.. (and have hope for it) and watch Protect the boss (biased! what can I say JYJ rules!)
In fact I only ended City Hunter (with a bit of fast forward but still) and it was for action part and Heartstrings (more fast forward but I like CN Blue)

Do I watch drama for my music interest... :scratch: But still older do not have them so maybe it's just phase.. or string of bed dramas :unsure:

Ah no Royal Familly - I feel better- no singer there and finished it

Posted: Sep 11th, '11, 22:59
by riki_kun
shuzzack wrote:recently Lie to me and City Hunter
I agree with "Lie To Me" i stopped watching it after 6 episodes and it's unlikely that i will resume watching it , but "City Hunter" was the best Kdrama of 2011 so far in my opinion.

Posted: Sep 11th, '11, 23:32
by shiofmedea
Its the same with Yoochun. I can't understand why everyone likes him, but almost all of the female users like him^^. I whink he looks way to average, to have a lot of women drool over him
becouse it's not about looks only (I agree with your comment), he just have this "sweet, nice guy" air which drives girls to him. And nice smile.
And he is promising actor hence my "biased" finished dramas :lol

Posted: Sep 12th, '11, 22:49
by Jav_sol
As it turns out, any show with Kang Ji Hwan I have not finished. I would say he annoys me, but I've managed to finish seeing his movies. :scratch:

Posted: Sep 14th, '11, 09:57
by arakira
Jav_sol wrote:As it turns out, any show with Kang Ji Hwan I have not finished. I would say he annoys me, but I've managed to finish seeing his movies. :scratch:
Hmm now that you mention it, it's the same for me, haven't finished any of his drama - though he didn't annoy me, the writers did.

Posted: Sep 29th, '11, 16:06
by iluvasiandrama
Looks like I won't be able to finish The Princess' Man. I feel sorry for the princess because what has happened to her is so unfair. She is in so much pain and hurting I just hope she will get some justice. I might come back to this one another time.

Posted: Sep 29th, '11, 16:24
by vasou
Omg how can you NOT finish Capital Scandal (with KJH). ? This drama is amazing! Anyway, I could NOT finish Playfull kiss coz the main lead has NO expression.sorry for the fans but he is the worst actor out there! I thought I could handle it but .. NO! Also I couldn't finish In-soon is pretty. Don't know why.
Hm, it seems that I won't finish PTB as well. I just lose all interest in the last episodes. There are a couple more I ll edit and post them!

Posted: Sep 29th, '11, 18:21
by Neliets
Oh so many!

The Greatest Love, Try Lying to Me, <I>, I don't even remember all of them :D

Posted: Oct 22nd, '11, 00:04
by iluvasiandrama
I have to add Baby Faced Beauty to the list. I haven't had the desire to watch it lately. Maybe I will catch up on it during the holidays. I haven't been able to finish City Hunter, hopefully I will get to it.

Posted: Oct 22nd, '11, 16:15
by bloodbath-angel
Goong - I watched at least 35-40 mins. of the first episode, but I just couldn't bring myself to finish it.
Myung Wol the Spy - Finished the first episode but i didn't find it interesting. I might watch it again when i have the time.

Posted: Oct 29th, '11, 12:43
by SpankThatAss
Yi San. After 38 episodes I just gave up, it's too slow and the acting is too bland.

Posted: Nov 2nd, '11, 16:57
by ferngully
Somehow I couldn't finish Protect the Boss. I stopped at the middle of episode 14 and I've put off watching the rest of the episodes for the longest time.

I've loved the first 13 episodes but I found the angst caused by "new" plot device unnecessary. It was just dragging the story and I know it will drag on until the last episode due to some reviews I've scanned. I've been thinking of just skipping the rest and watch the latter part of the last episode.

Posted: Nov 2nd, '11, 18:54
by SpankThatAss
I stopped watching protect the boss after the first episode too. I felt like it was going to be an average drama, maybe I'll go back and watch it if I ever feel like I've got nothing else to watch.

Posted: Nov 15th, '11, 18:23
by bluchan
I couldn't finish...

- Mary Stayed Out All Night
- Best Love
- Romance Town
- 1% of Anything
- Heartstrings
- Creating Destiny
- Successful Story of a Bright Girl

Posted: Nov 18th, '11, 05:36
by knotcross
Secret Investigation Record and Pink Lipstick were the worst. I started Secret Investigation Record but the crazy camera work and the jumpiness of it made me ill. The story may have been good but I'll never know. A Man Called God had jumpy camera work too. Pink Lipstick I admit I watched the whole thing but I was disgusted with the shoddy acting buy some of the industries better actors. I kept muttering kill me now just get it over with. lol Maybe there are some cultural subtleties I'm missing but Pink Lipstick was not well done.

Posted: Nov 21st, '11, 01:44
by wmcnair370
Anything with Rain!

Posted: Nov 21st, '11, 10:53
by Silverman
I don't get why so many people drop a drama, even if they didn't finish the first episode. its ok to drop a drama after a few episodes, but not after half an episode. The reason is, that very few dramas are interesting from the first episode on. Simply because the first 1-2 episodes are there, to establish the characters and their situation, so the "real" drama begins after this introtuctionpart. For example: 49days is overall a very good drama, but the first episode till the part where she dies is sooooo boring. The dramas, which are awesome from the first minute on are so rare...especially in the dramas, which are about politics. So people please don't drop dramas after one episode or at least don't say you dropped it, because how can you drop something, before the drama begins. Its the same as never have watched it at all.

Posted: Nov 21st, '11, 16:18
by zzyzx
I hear you Silverman. IMO, because there are so many dramas out there to watch, viewers can drop dramas at a frantic pace without the fear of not having anything else to watch. Personally, I watch one drama at a time and once I start a drama series I finish it, good or bad. Most of the time the drama takes a few episodes to get really good, anyway. In addition, I like to rate the dramas once I finish them. How can I do that if I don't watch it til the end?

And what is meant by "dropping" a drama anyway? Is it that you stopped watching it and there is no way in **** that you will ever come back to that drama again? Or is it that you stopped it with the intention of returning to it at a later time, thus "dropping" it to the bottom of the list? lol

Give a drama a chance to get good. lol

Posted: Nov 21st, '11, 19:33
by JaJe
I agree with Silverman and zzyzx!
I have never dropped a drama, even though at times I feel like killing all the characters or I end up yelling at the scriptwriters, producers and all the other people involved. The reason why I haven´t dropped anything is that I have that little hope inside me that MAYBE the drama will get better. Sometimes I have to suffer for 9 episodes just to get to see the last amazing 7 ones (been there seen that). There have been times when I feel like wanting to drop something, but I´m too curious of how the drama will end. At least when I´ve seen it to the end then I can go bashing about HOW boring and annoying it was. I think it´s stupid to do the bashing when you haven´t seen the end of a drama. Yeah usually I watch bad ones till the end just for the bashing part :P

BTW: Dropping and putting something on hold are not the same thing! Dropping means that you decide to stop watching something without finishing it. When you decide to stop watching something with the thought of "Maybe I´ll watch it sometime in the future", then it´s putting on hold (I´ve have "I am Sam" on hold from this years February :whistling: ), but I know I will watch it till the end one day.

Posted: Nov 21st, '11, 20:07
by Silverman
I mean it's ok to drop a drama, but just after a few episodes. I mean not everybody has the time and endurance to watch a boring drama.But you cant drop a drama after half an episode. Its the same as to say: "I smelled a certain dish and didn't like the smell, so i threw it away." At this point you can't tell somebody how the dish tasted, because you didn't eat it at all and just smelled it. And if anybody asks if you tasted this dish, you can't say "yes".

Posted: Nov 21st, '11, 21:12
by arakira
About dropping, I usually give a drama 2-3 eps to see whether it fits my taste if I don't get any feel from it or if I find the actors/cinematography/music/etc annoying I stop. There are also drama I just lose interest in later on. Some I even watched for like 20 eps and then decided I couldn't be bothered to waste my time on it anymore. I mean why should I spend hours and hours on something that's no fun or leaving me in a bad mood??

And then, after watching dozens (100s if jdrama are included) of drama I sometimes know after half an ep that it's not worth it (for me!) since I know drama and my taste. Those are the rare cases that I stop watching almost immediately. Sometimes I go back and try again if I hear good opinions about it or if I like certain actors etc...but I never found a drama I really really disliked from the start to be worth watching on a second try. There are those I put on hold after 3-5 eps which were little gems once I came back in the right mood though =) Like Ojakgyo, Life is Beautiful or That Fool...

Posted: Nov 22nd, '11, 02:09
by wmcnair370
I want to like the characters, and or be interested in the story in the first episode. If not then I may or may not drop it, but if I see that there is some hope of that happening I will usually watch one or two episodes. If I haven't been hooked by three then I am dropping it, unless it is a a long show. Those I will give more time too.

But if I don't care about happens to the characters then why should I waste my time on the drama?

Posted: Nov 23rd, '11, 18:09
by Ethlenn
wmcnair370 wrote:
But if I don't care about happens to the characters then why should I waste my time on the drama?
I'm usually first-episode viewer. i do know kdramas start slow, but if I see the potential in it, I will continue even if 99% of people around say it's a crap. Because I couldn't care less about opinions of others.
However, when I cease to care about the characters, I just drop it. I don't do reviews of dramas I didn't finish, and I don't judge the whole drama, I judge the part I watched before it bored the living guts out of me.
I dropped Secret Garden and City Hunter. Both with hordes of followers. So what? Those just bored me. I finished Style, because I liked THE Kim Hyesu although it was boring.

There is no rule in that. We drop dramas just like that. it either clicks or not. But I see no use in sacrificing my time for something that lost any meaning for me.

Posted: Nov 24th, '11, 18:07
by Issy
Yes. as E-chan says, there is no rules to it. I too am 1st ep viewer. if it grabbed me, I continue if did not, I am sure I am not going to be impressed by next ep. but of course, there are always exceptions. Flower Boy Ramyon Shop which I really was looking forward to watch, bored me to death by its 1st ep but I saw the potential there and did not drop and now I am liking it. WBDS (or IBDS to be precise) I loved from very 1st ep and tolerated lost of crap storyline because I still saw the potential and was still hopeful. but I dropped it at its last ep.
one thing I can't do is keep watching a drama when I think it's nothing special with hopes of getting better later on.

Posted: Nov 25th, '11, 02:05
by Silverman
The point is not, that you have to watch a drama, which you don't like. The point is, that if you watched just one or a half episode, then it doesn't qualify as "watched and dropped". So its pointless to write in this thread, that you watched and dropped a certain drama. Hell if i would write down all the dramas, where i just jumped through an episode to see if i like the characters,setting etc., then this would fill 15 pages. But i can not say i dropped/disliked/whatever a drama, where i skipped through an episode: at this point I can just say: "I haven't watched it". I mean every time i'm looking for a drama to watch i pick 3-5 dramas and skip through the first episode before i decide to watch it and i'm sure this method is used by the most users here. Well, its just sampling, but not watching and dropping.
Yea i know its nitpicking (well perhaps its an occupational hazard) and a matter of a definition, which you can not generalize, since there is no official definition where dropping of a drama begins and sampling ends. But you have to admit, that if every dramawatcher writes down dramas, which he/she watched just for a few minutes, then it would fill 100 pages and it would be a pointless thread. Because at the point of sampling you can not point out why you dropped the drama, except such reasons as "it has a slow start or the characters are unappealing". If you drop a drama after a few episodes, then you can say such things as "the characterdevelopment is bad, the story is boring, etc.". And girls and boys, the threadname is "Dramas you just couldn't finish" and not "Dramas you just couldn't begin".
And please don't misunderstand here, im not trying to press my personal opinion and to say, that everybody has to see the things like i do. I know, that when i'm writing something, that it sounds, like i want that everybody agrees with me. Its not my intention...its just my poststyle.

Posted: Nov 25th, '11, 18:24
by wmcnair370
Wat is the point of watching a drama that you dislike? I agree that one episode is not enough, but by episode four if you do not care about the characters, then it probably is not going to change. After suffering though Secret Garden I will never finish a drama where I just couldn't care less about what happens to the characters. If I could talk to the scriptwriter and producer I would tell them to give me my time back. Your drama sucked! I will never do that again, and if you can't me an interesting story in the first quarter of the series, then you are getting dropped. A quarter is not too much, or too little to hook me.

Posted: Nov 25th, '11, 20:33
by Silverman
But you cant's say that drama X is bad because you don't like it. F.e. i love SG and it is one of very few dramas i rewatched. And im not a follower of trends, since i picked it randomly and loved it, before i read even one comment about it. On the other hand other hyped dramas like Xfiles, Autumn Concerto(TW), Princess Man, MMM i didn't like.

Posted: Nov 25th, '11, 21:58
by wmcnair370
Silverman wrote:But you cant's say that drama X is bad because you don't like it. F.e. i love SG and it is one of very few dramas i rewatched. And im not a follower of trends, since i picked it randomly and loved it, before i read even one comment about it. On the other hand other hyped dramas like Xfiles, Autumn Concerto(TW), Princess Man, MMM i didn't like.
Sure I can. Are you the one that determines what is good? Are you the Roger Ebert of drama's? You are the master of your opinion, but what you say only applies to you, it doesn't to me, or anyone else. Just because you like SG. doesn't mean everyone else should, or does. If I don't than shouldn't I be able to say it, and you are free to tell me why I am wrong. You may convince to to give a drama another try, but you may not. In the end I am the person who decides what I do or do not like, and I shouldn't have to waste my time finishing a drama where I couldn't care less about the characters in it, but I should be free to say why it is bad.

Posted: Nov 25th, '11, 23:01
by Silverman
lol what you are saying is pure hypocrisy. I said that i like SG and don't like the other dramas i listed, but i didn't say even with one word, if they are good or bad. The main point of my previous post was not that secret garden is good or bad and you should watch it. The main point was, that if you don't like a drama, doesn't make a drama bad, since its just you personal opinion. But you say that you can determine, if a drama is good or bad, which makes you an Ebert & Siskel-wannabe.

Posted: Nov 25th, '11, 23:07
by arakira
Silverman wrote:But you cant's say that drama X is bad because you don't like it. F.e. i love SG and it is one of very few dramas i rewatched. And im not a follower of trends, since i picked it randomly and loved it, before i read even one comment about it. On the other hand other hyped dramas like Xfiles, Autumn Concerto(TW), Princess Man, MMM i didn't like.
Why not? Good or bad is always about subjective opinions - so if I say a drama is bad ofc it is my opinion and I believe I can voice whatever opinion i got about any drama here...that's why d-a is a nice place to hang out.

Keke and about SG I totally agree with the poster above...I wish I hadn't finished it. The last 4-6 eps were like torture and wmcnair370 if you wrote that letter I'd give you my signature, too. But silverman I'm not telling you that you gotta agree with me on that. A lot of people like it and that's fine. But why get angry at other people who dislike stuff? I mean this thread is all about telling others which drama we disliked, right?

Posted: Nov 25th, '11, 23:13
by wmcnair370
Yes it does, it makes it bad for me, and it is likely bad for others. If one person has problem with the screenwriter of the PD, then likely others do to. Drama's can sink or swim on the acting but a drama with a bad script has no hope a being good.

Posted: Nov 25th, '11, 23:27
by Silverman
Nobody understands me :-(
Ok i try to explain my intention again. To say that you don't like a drama is not the same as to say a drama is bad. If you say that the drama is bad, and the director and writers of the certain drama don't know how to do their job, then you also say at the same time, that this is an objective opinion and not an subjective opinion. And i said i love SG, but not if the drama is good or bad (well it won a few awards(writing, director, OST) , so it can't be that bad on an objective level...but i don't want to discuss this point, since I'm not an expert and its not the point of what i wanted to say). And i don't try to force you to watch SG (or an another drama).
Example: I like blue. But it doesn't make this color good or bad, since its my personal preference and not a fact.

Posted: Nov 25th, '11, 23:34
by arakira
Haha I really dunno why you feel you gotta educate us on that matter here.

And I think there is a difference of not liking something for whatever reason and thinking something is bad. I can dislike something for personal reasons, like say I dislike drama A cause it's about sports and I don't like sports.

Thinking something is bad, like bad acting, bad script, bad music, bad cutting, bad camera or whatever is still a legitimate opinon and has nothing to do with absolute moral categories of good or bad. Like I can say the camera in drama B was bad cause it was shaky, rough and the cutting was also kinda off...

Posted: Nov 25th, '11, 23:54
by Silverman
arakira wrote:.

And I think there is a difference of not liking something for whatever reason and thinking something is bad. I can dislike something for personal reasons, like say I dislike drama A cause it's about sports and I don't like sports.

Thinking something is bad, like bad acting, bad script, bad music, bad cutting, bad camera or whatever is still a legitimate opinon and has nothing to do with absolute moral categories of good or bad. Like I can say the camera in drama B was bad cause it was shaky, rough and the cutting was also kinda off...
Thats exactly my point. The kernel of my post was about the same as yours. You say what i try to say, just in another words(well and in better english). Argh i'll take it as we have the same point but talk at cross purposes. My first post was a reaction at the post of wmcnair370, where i interpreted his post so, that if he thinks, that a drama is bad, that it has to be bad on an objective level. And i just wanted to say, that an subjective opinion doesn't make a fact.
If i misunderstood, then i apologize. At this point let us drop this. Since I started it, so i will also end it.

Posted: Nov 26th, '11, 00:47
by zzyzx
This dialogue just goes to show us how different all of us really are. Everybody has their own opinion and their own way of watching K-dramas. I personally watch 1 drama at a time and that is it. Out of the 20-30 I have seen, I have finished them all and not once do I recall myself not caring about any of the characters. But that is my personality and the way I watch movies/dramas in general. I get into them and I enjoy each and every one as much as I can. But, I do pick the ones I start very carefully. I tend to watch only the dramas that are recommended by this forum as well as other blogs. Thanks to all, I have not been disappointed yet.

BTW, I enjoyed Secret Garden tremendously. :mrgreen:

Posted: Nov 26th, '11, 04:35
by Silverman
Try to watch also dramas, which are not recommended by somebody. I for my part was surprised(in a good way) by dramas, which almost nobody knows or recommends. I haven't seen a lot recommendations of such dramas like Sweet Bun, Hello My Teacher, Pick the Stars, Powerful Opponents, Why Did you come to our House, 30k Miles in Search of My Son a.s.o., which are now a few of my favorite dramas.

Posted: Nov 28th, '11, 20:49
by jubies33
Pick the stars is one of my favorites although like you said it doesn't get talked about much. I haven't heard too much about the others you mentioned. I will have to check them out. I tend to go with the recommendations of people who seem to have the same taste as I do but I have been pleasantly surprised by trying something i hadn't heard of quite a few times. Once upon a time in saengchori is one of those. Call of the county is another( Ryu Jin is so good in this.)

I too have a hard time finishing any drama with Rain and KJH although I actually liked him in coffee house. I had to force myself to finish lie to me. There were parts i liked and i liked the actors which kept me watching,hoping it would get better but no. Also had to force my way through capital scandal. i know a lot of people liked it but i was bored and the humor seemed a little to slapstick for me. forced myself to finish full house with rain. i guess these dramas would go under the heading wish i hadn't finished them rather than couldn't finish them. :unsure: i did not finish plan b or a love to kill hmmm.....rather those would probably go in the couldn't start category since i could barely get through one episode. ones i really couldn't finish are my love by my side(20 episodes in and left with a bad taste in my mouth after each episode. I just didn't like any of the characters.
birdie buddy is another. dropped it after episode 14. acting was better than expected and main guy was :wub: but not enough to keep me interested. city hunter i liked at first but it got old pretty fast. only finished by skipping ahead see if the last episode ended like i had predicted. it did. nuff said.

Posted: Nov 28th, '11, 23:28
by Silverman
Fun fact is, that almost everybody loves KJH (well or thinks he is a good actor), but also almost everybody can't finish most of his dramas. I liked the first half of Lie to me, but the last 2-4 episodes i had to force myself to finish it. The only thing, which helped me to finish it was YEH (i'm a big fan, loved every movie/drama she was in...well except Lie to Me). All the others: Capital Scandal, Coffee House etc. were dropped. I just think he has bad luck with his projects. OK bad luck is to exaggerated, since most of them are relatively popular. The better term is, that most of his projects don't fit my taste.

Posted: Mar 9th, '12, 16:02
by luna_2078
Im new around here (hi guys, this is Sara from Mexico), and i would like to participate here as well!!! :)

To answer this question... umm... i LOVE LOVE LOVE Kdramas, so much that i havent watched any other drama (jdrama, tdrama... except for 1 litter of tears) cos i feel im "betraying" my beloved Kdramas haha crazy i know :P) but anyways,... of course there are some that i have hated!!!

I have the "bad habit" of finishing the dramas i start... if they are "that bad" i keep fastforwarding, but i do finish them... except for 1


Arggghhhhh have you seen it?.. if dont, dont do it.... so annoying, ... i know in korean culture, adults still do/obey what olders say, but this storyline was beyond limits... 2 older mature adult couple still struggling because the guy's family was keeping them apart... come on... they had a son for God sake, and still the "grandpa" keeping them apart, (just like one couple in Creating Destiny... but even in that one the problem wasnt as "huge" as in this drama) ... arghhh... really ridiculous... too much suffering, struggling... i know in some dramas thats the main "problem" that characters face, but for example in BBF... they were just students, it was "ok" that Gu Jun Pyo's mom (or whatever the spelling is) didnt like the girl, etc etc.. but in Only You, as ive said they were already grown old people to be facing the way they were that kind of a situation, and the worst part they kept dragging the problem, making it very very tiring for the viewers, argghh... thats the only drama i havent finished at all, and im not planning on finishing, its just terrible!!

Another one that i didnt like at all was Playfull kiss... i cant "believe" that a guy can really be "in love" with a stalker, stupid, retard, insecure girl... he was just asphyxiating him, she wasnt a "couple" to him, it wasnt a "healthy relationship", how can someone live like that?.... no way! that was also, beyond limits, very very annoying to watch! Plus... :P i dont think the girl was even pretty :S

Wonderful life... another one that i couldnt stand... the girl was so cute, i wont discuss that, i thought it was very intersting to `touch`` the subject of pregnancy before marriage, to see the way the `handle`that in korean culture, but somehow it lost the essence, too much fight between the main characters, they dragged the problem for so long,... the last episodes were kind of different, but... sorry, i couldnt enjoy it at all... it took me months to finish watching it...

Creating destiny.... i think Eugene is nice, but its the second drama i watch with her on it, that didnt captivate me at all... too long, too many things going on, the grown own couple with the daughter struggling to get back together, but couldnt do it,... i think i had a big expectation because of the title and the reviews about this one, but it seriously dissapointed me, not as much as the last 2 i talked about, but still didnt like it!!!

Wish upon a star... the second drama i watched... its an oldie :P i cant even remember very well the plot, i just thought (when watching it), the main lead (which is dead by now :( ) that wasnt `the perfect lead`for the role, i think it was a predictable story, and thats it... didnt like it!

Ohhhh and 49 days... I LOVED LOVED LOVED the drama, except for the very last chapter, it completely dissapointed me... such a great show, and such a BAD ending... wish they could make another ending for it, that fits that great of a drama...

Posted: Mar 10th, '12, 04:06
by MitsukaiKuroi2
The ones that I just could not get through were

Goong S - I was so excited to see this after falling in love with Goong AND because Se7en was cast... Biggest disappointment ever! I struggled to the fifth episode and had to preserve my brain cells by shutting it off.

Baker King, Kim Tak Goo - I hated this drama so much... I just felt that there were so many things happening that I could not justify. And I hate shows that "glorify" the sweet whore with a heart of gold crap... This one lost me quickly.

A Love to Kill - So many people loved this one and I absolutely hated it. Very slow and boring... Dropped it by the third episode.

What Happened in Bali - It started off interesting and lost me half way through... The back and forth, push/pull became tedious... When I found out the ending of the story later I was SO happy that I dropped it...

Posted: Apr 20th, '12, 20:54
by changmi1218

Posted: Apr 20th, '12, 21:24
by moadeep
Boys over flowers. Just could *not* finish it.

Posted: Apr 20th, '12, 21:34
by Ethlenn
Fashion King, sad to say but YAI annoys the hell out of me. He was cute in Antique, and overly mannerism-inflicted in SKKS. Here too.

Posted: Apr 20th, '12, 22:55
by Viande
Ethlenn, I only managed to watch the trailer and it was more than enough. And I liked him in both Antique and SKKS. :|

Posted: Apr 21st, '12, 00:41
by Sham26
Same as you Viande liked him in both, but I watched the first episode,sure that he overacts and the story is just meh and too irrealistic ! What I hate the most is that unnecessary "I liked you since I was a kid" thing!
Dropped Dummy Mom,well sure it's dummy !

Posted: May 18th, '12, 01:18
by changmi1218

Posted: May 18th, '12, 01:25
by Archaenon
Marry Me, Marry
It's flat out horrible, everything from the writing to the acting. I got about 5 episodes in and just deleted it from my computer.

Posted: May 18th, '12, 01:29
by moadeep
Archaenon wrote:Marry Me, Marry
It's flat out horrible, everything from the writing to the acting. I got about 5 episodes in and just deleted it from my computer.
You got through 5 episodes? Impressive! I couldn't finish the first.