My Woman [MBC, 2008]..

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My Woman [MBC, 2008]..

Post by lucky_kiss » Jul 27th, '08, 08:22

The new drama replacing La Dolce Vita..

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Post by Zealousy » Aug 19th, '08, 03:50

I really like this drama so far, the music is amazing too.
I like all the characters, I'm not really liking Hyun Min too much right now.
If I were Se Ra I'd probably react the same way she did; I'd be jealous.
I feel bad for Se Ra but I kinda hope she ends up with Tae Sung. >__<;
Even though shes obviously the "****" in this drama, I still like Tae Hee.
Ahhhh, I wonder how this will develop.
Honey, honey, honey...

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