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Posted: Jul 12th, '08, 20:48
by eilla
He is sooo kawaii, isn't he? :mrgreen:

The ending

Posted: Jul 15th, '08, 01:14
by Category9
The funny thing about the ending is my Mom interpreted completely different than me:
I just assumed Hong Gil Dong and his group were all slaughtered, but they didn't show any bodies to be more classy. But my mom just assumed they escaped (because of the lack of bodies) and never returned to the city. I figured I was right, but i kinda like her interpretation better... :P

Posted: Jul 15th, '08, 01:24
by choppstixx860
physics223 wrote:It's the HONG sisters! HOLY ****ing AWESOME.

I love Choon Hyang, Fantasy Couple ... and now ...

But crap, it's Sung Yu Ri ... ;_;

(does she act better now?)
so what did ya end up thinking huh? =)

Re: The ending

Posted: Jul 15th, '08, 11:16
by littledraci
Category9 wrote:The funny thing about the ending is my Mom interpreted completely different than me:
I just assumed Hong Gil Dong and his group were all slaughtered, but they didn't show any bodies to be more classy. But my mom just assumed they escaped (because of the lack of bodies) and never returned to the city. I figured I was right, but i kinda like her interpretation better... :P
hehe, prefer her interpretation too XD

but.. if I remember right
there were some flowers shown after the attack... these ones Yi Nok and the other girl had on the wedding.. and these flowers were burned.. so yeah, I think they symbolized Hong Gil Dong :) T_T
XD and I don't think , they wouldn't have told their plan to the monk..and left their life, what they were fighting for with all their might ^^
*lolz* sorry for my english today XD

Posted: Jul 16th, '08, 08:46
I stopped watching on episode 10.. it was good but I got tired of it.. does it get better?

Posted: Jul 16th, '08, 14:31
by littledraci
it gets different... it'll loose a bit of this silly/funny tune from the beginning ^^

Posted: Jul 16th, '08, 15:27
by Elien
Yeah, everyone gets crazy in the end :crazy:
the prince I loved so much is so damn stupid :x why must he destroy everything :cry: I´m afraid to watch the last episode :-(

Posted: Jul 16th, '08, 16:30
by maakopla
Sak wrote:Love the drama but truly disappointed with the sad ending, which was so unexpected.
I don't think it was unexpected at all. The drama got totally serious in the half way (like Hong sister dramas always) and nothing can b echanged in such short period of time. I agree it was sad. But in the genre these kind of endings are usual. It may feel unfair and sad but it's touching. This kind of ending makes us feel inredible feelings unlike
happy endings. It would have been SO lame if they escaped and stayed alive. Also Gil Dong being slave's son alredy means that he shouldn't have been born at all.

Posted: Jul 16th, '08, 18:23
by Elien
maakopla: you are totaly right, happy endings are nice but this kind of ending gives me more and I will definitely remember it for a long time..
It was not the sad ending that made me cry but the talk between Chang Hui and Gil Dong in the end and then the parting with Gomi T_T. People are dying all the time but the things they did will made them immortal...or something along these lines :)
What bugs me is the opening scene of epi 1 when they were fighting in the noble man´s palace, that was a bit missunderstanding...

Small request: do someone know wher to find the song from the scene where the burning arrows were shooten?? it´s not a part of the OST but I hope someone has it, cause it´s stucked on my mind 8)

Posted: Jul 16th, '08, 19:34
by littledraci
javabeans posted the song in her recap of the last episode, you can also find the translation of the song there^^

or you go some pages back, I postet the thransl. there already :)

for the song: you have a PN, Elien ^^

Posted: Jul 16th, '08, 20:01
by Elien
Thanks, I will check it then ;)

Posted: Jul 23rd, '08, 04:06
by keaiclam
Just finished this drama =]

First time watching Kang Ji Hwan act, and he was hilarious and awesome.
I had no idea who Jang Geun Suk was either, but he was good lucking haha. :wub:
I found myself rooting for him, but I knew what was going to happen.
Sung Yuri is so awesome in this! =D

The monk and master guy? I loved their scenes together! :P
Madam Noh, err forgot her real name, but she's such a good actress.
The king guy was good =D Oh and more eyecandy with Chang Hui's two main helper guys. haha.

I cried too at the part where
Gomi was sent away with Gil Dong's teacher. It was just sad T_T
That's the only part I cried on though I think.

I liked the moment with Jang Keun Suk and Sung Yuri in ep 12
With the steamed buns and Chang Hui has fun teasing her. Haha.
By the end
I was always anticipating that opening scene LOL but it never came... xD.

Love the flaming arrows part at the end. I assume they all died. :cry: Even though I want to imagine somehow that they lived. :lol
The special was fun to watch too. I love hearing about what went on between the actors and their NGs.

I was just a little bored when everything drama started being really serious, but overall goood =D I liked it.[/spoiler]

Posted: Sep 1st, '08, 09:53
by ackirom
Whew! I just finished watching this. It was hard to watch towards the end you know, cuz some of those eps were like 80 mins or something. :crazy:

And I gotta say, it's g-r-r-r-e-a-t!!! (cuz u kno, i'm eating Frosted Flakes with it :P)

Anywho, wow! My first fusion! err.. whatever you call this type of k-drama. I mean, I saw Scandal in Old Seoul, but the blending of the old and the new in that one was a lot closer, time-wise. The whole thing was awesome - the costumes, the looks (they should've chosen Yi Nok for that Street Fighter movie coming out! hehe), the twists and turns of the story! Yay!!! It was really exciting! Like, OMG, how do you recover from finding out everything you've ever believed in and have worked and risked your life for this whole time was a lie?! Haha! It reminded me of the teacher in Hwang Jin Yi, cuz the same actor was in it, lookin as cute as ever, if not more, and how Jin Yi pretty much shattered her teacher's world when she told her that crane dance was nonsense! Haha!

I just have to say, man, when the crazy king cried over Minister Hong's departure, and the moments just before that... well, it was sad :P I felt for him. Poor guy. Tsk tsk. First, it's In Hyung's mom ordering the death of HGD's mom, then Eun Hye, and now the Queen! :faint: It's always those women in the shadows you see!! :x Like, Atia and Servilia! Although, that whole thing when Chang Hui threatened the nobles to be loyal to him or else, with his two soldiers raising their swords on them didn't really compare to the scene in Rome when Octavian swiped the throne from right under Cicero with his two soldiers showing their blades--oh wait, I'm getting off topic. Oh yeah, the part when HGD finally showed himself to his father, in exchange for the lives of the thieves that were caught, and to do as he says else he'll have war in his hands--then CUT! to the scene where Yongmun and the thieves joined forces for a moment with their fire sticks and the wind blowing in one direction--that was cool. The ending was ok. I wanted to see them die, like you know, die. Like, I get that the whole place was burnt, but where're the bodies? But, it was an appropriate ending, so I'm happy.

I loved almost everything about this show, 'cept for that annoying music that would come on in those sad scenes. Thank gawd for the mute button! :roll The only thing that disappointed me abt this show was the fact that I never got to see the return of ep.1. I was expecting it to be like um, Time Between Dog and Wolf, where ep.1 is repeated in ep.7 or was it 8, cuz the story started out in the middle. *shrugs* The ending was confusing. I mean, what was Gil Dong doing standing up on top of the roof wearing red with that same stick? And the point of showing us the modern times in Korea? I didn't see the connection. The two worlds can co-exist, imo, like how England is right now, with the royalties still existing, but with the commoners living... well, living on their own, in their own terms and not under the nobles' mercy. I believe Japan has this too. I'd have preferred that ending, but that's just me :lol

Posted: Oct 1st, '08, 00:58
by joysz408
HI! I just wanted to ask anybody where can I get the RAW of Hong Gil Dong?

Posted: Jan 15th, '09, 17:56
by .Silent.
@ joysz408 You can find RAWs here on d-addicts XD

Hong Gil Dong - Where to Watch?

Posted: Dec 22nd, '09, 14:29
by justiceannep
I've been trying to watch Hong Gil Dong with english subtitles, but nothing seems to work. If I want to download it, the torrents all come from megavideo, which doesn't work in Hong Kong :(( I also tried watching it online (youtube, viikii, google videos, etc).

Does anyone know where I can watch Hong Gil Dong with english subtitles?


Posted: Jan 19th, '10, 17:56
by Ethlenn
Finally found the topic, I'm not sure where I should put up the news, but... Hong Gil Dong will be remade as a musical? What do you think? I can't imagine singing Chang Hui... If not as Jang Geun Seok*^^*

"Here are the promotional pictures for the upcoming Hong Gildong Musical starring Super Junior Yesung and Sung Min.

Hong Gil Dong is the story of the illegitimate son of a high ranked minister. A local monk took him under his wing and taught him martial arts. Hong Gil Dong was inspired to fight for the injustice in this society that divided people into nobles and ordinary citizens whereby the former enjoyed all the privileges due solely to their birth.

Sungmin & Yesung will both play the main role "Hong Gildong".

Name : Musical "Hong Gildong"
Place : Woori Art Hall, Olympic Park

credits: Blogspot ... ional.html

Posted: Jan 19th, '10, 19:04
by The Chaos
I loved watching this drama first time watching old Korean style drama ^_^
but it was so Interesting and i found cute guys in it like Jang Geun Suk and Kang Ji Hwan :D

Posted: Jan 19th, '10, 19:24
by Ethlenn
It's one of my favorites, that is why I'm so unsure about the musical.

Posted: Jan 19th, '10, 22:58
by Issy
i am no fan of musical in anyway and i really can't stand them. what is wrong with having a normal play/movie where people talk and not sing. :lol
BUT, i might make an exception if only and only JGS played chang Hui's character. it still would be hard to imagine a character like chang hui singing :scratch:

Posted: Jan 19th, '10, 23:34
by Ethlenn
Yes, that was exactly my point. I enjoy musicals though, but Chang Hui is so complex. And picture last episodes, so tense with his own madness - singing. Musicals are supposed to be lighthearted, not such solemn.

Posted: Jan 20th, '10, 13:28
This kdrama is so awesome i loooooove it.

Posted: Jan 31st, '10, 23:09
by Ethlenn
Yea, drama is one of the best!
I found an article (in English, don't worry), an interview with main actors/singers: ... 1382207892

And funny thing is, now I'm reading a book for my research on Confucianism in Korea, and I found there some passage on Hong Gil Dong. I felt nice warm, but it wasn't for the mentioned, but for the prince (definitely not charming in classic sense) Chang Hui. :wub:

Posted: Mar 27th, '10, 12:28
by Orion1986
Ok, I can't say much yet cause I made a mistake :roll

I don't like period series and this seemed plain messed up to watch (even if Jang Keun Suk is in it) so I decided to just watch a few scenes. That lead to a speed-watch of the series where I just found scenes that seemed to advance the plot.

I have to say, I hated the ending. I didn't hate it because it was sad, I hated it because the series doesn't know what it wants to be.
seirin wrote: Well, the prince said earlier, he's at the top and he's at the bottom. If they can't meet in the middle, they would be head to head at each other. I can understand the prince's view. He's a ruler. HGD put him up as King. Then at the end says he doesn't need a King. Why did HGD put him up as King if he says he doesn't want a King? It seems like he was using the prince to get rid of the current King cuz the prince is the lesser of 2 evils.

The prince even ask him to office to help change things. Change doesn't come in a day. HGD created chaos as soon as he got into office. It was his intention to give the prince a hard time. He could have just acted like "Bao Qing" like the judge in court to stand up for justice and protect the people so everyone had equal law. But HGD had to stirr up so many things as soon as he got to office without even letting the heat settle down after a change of ruler.

Also, there can not be 2 powers in a Kingdom. HGD's group was getting too big including all those rumours spreading the people want him to be king. Of course the prince would worry if HGD would one day attack him to get the throne. Or if he didn't with all these idealism spreading, everyone would flock to go to HGD's world. Then what would he be a ruler of? Without people, you can't be a ruler. Either that or people might create a riot to fight against the nobles and the king because of the idealism HGD's story stirs up.

He tried to give HGD a chance by deporting him to China. HGD could have gone to China even to make his own small world, but he refused. What is the prince to do but to kill him. If he says the mountain is his own world, his own world can actually be anywhere he wants. It doesn't have to be at the mountain. The world is large.
I agree with everything said here and the ending would have been great for a historical drama, but this started off as a romantic comedy so it's misleading the audience.

If they wanted a serious, realistic, historical series, I'd get the lousy ending. They could have made a very mature historical series and it would be awesome. The thing is though, the series has romance and "comedy" throughout (Hong sisters). I mean, just when I had found a scene that got me into the time and story, the weird clubs with spotlights (WTF?) and really annoying and lame "funny" scenes with the main female character trying to act cute and miserably failing came back. It just made the series seem confusing and cheap.

Either make a light-hearted fantasy series where having modern objects, mishaps and inhuman strengths/abilities makes sense, or make a proper and realistic history/legend series.

A romantic and comedic series should only have enough drama and suffering to make it even more romantic and just make the good ending feel even better and as a relief. You do NOT kill the main couple at the end of a romantic comedy! Some might argue that they might have survived etc etc. Sorry, not good enough. It was still an ending too violent and sad for a romantic comedy.

A romantic and drama series can have lots of angst and even a bad ending, but this didn't present itself as such.

You can't have a romantic comedy and a romantic drama together. Starting off as a romantic comedy and finishing as a romantic drama (mixed with action and politics), is just plain wrong.

Also, if you want to do a romantic history series, try and decide towards where it leans. You can't focus on both cause then the story seems rushed and the romance doesn't develop as well.

I think the Hong sisters tried to do too much with this and the director didn't seem very competent.

I will watch it properly, because Jang Keun Suk's performance especially towards the last episodes had me crying buckets and like I said, you can't tell everything about a series from a speed-watch of it, but I still don't like how this was made.

I also really hated the main actress, like I said before. She seemed very good in the more serious scenes (I guess they wanted her that way), but when she tries to act tomboyish and cute, it just comes off as annoying.

Park Shin Hye's Ko Mi Nam was cute, as is the girl her self and Yoon Eun Hye's Go Eun Chan in Coffee Prince is the proper tomboyish and later successfully cute as well. This one in Hong Gil Dong just plain overdid it for me.

Posted: Mar 27th, '10, 13:28
by Issy
oh NO, so you did not like HGD? :P
well to be honest, i gave up just after watching few minutes of ep1 because i just could not get into serious/comic mixed theme of this drama. specially the music and models cat walk in the middle of the whole scene.
but i gave it another try for sake of JKS and second time i liked it. i just accpeted they it was. but at the same time, i have to admit that i did FF some scenes that had nothing much to do with LCH :P
as i said it before, i found the girl extremely annoying and not cute at all.
and i also did not sympathise much with HGD himself but i guess i was kind of biased towards LCH because they were fighting for the same girl (no matter how stupid she was).
HGD was my first K-historical drama to watch. so i had no idea what i should expect from one. as i have watched Chuno (which is total LOVE), I think i will be watching more hisotrical dramas providing they have my favourite actors in them 8)

Posted: Mar 27th, '10, 15:08
by Ethlenn
I don't think HGD is a historical drama sensu stricto. It's fusion sageuk. Some side-plots were unimportant to me so I forwarded them as well, but I just put up with all the foolishness in it.
If I want to see exact historical drama, I would watch Jewel in the Palace, but HGD is just another Robin Hood story. Entertaining, but with less enjoyable Marian than Ollivia de Havilland, hehe^^

Posted: Mar 27th, '10, 15:28
by Orion1986
Yeah, of course with art, it depends on one's taste. A series like that is just not my taste and if it's not even clear on what it is, it makes things worse. JKS is the only reason I'll watch so I don't need anything else. It was just sad that they had a good idea they did not deliver in a successful way.

I did not feel the romance in it since the girl they were all so worked up about was just not enough, I also didn't feel the drama properly with all the supposedly funny stuff in it and I could not see anything I liked except a few scenes and JKS.

Unfortunately though, as much as one can like an actor's looks or performance, it does not make a series/movie.

It was disappointing to see that the Hong sisters did this. "You're beautiful" was so brilliant that I expected this to be at least half as good and it wasn't.

I guess I was just expecting too much and comparing it to YAB. Like I said before, period series is not my thing so if it's not even done correctly, it just loses my interest completely. It'll be painful to watch it all again, but I just can't miss Jang Keun Suk's performance. I found his character very interesting and for someone who does not express how they feel to people like the prince, Keun Suk is the perfect actor for the part. The man's eyes can speak a thousand words and convey all the right emotions even with silence.

Posted: Mar 27th, '10, 15:41
by Ethlenn
I agree with the last sentence completely. He has the ability to convey emotions with his face, which is good.
I watched this long before YAB, so I like the series, I don't compare any of sister's work, just enjoy.
But, true, if someone doesn't like, than just doesn't like it. I will put up with that.

But then on one silent night, I will erect a pillar and bring a lot of parched wood. And secretly I will burn those heretics to ashes, muahahaha!!!!

Posted: Mar 27th, '10, 16:27
by Orion1986
Ethlenn wrote: But then on one silent night, I will erect a pillar and bring a lot of parched wood. And secretly I will burn those heretics to ashes, muahahaha!!!!
Lol. What? You and your erections :lol

Posted: Mar 27th, '10, 16:31
by Issy
Orion1986 wrote:
Ethlenn wrote: But then on one silent night, I will erect a pillar and bring a lot of parched wood. And secretly I will burn those heretics to ashes, muahahaha!!!!
Lol. What? You and your erections :lol

:lol :lol :lol :lol :lol

Posted: Mar 27th, '10, 16:37
by Ethlenn
Eh, I had nothing in mind, you dirty noonas!:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

:study: Too much Mircea Eliade, you know, lately... :study:

Posted: May 18th, '10, 02:51
by Orion1986
*deleted her post in fear of being stoned*

Nothing.. Never mind... :whistling:

Posted: May 18th, '10, 07:13
by Ethlenn
Orion, I wouldn't stone you, you know...

Posted: May 18th, '10, 07:31
by Orion1986
I know you wouldn't, unni, but others would. If I speak freely about what I think of this series, I'll have people casting hoodoo curses on me. :lol I'll only mention the good parts, if I manage to find them.

Posted: May 18th, '10, 07:43
by Ethlenn
Well, it's not one of the bests, but sure better than Iljimae, in my not so humble opinion.

Posted: May 18th, '10, 07:53
by Issy
Ethlenn wrote:Well, it's not one of the bests, but sure better than Iljimae, in my not so humble opinion.
totally agree. i could not stand Iljimae. there was too much exaggeration and over the top acting and loud talking and shouting going on that i could not take seriously.

as for HGD, that silly girl was the only thing that annoyed me :crazy:

Posted: May 19th, '10, 21:28
by Ethlenn
I don't get why this drama is so praised, yes. I mean Iljimae. I know, every Lee Jun Ki is honing an ax right now, but it's nothing against him, he's cute.
Simply the drama was too loud and too colorful.

HGD also had these moments, but overall, not that many.

Posted: May 20th, '10, 09:43
by Orion1986
If they had just completely dropped the "comedy" and made it 100% historical/semi-historical drama, it could have rocked.

I think the Hong Sisters should just stick with fluffy teen romantic comedies and stop trying to be deep and meaningful cause that turned out a big mess. I haven't seen anything other than this, YAB and Fantasy Couple so that's where I'm basing my opinion.

Posted: May 20th, '10, 09:49
by Ethlenn
It's fusion sageuk, almost like Chuno.
But then again "almost" makes a huuuuuuuuge difference.

Posted: May 20th, '10, 10:00
by Issy
Ethlenn wrote:It's fusion sageuk, almost like Chuno.
But then again "almost" makes a huuuuuuuuge difference.
:scratch: Chuno is fusion sageuk too? it's so much different style than HGD, Iljimae and other fusion dramas

Posted: May 20th, '10, 10:07
by Ethlenn
Yup, Chuno is fusion sageuk. The only fusion I see is the music, to be honest. Apart from it, everything is as it should. Maybe the candles are out of place, but I can live with that.

Posted: May 20th, '10, 10:17
by Issy
Ethlenn wrote:Yup, Chuno is fusion sageuk. The only fusion I see is the music, to be honest. Apart from it, everything is as it should. Maybe the candles are out of place, but I can live with that.
you forgot the most important fusion in chuno. :P all LDH makeups and her cosmetics :P the scene when she was on DG back talking about changing the world. have you seen her make up for a slave girl ??? :scratch:

Posted: May 20th, '10, 11:08
by Ethlenn
Yeah, I didn't want to put it up again. Hell, she was wearing make-up for the entire series. This irritates me so much! Also make-up of SH, eh...

But you know, maybe they had brand for slave girls back then, called "Slave Cover Girl", or "Slavelline", "Slave Factor", I don't know...

Posted: May 20th, '10, 11:29
by Orion1986
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
That does sound annoying, but I shiver at the thought of something even more crazy than Hong Gil Dong. Fusion is only good in food, people. Music can be fusion too, in history/period series, but not MODERN HIP HOP!!! Guitars or orchestral rock or whatnot, I get, but hip hop? :alcoholic:

Fusion is good if it manages to keep the illusion of being in that time the series depicts. Nightclubs with light shows, fancy sun glasses and breakdancing idiots accompanied by hip hop music, is just NOT something you should do in period series. Turns it into a complete joke.

Posted: May 20th, '10, 11:32
by Ethlenn
But this song was so powerful!! It suited the scenes perfectly!! :wub: :wub: :wub:
Ekhem, I'm talking about Chuno OST, sorry...

Posted: Nov 22nd, '11, 00:11
by Sajen16
I just started watching this with my mom, which is odd since I usually only watch shows with her once I've seen them, but anyway I have a question about the ending, is it more sageuk like where they seem incapable of having a happy ending, or more Hong sisters like where the main couple is together in love and everybody's happy?

Posted: Nov 22nd, '11, 00:29
by Issy
the 1st one (sageuk type) :whistling: