Which KDrama Has The Best Kissing Scene? [VOTE]

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KDrama With The Best Kissing Scene?

Coffee Prince
My Name is Kim Sam Soon
My Girl
Beautiful Days
Sweet Spy
I'm Sorry I Love you
Dal-ja's spring
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Which KDrama Has The Best Kissing Scene? [VOTE]

Post by crimsonskyx » Aug 8th, '07, 07:21

Hi everyone :-)

Well i read the other thread and no one had actually started a poll so i did it :-)
I'm sorry to all who get offended that the drama they thought had the best Kissing Scene is not in this poll :salut: I read all the pages of the other thread and simply put the names of drama's which had more than two people agreeing on it, therefore you can go and read that thread like i did, then argue with me :D Since this was the maximum number of options for a poll i'm sorry if any got left out :salut:

Much <3 Dorna

Coffee Prince:
Da Ja's Spring:

Could some1 please PM me animated scenes of the kisses and or any pictures of the other serieses kissing scenes <3 :salut: Tanx soo much in advance :D
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Post by Yorokobi » Aug 8th, '07, 08:50

i like to vote coffee prince but it wouldnt be right if i did because out of all those listed thats the only one ive seen ^_^ so ill vote when ive watched more!

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Post by saby » Aug 8th, '07, 08:58

i voted for goong :D what a kiss...... wow

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Post by Blindsight » Aug 8th, '07, 09:02

i'm not sure... ç_ç I love goong but i also begin to love coffe prince... mh, ok... GOONG XDDDD

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Post by littledraci » Aug 8th, '07, 09:48

since I've only watched 6 out of the listed ones I'm going to wait at least til Coffee Prince is finished...'cause Goong and Coffee Prince have almost the same points... but who knows, what a kiss is probably waiting for us @ Coffee Prince, since Gong Yoo & Yoon Eun Hye are good at kissing on the screen too, like Jo Ji Hoon & Yoon Eun Hye :mrgreen:
to make it short: one of these two will get my vote for sure ^---^

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Post by bent » Aug 8th, '07, 10:00

i haven't watched goong, so i'm gonna go for Coffee Prince so far!

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Post by anhnie » Aug 8th, '07, 18:10

wow..so many good kiss scenes from most of these series, havent watched some of them..but if i had to pick my fav i'd say the kiss from My Name is Kim Sam Soon! It had a romantic setting and great background music which really set the mood...and the kiss itself was very passionate! they had great chemistry despite the age gap.

Other ones i loved:

I'm Sorry I Love You, it was just so sweet and sad..and with the warm hug beforehand, how adorable! i loved how it was paced, slow and soft at first, and then they really got into it.

My Girl, i loved this b/c of the setup...how he suddenly grabbed her..with the "I Love You" break in between, that was super cute.

Goong was wow, they really got into it,..most aggressive kiss i've seen in kdrama! lol

Kdrama kisses have really improved! who0t who0t, currently watching Coffee Prince right now, hope to see another great kiss scene coming up soon! ^__^

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Post by chan2x » Aug 9th, '07, 01:04

Of course COFFEE PRINCE! I love YEH and GY!

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Post by silently_solitude » Aug 9th, '07, 01:18

COFFEE PRIINCE! Damn, that was first time i've seen a real sincere kiss on a k-drama. Notice how high ratings are both in goong and coffee prince and both contain Yoon Eun Hye

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Post by angie_22 » Aug 9th, '07, 01:26

I vote for Coffee Prince EP 11 an unbelive-able sight that was it was like all there problem left then came back

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Post by crimsonskyx » Aug 9th, '07, 01:50

Omo episode 12 of Coffee Prince is <3
The kiss is soo kawaii :wub:

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Post by lostinasiandramas » Aug 20th, '07, 00:39

I've only watched Goong, Coffee Prince, and My Name is Kim Sam Soon so far, so my vote may not be the most reliable. Anyway, from those three, I'm voting for Coffee Prince... maybe because I'm currently watching it and I'm soooo addicted to it, but the kissing scene at the end of episode 10 when he still doesn't know Eun Chan is a girl and decides to go for it anyway... oooh! It was so powerful! I don't remember another kissing scene that carried so much emotion! Just to see Eun Chan's eyes full of tears, I almost cried...
I'm still recovering from it and the show is not even finished yet! I don't know if can handle another scene like that! :lol

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Post by Elyre » Aug 20th, '07, 00:51

I love both Goong and Coffee Prince... but i think the Goong kiss is still hotter! lol.

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Post by bhebhethartz » Sep 19th, '07, 15:11

I can say that Yoon Eun Hye has broken the korean's conservative kissing scenes.. It seems that all her kdramas have the best kissing scenes!! hehe..... its so romantic!! gogo YEH!!

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Post by koreano008 » Sep 20th, '07, 22:18

waaah... im torn between princess hours and coffee prince!!
but i'll go for princess hours.. its like a kiss and make up after a serious fight.. sweet!! aww!!

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Post by theedqueen » Sep 21st, '07, 02:00

My rankings:

1) Coffee Prince
2) Goong
3) My Girl/My Name is Kim Sam Soon

It was a tough choice between Coffee Prince and Goong, but Coffee Prince had much more kissing scenes and they were very sweet and passionate so I had to go with that.

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Post by SillyKitty » Sep 21st, '07, 02:14

I voted for Goong. I remember watching that series and thinking, "WHEN ARE THEY GONNA GET TOGETHER OR KISS OR SOMETHING!?" When they finally did kiss it was so meaningful and beautiful.

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Post by SooJin. » Sep 21st, '07, 07:31

Coffee Prince ep 11, definitely. (=

I've watched most on the list, and that's what i'll have to go with :) MiSa I can't really recall any particularly memorable kisses, nor with MNIKSS. I think My Girl had one, which was cute but still not up to par with Coffee Prince, and of course Goong<333 But I still must say Coffee Prince beats that too :x Ijuksa, perhaps they had one or two good kisses, but I guess I never really felt the full potential of Bi & Mina (that's her name, right?) together, so I'd have to say no.

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Post by LocaBonita » Sep 25th, '07, 09:49

Both goong and Coffee prince has the best Scene .. but i'll go with coffee prince . :wub: :wub: .

Rob Boyd
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Post by Rob Boyd » Sep 29th, '07, 02:21

I am not at all surprised that Coffee Prince and Goong would be running one and two in this pool as judging from the 30 odd KDramas that I have seen, Yoon Eun Hye seems like the only girl who has even kissed a guy before. I know that this is true, but most of the other actresses seem too reserved to put much natural feeling into their kissing scenes. Don't read me wrong. I'm not saying that this is a bad thing, (and I'm certainly not implying anything negative about YEH, who I adore) but compared to Korean television, American shows and even commercials seem almost pornographic. :whistling:

Aki Himemiya
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Post by Aki Himemiya » Oct 4th, '07, 14:32

Lately I've seen Coffee prince and I really loved that series but Goong was my first KOrean Drama and it'll always have a special place in my heart.. :wub: That's why I voted for that kiss ;)

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Post by xtehdeb » Oct 22nd, '07, 22:20

i like the my girl kissing scenes xD

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Post by pmhyns » Oct 23rd, '07, 00:24

Oh I love the Coffee Prince kissing scene!!! :wub: Goong is very close though, but Coffee Prince I think beats it out! :)

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Post by nerwen » Oct 23rd, '07, 00:48

Well, it's hard to decide between Coffee Prince and Goong -> Eun Hye...go girl!!

Coffee Prince have more kissing scenes, but I think Goong's one was priceless: so much passion after all these chapters of tension between Chae-kyung & Shin! Love it :wub:

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Post by Babyitshind » Oct 23rd, '07, 01:03

Im still watching coffee prince and stuff but Goong was soo cute. It made my legs week and my heart melt. It was toooo cute<33 I vote for Goong.

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Post by Syalala » Oct 24th, '07, 05:08

nerwen wrote:Well, it's hard to decide between Coffee Prince and Goong -> Eun Hye...go girl!!

Coffee Prince have more kissing scenes, but I think Goong's one was priceless: so much passion after all these chapters of tension between Chae-kyung & Shin! Love it :wub:
So agree, I've seen many K-dramas but so far the Goong's kissing scene is undoubtedly second-to-none. I voted for Goong, Yoon Eun Hye & Joo Ji Hoon, aza aza fighting! :thumright:

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Re: Which KDrama Has The Best Kissing Scene? [VOTE]

Post by Cassiopeia » Oct 25th, '07, 10:28

crimsonskyx wrote:Hi everyone :-)

Coffee Prince:
I voted for Coffee Prince, but not that scene............... They kissed a lot, and the hottest was at the end of 16th episode ...... But then, the kiss Han Seong shared with Yoo Ju was also hot!

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Post by hehrharz » Oct 28th, '07, 08:53

I like the one from Coffee Prince ..hmm...episode 11 and 12 ...cute ^.^

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Post by ellas » Oct 28th, '07, 09:13

aaahh, i voted for Dal ja's kissing scene... when it's Tae Bong's Birthday celebration night and he enters Dal Ja's room...... :w00t:

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Post by Yorokobi » Nov 11th, '07, 07:52

is there a general which drama hass the best kissing scene thread?
cause my favourite kiss scene is not from a korean drama

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Post by JlovesVan » Nov 11th, '07, 18:47

oh man! Too many good kiss scenes up there. I voted Goong only because "the one" kiss scene is so intense it gave me butterflies and still does. Coffee prince runs a close second if not a tie because those were intense as well. I also really loved the kiss scenes in Dal Ja's Spring and because Rain is my all time uber hottie his kiss scenes in LTK leaves me weak. So.....that is such a hard call.

Those were great drama choices btw. I have seen all of them accept Lovers and Sweet Spys. I loved My Girl alot but I didn't find the kiss scenes as great as most people just because I am not a fan of Lee Dong Wok (I was rooting for Jun Ki LOL)

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Post by hitomisan » Jan 6th, '08, 21:04

I voted for Goong. But i think that coffee prince had also a good kissing scene.

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Post by Shanti » Jan 7th, '08, 09:18

Coffee Prince! love that moment

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Post by idtaminger » Jan 8th, '08, 04:57

I vote for none of them. I'm still so not used to K-drama conventions like the closed mouth kissing that seems to be everywhere. It ruins some of the nicest moments. If you just got the chance to kiss a girl/boy you like after months of agonizing over not being able to have them, would you close your mouth, awkwardly smush it against theirs for a minute or two, and then leave it at that? Talk about anti-climax. And even the kiss scenes, with, you know, actual kissing, seem kinda awkward and stilted. Ugh. K-dramas are fun when they're good but the kissing thing really bugs me sometimes.

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Post by eilla » Feb 2nd, '08, 00:04

I really love kissing scene in my girl, when he says I love you in the middle. Besides it's quite funny with this "dissapointed" after kissing forehead ;)
And I also like kising scene in Que Sera Sera, the one in the elevator, it's so cute and the girl is so innocent. I was really moved after waitching it!

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Post by deb1430 » Feb 6th, '08, 02:27

I voted for Coffee Prince. I swear YEH seems to be the best kisser of all korean actress I've seen so far.
She actually participates in the kiss unlike many actresses who just stand there and dont even move their lips, which is hella frustrating.


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Post by blooh » Feb 6th, '08, 10:05

i voted for coffee prince :thumleft: i once read a blog where girls were commenting that gong yoo should make a "how to kiss dvd" which they would make their boyfriends watch :lol but i do love the kissing scenes in coffee prince :wub:

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Post by mitch16 » Feb 7th, '08, 07:45

il go with epi 23 in GOONG!

after watchin the first tym...im daydreamin most of the tym bout the scene...lol!

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Post by bjharm » Feb 7th, '08, 08:02

coffee prince has to be the winner
but I would like to add 'Wedding' to the list

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Post by ctfazra » Apr 1st, '08, 17:25

silently_solitude wrote:COFFEE PRIINCE! Damn, that was first time i've seen a real sincere kiss on a k-drama. Notice how high ratings are both in goong and coffee prince and both contain Yoon Eun Hye
wahaha..u hit the point!

though i must say d scene in goong is memmorable too because of shin's innocence n loneliness... :P

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Post by najimta » Apr 3rd, '08, 23:21

goong! thats one kiss was just hot. not your typical conservative kiss. there was tongue! haha

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Post by *member* » Apr 4th, '08, 01:36

i have to agreed that all of YEH dramas have great kissing scenes but i hope that all dramas dont follow that dont get me wrong i love the scenes full of love, passions and tension that have the recent dramas coming out such as bad love just to set an example.

but the thing that attracted me to kdramas was the sweet love that lasted through out the entire story ending with a kiss it was refreshing, new, diferrent. im latin and used and kind of tired of watching the soaps from my country filled with sex scenes and over predicted stories.

well thats my opinion on the matter, see ya.

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Post by drkaar » Apr 4th, '08, 11:14

torn between goong and coffee prince...
both are the best kissing scenes... it's seems so real ... they really got into it...
hmmm so sweet.... :cheers: :w00t:

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