Butcher Oh Soo Jung (SBS, 2007)

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Butcher Oh Soo Jung (SBS, 2007)

Post by fizzlex3mh » Jul 3rd, '07, 17:39


Title: 칼잡이 오수정 / Butcher Oh Soo Jung
Genre: Romance
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2007-Jul
Air time: Saturdays & Sundays 21:45 (9:45 Korean time)

Oh Ji Ho is set to act as Go Man Soo, a world known golf player who was dumped by a former beauty queen, Oh Soo Jung (Uhm Jung Hwa) seven years ago. Their fate becomes reversed when Oh Soo Jung who is now known as an old maid comes chasing after Go Man Soo who is now a 'golden bachelor' with good looks and money.

Oh Ji Ho as Go Man Soo
Uhm Jung Hwa as Oh Soo Jung

Oh Ji Ho will need to have special makeup like Kim Ah Joong did, to look like Go Man Soo before he lost 40 kg.

Something doesn't seem right about the broadcast period...I only heard about this drama now and its supposed to air this month. And the wiki barely has any information on it.
Anyways, it's supposed to be a drama adaptation of 200-pound Beauty.I loved that movie! And it doesn't hurt that Oh Ji Ho is in it either...sounds like something I might want to check out!

Here are some pictures of Oh Ji Ho as Go Man Soo. Soooo funny and looks so REAL.





credits to: soompi

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Post by arabian » Jul 3rd, '07, 17:47

Thanxxx for the pix.. Well, OJH look scary with this make up .. I love him in fantasy couple & I can't wait to watch him in new drama.. I'm sure I'll love it not only for OJH but also I watched the movie & I like it..

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Post by fizzlex3mh » Jul 3rd, '07, 20:35

More pictures (Credit: soompi)

Oh Ji Ho - Go Man Soo transformation:






And pictures from the actual drama (possibly younger Soo Man and Soo Jung):

How cute is that?

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Post by arabian » Jul 4th, '07, 08:18

The actress is really cute..

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Post by AnimeLocoChika » Jul 4th, '07, 08:42

waaa :w00t: the drama looks pretty interesting...

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Post by strawberrie1210 » Jul 7th, '07, 15:34

oh ji ho opppaaaaaaaaaaa! :wub: i cant recognize him! not at all...ahh...this story's gonna be cool i reckon XD

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Post by fizzlex3mh » Jul 22nd, '07, 16:34


Official site: http://tv.sbs.co.kr/osujung/

There is a series preview on the homepage of the site. It looks sooo cute!

Translation of preview
My name is Karl.
Want to hear my story?
I used to be a huge bomb.
Fat, with a diificult personality.
My friends would always say I was about to explode. [Thought bubbles: BOMB!!]
In the end, I burst with a boom.
Now, I’m a hot catch.
Bomb? That’s nothing anymore.

My name is Oh Su Jung.
Want to hear my story?
I used to have a dream.
To be a prosecutor, and a wife.
But that path was rough and stormy.
It almost came true once…
but it wasn’t so easy to attain.
But I haven’t given up on it yet, because I’ve got a secret weapon.
You’ll see soon enough!

As she fantasizes, written in blue are:

“My man is…

As we see fat Oh Ji Ho…

“That’s ME.”
“Su Jung’s man, Go Man Su.”
“Our battle begins.”


Director Park Hyung Ki 박형기 :: “봄날” (Spring Days), “루루공주” (Princess Lulu), “사랑하고 싶다” (I Want to Love)
Scriptwriter Park Hye Ryeon 박혜련 :: “테마게임” (Theme Game), “New Nonstop,” “Nonstop 3,” “혼자가 아니야” (I’m Not Alone), “Nonstop 5″
Scriptwriter Park Ji Eun 박지은 :: “깜짝 스토리랜드” (Sudden Story Land), “달래네 집” (Dallae’s House), “꼭 한번만나고 싶다” (I Want to Meet You)


Oh Ji Ho 오지호 :: Go Man Su (aka Karl Go)
Uhm Jung Hwa 엄정화 :: Oh Su Jung
Park Su Jin 박수진 (of Sugar) :: Younger Su Jung
Lee Geon Ju 이건주 :: Younger Man Su

Information credit to: java/drama beans

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Post by arabian » Jul 25th, '07, 21:41

Thanxx fizzlex3mh for the updating.. waiting to watch this drama on Sat.. :lol

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Post by Ddragonwarrior » Jul 26th, '07, 19:57

Hope a group picks this up!! =)

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Post by arabian » Jul 26th, '07, 21:41

Ddragonwarrior wrote:Hope a group picks this up!! =)
WithS2 subbing the drama... :-)

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Post by elden41 » Jul 26th, '07, 22:04

Those awaiting a torrent here on D-Addicts need to not worry. If this isn't uploaded, I will upload.

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Post by BabiiBue92 » Jul 27th, '07, 00:55

Drama sounds pretty good

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Post by beertax » Jul 27th, '07, 23:49

Just to point out for these who do not know... the girl in the pic above is NOT the main actress. That girl is Soo Jin Park, who just plays the lead female role as a younger self in the first few episodes. The main acress is much older in both appearance and real age, named Uhm Jung Hwa.

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Post by Angelique » Jul 28th, '07, 18:31

Is WITHS2 really subbing it? There's no announcement on their wiki...

I really hope they do, cause this drama seems really fun ^___^

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Post by Bishie_Queen » Jul 28th, '07, 18:31

This series looks great. i'm glad that its the guy who gets the makeover instead of the girl. I think it gives it a difference from other makeover programs. This sort of reminds me of 200 pounds of Beauty. Hopefully this should be as just as good. I can't wait to watch. It's getting subbed right?

Miaka FY
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Post by Miaka FY » Aug 12th, '07, 01:49

i love this serie !! i finish to watch 4 episodes and love it !!

now waiting for the next episode and cannot wait to watch it!! :-)

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Post by crimsonskyx » Aug 12th, '07, 02:37

Omo :blink
Oh Ji Ho :D I loved him in A Second Proposal :wub: This drama sounds pretty interesting :-) Will DL when my speed comes back tomorrow :D
Kamsahamnida for the info :salut:

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Post by CallaLillieszz » Aug 12th, '07, 16:20

i'm loving this drama too bad the subs dont come out as fast bc there are not many supporters but i like this one the best. Oh ji ho is so sweet. OMG i feel like smacking Soo jung after watching episode 4.
I cant believe that after that Karl told her he was in debt and told her to meet at their appointment. She went to the other guy instead. How shameful of her to even sneak into the hospital to ask for the other guy's number.. It seems that the girl with the glasses will like Karl and she'll turn evil. OOH>> it's getting good..

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Post by melich » Aug 13th, '07, 04:15

I agree, it's a shame that this drama does not get the recognition it deserves. It's my favorite K-drama right now, even more than coffee prince. I love the chemistry between UJH and OJH! And Episodes 5 and 6 are so sweet---especially episode 6! I swear I watched the ending scene of Episode 6 at least five times, and I'm planning to watch it again! :D Karl is too cute!

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Post by arabian » Aug 14th, '07, 12:26

I uploaded the OST to my LJ .. u'll find it direct link.. keep updating to see the newest drama direct links.. :-)


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Post by xiah1fan » Aug 14th, '07, 12:40

omg llooove this drama.........Lovee the guy.....His soo Smoooooooooooooking HOOOOOOOOOOt

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Post by Bishie_Queen » Aug 14th, '07, 12:54

Double posted Accidently
Last edited by Bishie_Queen on Aug 14th, '07, 13:55, edited 1 time in total.

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Post by Bishie_Queen » Aug 14th, '07, 12:56

This is my favourite Korean Drama of this year. I 've haven't liked the korean dramas this year so much. Coffee Prince I think it is so overated.

And yes Karl is Hot! The scene when he's in the bath. Man he has a nice toned body! I hope he doesn't go back with Soo Jung!!! Personally I want him with me!!! lol!

So here are some pics of the sexy lead man!
Why can't all men be this sexy?
Why can't all men be this sexy?
300px-oh_ji_ho_71.jpg (13.49 KiB) Viewed 1605 times
Hot.jpg (12.29 KiB) Viewed 1605 times
Relax.jpg (13.23 KiB) Viewed 1605 times
Thinking.jpg (30.42 KiB) Viewed 1605 times
Look at my pecks.jpg
Look at my pecks.jpg (17.99 KiB) Viewed 1605 times
Oh Ji Ho.jpg
Oh Ji Ho.jpg (101.54 KiB) Viewed 1605 times

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i wished the subs will be faster :)

Post by Chidori-Chan » Aug 24th, '07, 22:08

i just saw ep3 eng subbed :)
ahhh .. wanting more ...
i really like main girl despite her go getting attitude and being harsh and loud to others but i can see that deep down inside she is nice as she cares for her family. :)
Or else she should be married and rich by now ?? what happened to the guy she went to USA with ??
Anyway, it's funny to see them both going back and forward ..
the other gentle looking girl who works for her and lives at her house, i wonder does she like Karl ? or will Karl be falling in love with her .. i like her too but i support main girl most :) i hope not ..karl you better be faithful :)

anyone know where else to get the subbed version :)

Here are two links to watch the eng subbed version :)



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Post by smiley6yrl » Oct 7th, '07, 05:00

well, i saw the preview where oh soo jung drop the old ring karl gave her, and karl happens to pick it up... :scratch:

... does anyone know which ep this is?? i think i watched the glitch version or something so i havent seen that scene yet... so any help would be great..

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Post by maakopla » Oct 26th, '07, 06:24

This is a nice drama. Actually 1st episode didn't impress me. I felt "Why did I start watching this? seems boring" but then I watched 2nd episoed and man I'm hooked.

It's just that Karl's personality is the best, he is so cute^^ He tries to act cool but always loses his temper around women. HA HA! Soo Jung is fun to watch as well, I pity her so much but she is funny whenever she starts seeing things. I bet Soo Jung has never loved anyone in her life. how in the world did she become like that. What a state? so pitful xD

I wonder what will the pairing be? Maybe Karl and Soo Jung?

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Post by simplyxmee » Nov 4th, '07, 02:20

great show~ i cant wait to see how it ends!

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Post by nerwen » Jan 18th, '08, 18:16

I'm finishing to watch this drama and I must say I love it!
At the beginning I really hated Soo Jung but later, as the plot develops, I started to understand and like her...
specially when her mother's illness comes to light.
Well, what can I say about Karl?? It's obvious: he's absolutely gorgeous! Thanks God for those bath scenes!! :w00t: He's not only hot but sweet and so completely in love with Soo Jung that makes my heart melts over the floor :wub:

It's funny, romantic, touching...without any doubt GKOSJ is a "must see" kdrama :thumright:

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Post by P5BDeluxe » Mar 14th, '08, 15:21

Hi can someone tell me where can i download this tv drama torrent?

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Post by urbandiva » Apr 22nd, '08, 03:31

P5BDeluxe: I think you can get the torrent right here on d-addicts (thats where I got it - unless its no longer available)

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Post by ice-dragon » May 1st, '08, 19:15

any1 know where to get the lyrics for the song :

Come With Me - by MC Jinri & Storm

ive looked for them everywhere but i dont think any1 has done them, if someone could i would be grateful, its such a wicked song!

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Re: i wished the subs will be faster :)

Post by violetflower » Jul 22nd, '08, 21:43

Chidori-Chan wrote:i just saw ep3 eng subbed :)

the other gentle looking girl who works for her and lives at her house, i wonder does she like Karl ? or will Karl be falling in love with her .. i like her too but i support main girl most :) i hope not ..karl you better be faithful :)

Gentle looking? She looks kind, and that's what I thought in the beginning but truly she's not what she seems. I won't spoil it, but all I have to say is that she is a totally evil in my eyes.

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