The best KDrama of the season to watch??

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What do you think the best show of this season??

Queen of the Game
What's up fox?
90 days , time for love
Snow Flaks
No votes
Ju Mong ( I'm not in the mode for History dramas )
Total votes: 21

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The best KDrama of the season to watch??

Post by noura » Dec 23rd, '06, 12:35

I've recently finished " fantasy couple " and " Rude Women " .. and currently watching "Snow Queen " + " Hwang Jin Yi "..
But I wanted to watch another Kdramas of this season.. What do you suggest??

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Post by NADZ » Dec 23rd, '06, 12:50

i watched Vinyard man and it is amazing :thumleft:
i totally love it :wub:
ut i hate the lading actor :glare:

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Néa Vanille
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Post by Néa Vanille » Dec 23rd, '06, 13:08

What's Up, Fox, Jumong, Snow Flakes, Hyena and Queen of the Game are all good. Though I suggest you download the first episode of every drama to see which suits your taste the most.

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Post by noura » Dec 23rd, '06, 23:40

I suggest you download the first episode of every drama to see which suits your taste the most.

I don't think that's a good idea .. like when i watched the first episode of what happened in Bali i didn't like it that much and thought of stopping watching it .. but after I read the comments on the ending .. I continued watching it and it's one of my all time favourite! but for the great Inheritance I liked it from the first episode but started hating it from the mid of the drama .. I think you can't jugde a drama until you watch at least 4 episodes.. I still need more voting .. thanks for the help . :roll

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Post by RedCoral » Dec 23rd, '06, 23:53

What's up Fox was very good, I'm enjoying Lover right now.

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Post by funki3 » Dec 25th, '06, 16:22

lol, i hadn't even heard of anything else besides the vineyard man.. so that's what i'm answering.

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Post by elden41 » Dec 26th, '06, 06:47

I didn't help you much by voting for Jumong cuz you don't like historical dramas. I think this drama is great. Very long though.

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Post by blackstarjr » Dec 26th, '06, 07:04

I am all for Queen of the Game.A fan of Joo Jin Mo after watchin him in Musa: The Warrior and Punch kdrama.

sidenote: Missing Snow Queen on the list..I like that too, also a fav of this season
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Post by Doctorpink » Dec 27th, '06, 05:33

WHAT THATS IT...??? NOT EVEN 10 VOTES....! i've seen nothing and id like a good one..
with humour...!
my favorite is full house!

i thought i would have a good suggestion in here...

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Post by strawberrie1210 » Dec 27th, '06, 05:48

well, if you're scouting for comedy dramas, What's Up Fox? is the MAN. lolz. this drama is so addictive that each time i wake up, i hit the computer and watch it. this drama is hilarious. even though there was a slight cliche in the middle but i'd still recommend you to watch it. :roll 8)

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Post by PJB » Dec 27th, '06, 14:52

I don't have the bandwidth to download the latest stuff anymore... So I have to stagger my downloads until the following months :( Which is hard as seeds die fast. Will go with What's Up Fox though

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Post by arabian » Dec 31st, '06, 13:25

From the list I can say that the vineyard man is the best..
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Post by kawaiiii » Jan 1st, '07, 02:38

i would vote for snow queen although it's not listedhere.. but I haven't watched any of the listed dramas .. YET :P

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Post by Jesette » Jan 2nd, '07, 06:10

May I just add "Cloud Stairway". It has also a good storyline, plus the lead performers have great looks and chemistry.

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Post by jnara » Jan 2nd, '07, 16:20

i would like to add invinsible chute or invincible parachute agent by eric of shinhwa to the list..its a great series though

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