Snow Flower aka Snowflake (MBC, 2006)

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Snow Flower aka Snowflake (MBC, 2006)

Post by Jyangel » Nov 21st, '06, 03:16


Kim Ki Bum from Super Junior will be taking over
the role of Go Ara's boyfriend in SBS Nov. drama "Snow flowers".
Max from DBSK had rejected the role as Ah-ra's boyfriend
due to DBSK's hectic schedule.
This will be the second drama that Go Ara and Kim Ki Bum will be
co-starring together since KBS "Sharp2".
Lee Jae-Ryong will be playing Go Ah-ra's father in SBS "Snowflower".
The fliming for this drama will be starting on the 15th in Japan, Nagasaki.
The film tells about a dying mother and daughter's different views
of love and relationships.


[img] ... /GOKIM.jpg[/img]

Snow Flower aka Snow Flakes
Gender: Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast Period: 2006-Nov-20 to 2007
Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55

Starring: Go Ah Ra (Sharp 2)-Kim Ki Bum (Super Junior-Sharp 2)


The drama portrays affection and conflict between a mother
(Kim Hee Ae) and her only daughter (Go Ah Ra). Kim Ki Bum, a member of the
idol group Super Junior,will play the role of the boyfriend of Goh's character.

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Post by iluvmoi » Nov 24th, '06, 06:13

i really cant wait for this drama... i hope there will be subs.. love kibum and go ara~ it should be good ^^

im first! yay~

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Post by kimmi_x » Jan 17th, '07, 13:39

bump.. >.<

ugh.. can someone upload ep6 in torrent please because everytime i download ep6 in clubbox.. it stops at 67%.. so i have to click start, when i did it, the downloads starts all over again T__T someone please help

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Post by enuyasha » Jan 18th, '07, 02:28

This was something I noticed in the first episode Da Mi (Go Ah Ra) gets into a fight and has a cut on her lip and on her hand. By the time Da Mi gets home, her cut on her lip is smaller and her mom ONLY sees her bruise on her hand?

The next morning the cut on her lip is gone? Just in one night?

The thing I found funny was the part where Da Mi went into her grandma's room and I saw Pirates of The Carribean on the tv :lol apparently it was soo entertaining that her grandma fell asleep watching it.

I'm surprised the grandma died in the first episode and it wasn't a car accident or cancer.

I've seen up till ep3 and so far it's not that bad.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that it doesn't say why Da Mi's parents got divorced.
The mother said something about not being a good husband.

The first thought that came to mind after I heard that was that he was cheating on her.

What do you all think about this drama?

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Post by strawberrie1210 » Jan 18th, '07, 05:51

Not bad. Might consider watching it. Looks good. :mrgreen: XD

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Post by meteorjc » Apr 18th, '07, 23:54

just wondering, does da mi end up with anyone?
at first she like the brother and now i'm confused who she end up with.

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Post by alexreeza » Apr 12th, '08, 07:53

hi, wonder if this drama is available on dvd. been downloading from torrent, but not many people are seeding :(

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