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Best Endless Love Series?

Posted: Mar 19th, '06, 20:30
by shiny plastic
Topic explains it all. Which one was your favorite series/season of endless love? Mine would have to be autumn tale. Loved the characters and their embeded relationships with one another. I didn't care much for the last 2 seasons.

Posted: Mar 19th, '06, 20:46
by pyh
Well, I don't think it's fair to decide yet since Spring Waltz isn't over. It may be better than the others but of the past three, I would have to say Autumn Tale.

Posted: Mar 19th, '06, 20:51
by Chidori-Chan
it would be good if you explain abit more .. like full titles of the series and who starred in it and some pics... not everybody knows what you are saying ??

Posted: Mar 19th, '06, 20:53
by shiny plastic
Chidori-Chan wrote:it would be good if you explain abit more .. like full titles of the series and who starred in it and some pics... not everybody knows what you are saying ??
Autumn in my heart

Winter sonata

Summer Scent

Spring Waltz

Posted: Nov 21st, '06, 16:15
by miss_beckham
i hvent watched autumn in my heart but winter sonata is the my first kdrama i hve watched.
and i still like it!
so winter sonata is the best :)

Posted: Nov 21st, '06, 19:39
by Annessa
each series after the first got worse... i still love Autumn Tale and will watch and cry buckets over this drama, because it was the one that got me hooked on kdramas in general. and of course, it's a plus that the cast is one of the most beautiful ever.

winter sonata was ok. i was really into these sad, dramatic love stories at the time, but if i watched it now for the first time, i probably would've given up on it like i did the last two.

i watched the first half of summer scent, because of Song Seung Hun... but it just got repetitive and sloooow, so i stopped altogether... what a waste of time! same with Spring Waltz, i really had no expectation for this drama especially since i wasn't too fond of the cast. i must say Daniel Henney's acting slightly improved.... again, i only got halfway through this drama and gave up.

Posted: Nov 23rd, '06, 07:11
by kurenai_19
have not watched the others but since i'm a big SHK fan i would go for Autumn Tale

Posted: Nov 24th, '06, 20:40
by shoomonkey2
i liked winter sonata the best. :D

Posted: Nov 25th, '06, 07:23
by Zi Yan
Summer Scent :cheers:

SYJ <3

like the ost too :note:

Posted: Nov 25th, '06, 23:12
by giagurrl
As much as I love BYJ, I'd have to go with autumn. it's the best Kdrama I've seen, and to me it still stands out among all the dramas I've seen since. It's also one of the dramas that made me cry the most :cry:

Posted: Nov 29th, '06, 10:14
by en7ph
My vote would be Autumn in My Heart. Best cast as well as best story. I can keep on watching it and it will still bring tears to my eyes. :-) I love watching the cast together. I have not seen any drama that would compare to the chemistry that the cast had except Goong :cheers:

Summer Scent started off well but went downhill from Epi 14 onwards. The ending was too hurried and too many unaswered questions. Too really started out well. And of course because SSH is there :wub:

Haven't had the chance to watch Winter and Spring. Not enough incentive for me to watch :roll

Posted: Dec 4th, '06, 09:39
by daisylya
autumn in my heart :cry:

Posted: Dec 4th, '06, 10:29
by hacksign
I would say Autumn Tale cause it was pretty heartwarming. It envoke a good mixture of emotions from me throughout the whole show...

Winter Sonata is a close second. The idea was nice, the set up was nice, but everything towards (and at) the end made me think "are you serious!?"

Spring Waltz is third. It had a melancholic feel to it so it was quite a nice experience. The story had potential, however, it fell short of what it could have been leaving me feeling a little unsatisfied.

Summer Scent could almost be considered a disaster. There's seems to be nothing holding the story together. Altogether, it was a felt like a sloppy show with a sloppy ending.

Posted: Dec 4th, '06, 14:37
by kobe23
I vote Autumn Tale because that's the only one I've seen.

I don't have any plans to watch any of the others considering both Summer Scent and Spring Waltz are reported to be extremely boring according to many sources and I'm not touching Winter Sonata with a 40-foot pole - There's no way I'm gonna endure another series of Choi Ji Woo's wailing :P

Posted: Dec 4th, '06, 14:54
by hkohko7
even though i haven't watch spring waltz yet i would have to say autumn tale.

autumn da best

Posted: Dec 5th, '06, 06:43
by putera_iblis
this is my first series and i like it a lot..winter sonta also good, but i don't like the end, same with summer scent (i hate the ending very much)..for spring, i haven't watch it so no comment on that

Posted: Dec 5th, '06, 17:16
by calla
I'm torn between Winter & Autumn!


Posted: Apr 15th, '08, 04:39
by kitty_1434456

Endless Love 1: AUTUMN TALEEndless Love 2: WINTER SONATAEndless Love 3: SUMMER SCENT
Endless Love 4: SPRING WALTZ



Posted: Jun 6th, '09, 08:16
by riceavocado
I personally liked Summer Scent the best. I love the summery mood and scenes even if it wasn't everything I hoped for. My least fave had to be Winter Sonata, the show was good in the beginning but once their characters grew up it wasn't as good.

Posted: Jun 8th, '09, 14:11
by lemniscate
i've only watched AUTUMN and SPRING...but i voted for AUTUMN, though i like han hyo joo's performance...

Posted: Jun 13th, '09, 22:43
by spazzy06
Definitely Autumn Tale.

Posted: Jun 14th, '09, 09:01
by like it
for me its spring waltz..really touched my heart!

Posted: Mar 15th, '10, 08:52
by riki_kun
I haven't watched Summer Scent so i can't judge but of the three i've seen so far definitely Winter Sonata , Spring Waltz was good but not at the same level as WS , Autumn Tale was boring and too depressing for me , the ending was too much for me, i don't like tragic endings.

Posted: Mar 25th, '10, 05:26
by em_pangit
Winter Sonata for me.

Posted: Apr 2nd, '10, 18:42
by dmatrix95
Definitely Autumn for me. Love everything about it.