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Posted: Jun 28th, '06, 15:44
by thislove
I just finished dis drama in like four days. Worth watching I love it. Kim Rae Won and Jung Ryu Won are amazing they got chemistry and everything. :cheers:

Posted: Jun 29th, '06, 06:26
by thtlam
I just finished this drama and I have to say I enjoyed it very much...KRW and JRW were really great in the drama.

Posted: Jun 30th, '06, 12:01
by rayvenn
Hi, count me in. I love the won-won couples so much. Had watched this series for the 4th times, yet still suffering from withdrawal syndrome :wub:

Posted: Jul 9th, '06, 21:50
by rainbowtonight
Me too, love " Seung Hee " in here :D

Posted: Jul 11th, '06, 22:31
by da_thao
it sounds pretty good,i just checked out the mvs.where did they film this?

Posted: Jul 18th, '06, 16:23
by dokbupgi
oh i'm so glad to find that i'm not the only wierdo who found this series boring!! ok the girl character is sth different from others series i've seen and there do are some nice parts but even i like kim rae won, i tolerated and tried very hard to finish it finally.
i thot this drama is good coz many people like it. the friend who lent it to me actually finished it in 3 days before making a copy to keep. so perhaps my expectation was too high.

oh ya noticed about the wet patch on seung hee's jacket too. it's really obvious. why is it that the crew did not notice or they did not realise audience would notice it too? so funny. dont know NG how many times.

Posted: Jul 18th, '06, 19:54
by Jecky
i started on this drama && it was REALLY good :D

Which Star Are You From?

Posted: Sep 3rd, '06, 06:38
by aznchic209
I just finished watching "Which Star Are You From" a couple of weeks ago...and I loved it! It took me only a week to finish the series (usually, it takes me three-four weeks to finish one series)! I didn't really understand the beginning of the series and the subtitiles were really poor...I actually thought Kim Bok Shil was actually Hye Su...maybe she lost her memory or something...but I actually like the storyline. I've always wanted someone to make a series about a guy falling for a girl...she dies and he falls in love with her twin sister or in this case, her long lost sister. I believed the chemistry and love between Kim Rae Won and Jung Ryeo Won...they're really cute together. Although I thought Hye Su was a better match for Choi Seung-hee (director), I thought Kim Bok Shil was the one who changed him the most. Kim Bok Shil has the ability to make him mad, sad, and happy all at once. She's weird but I believe that opposites attract and along the way, she touched his heart. She made him able to love again...many people like Hye Su but I'm glad Bok Shil is his soulmate. What I wonder is...what happens when Choi Seung-hee dies...will he be with Hye Su or Kim Bok Shil? Either way, I love the songs in this series. I cried for the first time while watching a korean series...normally, I don't. I'm not emotional...sensitive but definitely not emotional. I loved the was kute and touching...a wedding would have been better but they ended up together and that's what's most important! Which Star Are You From?

Posted: Sep 4th, '06, 01:22
by seaweed
it sounds nice.... is it available on YT? If it is, i think i will just tube it. ^^

Posted: Sep 17th, '06, 05:18
by Lucysweets
I just fiinished watching this on youtube, it is reallly amazing! I love how Bok Sil cries her heart out every time and has a different type of smile / expression for everything, she doesn't seem afraid of messing her face up, her crying is very real, you hear her wheezing and all. I started watching Kdrama recently, I watched this without knowing what they storyline would be, the storyline may seem cheesy but the chemistry between the leads is awesome! Their little actions are so cute and good together!

Re: What Star Are You From (MBC, 2006) ft. KRW, JRW

Posted: Sep 27th, '06, 22:49
by Maylin-Ri
How do you download it? I usually don't like to watch any drama but this got me hooked...

Posted: Sep 28th, '06, 16:56
by aznbabe
i exspected more.. but it was still good. ^^
but the best thing in WSAYF was the 'won-won' couple woahah
so cuteyy x)

Posted: Sep 28th, '06, 17:35
by RedCoral
I really enjoy it; they (won-won) had such good chemistry.

Posted: Sep 29th, '06, 09:20
by *kawaii*
i watched the drama i thought at the begining its boring twin idea
but it was so cute
i like it

Posted: Sep 29th, '06, 12:36
by homeboi19
I like this drama and Jung Ryu Won! :cheers:

Posted: Oct 16th, '06, 02:42
by captainoats
bnim wrote:Can any of you tell me where i can find the song that they play on episode 1 when he saw her at the bus stop? It played through out the whole series but i don't think it is on the ost.
I'm looking for that song too.. Anyone know it?


Posted: Oct 31st, '06, 14:06
by sourlemonterror
captainoats wrote:
bnim wrote:Can any of you tell me where i can find the song that they play on episode 1 when he saw her at the bus stop? It played through out the whole series but i don't think it is on the ost.
I'm looking for that song too.. Anyone know it?


must watch

Posted: Dec 11th, '06, 23:59
by along
Currently watching episode 1-3..nothing i can say...its a good drama..with hensem actor..
Trust wil enjoy after see it..:thumright:

Posted: Dec 19th, '06, 07:37
by along
This story... :D really really my fovourite drama i ever seen.. :wub:

Kim Rae Won as Choi Seung-hee
Jung Ryu Won as im Bok-shil

i really like both of them..perfect combination..funny character... :thumright:

Story line is good make me wacthing this drama... :salut:

special thank to the script writer, director..and all workers behind the scene...kamsamnida.. :w00t:

To all seeder.. :-) thank a lot.... :lol


know i going to find video clip this drama...can anyone help me.... :lol ?

Posted: Dec 23rd, '06, 21:28
by thislove
I loved this drama it was really both funny and sad at some parts in the drama.

Posted: Jan 9th, '07, 08:34
by byul_chunsa
i think the plot of the story of this drama is good... the only problem i experience with this is the poor subtitle so i was not able to understand the lines between the actors. i thought JRW's acting is dry at first but after several chapters i realize that her acting is not bad after all. but indeed she did a good job in this drama. :)

Posted: Feb 19th, '07, 17:33
by arabian
where i can found the raw file to download it by torrent..
Is someone remove it from the site..

Posted: May 12th, '07, 11:20
by Gracey
yeah, where can i get the torrent for this series?

i tried searching in the torrent section but i can't found the link.
help pls, anyone?
i'hv been searching for this everywhere

Posted: May 12th, '07, 11:38
by o0glad2bbiba0o
this show is going to be aired in ABS-CBN (a network company in the Philippines) soon! :D

Posted: May 12th, '07, 13:51
by bean
Yaya, watch it, this drama is quite good, my country just finish show this drama. But to tell the truth i dont really think dat the bok shil character potray very good, i mean the way JRW act is too over coz she though mayb bok shil is from village so she need to act like very a very outdated girl but for me she look like crazy people... sorry if i offense anyone, but i really like this drama n i have finish watching it last week :lol

Posted: May 18th, '07, 08:52
by pinkstars
dOes anyone know where can i download the OST for this series?
all the links that have been posted here are not working.
pls.pls.i really want to hear the songs all over again. :(

Posted: May 26th, '07, 15:43
by royalcouple_leechae
um can i join u???

is there any torrent links for this drama? i'm trying the links from soompi but it wont work... hehehe... can you give me guys some alternativeS???

thanks in advance!

Posted: May 29th, '07, 12:38
by SachiChan
sourlemonterror wrote:
captainoats wrote:
bnim wrote:Can any of you tell me where i can find the song that they play on episode 1 when he saw her at the bus stop? It played through out the whole series but i don't think it is on the ost.
I'm looking for that song too.. Anyone know it?


Thanks for the link! I can't seem to download the .mp3 files or open the links. Is there something I overlooked? :blink

Posted: May 29th, '07, 12:49
by thirsty_al
is the torrent for the series atill arounnd? i can't find it can someone link me pls.

Posted: May 30th, '07, 08:45
by bean
If wan dl thing i sugesst u all go here :lol ... ae&act=idx

Here got lots of stuff to dl u just have to join and the registeration is free ^ ^

Posted: May 30th, '07, 13:57
by thirsty_al
hmm, i can't find the downloads for which star are you from... could you direct me?
many thanks

Posted: May 30th, '07, 16:11
by bean
thirsty_al wrote:hmm, i can't find the downloads for which star are you from... could you direct me?
many thanks
Erm, after u log in u go to one sit got k-drama , movie and OST download...

Then after u enter there u search for it in the thread... I just check and its there..... So if u go now, u can dl ... Hope i can help u ... ^^

Posted: Jun 9th, '07, 08:52
by ryoerika
I just finish watching this drama. It's pretty funny and good. I like it.

Posted: Jun 9th, '07, 09:17
by anndieso
i love this's comedy and drama..yes! some parts are really tearjerker but at least it has funny moments too!! the siundtrack too!!

the plot's ordinary but the actors made it so fun to watch!!

can anyone tell me where can i download the soundtrack of this drama and also the soundtrack of "autumn in my heart" please!!

tnx!! watch it![/b]

Posted: Jul 16th, '07, 13:21
by littledraci
8) haven't watch it til now....
don't know why but I don't like Jung Ryeo Won that mutch *probably totally affected because of her part in Kim Sam-Soon...*

will I sympatize with her here in Wich star..?

btw. I'm absolutly addicted to Kim Rae Won's hairstyle from this pics and his latest movies.... :wub: :mrgreen:

Posted: Oct 20th, '07, 14:56
by lanceylane
where can i find the torrents for this drama? i cant find it =[

Posted: Oct 23rd, '07, 00:56
by sweetcrush027
yes where can i find a place to DL this drama? thanks :D

Posted: Oct 28th, '07, 08:55
by hehrharz
I am watching this series...the story is good although I haven't finished it ^^ ...I like Kim Rae Won very much here, so handsome ^^

Posted: Mar 29th, '08, 12:49
by shearerc
anyone know where to d/l the HQ 700mb versions without using clubbox?

Posted: Mar 30th, '08, 03:56
by beertax Hope you understand korean/ know someone who understands korean to navigate the site. But it is superfast and if you pay $15 youc an download as much as you want. Has around 30-40 tetrabytes of mostly kdramas/ shows/ movies.

Posted: Apr 15th, '08, 03:33
by shearerc
Well with the neighbor's help, I got all the HQ eps from clubbox.

In case anyone is looking for the complete series on megaupload, I've posted it on soompi ... &p=9225501

What Star are You From? Song title?

Posted: Aug 8th, '09, 18:01
by vespasian81
Hi there... what is the song that Jung Ryeo Won plays on piano at the end of episode 1 of What star are you from? I want to learn and play it so bad!!!! Thanks.

Posted: Jul 8th, '11, 08:03
by Sajen16
In episode 5 when she first meets her new family and they start deciding to control her life my first and only reaction is to run away immediately, I'm assuming she doesn't do the smart thing and run away does she? if not why why doesn't she run away she's much better off living in the mountains