April Kiss (KBS, 2004)

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April Kiss (KBS, 2004)

Post by kure » Oct 29th, '05, 02:12

Through its characters, who have to hurt one another only because of love, The Kiss Of April makes the audience think about the genuine meaning of love. Love is not just a single feeling; rather, it’s a mixture of the soul and body, and of hatred and attachment. That is why love is strong and passionate.


1. Desperate love vs. destined love
The destined love of Chae-won and Jeong-woo versus the desperate love of Chae-won and Jae-sup. Which of the two kinds of love is the closet to genuine love: destined love or earned love?

2. Foolish love and marriage in anticipation of death
Kang Jae-dong and Shim Sun-young have only one year for their ardent love because Sun-young has been diagnosed with a terminal disease. But Jae-dong refuses to leave Sun-young, and Sun-young has to find ways to turn down his feelings.

3. Passionate love met at dusk
Chae-won’s father has been living thinking solely about his deceased wife. One day, he starts receiving attention from a woman he meets at dusk. But even at dusk, love can be very passionate.

4. First love
Han, a bird professor, and Ms. Oh, a woman from his hometown, share precious memories of their first love. But as the two meet again after several years, they start feeling the same way they did years ago.

Song Chae-won (Su-ae) :
Chae-won is a charming woman, who is also talented in arts. She majored in sculpture in college, and currently teaches at her private art school. One of the things that she cherishes the most is a pair of paddy birds that she received as a gift from her middle-school boyfriend. Every time Chae-won looks at the birds, she comes to recall her middle-school love. But she can’t figure out if her feelings for Jeong-woo, her middle-class boyfriend, are her affection for him or simply a piece of memory. However, one thing is clear: she is currently with the guy named Kang Jae-sup. But one day, Jeong-woo shows up, and the two men find themselves embroiled in a whirlpool of love.

Kang Jae-sup (Cho Han-sun) :
Kang Jae-sup possesses the charisma of an eagle. He learned about the importance of hard work and patience at a very young age. He succeeded in becoming a director at a renowned corporation solely through his hard work and abilities, and he firmly believes that everything in life is possible through a hard work. Jae-sup spent his childhood in utter poverty, and now he desperately strives to become rich and famous. One day, he even learns how to bake, and bakes a cake for Chae-won, who becomes very impressed. When his older brother, Jae-dong, who was always treated coldly by their father, tells him about his decision to marry a terminally ill woman, a café owner, who has only two years to live, Jae-sup eagerly supports his brother. Through that support, Jae-sup probably endeavors to realize his own yearning for a destined love.

Han Jeong-woo (Lee Jung-jin) :
Han Jeong-woo has an aloof and careless personality, like a stork. But at the same time, he is a romantic and unceremonious person who seems to live apart from the tumult of the world and easily adapts to circumstances. He was raised in a financially well-off family, and he doesn’t yearn for success that much. He believes that life is too short not to enjoy it and indulges in the pleasures of life, spending most of his time on his hobbies. He enjoys riding a bicycle in the forest and looking at birds. But one day, his life changes dramatically because of Chae-won and Jae-sup, and something that brings him to ruin.

Jang Jin-ah (So Yi-hyun) :
A daughter of the owner of Daejin Group, Jang Jin-ah is director of the Design Department and a college senior of Chae-won. She has an outgoing and self-confident personality underscored by her sophisticated looks. Since her childhood, she has despised her father’s indulgence in women. That is why she does not believe in love and does not trust men. But the day she meets Jeong-woo, Jin-ah finds herself attracted to his unique romantic personality and good sense of humor.
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Post by xbtcmdx » Nov 14th, '05, 04:58

i wanna see this series but havent found any clubbox that has it and theres no subtitles for it =[

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Post by ngongan » Nov 14th, '05, 21:19

some other pic of this series
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Post by xbtcmdx » Nov 14th, '05, 22:22

wonder if any1 wil sub this?

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Post by creidesca » Nov 15th, '05, 04:56

I only have EP 15 and up in wmv format, each file being close to 350mb because it's basically the 700k bitrate version from KBS
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Post by kure » Nov 15th, '05, 10:07

i know where to download this series


but i don't know how to request subtitle of this web

who know please tell me,or requst yourself.

if we 're almost request we'll see soon55

thank you!!!!!!

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Post by xbtcmdx » Nov 16th, '05, 00:07

i doubt any1's gonna sub this =/

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Post by lawrence » Jul 1st, '06, 04:46

anyone knows the title of the song that they keep on playing if So Yi-hyun is happy???

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