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D-Addicts Members' TOP 30 Favorite Korean Dramas - Vote Now!

Posted: Sep 17th, '05, 22:05
by babai
I really like the JDorama site, and I wish there was one just like it for Korean dramas. I like the Top 50 Dramas and Artists features. Because of this, I want to start a thread where people cast their votes for their favorite Korean dramas. If this works, and a lot of people respond, I'll keep on updating this first post, so we can come up with a Top 30. I picked just 30 because there aren't as many Korean dramas as Jdoramas. I would also like to request the mods to please not merge this with the Korean Drama Recommendations thread, since this is a list of votes made by ppl of their most favorite Korean dramas. I'm really curious as to how this list will look like.

1) Full House - 215


2) My Name is Kim Sam Soon - 176


3.)My Girl - 164


4.)Goong - 159


5.)I'm Sorry I Love You - 107


6.) Stairway to Heaven - 70


7.)Save the Last Dance for Me - 68


11.)Sassy/Delightful Girl Chun-Hyang - 67


8.)Winter Sonata - 60


10.)Autumn in my Heart - 58


8.)Sweet 18 - 56


12.)Dae Jang Geum - 50


13.) Let's Go to School Sang Doo! - 46


14.)Wonderful Life - 44


14.)What Happened in Bali - 38


17.)Lovers in Paris - 36


16.)All About Eve - 35


19.)Love Story in Harvard - 33


18.)Damo - 29


19.)Sad Sonata/Love Story - 28


21.)Attic Cat - 27


22.)All In - 25


26.)Spring Waltz - 22

24.)Successful Story of a Bright Girl - 22


Coffee Prince - 21

Dal Ja's Spring – 21

Fantasy Couple – 21

24.)My Love Patzzi - 20


23.)Beautiful Days - 20


26.)Heaven's Tree - 19

25.)Wedding - 17


26.)1% of Anything – 17

Only You - 16
Summer Scent - 16

A Love to Kill – 15
Bad Family - 15
Hotelier - 15
Resurrection – 15

Nine-Tailed Fox – 14
Snow White (Taste Sweet Love) - 14
Which Star Are You From? - 14

Super Rookie - 13

Green Rose – 12
Phoenix - 12

Soulmate - 11

18 vs. 29 - 10
My 19 Yr. Old sister-In-Law - 10

Jumong - 9
Oh Pil Seung Bong Soon Young - 9

Lovers in Prague - 7
Prince's First Love - 7
Ruler of Your Own World - 7
Snow Queen – 7
Sweet Spy - 7

Love Letter - 6
Time Between Dog & Wolf - 6

Emperor of the Sea - 5
Fashion 70s - 5
Hello Miss - 5
Terms of Endearment - 5
Thank You - 5
The Vineyard Man - 5
We are Dating Now - 5
Witch Yoo Hee - 5

Country Princess/Funny Wild Girl - 4
Flowers of my Life - 4
Glass Shoes/Slippers - 4
Miss Kim's Million Dollar Adventure/Quest – 4
Over the Rainbow - 4
Queen of the Game - 4
Spring Day - 4
Stained Glass - 4
What's Up Fox? – 4

Alone in Love – 3
Be Strong Geum-Soon - 3
Exhibition of Fireworks - 3
Guardian Angel - 3
Hard Candy Teacher - 3
I Am Sam - 3
I Really Really Like You - 3
Loveholic – 3
Lovers - 3
Marrying a Millionaire - 3
Princess Lulu - 3
Que Sera Sera – 3
The Devil - 3
Thousand Years of Love - 3
Wish Upon a Star - 3

9 End 2 Outs - 2
Crazy for You - 2
Fireworks - 2
Four Sisters – 2
Get Karl Oh Soo Jung - 2
Goong S – 2
Hello Baby - 2
Hello God - 2
Hello My Teacher - 2
Hot Tropical Nights in December – 2
Immortal Lee Soon Shin - 2
Ireland – 2
Irene/Miss Mermaid – 2
Piano - 2
Romance - 2
Second Proposal - 2
Secret - 2
Shooting Stars - 2
Snow Queen - 2
Tomato - 2
To Shoot a Star - 2
Yellow Handkerchief - 2
You and I – 2

Age of Innocence
Ballad of Seo Dong
The Bean Chaff of My Life
Beautiful Life
The Bizarre Bunch
Capital Scandal
Cloud Stairway
Delicious Proposal
Eyes od Dawn
The Four Gods
Goodbye Solo
The Great Ambition
Heart of Lies
Hello Franceska
Hong Gil Dong
Hwang Jin Yi
Ice Girl
Immortal Yi Sun-Shin
I’m Your Teacher
In Search of Love
Into the Sun
King Dae Joyoung
Let’s Go to the Beach
The Moon Over Seoul
Mr. Goodbye
One Fine Day
Our Stance on How to Treat a Break-up
The Red Bean Bun
Roses and Beansprouts
Rosy Life
Rules of Love
The Sandglass
Scent of a Man
Seo Dong Yo
Seoul 1945
Silk Flower
Smile Again
Surgeon Bong Dal Hee
Tell Me You Love Me
Ties that Bind
Wedding Dress
Yeon Gae Somun
You are a Star/She's a Star/My Star, My Love

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Based on: 367 posts

Note: Everytime you watch a series that you would like to vote for, just make a new post; don't edit your original post because it'll be difficult for me to monitor your votes.

Re: Top 30 Korean Dramas

Posted: Sep 17th, '05, 22:34
by jholic
babai wrote:I would also like to request the mods to please not merge this with the Korean Drama Recommendations thread
OK! :)

i admire your courage. i actually think this is going to be rather difficult to implement w/o an automatic voting system. are you sure this is not in any other korean drama forum(s)?

in any case, someone can correct me if i'm wrong, but i believe jdorama's system is based on one vote as the most favorite drama. therefore, you may want to put a number in parenthesis next to each of the nominated dramas.

the other suggestion i have is to have each member vote/post ONCE for the BEST kdrama (in his/her opinion). this way, you won't need to tally 2nd and 3rd place votes. it's just my suggestion.

i will be reserving my vote until i have watched enough kdramas....

Re: Top 30 Korean Dramas

Posted: Sep 17th, '05, 23:14
by babai
jholic wrote: someone can correct me if i'm wrong, but i believe jdorama's system is based on one vote as the most favorite drama.
Actually, you can vote for more than one drama on the jdorama site. Thanks for your suggestion.

Posted: Sep 18th, '05, 00:00
by MoerkJ
the top list at reflects only which drama is the most known and most liked among the users. It doesn't reflect the quality of the listed dramas. Also lists with all-time top tv-ratings don't tell us much. Lot's of good dramas are not in this list (for obvious reasons). I rather trust the download statistics. (lots of downloads = good drama) :wink:

you can find a few kdrama toplists (and shitlists) on

If you really want to create a toplist you need to provide something countable. For example you have to name your N most favourite dramas and give them points from N to 1. Then somebody has to add the points. :|

edit: just added some links.

Posted: Sep 18th, '05, 00:14
by MoerkJ
another way to create your top drama list easily....

list all users with the dramas they recommended in all those recommendation threads (to avoid double countings). Then give every recommeded drama 1 point and sum that up. Make a list with the dramas sorted by points. :mrgreen:

The easiest way would be probably if you make a spreadsheet of that data. (e.g. with Excel.. make a big table with dramas on the x-axis and users on the y-axis... in each user row you enter 0 (default) or 1 point if recommended... let Excel sum up the columns... or something similar. I've never worked with Excel)

You can do that now if you want. :wink:

Posted: Sep 18th, '05, 00:45
by groink
You could try implementing a system like I did with the Japanese drama recommendations list: ... &start=145

--- groink

Posted: Sep 18th, '05, 22:05
by babai
Hey guys, I did this using groink’s system, which I really like. I’m sure this isn’t completely accurate, but you can definitely get the gist of it. I based this on the Korean drama recommendations thread.

Full House – 76

I’m Sorry I Love You – 49

Sweet 18 – 36

Stairway to Heaven – 33

Lovers in Paris – 28

All About Eve – 22

Dae Jang Geum – 21

Autumn Tale – 19

Let’s Go to School Sang Doo - 17
Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang - 17

My Name is Kim Sam Soon – 16
Winter Sonata – 16

Attic Cat – 14

Damo - 13
All In - 13
My Love Patzzi – 13
Romance – 13

Beautiful Days - 12
Successful Story of a Bright Girl - 12

What Happened in Bali - 11
Love Story in Harvard - 11
Sad Love Story – 11

Save the Last Dance for Me – 8
Oh! Pil Seung, Bong Soon Young - 8

Snow White (Taste Sweet Love) - 7

Ruler of Your Own World – 6
Nine-Tailed Fox - 6

The Sandglass – 5
Glass Shoes - 5
1% of Anything – 5

It’s crazy that Full House is no. 1. I mean, it’s a good drama, but definitely not good enough, in my opinion, to be in the top spot. Also, Lovers in Paris? That high? :glare: Then again, this is only based on recommendations and not an official top list, so the results might be different. Anyways, here are the rest in case anyone’s interested:

Wonderful Life - 4
Hotelier - 4

Phoenix - 3
Spring Day – 3

Delicious Proposal - 2
Love Letter – 2
Loveholic – 2
Resurrection – 2

I didn’t include the ones with just one vote.

I was still hoping for a Top 30 list, like the one I first proposed, but if people don’t vote, then that’s completely fine with me… less work for me definitely. :D However, if you’re not satisfied with how this list looks and still wanna vote, then simply type in your most favorite dramas, the ones that, in your opinion, belong to a whole different mold from the rest. I’ll count them using the same system and display the results on my first post. Laterz amigos.

Posted: Sep 18th, '05, 22:16
by MoerkJ
Not really a surprise. Full House is the kdrama with the most downloads here at D-Addicts. :wink:
Probably followed by Sweet18 and MISA.

Nice that you took the initiative. :clap:
Yeah the 1 point per recommendation is a good system. It is basically what does... (and what I suggested in my 2nd post).

you just have to be careful not to double count. Ppl like to recommend the same dramas in different threads (or even in the same XD).

Posted: Sep 19th, '05, 03:22
by busyizzy
I think this is kindof unfair to see top 30 dramas, period. I'm Korean so my mom watches nearly any of the famous dramas from like, years ago, but most people have only seen a few, and the few that they see are the ones recommended them to other people, aka, the ones poular on this site. There are lots of dramas I liked that never really got english subs and/or uploaded here, so they'd be heavily overlooked, simply cuz people don't have access to them. And that's of no fault of anyone, but just a point I thought I'd make.

That said, if people will vote, I'd be willing to throw in a list of my favorite dramas, but right now, my roommate is pulling me away to watch the new trailer of Harry Potter. :)

Posted: Sep 19th, '05, 03:57
by MoerkJ
That's true and it has been discussed before that ppl can only recommend the (few) dramas they know.
So, I made it "Top 30 Recommended Korean Dramas" then.

Posted: Sep 19th, '05, 04:46
by rambutan
Most fave first:
1) Winter Sonata
2) Damo
3) Stairway to Heaven
4) Autumn Love Story
5) Full House
6) I'm Sorry, I Love You
7) Hotelier
8) Beautiful Life

Posted: Sep 19th, '05, 05:23
by Ruroshin
since the DramaWiki has grown in sufficient size now I might code something in the holidays to allow members to recommend series that are in the wiki.


Posted: Sep 19th, '05, 14:32
by sosushi2
1. I'm Sorry I Love You
2. My Lovely Kim Sam Soon
3. Full House
4.Autumn Love Story
5. Winter Sonata
6. Love Letter
7. Attic Cat

Posted: Sep 19th, '05, 18:34
by karenee
Full House definitely!!! One of the best Love and humor dramas I have seen!

Posted: Sep 19th, '05, 23:22
by Dahee Fanel
"I'm Sorry, I Love You" beats them all into the GROUND, baby. :P

Posted: Sep 20th, '05, 01:05
by tumbles
1. Sorry, I Love You
2. Damo
3. All About Eve
4. What Happened In Bali
5. All In
6. Sweet 18
7. Rulers Of Your Own World
8. Let's Go To School, Sang-Doo

Posted: Sep 20th, '05, 04:44
by aznjewel
Stairway to Heaven
I'm Sorry I Love You
My Love Patzzi
Full House
Snow White (Taste Sweet Love)
Love Story in Harvard
Save the Last Dance for Me

Posted: Sep 22nd, '05, 03:17
by Sam18q
Top on my list:

Sunflower (old MBC drama and my first k-drama :D )
Sweet 18
Beautiful Days
All About Eve
Green Rose

Posted: Sep 22nd, '05, 04:15
by creidesca
starting from most recent:
Be Strong Geum-soon
2nd Proposal
Sorry I Love You
You are a Star/She's a Star/My Star, My Love
Terms of Endearment
Tell Me You Love Me
Sangdoo! Let's Go to School
Country Princess/Funny Wild Girl
To Shoot a Star

Posted: Sep 22nd, '05, 08:30
by chan2x
1. What happened in Bali
2. Spring Day
3. To Shoot a Star

Im looking for PIANO!

Obviously I really love Jo In Sung!

Posted: Sep 22nd, '05, 10:16
by strwberri
My Favorites are:

Autumn Love Story
Stairway to Heaven
Tomato (not available at d addicts)
Summer Scent (not available at d addicts)
Sweet 18
Winter Sonata
All In
Successful Story of a Bright Girl

Posted: Sep 22nd, '05, 10:33
by Xay
For me:

Sangdoo! Let's Go to School
Sorry I love you
Full House
Wonderful Life
Autumn Tale
My name is Kim Sam-Soon

Posted: Sep 22nd, '05, 10:41
by Seghal
Ruroshin wrote:since the DramaWiki has grown in sufficient size now I might code something in the holidays to allow members to recommend series that are in the wiki.
I think the best would be a voting system like the ones of IMDb or OFDb. But a recommendation system is fine too.

Posted: Sep 22nd, '05, 10:55
by skara
Save the Last Dance for Me

Posted: Sep 22nd, '05, 16:20
by ookamiki
For me

Attic Cat
Full House
My name is Kim Sam Soon
All in
Success story of a bright girl

Posted: Sep 23rd, '05, 00:48
by Handa
1. Damo
2. Emperor of the Sea
3. Dae Jang Geum
4. Let's Go To School, Sang-Doo!
5. Attic Cats
6. All In
7. My Lovely Kim Sam Soon

Posted: Sep 24th, '05, 05:10
by lilpiggi3
Top favorite list--
1. Dae Jang Guem
2.My Name is Kim Sam Soom
3.Full House

Posted: Sep 24th, '05, 08:36
by kwon
1) My name is Kim Sam Soon
2) Green rose
3) Sad Sonata
4) Autumn tale
5) Stairway to heaven
6) The last dance is with me
7) Wonderful life
8) Full house
9) Let's go to school Sang Doo
10) Snow white

And the list goes on and on :D

Posted: Sep 24th, '05, 10:50
by joeyclaire
1. Full House
2. Sangdoo, let's go to school
3. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
4. Wedding
5. Wonderful life
6. Save the last dance
7. My Successful story of a bright girl
8. My love patzzi
9. Attic Cat
10. Only You

Posted: Sep 24th, '05, 11:34
by rochinipark
1.i'm sorry i love u
2.lovers in paris
3.delightful girl choon hyang
4.what happen in bali
5.resurrection sam soon
7.winter sonata
8.bright girl sucess story
9.attic cat story in harvard

Posted: Sep 24th, '05, 15:38
by AsianblueX
Summer Scent!!! &&& Full House!!!

Posted: Sep 24th, '05, 15:46
by babyxdorkii
full house
sangdoo let's go to school
what happened in bali <this drama is wierd i don't know y kind of know what to expect but there's just something that make me keep watching it wierd...maybe it just have JIS or soemthing but it's not that>
sassy grl choon-hyang
winter sonata
summer scent

Posted: Sep 24th, '05, 19:13
by NiikuraKaoru
1. Stairway to Heaven
2. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
3. MISA - Im Sorry I Love You
4. Winter Sonata
5. Lovers in Paris
6. Sad Love Story

Posted: Sep 24th, '05, 19:25
by Jules
Immortal Lee Soon Shin is teh best

Posted: Sep 24th, '05, 23:51
by ajewell
03. DAMO
07. SWEET 18

Posted: Sep 25th, '05, 02:45
by Jud
2. Resurrection
3. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
4. Beautiful Days
3. Damo
4. Love Letter
5. Dating Now
6. Delightful Girl Choon Hyang
7. Whis Upon A Star
8. Our Stance On How To Treat a Break-Up
9. 18 VS. 29
10. Phoenix

Posted: Sep 25th, '05, 02:58
by aoi_hana
I'm not really sure how many to put, but I'll just do top 5.

1. Full House
2. My Love Patzzi
3. Successful Story of a Bright Girl
4. 1% of Anything
5. All In


Posted: Sep 27th, '05, 00:15
by cuteangelika
My Name is Kim Sam Soon and Dae Jang Geum
These are the dramas that shook me to the core.. :) Full House just tickled me a bit...

Posted: Sep 27th, '05, 08:50
by PJB
1. I'm Sorry I Love You
2. Sang Doo! 학교 가
3. Sweet 18
4. Full House
5. Stairway to Heaven
6. My Name is Kim Sam Soon

Posted: Oct 4th, '05, 13:17
by nikeg
1. Lets Go to school sangdoo
2. emperor of the sea
3. second proposal
4. phoenix
5. sad love story
6. all about eve
7. oh pil seung and bong soon young
8. full house
9. romance in paris
10. im sorry i love you

Posted: Oct 4th, '05, 15:37
by shi
Damo. That's easy.

Posted: Oct 4th, '05, 15:44
by Jalila
i haven't watched that much korean series but of the dramas that i've seen so far my faves are
1) love story in harvard
2) super rookie (haven't finished watching this yet but i'm already hooked)
3) sweet 18

Posted: Oct 4th, '05, 15:51
by tyn
1. attic cat
2. hotelier
3. full house
4. autumn in my heart
5. I'm sorry, I love you
6. my love patzzi
7. we are dating now
8. all in

Posted: Oct 4th, '05, 23:08
by venusling
My favourite K-dramas:

1. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
2. I'm Sorry, I Love You
3. Let's go to school, Sang Doo
4. Prince's First Love
5. Sweet 18
6. Spring Day
7. Lover in Paris
8. Wonderful Life
9. 18 vs 29
10. My Love Patzzi

Posted: Oct 4th, '05, 23:27
by Athaclena42
My votes go with Delightful Girl Choon-hyang, Sweet 18, and Bright Girl's Success Story.

Posted: Oct 4th, '05, 23:56
by innocentchica
1) Full House
2) Let's Go to School Sang Doo
3) My Name Is Kim Sam Soon
4) I'm Sorry I Love You
5) Sweet 18
6) All In
7) Beautiful Days
8) Delightful Girl Choon Hyang
9) My Love Patzzi
10) Lovers in Paris
11) Tomato
12) Dae Jang Geum
13) 18:29
14) Fashion 70s
15) All About Eve
16) Snow White
17) Oh Pil Seung Boon Soon Young
18) Nine-Tailed Fox
19) Miss Kim's Adventures in Making a Million
20) Love Story In Harvard
21) Four Sisters

okies... phew. this completes my list. =)

Posted: Oct 5th, '05, 02:29
by bwena87
my favourite are...

1.full house
2. im sorry i love you
3. let's go to school sang-doo
4. my name is kim sam soon
5. autumn tale (won bin & SSH) :wub:
6. phoenix (eric looks soo hot) :lol
7. stairway to heaven
8. winter sonata
9. nine tailed fox (jun jin :wub: )
10. sad love story.... it kinda dragged but i like it XD

Posted: Oct 5th, '05, 05:58
by vic_taebin
my favorite dramas are:
delightful girl chun hyang
my name is kim samsoon
fulll house
love story in harvard
snow white
super rookie

Posted: Oct 5th, '05, 06:13
by JadedAngel
What Happened in Bali, the all time best! :D

Posted: Oct 5th, '05, 06:21
by ay_link
Top 30? hmm I've watched quite a lot of kdramas, so I'll just pick my Top 10 best ones:

they are:

1. Beautiful Days
2. Secret
3. Full House
4. All About Eve
5.. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
6.. Delightful Girl Choon-hyang
7. What happened in Bali
8. I'm sorry I love you
9. Last dance is with me
10. 18: 29

Posted: Oct 5th, '05, 06:29
by rabbit2112
I also just started to watch korean drama, but these are my fav:

1. Full House
2. Delightful Girl Choon Hyang :wub:
3. Wonderful life
4. 18:29
5 Stairway to Heaven :wub: (my first drama series ==> leads to crazziness of kdrama.. hohho)

Hm... I can only give 5 ^^ but currently downloading and watching :"Sweet 18" and " 1% of anything". Still on episode 1 but I like it ^O^

Posted: Oct 5th, '05, 06:36
by bugsie
My all time favorite.
1. MiSa

K-dramas i liked (in no particular order)
2. Stairway to Heaven
Attic Cat
Sangdoo, Let's Go to School
Sad Sonata
Full House
Prince's First Love

Posted: Oct 6th, '05, 20:47
by Happygirl
My favourites are:

1. Winter Sonata
2. All About Eve
3. Autumn in My Heart
4. Lovers in Paris
5. Dae Jang Geum
6. Hotelier
7. Beautiful Days
8. Last Dance is with Me
9. Loverstory in Harvard
10. Stained Glass
11. Sweet 18


Posted: Oct 6th, '05, 22:49
by Jannah
Let me put in my votes... In no particular order:
- Dae Jang Geum
- Sweet 18
- All About Eve
- I'm Sorry, I Love You
- Delicious Proposal
- Oh! Pil Seung, Bong Soon Young
- Resurrection
- Let's Go to School, Sangdoo!
- Full House
- My Name is Kim Sam Soon

Posted: Oct 6th, '05, 23:03
by fayenatic
Winter Sonata
All In

Posted: Oct 9th, '05, 06:12
by kko_lit
Love these three the most... :lol

1. Sang-doo! Let's Go to School
2. My Lovely Sam-soon
3. Full House

Posted: Oct 22nd, '05, 04:15
by s_h_a_d_o_w
1) My Name Is Kim Sam Soon
2) Winter Sonata
3) Stairway To Heaven
4) Sad Love Story
5) I'm Sorry I Love You

Yeehawwwww! :lol: :D Unnie... sarang hae! :p

top fav drama

Posted: Oct 22nd, '05, 04:26
by kepit
1.what happen in bali :salut:
2.full house :lol
3.sad love story :wub:
4.i'm sorry i love you :wub:
(i dunt watch love story in harvard, my name is kim sam soon, attic cat....are they dat good???) :unsure:

Posted: Oct 22nd, '05, 04:28
by s_h_a_d_o_w
kepit, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon is my favorite! :Lol It's really good and unique! :wub: I suggest you watch it! :D

Posted: Oct 22nd, '05, 05:01
by hmong_thoj
Thes Are My ToP 12 List?

1) Sweet 18
2) I'm Sorry I Love You
3) My Name Is Kim Sam Soon
4) Wonderful Life
5) Love Story In Harvard
6) Green Rose
7) Save The Last Dance
8) Loveholic
9) Fashion 70's
10) 1% Of Anything
11) Wedding

Posted: Oct 22nd, '05, 09:40
by Something_Cool
1. Save The Last Dance For Me
2. My Name is Kim Sam-Soon
3. Phoenix
4. Super Rookie
5. All In

Posted: Oct 24th, '05, 02:35
by hksaznlibra
My vote =O) for the ones I watched so far...

2.Full House
3.Wonderful Life
4.Stairway to Heaven
5.What Happen in Bali

MNIKSS is the best !

Posted: Oct 24th, '05, 04:31
by super5
I go for My name is kim sam soon !!! some romance and great humor in it !! VERY GOOD KDRAMA !!

My list:
1. My Name is Kim Sam Soon :thumright:
2. Stairway to Heaven
3. WInter Sonata
4. I'm Sorry, I Love You
5. Ireland
6. Thousand Years of Love
7. Nine-Tailed Fox (mmm forgot the proper title)
8. What Happened in Bali

So far, those are the ones I have watched. I listed them in order of preference. The first one is the best!! :D
Thinking about: full house... mmm... not sure yet :scratch:

Posted: Oct 24th, '05, 05:07
by ayahirayama
the best one i have to say would have to be

let's go to school Sang-doo

its so funny at times, and serious at time, and the story is just one of the best i've ever seen, and the little girl that plays Bori is sooo cute.

Posted: Oct 24th, '05, 05:20
by holymasamune
winter sonata and autumn tale are good

Posted: Oct 25th, '05, 01:50
by yuans7love
my favorite favorite favorite drama is: Sangdoo, Let's Go To School!!!

Posted: Oct 25th, '05, 04:42
by xiaryx
My top 3:
1)Beautiful Days
2)Autumn Tales
3)MISA, Sorry I Love you

strange how the classics are not appeared on the top of the guys have alot of catching up to do :mrgreen:

Posted: Oct 25th, '05, 04:52
by Groovy
1. full house
2. what happened in bali
3. we're dating now
4. My Love Patzzi
5. Oh Pil Seung

Posted: Oct 25th, '05, 07:20
by khristine
JadedAngel wrote:What Happened in Bali, the all time best! :D

#1. What Happened in Bali-my all time favourite!


Autumn Tale
Full House
MiSa (Sorry I Love You)
Stairway To Heaven

other dramas no need mentioning..

havent seen damo, samsoon, ROYOW, WDN yet
seeding so slow! :sweat:

Posted: Nov 1st, '05, 05:05
by yokemun
1.My name is kim sam soon
2.full house
3.what happen in bali(currently watching 2nd episode...but so far so good...)

Posted: Nov 2nd, '05, 09:17
by mimi_luvs_JKdramas
My top 5 is :
-Summer Scent :cry:
-Yurihwa :wub:
-Sweet 18 :w00t:
-Hot Tropical Nights in December :cry:
-My name is Kim Sam Soon :lol

Posted: Nov 2nd, '05, 13:35
by cetok
i wonder those who vote have they watched every drama or not?
i think its not a good vote because full house is famously aired on every asian country whereas some korean dramas r not

Posted: Nov 3rd, '05, 21:30
by steffy
1. Misa
2. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
3. Full House
4. Let's go to school Sang doon

Posted: Nov 3rd, '05, 21:34
by Aku
1. FULL HOUSE (without a doubt..THE best there is!! :D )

Kim Sam Soon and My love Patzzi would come next..

Posted: Nov 4th, '05, 10:16
by MuSiC_RoCkz
My tops...

- Full House -
- Stairway to Heaven -
- Summer Scent -
- Sweet 18 -
- All About Eve -
- Oh Pil Seung, Boon Soon Young -
- Winter Sonata -
- Autumn in my heart -
- Let's go to School Sang Doo! -

Love them...