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Post by q12345 » Mar 19th, '06, 06:10

My Name is Kim Sam Soon


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Post by guccijana » Mar 20th, '06, 03:28

1. Full house>>> the classssssic and my favorite, no series CANT top this one..
2.Sorry I love you. aka. MISA.. ahhh get your tissues ready, because this one is very sad, and very original.. I Loved it from the 1st to the last episode..
3.My girl... very funny, reminds me of full house
4.Delightful girl... also funny, and getting better towards the end..
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Post by matsumi » Mar 20th, '06, 16:40

(1) Full House: definately. simply love the time they spend together at "Full House". just simple everyday life that are so enjoyable. never take life for granted. cherish it:)

(2) Stairway to Heaven: this is like a combination of many korean dramas, with classic plot. but it was done very well, a wonderful-sad love story.

(3) My Girl: lee da hee is a terrific actress. the story has typical plot, but it is very entertaining and funny.

(4) All About Eve: i really couldn't leave this one out. simply love this drama. jang dong gun and chea rim love both of them in this drama.

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Post by marienella_m » Mar 20th, '06, 16:50

here are my all time favorite Korean dramas:

1. Im sorry, I love you (MISA) - so heart wrenching
2. Damo
3. Stairway to Heaven
4. You and I
5. Autumn Fairy Tale
6. Tree of Heaven
7. Winter Sonata


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Post by ILoveJiroWang » Mar 21st, '06, 19:59

This is hard, because I like a lot of dramas. But if I had to rank my favorite kdramas as of today it would be:

1.)My Girl: Lee Da Hae was just so great and versatile. :thumleft:
Lee Jun Ki is so cute too! :wub:

2.)Full House :lol

3.)Goong :-)

4.) Sweet 18, and Delightful Girl

As you can tell, I like romantic comedies. Heheh.

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Post by pennyloo » Mar 22nd, '06, 17:17

1) Stairway to Heaven
2) Save Your Last Dance For Me
3) My Lovely Kim Sam Soon
4) I'm Sorry, I Love You

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Post by marathon03 » Mar 23rd, '06, 13:46

1. resurrection
2. what happened in bali?
3. glass slippers
4. all about eve
5. full house
6. my lovely kim sam soon
7. damo

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Post by guccijana » Mar 24th, '06, 14:06

OHH my most recent drama that I really really liked (after full house) and that stole my heart (even though i dont like mystery dramas, and prefer comedy) was " the 9 tailed fox".. its such a good drama.. i was skeptic and didnt really want to watch it, but i gave it a try anyway, and just after the 1st ep. i got hoocked...
anyway im sure everyone watched full house(my fav), sorry i love you (a must see masterpiece), my girl(very funny), delightful gir (kickes butt).... if you did make sure you ALSO watch this one.. its reallly intersing!!! A MUST SEEE

1.The Nine tailed Fox aka. Forbidden Love :wub:
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Post by pwede » Mar 25th, '06, 01:42

This is thrilling!

1. Fullhouse - a real life situation, I just love seeing them develope love from scratch.
2. Jewel in the Palace - Very informative, food, medicine, health, government, etc. I just love it.
3. Autum Fairy Tale - It made me cry. It shows real life situations, family, sickness, death, and how people are helpless in times of sickness and death. I feel very saddened
4. Love letter
5. Summer Scent
6. Attic cat
7. Sweet 18
8. My Kim Sam Soon
9. Winter Sonata
10. All about eve
11. Guardian Angel
12. Hotellier
13. Sad Love Song
14. Sassy Girl Chungyang
15. Bright Girl

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Post by yull_lind » Mar 25th, '06, 17:53

the best k-drama :-
1) My Girl
2) Goong

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Post by shiny plastic » Mar 27th, '06, 00:10

Autumn Tale
Winter Sonata

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Post by jenkate » Mar 27th, '06, 23:26

My K-drama list:

Autumn in my Heart
Winter Sonata
Stairways in Heaven
Full House
Save the last dance for me

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Post by mya » Mar 28th, '06, 04:58

Sad Love Story
Stairways to heaven
Full House
Save your last dance for me
Winter Love

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Post by Kayote » Mar 29th, '06, 00:55

1- Goong
2- Attic Cat
3- Sweet 18
4- Full House

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Post by ZeZuZ » Mar 29th, '06, 13:20

So far I have watched completely 4 series and I entirely love all of them. So I vote for all :-)

Full House
My Girl
Sassy Girl Chun-hyang
Terms of endearment.

Trying to get Sang-doo and My lovely Sam Soon at the moment while my friend's getting Goong. I'm addicted to Korean series already :-( :D :D

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Re: Top 30 Korean Dramas

Post by kiSs_02 » Mar 30th, '06, 02:22

GOONG! definetly goong.. omgosh i have never seen a drama like this that pulls me in so deeply into the scenario.. the cast is perfect and because goong is longer than most mini series kdramas, when something really awesome happens to the main characters.. it's like so deep x]
it also helps that joo ji hoon is in it! :wub:

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Post by aida » Mar 30th, '06, 02:46

Definitely FULL HOUSE for me.

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Post by xl0lxl0lx » Mar 31st, '06, 04:51

so i can choose more than one right? my top faves
terms of endearment
sad sonata
full house

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Post by Ayisha » Apr 1st, '06, 10:24

I can still count by my fingers how many Kdramas I've actually watched (and finished) so my list would be really short:

My Lovely Kim Sam Soon

Delightful Girl, Choon-Hyang


These are the Kdramas that got me really addicted and hooked. :-)

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Post by dramamaniacs » Apr 1st, '06, 14:45

My favourites are :
FIRST : Save the Last Dance for Me
SECOND: Full House
THIRD: Lets go to School Sang doo

Save the Last Dance for Me is the best drama i ever seen. Nice story, awesome soundtracks and awesome Kim Eugene :wub: So sweet and pretty

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Post by Syuichi » Apr 1st, '06, 15:15

My list:

1) Attic Cats
2) Love Story in Harvard
3) Sad Sonata
4) Wonderful Life
5) Summer Scent
6) Hotelier
7) My Love Patzzi
8 ) Winter Sonata
9) Lovers in Prague
10) Lawyers

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Post by Fridelta » Apr 2nd, '06, 13:33

my list would be:
1) Full house
2) Kim Sam Soon
3) My Girl
4) Endless Love (Autumn in my heart)
5) Let's go to school Sang Doo
6) Goong
7) Sweet 18
8 ) Attic cat
9) sassy girl Chun Yang
10) my 19 yr. old sister in law

my top 10

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Post by anthitran » Apr 6th, '06, 13:02

1. Full House
2. My Name Is Kim Sam Soon
3. Last Dance is with Me
4. I'm Sorry I Love You
5. Sweet 18
6. Autumn Tale
7. Wonderful Life
8. I Love Patzzi
9. Successful Story of a Bright Girl
10. My Girl
11. Muon Tinh Juliet (Don't know English Title, but something about Juliet w/ that guy in Sassy Girl & My
Girl and I)

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Post by Jenuine » Apr 8th, '06, 16:07

Can you vote for more than one?!
I like so many >.<
But If I had to choose one I'd vote for "Kim Sam Soon" =)

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Post by Yoshii » Apr 9th, '06, 02:28

I know!! So many great kdramas.

My list would probally look something like:

1. Full House
2. Last Dance is With Me
3. Im Sorry I Love You
4. Autumn Tale
5. Goong
6. Lets go to School Sang doo
7. What Happened In Bali
8. Nine-tailed Fox
9. My Girl
10. Phoenix

:scratch: Very hard to decide being that I love them all ^^.

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Post by arom » Apr 9th, '06, 02:36

my top one -sory i love u
-wonderful life
-my girl

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Post by tnguyet » Apr 10th, '06, 04:14

1. My Girl
2. Im Sorry I Love You
3. Dae Jung Geum
4. Attic Cat
5. Stairway to Heaven
6. Lovers In Paris
7. Full House

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Post by ~*pepper*~ » Apr 12th, '06, 13:29

1. something about 1% (i wonder if anyone knows this drama... its quite good really..hilarious)
2. a love to kill
3. full house

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Post by laisydaisycat » Apr 13th, '06, 05:46

My favorites are tied: Full House, Lovers in Paris, and My Girl.

After them:
2. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
3. My Love Patzzi
4. Autumn Tale

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Post by Vindell » Apr 13th, '06, 16:59

Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang

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Post by t3n5h1_chu_k015h173 » Apr 14th, '06, 20:16

~I'm Sorry I Love You
~Save The Last Dance For Me
~Spring Waltz
~Full House
~Wonderful Life
~Winter Sonata
~Summer Scent
~Sassy Girl Chun Hyang
~Lovers In Prague

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Post by mitzy_t » Apr 16th, '06, 17:48

I think I watched most of the top rating, but the ones that still stick in my mind:
My Name is Kim Sam Soon
Sweet 18

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Post by horndogbuddhist » Apr 16th, '06, 18:08

The Nine Tailed Fox
My Girl
My Name is Kim Sam Soon
Save the Last Dance For Me

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Post by thymonarch » Apr 17th, '06, 05:56

1. I'm Sorry I Love You
2. Save the Last Dance for Me

Kim Soo Lea
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Post by Kim Soo Lea » Apr 20th, '06, 22:28

Save the Last Dance
Sad Sonata
Full House
Stairway to Heaven
Sweet 18
Wonderful Life
Beautiful Days

I like them all!

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Post by xingjing » Apr 20th, '06, 22:34

Are you kidding me?! NOBODY has BAD FAMILY!?!?!


Bad Family
My Girl
Full House
Spring Waltz
Delightful Girl Choonhyang
Sweet Spy
Fashion 70's <--- SO GOOD

I think that's about it for me.

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Post by RyAnoPPa » Apr 21st, '06, 02:18

Love these... :thumright:

∫ Tree of Heaven
∫ Sorry I Love You
∫ Full House
∫ My Girl
∫ A Love to Kill
∫ My Name Is Kim Sam Soon
∫ Goong
∫ Wonderful Life
∫ Spring Waltz
∫ Lets Go To School Sang-doo
∫ Ruler of Your Own World

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Post by the_secret » Apr 23rd, '06, 02:39

in order

my girl

kim sam soon


stairway to heaven

full house

something happen in bali


save the last dance for me

Dae Jung Geum

im sorry i love you

lovers in paris

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Post by cyan4jy » Apr 23rd, '06, 03:24

Heavy Drama (Good Storyline):
Sorry I Love You (Misa)

Other Classification:
What Happened In Bali
Dating Now
Thousand Years of Love
What Happened In Bali

Full House
Kim Sam Soon
Tree of Heaven

Winter Sonata

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Post by ShortaznGirl » Apr 23rd, '06, 03:32

FULL HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! fer sure!! but goong was really good but was kinda boring sometimes. buut FULL HOUUUOUUSE!!!! fer sure!

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Post by flcia » Apr 26th, '06, 16:23

okay...i'm not sure whether i've done this already ot not...but here it goes...juz my top 10 though...

1. Stairway to Heaven
2. Let's go to school Sang Doo
3. Lovers in Prague
4. My Love Pattzi
6. Lovers in Paris
7. Sad Love story
8. Goong
9. A love to Kill
10. Autumn in my heart

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Post by 13dayfairytale » Apr 28th, '06, 09:54

can i vote many?

2)My girl
4)full house


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Post by Veena22 » Apr 28th, '06, 10:15

I'm vote for Goong (Princes Hours) i

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Post by Cub » Apr 28th, '06, 10:22

Goong for the win!

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Kai Lien
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Post by Kai Lien » Apr 28th, '06, 18:27

Please add my vote for the following dramas:

Thousand Years of Love
Bright Girl's Success Story
9-tailed Fox
Romance (another series that's not on the list, unbelievable^^)

Those are my personal favorites. I have seen some halfway that I thought are my favorite but I won't add them until I've seen the whole series. :salut:

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Post by liquidfir » Apr 29th, '06, 13:01


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Post by Fridelta » Apr 29th, '06, 16:30

for the best story ever its...
I'm Sorry, I Love you..

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GOONG!!!! #1#1#1#1#1

Post by pennyloo » Apr 29th, '06, 17:27

GOONG #1 all the way...AdDiCtIoN To Da MaX!!

#2 Save Your Last Dance For Me

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Post by -Linhi3- » Apr 29th, '06, 18:23

GOONG !!! :D I love goong...Goong is #1 !! :cheers:

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Post by chunny » Apr 30th, '06, 12:16

Goong for me!!!

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Post by guccijana » Apr 30th, '06, 16:04

#1. IM SORRY I LOVE YOU aka. MISA cant beat that.. :thumleft:

#2. What happend in Bali.. aww what a great story!!!

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Post by neilster23 » Apr 30th, '06, 16:12

Please include my vote!!!!

1. Wonderfull life
3. Lovers in prague

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Post by sp4078 » May 1st, '06, 02:09

1. My name is Kim Sam Soon
2. Full house
3. My Girl
4. Let's go to school - Sangdoo
5. 9-tailed fox
6. Goong
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Post by earthangel_713 » May 1st, '06, 02:30

A Love to Kill
Stairway to Heaven
Devil Beside You
My Girl
My Lovely Kim Sam Soon
Snow White
Wonderful Life

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Post by knuts » May 1st, '06, 10:13

My favourites:

My Girl
Paris Lovers
My Name is Kim Sam Soon
Spring Waltz
Beautiful Days
All About Eve
All In
Attic Cat
Ruler of Your Own World
Full House
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Post by Vindell » May 6th, '06, 14:23

- Save the Last Dance for Me
- Which Star Are You From

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Post by mist1105 » May 7th, '06, 21:33

My vote goes to:

My Name is Kim Sam Soon
Stairway to Heaven
Let's goto School Sang Doo

I'd also like to suggest adding Which Star Are You From :)

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Post by beatz_machine » May 11th, '06, 09:23

voting for goong, and i'm really hoping that i will vote goong again for the season 2. :P
but for the best comedy, i prefer my girl.

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Post by rubi » May 11th, '06, 09:28

I don't remember if I posted here already.. but I don't think I have.

Anyway, my vote goes to My Name is Kim Sam Soon. I STILL love that drama.. and it's the only one that I can watch over and over again without getting bored. All the other drama's I've watched are really good but nothing compare to this one... they usually fade away over some time. :lol

It needs more votes.. to be number 1. Full House is ok too though. :thumright:

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Post by asiandreamer117 » May 15th, '06, 22:18


Tough one... Being Chinese.. I've only gotten a very limited supply of Kdramas.. but my votes go to:

1: Goong :wub: WOWOWOOWOWOW!!!
2: Full House
3: Stairway to Heaven
4: Winter Sonata
5: Autumn Love Story

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my favourite korean drama

Post by rli » May 17th, '06, 15:51

1. goong :wub: :wub: :wub: :thumleft:
1. full house :wub: :wub: :thumleft: :tv:
actually i love both and i can't choose between them...
2. sorry i love you (touching.....)
3. sweet 18 (romantic, funny, and lee dong gun is sooooo cute)
4. my name is kim sam soon
5. wedding

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Post by deb1430 » May 20th, '06, 05:51

1. Goong :wub: :wub: :wub:

2. My Girl

3. Jewel in the Palace

4. My Lovely Sam Soon

5. 1% of Something

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Post by avetsada » May 20th, '06, 12:24

Goong/Princess Hour

I gonna VOTE for Goong but I still love all of those Korean Series

Full House - 1st Series which made me really love Korean Series
Sassy Girl - the 2nd one that show me show rule of Korean Series
Love Story in Harvard - I really love Tae-hee**The angle of Korea** & wanna see how Harvard Look like.
Save The Last Dance With Me - One of memorial Love Stories which I've seen
Sweet 18 - They're so cute & funny that I can't even forgot.
My Girl - Funny & Sadly one however the last scence make me a lot of laugh

**NeVeR FoRGoT** The First SERIES that made me know what's Korea----
Autumn In My Heart ----

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Post by nocturnes » May 20th, '06, 12:42

2.Spring Waltz
3.Save your last dance for me
4.Full house

Thats allllllllll

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Post by moose » May 20th, '06, 13:06

1. Goong
2. Lovers In Paris
3. Forbidden Love
4. Wedding

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Post by apparition » May 22nd, '06, 08:47

1. goong
2. my girl
3. my name is kim sam soon

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Post by ooseamr » May 26th, '06, 00:47

Here are the only KDrama I watched. I like them all. Each one of them has a special taste. But really I didn't like the ending of My Name is Kim Sam Soon.

1. Sassy/Delightful Girl Chun-Hyang
2. My Girl
3. Full House
4. My Name is Kim Sam Soon

I will start watching Goong soon.

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Post by luvelyasian » May 29th, '06, 03:19

1- Beautiful Days
2- I'm Sorry I Love You

i have watched many dramas since i was young but i'll put in my utmost faith behind these two dramas :)

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Post by lark » May 29th, '06, 05:27

My favorites are the ff:


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Post by bigwave » May 29th, '06, 05:54

tell u the truth, i've seen some good kdrama before..wonderful life & supper rookie (easy going drama). Both are lite & easy, no need to cry out loud or whatever. hoping that there'll be kdrama like 'us-malcolm in the middle' and that will be something.

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Post by strawberrie1210 » Jun 4th, '06, 08:26

Hm..Here are my votes

1. My Name is Kim Sam Soon

- Loved Hyun Bin there... His charming smile mesmerizes me. Kim Sun Ah acted pretty well there.. She made me laugh all the time. =D

2. Full House

- There's great chemistry between Bi (Rain) and Song Hye Gyo.. A perfect Comedy + Romantic combination. :P

3. Which Star Are You From
- The story was quite interesting, the first episode was mediocre, but I still liked it though. It was tastefully done.

4. Love Story In Harvard
- Both Kim Tae Hee and Kim Rae Won acted well there. Even though their English were erm.. I could hardly understand what they were trying to say, but then, it was pretty good.

5. Stairway To Heaven
- The ending was bittersweet because Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo were finally together, but yet CJW died. It was a little bit draggy, but I enjoyed the series. Apart from that, I also liked the music. :P

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Post by AsianblueX » Jun 4th, '06, 09:41

Although i have watched over 30 kdrama's it all comes down to this

1. Summer Scent
2. My Girl
3. Full House
4. Phoenix

Although the others are good (autumn tale, goong, spring waltz etc) these are just CLASSIC's hands down highly recc.

(i'm a lil biased on Summer Scent b/c it was my 1st drama and son ye jin is in it =)) seriously though its really good


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Post by vndp » Jun 4th, '06, 16:35

#1: Resurrection

Great series. :thumright: :thumleft:

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Post by Flames808 » Jun 6th, '06, 20:09

GO GO GO BAD FAMILY!!!!!! Thats the best series so far that I've seen!

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Post by ms.hoon » Jun 6th, '06, 20:29

Full house
My name is kim sam soon
My girl
Stairway to heaven :salut:

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