Historical Drama Recommendation!

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Historical Drama Recommendation!

Post by chongjasmine » Jun 7th, '16, 07:50

I am really into historical drama. Please give me a list of historical drama to watch.
Give me a list of ALL the historical drama you watch, whether best, good, average, bad.

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Re: Historical Drama Recommendation!

Post by Keiko1981 » Jun 7th, '16, 10:46

This site may be of interest to you http://koreanhistoricaldramas.com/

Long list of different historical genre dramas/and period that they take place in. http://wiki.d-addicts.com/User:MoerkJ/H ... al_KDramas

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Re: Historical Drama Recommendation!

Post by Engelchen18 » Mar 7th, '17, 14:58

Hwarang: The Beginning was nice. Funny, good looking boys, not nice but good story. I liked it even if it wasn't perfect.


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Re: Historical Drama Recommendation!

Post by shigechan » Mar 8th, '17, 01:52

I strongly recommend watching Fuurin kazan, one of the best Taiga Drama ever!

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Re: Historical Drama Recommendation!

Post by MTR74 » Mar 8th, '17, 07:13

Me too, id second Fuurin Kazan, also Takeda Shingen NHK Taiga Drama 1988, which covers the same people .

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