Lie To Me - Music?

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Lie To Me - Music?

Post by AnimeCanuck » Jul 23rd, '13, 03:45


I just discovered Lie To Me yesterday (and already I'm about to watch episode 8... I'm just burning through it!), and anyway, the song that shows up at the end is really catchy. I was wondering if anyone knew who sings it and what it was called?

Also, I thought I caught a Super Junior song being played in either this or the last episode (6 or 7)... only I'm pretty sure there was only one voice singing, which means it isn't Super Junior, however it had their flavour.

And finally... I thought it was hysterical the first time I heard the beginning of Kung Fu Fighting playing! And it keeps coming up whenever there's a new revelation and/or anger between So Ran and Ah Jung. At first it didn't make sense to me, until the scene where So Ran's friends say "we should have taken Kung Fu, not flower arranging". Now it's like a really fun in-joke... like "Them's fightin' words!" if there's something for either of them to be upset over when new information arises. Anyone else feel this way?

That's all. Have a good day everyone. :D

EDIT: OH! And the musician girl at the artsy café... is she a K-pop star? I love how her character keeps singing her observations as clues to the guy who works there. It cracks me up and makes me smile every time. I hope she does that some more.

Really, this series has a unique music director - and by that I mean use of music.

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