Wind Blows in The Winter (SBS 2013)

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Wind Blows in The Winter (SBS 2013)

Post by Issy » Feb 15th, '13, 23:34


as wiki
Title: 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 / Geu Gyeo-wool, Barami Boonda
Also known as: Wind Blows in The Winter
Genre: Melodrama, romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-Feb-13 to 2013-Apr-04
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Original Soundtrack: That Winter, the Wind Blows OST

A melodrama about a man and a blind woman who don’t believe in love. Oh Soo is an orphan who is left heartbroken later in life after his first love passes away and comes to lead a goal-less life as a high stakes gambler. Oh Young is a lonely heiress who feels she must look after others and herself after her parents get divorced and she finds herself becoming visually impaired. The two will come to find the true meaning of love after meeting each other.

Main Cast
Jo In Sung as Oh Soo
Song Hye Kyo as Oh Young
Kim Bum as Park Jin Sung
Jung Eun Ji as Moon Hee Sun
Extended Cast
Bae Jong Ok as Wang Hye Ji
Kim Tae Woo as Jo Moo Chul
Kim Kyu Chul as Jang Sung
Kim Young Hoon (김영훈) as Lee Myung Ho
Seo Hyo Rim as Jin So Ra
Im Se Mi as Son Mi Ra
Choi Seung Kyung as Shim Joong Tae
Han Jung Hyun (한정현) as Kim Jung Hyun
Lee Jae Woo as Oh Soo (Oh Young's older brother)
Kim Jong Hyun (김종현)

Subtitles: AsiadramaSubs

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I thouhgt we needed a thread for this drama. It started really well and got me hooked instantly. so let's have fun watching and discussing.

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Post by darynrose » Feb 17th, '13, 06:06

Oh, no post yet? I thought of coming here and lurk instead. Aigoo...

My first impression, well not exactly first, more like second or third since I've been following this drama progress ever since Jo In Sung was mention of taking the lead role. Yes, I'm so Jo In Sung bias. Since this is his drama comeback after a long long long feverish chant of having him back to dramaland, I'm all invested. Whether or not if this drama will suck.

Back to topic, my first impression, awesome cinematography. It made the whole cast looked like they bathed in unicorn blood or something. All of them so pretty.

Storyline, everything is for now well placed and paced. I've never watch any of Noh Hee Hyung drama before. So I'm still iffy if the drama will stick to its current course. Chaebal, dont disappoint, Writer Noh-nim.

Acting, as I've mention before I'm JIS bias, so even if there are a couple of scenes where I felt he was being a tiny bit overacting, I'd just let it passed. Elsewhere, JIS is just awesome. Playing in his best element. Those closeup shots made it really hard not to stare and drool. Hee.... Yes, I'm in fangirl mode.

As for Song Hye Kyo, I've never despise her. She has been lovely ever since she appeared in Full House. I didnt watch Autumn In My Heart. It was too soapy and I wasnt into korean drama during tht time. *gasps* Chincha? Yes, yes. I wasnt into korean drama during its first Hallyu wave. Anyhoo... SHK is doing a great job being a blind chaebol with no split personality. Just another thing to mention, doesnt SHK ever age? Like damn, tht's one awesome unicorn blood she bathed in.

Kim Bum and Eun Ji, it's fun to watch this adorkable pair get together. :wub:

I'm gonna stop here before I get too deeply invested.

Oh wait, I have to mention this. Love the OST. Especially song by The One. Cant wait for it to be released officially. :wub: :wub: :wub:

Meanwhile, this is one of TWTWB OST Fanvid sung by Yesung.
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Post by Issy » Feb 17th, '13, 20:45

Well, I didn't want to make a post one after another so I waited for some (you daryn :P ) to comment before I do.
On my behalf, I'm totally hooked. Got hooked by first beautiful scenes and cinematography then by JIS. I really had forgotten that I've seen him in 'Frozen Flower' so I was impressed by him. Initially, my reason for watching TWTWB was Kim Bum only but right now I am watching for both of OTPs.
Somehow, KB reminds of his character in Padam Padam (I know they are not similar) and bromance between him and JIS is so cute and so fun to watch.
As for SHK, I always wanted to see her acting as I have only heard of her beauty and my first impression of her is really good.
Can't wait for Wednesday :mrgreen:

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Post by Issy » Feb 21st, '13, 23:49

I knew I would be the one having a double post here but did not know this soon. :unsure:

Just watched ep4&5 now and I have to say that I am really loving this drama. and what's with all those close up shots of JIS and SHK? as if they are about to come out of your screen any minute.
now to the mystery bit, at first I thought secretary Wang is OS's real mom now I am thinking if she is OY's mom.
the pace is quiet slow but somehow I am not minding that at all. I have watched both eps and it is only Thursday.

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Post by teemu8 » Apr 3rd, '13, 19:28


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Post by KrystalHeart » Jun 27th, '13, 23:55

I had high hopes for this drama but it kind of fell flat for me.

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Post by hek » Jul 26th, '13, 08:13

I really loved this drama. After watching the end, I never regret starting it. Really, the cast was almost perfect, it didn't feel like a regular drama and also the shots were like a movie in every episode. I guess everyone has different taste but it kept wide awake and interested every week without that feeling of boredom towards the end.
Jo In Sung is an eye candy, really gorgeaous and without denying Song Hye Kyo talent, I feel his acting was the reason this drama was something else.

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