Shining Days / Sunshine Of Love (SBS, 2004)

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Shining Days / Sunshine Of Love (SBS, 2004)

Post by lorkhan83 » Jan 16th, '05, 16:24

Shining Days (Sunshine Of Love) (SBS 2004)


16 Episodes (350mb)

Cast: Song Hyae Gyo, Hyun-jae Cho, Seong-bum Ryu

Sunshine of Love is a breakthrough Korean drama featuring Korean superstar Song Hyae Gyo.
In the story, Anna (Song Hyae Gyo) is a girl determined to make a better life, challenged by her acquired poverty. Pressured by loan sharks to pay for her step father's enormous gambling debts and amortization costs, she is desperate to make money for her and her sister. Her step sister meanwhile is down with a rare disease as she is already trying to make things meet.
Joshua (Hyun-jae Cho) is a young, rich, French citizen who returns to Korea to get back the love of his life who is about to be married to someone she doesn't love. Back home, his brother is determined to take him back to his mother in France as his father wishes to make amends with Joshua. Meanwhile, Benjo (Seong-bum Ryu) is Anna's best friend who happens to be in love with her. Anna, however, sees him just as an older brother. He transfers from being a prestigious officer in a crime department to a traffic enforcer just to be near her.
The plot thickens when Joshua accidentally falls onto train tracks while running away from his scheming brother. Anna jumps in to save him and takes Joshua into her home. Jealousy takes Benjo over and a love triangle forms. Anna is caught in the middle of the fiasco with the rest of her life still in disarray.

Image Image "My heart yearns to see a glimpse of your smile"
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Post by Touya » Feb 22nd, '05, 23:41

This drama was pretty bad. -_-;

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Post by Marky » Jun 1st, '06, 10:22

Is there a remote possibility for a future release of this kdrama ?
yesasia doesn't have it (with eng sub i can't understand korean language :-) )

No one have a tv-rip with eng subtitle or something? :D

i would like to see Song Hye Gyo in a sligthly different role :-)

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Post by gigg1es » Aug 21st, '08, 00:10

hi so SOS fansubs are hard-subbing this drama in english. only ep1 and ep 2 are available

here are the links to the torrent

pls go download the torrents and seed them so that many more can enjoy

u can check for updates of new episodes released at the SOS Fansub Forum
new release

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