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Gaksital/Bridal Mask (KBS2, 2012)

Posted: Jul 2nd, '12, 20:08
by Ethlenn
Title: 각시탈 / Gaksital
Also known as: Bridal Mask
Genre: Period, action, drama, romance
Episodes: 28
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2012-May-30 to 2012-Aug-??
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Official Website

This drama tells a story of two brothers who live in Seoul in the 1930s, oppressed under Japanese rule during one of the darkest periods of Korea’s history.

Lee Kang To (Joo Won), the younger brother, is a rising star in the police force and works with the Japanese police to capture ‘Bridal Mask’ a mysterious freedom fighter who fights for independence wearing a traditional Korean bride’s mask. However, Kang To is unaware that his prey, ‘Bridal Mask’ is in fact his older brother, Lee Kang San (Shin Hyun Joon).

Kang To’s life is irrevocably changed after Kang San died. The death of his beloved older brother drives him to take up the bridal mask of his fallen brother and fulfill his dream of freeing Korea from Japanese rule.


Lee's Family
Joo Won as Lee Kang To
Shin Hyun Joon as Lee Kang San
Song Ok Sook as Han Sii (Kang To's mother)
Lee Il Jae (이일재) as Lee Sun (Kang To's father)

Dam's Family
Jin Se Yun as Mok Dan
Jun Noh Min as Dam Sa Ri

Kimura's Family
Park Ki Woong as Kimura Shunji
Chun Ho Jin as Kimura Taro (Shunji's Father)
Park Joo Hyung (박주형) as Kimura Kenji (Shunji's brother)

Han Chae Ah as Chae Hong Joo (Ueno Rie)
Jun g**k Hwan as Ueno Hideki (Chae Hong Joo's adopted father - Khisokai's Leader)
Ahn Hyung Joon (안형준) as Katsuyama Jun

Far East Circus
Son Byung Ho as Leader of the circus
Lee Kyung Shil as Oh Dong Nyun
Lee Byung Joon as Shin Nan Da
Son Yeo Eun as Seon Hwa
Seo Yoon Ah as Gye Soon

Kim Eung Soo as Konno Goji
Yoon Bong Gil (윤봉길) as Abe Shinji
Yoon Jin Ho (윤진호) as Goiso Tadanobu

Angel Club
Ji Seo Yoon (지서윤) as Tasha (Angel Club's Madam and Executive)
Baek Jae Jin as Director Bong
Jang Joon Yoo (장준유) as Merry
Lee Jae Won as No Sang Yub

Other people
Jun Hyun as Baek Gun (Lee Sun's subordinate, Joseon best warrior)
Kwon Tae Won as Choi Myung Sub (Kwon So Jung, Judge - Khisokai member)
Ahn Suk Hwan as Lee Shi Yong (Royalty/Count Lee Shi Yong - Khisokai member)
Kim Kyu Chul as Woo Byung Joon (Hospital Director - Khisokai member)
Kim Tae Young (김태영) as Park In Sam (Kyeong Seong Ilbo newspaper owner - Khisokai member)
Go In Bum as Jo Young Gun (Jo Il Bank - Khisokai member)
Kim Jung Nan as Lee Hwa Gyung (Lee Si Yong's 2nd wife)
Choi Dae Hoon (최대훈) as Minami Tamao (Lee Hae Sook, Movie Director - Lee Si Yong's Son)

Production Credits
Original work: Manhwa by Huh Young Man
Director: Yoon Sung Shik
Screenwriter: Yoo Hyun Mi
(info: dramawiki &

Ulala Session - Goodbye Day
4 Men - I couldn't

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Posted: Jul 3rd, '12, 16:35
by Ethlenn
It's weird to reply to myself. And I know few people who watch this.
Anyway, two teasers in 720p HD if you like such stuff:
Teaser nr 1
Teaser nr 2

Posted: Jul 5th, '12, 06:41
by Peggy
This is a fascinating drama. I am trying to watch this one and Ghost, which are on at the same time on TV here in Cal. I think I prefer Gaksital. It is faster moving and really has more emotion in it. I think it will be sad and violent. More Korean cruelty during that time in history. Joo Won a very good actor I think. He can certainly hide his sweet side. :-(

Posted: Jul 5th, '12, 07:26
by Ethlenn
He's gliding between emotions just fine. I'm glad he's not as hysterical as in Baker King.

But I disagree on "Korean cruelty". True, they behaved bad sometimes but it was someone else who wiped out their country and resources.

Posted: Jul 5th, '12, 18:43
by Peggy
Ethlenn, Yes I agree they were cruelly treated for many years. I can understand why they would be feeling hard upon anyone who went against them. But they still were cruel in many ways. It just upsets me that some dramas have to show so much physical abuse which then spreads the picture of it being a cultural and ingrained part of character.

Posted: Jul 5th, '12, 19:46
by Ethlenn
I, for once, am grateful they show so many perspectives. So we can see there are colors and shades even in such horrible times like this. Not only black and white characters and actions.

But sadly I'm not sure if people from ever-free countries could ever understand what it means to NOT exist on map, to not be able to use your mother tongue, to sing the anthem of opressor's country. For them it's just preposterious, why would freedom fighter sing a song in jail? They freaking sang during tortures, that's true. For people who never knew opression, those are just meaningless actions, unrelatable.
Plus, it would be impossible and Disney-like to show this period of history without all that bestiality that had place. Oh I know I may be too emotional, but events here ring true to my heart and I can relate to almost everything that is presented. Moreover, I really like this period in history of both countries involved.

Of course, there are also hideous acts, like treason, but even treason can be explained. Some do it for better life, some want to escape the hardship, some do it to survive. We can't measure human behavior during peace and war with the same scale.
Cicero said "Inter arma enim silent leges" and he was damn right.

Posted: Jul 5th, '12, 20:19
by Peggy
Do not think I am not aware of all that your post entails. There but for the grace of God and great effort, there would be a different world even than the one we now have.It's always easier to forget the bad things and only remember the short joys in the past. I suppose that is why I want to soften the times that still came later. Life will always go on, with or without us. It's sometimes difficult to be kind, and vengeance is uppermost,
Even now I would be exerting myself to retaliate if I were in a bad situation. Fight or flight. Take one of them with you or before you go. Human nature is very simple and self preservation is strong. Having the upper hand is sometimes too much for us.

Posted: Jul 6th, '12, 06:40
by Ethlenn
I know that if anyone here understands what I haven't even written - it's you.
Human nature may be simple and it fight for survive only, but human consciousness might be a bit of a problem. To shut it down and do everything or die fighting?

I knew you'd understand. :notworthy:

Posted: Jul 9th, '12, 15:52
by Ethlenn
Preview of episode 13:
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Posted: Jul 14th, '12, 00:23
by Peggy
It's getting almost impossible to watch this drama. It is just so deeply emotional and so sad and ferocious.
It is too real and acceptable as true. Painful.

Posted: Jul 14th, '12, 16:56
by Ethlenn
And this is why Knetizens are so appalled by this series. Also, the drama took a huge risk by portraying all aspects of the life, not only heroics.

Will now read your email, KNG among us softens my stormy nature a bit for one day.

Posted: Jul 15th, '12, 03:39
by Peggy
It is a wonderful drama and I think the writer and director as well as the actors are very brave to tackle this historical time. It is still very close and people are alive who lived then. They have to know that life was a dreadful experience for so many people. Nothing will hide it. We all know what happens in war and defeat and victory and especially occupation. I thank God I never even had to think about defeat. It was not in our national heart for many years. But I do know that even victors have bad memories about things that happened. You can't sweep things under a rug. The tragedy of war is not always who loses but what had to be done in order for someone to win. Bad things happen on both sides.
I think the Knetizens are living in a pink cloud if they don't acknowledge that Bridal Mask is so close to truth and these things could very easily have been actual history. It is a drama and it is a writer's take on history, but the bad things happened, and showing the truth can only make it possible to make it something that maybe won't happen again.
We are supposed to look at history and learn and not repeat the wrong and foolish things. Somehow it does not happen that way. Closing your eyes to bad things means never learning anything and repeating history all over again.Knetizens need to open their eyes.

Yes KNG is a ray of sunshine.

Posted: Jul 16th, '12, 10:44
by Silverman
I just watched the trailer and i don't know why, but every time i saw Joo Won, i had to think about Daniel Wu, they had a similar "vibe".

And i have a question before i watch this one. Is it a more realistic drama, where is shown, that in a war there are no good or bad sides (hell in an oppressed country, the own people are often more cruel, than the invading solders). Or is it a more "good and oppressed" citizens of a country against the evil empire?

Posted: Jul 16th, '12, 10:49
by Ethlenn
I wrote it few times, even in this thread, this drama portrays ALL aspects of opressed life. Be it Japanese torturing or Koreans burning the house of a fellow Korean.

Update: I ripped this from official. Preview of Episode 15:
<iframe title="VideoBam video player" type="text/html" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="480" height="307" src=""></iframe>
I can't say enjoy, sorry.

Posted: Jul 19th, '12, 06:31
by Peggy
The episode tonight was a harsh sadness. I think Joo Won is really showing us some fine acting. I did not think he was this good even tho I liked him and thought he was a charming young man and good actor. He is being pushed to his edges in this role and making it very powerful. Also must mention the actor who is playing Shunji. I have only seen him in some episodes of We Got Married. He was funny and very likable and looked so young. Now he has also grown in his capabilities in acting. He looks more mature and I am so enjoying these two actors in this drama.

Posted: Jul 20th, '12, 06:30
by Peggy
I hope a lot of people are watching this drama. It is really so good. and I think all the actors must be having a hard time playing their roles. It is such a harsh time in Korea and I think this drama shows it as realistically as it really must have been. It is truly so painful to imagine how things were then but I can believe in this drama. For the writers who have to put a romance or a family tragedy in here, they are doing a good job. I can't wait to see when Lee Gang To finally finds out who the girl really is. What will he do and how will he deal with the situation. Someone will surely hve to die and my thinking at the moment is that it will be Shunji which is not what I would want to see.

Posted: Jul 21st, '12, 22:05
by arakira
I am watching. Slowly catching up, taking my time and enjoying every second thus far.
I'm also impressed by the actors. Joo Won made me sit through 50sth eps of Baker King and another like 30 of Ojagkyo Bro's and WOW, he's grown so much as an actor.
Chun Ho Jin is totally getting to me, too. I absolutely adore how he smirks and stares and portrays the traditional Japanese elite.
It's refreshing to have a kdrama that's trying to portray a very difficult part of Korean history through a story of rivalry and love. I got only one problem...everything looks way to clean and polished for the pre-war times. And yet that makes this drama highly enjoyable, too.

Will come back with more ranting when I've managed to catch up with you guys =)

Posted: Jul 21st, '12, 23:14
by Peggy
It really can't be easy to understand this historical drama if you are only aware vaguely of the Korean War. This is long before that time. I doubt it would exist in history books of western countries. Maybe a footnote. It surely would appear in many Japanese dramas and taigas especially. There were upheavals in the Far east around the turn of the century and especially during and after the first World War. I always wonder wny they called it 'First World War', there has never been a time when there was not a war going on somewhere in the world. Many times many countries were involved.
Many times countries were overtaken and disappeared in name and language and culture. It has happened in what used to be Europe more than once. Sometimes a language is as dead as a doornail for many years but something happens and brings it back again. In UK the Welsh language was forbidden for a long time. The only people who spoke it in their homes were up in the mountains and out in the countryside. I never learned to speak it when I was at school. It was forbidden. Strange thing happened once the Second World War began. Those road signs left over in the countryside were in Welsh and it was decided it would be a good idea to leave them that way and take down all the English ones. this would fool the enemy for sure. That was the thin endof the wedge. Radios would have Welsh speaking news etc. School started Welsh lessons. Now Welsh education is top of the line with fine Universities.
I imagine this is what wouldhave happened in what used to be Korea after the First war and certainly until the Second War . I believe they now have fine Universities where th Korean language is spoken. at this time. .
At the time of Bridal Mask Korea did not exist any more. So everyone would be speaking Japanese, except the older people. this is why I have to keep remembering that Gang To was educaied in the Japanese style and this partly gave him his allegiance to his positiion in the Police force. It took some time for his eyes to really see what was happening.
This drama is painful because it sticks to the truth.

Posted: Jul 21st, '12, 23:37
by Ethlenn
Glad to see you Ara her, mah :wub:
You finished Baker King? I dropped around ep 20-22. Is it worth it or more hysteria and crying?

Peggy, as always you speak the truth. Korea during Japanese occupation was a hell on Earth, actually, we may dislike the country all we want, but honestly - few countries of this planet suffered as much as this one. It's true some historians say that geography determines the political history of the country.

Posted: Jul 21st, '12, 23:39
by Silverman
Peggy wrote: I always wonder wny they called it 'First World War', there has never been a time when there was not a war going on somewhere in the world. Many times many countries were involved.
Well, i guess it was one of the first times, where over 40 countries were involved in a war and the scale of 70 m soldiers is also something to think about. Well and the war was executed on a global scale.

Posted: Jul 22nd, '12, 00:45
by Peggy
I would not say I dislike the country. Both Korea and Japan have a long history and were not always in ferocious war. As western people the Far East was a mystery for hundreds of years and so it never was clear how much culture exchange there was with China, Japan and Korea. I find all these places full of interest for some reason. I suppose I should not really cast my opinions when I know so little of the history but it is a fascinating area to delve into no matter the exact subject.

the early maps of countries that eventually became what is now Korea are interesting. There is so much that is Chinese in the background of Korea. I would think probably more than any Japanese intrusion as the people are today. More Korean have Chinese and Mongolian features but I don't really see Japanese faces. that's just me of course so I could be wrong. Goreo and Baekje were verging into what was then Mongolia I think but I am not sure of Silla. My memory fails me and I have not looked up the maps.Lazy.

Posted: Jul 22nd, '12, 09:19
by Ethlenn
I wasn't referring to you, dear, at all. Your opinion is always highly valued.

Goguryeo and after its fall in 668, Balhae was reaching to what now is Mongolia. Baekje barely crossed Han River, the same for Silla, both kingdoms were south of Peninsula.
Goryeo period was tumultous from beginning to end - the northern land was lost and taken back, then lost again, then taken back again.

Posted: Jul 22nd, '12, 09:56
by arakira
Ethlenn wrote:Glad to see you Ara her, mah :wub:
You finished Baker King? I dropped around ep 20-22. Is it worth it or more hysteria and crying?
Yeah finished it. But no, ofc it wasn't worth it. One of the most horrible endings and before that all I remember of the drama was indeed hysteria and tears...But well I can be masochist if a young guy catches my attention.

Gaksital has a fascinating setting. It's all a bit too clean but I like how they don't play black against white but show different layers of the occupiers and the occupied. Though the characters sometimes feel a bit like the writers just finished reading Lessing's drama theories ;).

Korea is indeed a very interesting nation with rich history and diversity of cultural influences. And also one that keeps making me wonder how society works out there. I feel there's lot's of contradictions and opposites working under the surface. Societies in transition have always fascinated me. As a secular European I find it hard to understand the rules of tradition and the importance of the national state. All the netizens' uproar about this drama yet again made me only shake my head in disbelief.

I remember discussing Asian nationalism with Ethlenn before somewhere and I'm really curious whether especially Korea and Japan will try to reconcile and come to terms with the past to deal with the new political and economical situation in East Asia nowadays.
I read about Japanese history but know Korean almost only from drama...think it's time I get myself a proper work on the subject. A comprehensive reading advice, Ecchan?

Excuse the incoherent rant... :alcoholic:

Posted: Jul 22nd, '12, 10:09
by Ethlenn
arakira wrote:A comprehensive reading advice, Ecchan?
Michael J. Seth, History of Korea
Ki-Baik Lee, A New History of Korea
Both use old Romanization though (McCune).

Plus, too bad one of the best books I read is only available in my language.

As for the question about reconcillation, Ara, hmm... not sure, not in next 50 years at least. Plus, Korea has also problem with China, as China claims that Gojoseon and after Goguryeo and Balhae were actually chinese provinces and all tombs found north the border are claimed to be chinese. The problem appeared not that long ago when Korea sent archaeologists there to explore more tombs. As they are located in now chinese land, Chinese claim them as theirs. Total mess.

Geography really determines the country's history, and Korea is tightly between two whales.
With Japan it's another story.

Posted: Jul 22nd, '12, 10:36
by Silverman
Ethlenn wrote:
arakira wrote:A comprehensive reading advice, Ecchan?
Plus, too bad one of the best books I read is only available in my language.

As for the question about reconcillation, Ara, hmm... not sure, not in next 50 years at least. Plus, Korea has also problem with China, as China claims that Gojoseon and after Goguryeo and Balhae were actually chinese provinces and all tombs found north the border are claimed to be chinese. The problem appeared not that long ago when Korea sent archaeologists there to explore more tombs. As they are located in now chinese land, Chinese claim them as theirs. Total mess.
Which language is this, if you don't mind answering?

I know i wasn't asked, but to the Chinese...their government and scientific society is like that...even in science they make ridiculous claims. I know a little bit of hominids and paleontology. The chinese claim until this very day, that the modern human originated from China, although this theory was squashed ages ago.

Posted: Jul 22nd, '12, 10:36
by arakira
Yeah I'm also not too optimistic. But then if your country and mine manage to get along as neighbors, it's possible anywhere. And yeah I was referring to China. I could imagine a scenario where the smaller whale and the little fishes in the region would need to cooperate to act as a counterbalance to the largest whale ;)

I wouldn't go as far as to say geography determines a country's history but it's a very big factor.

Thanks for the reading advice. Gonna check them out.

Edit: as for the Chinese. They're a rising power eager to show their strength and myth-building has always been an instrument of those in power to unite their subjects and give them a proud history and feeling of superiority in the present.

Posted: Jul 23rd, '12, 05:27
by Peggy
It is 10pm and I promised myself an early night. :whistling: I checked the new edition and it was night into day. Perfection for my sad vision. I thank you so much and I read every word many times going up and down the right hand side.Still no go with seeing or making comment. I think it must be me or my PC. Not to worry, I will explode elsewhere, maybe here, at some time when the words mount up too high...

Now if I am in correct thread 'Gaksital' is ongoing and that sweet boy is having fun on 2D1N and not a trace of his harsh police officer in this drama. I think it is pretty clever when actors can do more than one kind of appearance at the same time and present a different side of themselves. It's the play acting and pretending that still exists in them.
He is still close to that young age and so ready to let himself go into a role. At last I am beginning to understand why some actors pull me in, and others set my teeth on edge.
It is usually the females who preen and never let go of their own persona.
Enough. going. :salut:

Posted: Jul 27th, '12, 00:10
by Peggy
Park Ki Woong has truly impressed me wih his portrayal of Shunji in this drama. I have only seen him as himself (more or less) in the 'We Got Married' sections. He was very sweet and pleasant and looked after his 'screen wife' rather well.
Now however, he has a role to play that calls for a great deal more and he is doing a splendid job. His dual personality is giving hm so much range and it is never clear which part of him will show up. Sometimes he just explodes from one side to the other. I think he will go out of control at some time. His father gives him very little to help the situations as they arrive.
I hope the director will be able to hold the characters in firm rein, because it could all fly apart if it gets too emotional.

Posted: Jul 27th, '12, 08:44
by Ethlenn
Oh, you perfectly described Shunji.

PS. Glad now the colors are better. I checked disqus and settings are still the same as previously, maybe there's something your system is missing. It's OK, dear, I'm not dying for comments count on the blog^^

Posted: Jul 28th, '12, 21:01
by Peggy
Ir's all very well for you. I am bursting at the seams with comments.
I have no idea what can be wrong but I will keep worrying the bone until I find out.

Posted: Aug 7th, '12, 23:14
by Ethlenn
It's OK, dear^^

I don't remember if I wrote that here, but - I want Mokdan, not her father, dead. She's annoying the hell out of me. Dead, sacrificed on the altar of love, country, freedom and to "right the wrongs. End the tyranny. Restore the throne. Protect the forest. Introduce folk dancing. Demand a four-day workweek and health care for Saxons and Normans*."
(quote: Robin Hood. Men in Tights)
*read: Korean and Japanese

Posted: Aug 8th, '12, 04:57
by Peggy

Now why do you want Mokdan out of the way? I am not saying I disagree but I am curiious to know your thoughts. So far she has been like a hiccup now and then and whatever she does is an irritant I must admit. Has she done anything that is important in the Gaksital efforts, or has she helped her father do things like make plans or pass messages. Not sure about that.
Seems the reason she is there is to bring some collision between the two former friends.
Wouldn't that happen anyway once the secret is out re ' who is that man.....?'

Posted: Aug 8th, '12, 09:24
by Ethlenn
She's a shackles. She's weak, all she does is staring.

I'm not against love in genereal, oh no. It's just somehow the "love" here is irritating. Mokdan doesn't seem as the girl who is brave enough to be heroic. She can do some courageous thing from time to time, I admit, but in overall she's just a young hen. That's my perspective. I like when there is a dependency between man and woman in a relationship on each other, here, she's the one who's sucking up.

Posted: Aug 9th, '12, 19:13
by Peggy
Well I wonder about the feeling she may have for Gangto. Even tho it was a childhood memory it was the stirring of first love just in emotions. I can still remember my first 'love' Obviously it was not a deep serious love at all but at the time it was dramatic and satisfying. Such angst.. then such delight at the sight of the person. I think there is still a very small place in my heart or in my memory because I can recall after almost a century it seems. In the case of Mokdan..she is in the midst of great turmoil with the Joseon situation, and Japan occupying her homeland. anything that happens is bound to be greatly emphasised and dramatised. Suddenly knowing that her very first human bond is the hero that they all adore, would be a very strong spring back in her mind and the emotions would be too strong to say.'.This was when I was a child and means nothing at all now.'
I personally do not think that Gangto has the same love at all. He just finds out by chance who she is, and of course it rings the right bell in those terrible times. Any warm feeling would be exaggerated for both of them. I will be annoyed if they continue or enlarge this tepid romance. I prefer the broken tie and growing hatred between Gangto and Shunji.
We shall see.

Posted: Sep 8th, '12, 19:26
by Ethlenn
"tepid romance" .. this is exactly what depicts Kangto - Mokdan relationship. I can barely stand it. The actress is also horrible, which even ruins already ruined "love line" here.

My only consolation is otherworldly awesome Choi Daehun here. yes, I'm going to mention this man everywhere. :wub:

For those who like action scenes - almost 2-hour long compilation of all action scenes from ep 1 to 28

Posted: Sep 9th, '12, 18:37
by Peggy
So this is what it comes to.? Shunji makes his move. A duel in the garden Gangto..go ahead... Make my day. Well what happened. did a conscience suddenly burst into bloom for Shunji? did he suddenly realise that his own rage and desire for revenge was for the same reasons that Gangto was also raging and desiring revenge.
Splendid action of the writers I think. Almost to be expected but it still was a shock. Handled so well by the director and Gangto in his sudden realisation never even turning.

Must say I loved this drama even with a few hollow spots.

End yet to come.

Posted: Nov 10th, '12, 18:00
by sunflower63
I am loving this drama although I am only at Ep. 14 so far. I am surprised that there is not a long discussion about it on here. In any case whenever I think I have seen the most beautiful Korean drama, another one comes along which is even nicer and this happened now with the Bridal Mask. The story, the acting, the music, the fighting, everything about this drama is absolutely magnificent and I am loving it to bits. The only aspect that is bothering me so far is the extended violent scenes (for which I understand the over 15 years of age watching recommended) which I find sometimes a little too long and overwhelming as the same message could be passed on without dwelling on the kicking and the punching in such detail. I hope I will be as enthusiastic after watching the remaining 14 episodes.

Posted: Nov 10th, '12, 21:11
by Peggy
Well heve you finished this drama? How did you like it all and what did you think of the end of the story. I think it all stayed close to what would have been happening in Korea at that time.
It does give a certain basic reason for how Korea and Koreans live in this day. It has been a country full of war through the ages. It is still not at peace within their own boundaries. Even after the foreign armies departed they were at risk from one another. So much terror still, and corruption preventing any kind of safety for many people in all walks of life.
There was another drama which took over the story when north and south were splitting apart. I have searched my memory but I can't think of the title. People were being captured and tortured still and being shot as spies. It was about two or maybe three years ago. I can still see the scenes of groups of people being moved en masses through the streets against their will. Scenes in a hotel in Seoul I think also.
There must still be a residue of deep anger even now, and netizens vent by turning on dramas or films and the actors. They can be vicious at times. Yet electronically they are way ahead of everyone I think. It's truly a country on the boil still.

Posted: Nov 10th, '12, 21:18
by Ethlenn
@Peggy: Comrades and Road Number One?

As for me I didn't find violent scenes too long or overwhelming, but it's partially due to the fact I like fact scenes and I enjoy them. :mrgreen:

Posted: Nov 11th, '12, 07:21
by sunflower63
@Peggy, no I haven't finished it yet as I am at Ep. 17 so I have no idea of how it will end. What I enjoy about these dramas (I am thinking of King2Hearts too) is that I get to learn a lot about Korean history which is something that I really had no idea about. I did study World history in High School and University but unfortunately the history of Asia in Italy is not studied at such detail and only very superficially. Therefore I can see what you mean about this violence being true historically speaking and of course the drama has to represent it, however what bothers me is the dwelling on the torture and hitting scenes on someone who can't defend himself/herself...these long scenes could be spared to the viewer in my opinion but I realize that not everyone has the same opinion. I don't mind the fighting scenes as I actually find them quite fascinating with all the martial arts too. In any case this is a really awesome drama with a great rewatch value too.

Posted: Nov 12th, '12, 04:12
by Peggy

No, I think the drama I have in back of my mind had the name Seoul in the title.
However I really am so unsure and I have to do a search to satisfy my memory, I will post here if I am successful.

Posted: Nov 12th, '12, 05:04
by Peggy
Ethlenn, I did a very roundabout search for this drama and finally I found it I am pretty sure.I looked for actress Go Doo Shim because I thought she was in it and that is how I found the drama. she was in it. what an actress she is.

It is called "SEOUL 1945'

I only remember certain scenes from this drama but it was very powerful. Based at the time when north and south were going through terrible upheaval. this drama is very serious and shows the way things were at that time, with as much depth as shown in Gaksital I think. It is worth watching and i am going to look for it and watch again.

Posted: Nov 13th, '12, 22:10
by Ethlenn
Peggy, "SEOUL 1945' ... that reminds me I need to finish this drama. Why you always point me to those treasures I don't want to swallow quickly but savour them? :unsure:

Posted: Nov 14th, '12, 02:45
by Peggy
It's because we are not on the highway but on a winding country road. Much more interesting but it trips you up now and then.

Posted: Mar 5th, '13, 02:28
by riki_kun
Han Chae Ah is smoking hot! i would do her in a heartbeat :mrgreen:


Posted: Mar 5th, '13, 17:10
by Orange_Guy
riki_kun wrote:Han Chae Ah is smoking hot! i would do her in a heartbeat :mrgreen:

So true, so true... . There were some scenes i was distracted when she appeared on screen :lol

Posted: Jun 5th, '13, 07:01
by Sajen16
O.K. so I'm seriously considering watching Bridal Mask because of all the hype and it came up in my queue but I dunno. I've discovered that no matter the country, I don't really like period dramas, although I did like Capital Scandal. The primary reason I could never get into or finish Chuno despite my love for Jang Hyuk was Lee Da Hae's female lead was so boring and uninteresting I could never understand why every man who crossed her path fell in love with her. I've heard that the female lead in this show has a similar problem, is there any chance I might still like this show.

Posted: Jun 5th, '13, 08:53
by Ethlenn
Sajen16 wrote:I've heard that the female lead in this show has a similar problem, is there any chance I might still like this show.
If you can disregard the variety of her expressions ranging from dead fish to wood plank and focus on others (Minami, Minaaami!!), you'll enjoy. Sadly, Miss Broomstick is the female lead here...

Posted: Jun 8th, '13, 17:49
by Peggy
If you are looking for love and hot romance then this drama won't do it for you at all. This drama is much more interesting for the reality of the times that it depicts.
I truly think you would still enjoy seeing this drama. It is exciting and has a great deal of real storytelling. It does not need sexy ladies and for sure the 'heroine' here is made of wood. She never would be missed.....