Man of Honor/Glorious Jane (KBS2, 2011)

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Man of Honor/Glorious Jane (KBS2, 2011)

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Drama Title: Glory Jane
Korean Title: 영광의 재인
Romanization Pronunciation: Youngkwangeui Jaein
Also Known As: Glory Jaein / Young Love Jae In
Previously Known As: Man of Honor
Chinese Title: 荣光的在仁
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 24
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 12th October 2011
Language: Korean
Air time: Wednesday and Thursday 9:55 PM

Preceded By: The Princess’ Man
Followed By:

Plot Summary

Life is unpredictable, which means that we do not know that the next moment is tragery or happy ending. Glory Jane is referred to two young people who are born with fate of Romeo and Juliet, in misery, searching for dream and love, face the future strongly. It’s a growth experience drama that makes one’s heart warm and fresh.


Yoon Jae In (Park Min Young) works as a nurse’s assistant is a struggling young, cheery, bright girl who always maintains a positive attitude despite her poor background. She dreams of becoming a nurse. While she hurriedly rushes to participate in national exam for the third time, she sees an old homeless people who fainted after drunk. Although nobody in hospital wants to receive him, Jae In approaches her without hesitation, and hold the old man to treat him. The old man appreciates her, says want to give her three wishes. Jae In says she wants to find her family, becomes a good nurse, and finds the true love. But old man gives her an old key, says that her wishes will be fulfilled.

On the other hand, there are two injured patients been delivered to the emergency room at the same time, two persons who used to be opponent, namely the 4th hitter of giant Dragons baseball team Seo In Woo (Lee Jang Woo) and second-line player on the same team Kim Young Kwang (Chun Jung Myung), who is former 4th clean-up hitter of the major league team but got demoted. Seo In Woo is the future heir of a sports clothing company who also owns the baseball team, while Young Kwang is an innocently confident man who never stops trying his best to re-live past glories. Although everybody is paying all the care to Seo In Woo, but Jae In discovers that his injury is unusual, and sends him to surgery theater. But because of this, Jae In misses the last bus, and cannot catch up with the start of exam. For Jae In who is entangled by this kind of things everyday, it’s another setback for her long time dream because of bad luck.

Three persons meet again due to fate, after Jae In gets to know what father of Young Kwang is her long lost father, she finally stays in the house of Young Kwang. But, just after three days, in a bizarre way, Young Kwang’s father passed away. The interwined secret from 20 years ago begins to unfold, centering around Jae In, Young Kwang and In Woo, with unexpected twists and a love triangle ensues between these three characters.


Chun Jung Myung (천정명) as Kim Young Kwang / Kim Yeong Gwang (김영광)
Ahn Do Gyu (안도규) as Young Yeong Gwang (어린 영광)
Park Min Young (박민영) as Yoon Jae In (윤재인)
Ahn Eun Jung (안은정) as Young Jae In (어린 재인)
Lee Jang Woo (이장우) as Seo In Woo (서인우)
Kim Ji Hoon (김지훈) as Young In Woo (어린 인우)
Park Sung Woong (박성웅) as Seo In Chul (서인철)
Son Chang Min (손창민) as Seo Jae Myung (서재명)
Choi Myung Gil (최명길) as Park Goon Ja (박군자)
Lee Jin (이진) as Cha Hong Joo (차홍주)
Lee Ki Young (이기영) as Kim In Bae (김인배)
Kim Yun Joo (김연주) as Kim Kyung Joo (김경주)
Nam Bo Ra (남보라) as Kim Jin Joo (김진주)
Jung Hye Sun (정혜선) as Oh Soon Nyeo (오순녀)
Kim Sun Kyung (김선경) as Im Jung Ok (임정옥)
Lee Moon Shik (이문식) as Heo Young Do (허영도)
Kim Sung Oh (김성오) as Joo Dae Sung (주대성)
Choi Seung Kyung (최승경) as Go Kil Dong (고길동)
Ahn Nae Sang (안내상) as Yoon Il Goo (윤일구)
Jang Young Nam (장영남) as Yeo Eun Joo (여은주)
Kim Seung Wook (김승욱) as Coach Choi (최코치)
Choi Ran (최란) as Nursing Director (간호부장)
No Kyung Joo (노경주) as Oh Jung Hae (오정해)
Kim Seong-han (김성한) as Baseball Manager (야구감독) – Special appearance

Glory Jane (Glorious Jaein) Characters Description

Production Credits

Director: Lee Jung-seob (이정섭)
Screenplay Writer: Kang Eun-kyung (강은경)

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Thanks Mimi :-)

Ahhhhh, it's sooo peaceful here :D

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A way to start......I want to celebrate our Independence Day :cheers:

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Park Min Young and Chun Jung Myung Inseparable Even for 1mm

The inseparable love even for 1mm gap between Park Min Young and Chun Jung Myung in the elevator let the viewers heart wrenching.

In the episode 16 of Glory Jane broadcast on December 1st, 2011, the sweet love between Yoon Jae In and Kim Young Kwang started.

On the day, Young Kwang and Jae In were in the same elevator while on the way to work. Jae In saw the atrocities Young Kwang suffered from Seo Jae Myung’s side, facing with resignation crisis.
Jae In and Young Kwang crossed their fingers and clasped each other tightly, Young Kwang said to magnificent Jae In, “Yes, Know. You’re very tired now. Even if so you must believe that we will be fine. It does not matter, I believe will win. Now no matter what happens I will by your side protecting you.”

Even though it’s just a brief encounter, Young Kwang also left a small note in the hand of Jae In. On it, he wrote, “Don’t be discouraged. Cheer.”

The look of inseparable Young Kwang and Jae In in the crisis stimulate the audience’s feelings.

On the other hand, Jae In is confused about the death of alive of her biological mother, and the continuing story is attracting attention.

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PMY sooooo cute

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CJM is soooo good in this scene :-)


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Lee Jang Woo Shows Mature Cry Acting in Glory Jane
Lee Jang Woo who plays the role of Seo In Woo in Glory Jane (Man of Honor), has caused the viewers to feel grieve with his interpretation of bitterly crying scene, and viewers have praised Lee Jang Woo’s acting one after another.

In the episode 16 of Glory Jane broadcast on December 1st, 2011, Seo In Woo (played by Lee Jang Woo) got to know that his father (played by Son Chang Min) want to harm Yoon Jae In (played by Park Min Young), and he confronted his father. In the drama, Lee Jang Woo is not hesitated to have fall out with his father in order to protect the woman he loved, Park Min Young, and even cried for Park Min Young.

Lee Jang Woo who has shown the mature tears flowing acting is praised by many viewers. Viewers left messages one after another, “When In Woo cried, I also cried,” “Really felt the love of In Woo to Jae In,” “Unknowingly immerse into the drama,” and so on.
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Cold City Girl Lee Jin Is a Hot Passionate Girl on the Set
In the cold weather, the various behind the scene photos of Lee Jin warming up herself is attracting attention.

In a serious of behind the scene photos released on November 29th, 2011 for KBS 2TV Wednesday and Thursday drama Glory Jane (Young Love Jae In), viewers can see various methods used by Lee Jin to keep warm and resist the cold.

At the filming set on November 19th, 2011, as with the role she is playing that fashionable, Lee Jin was just wearing thin one-piece dress or skirt for filming, and it could be seen that she always passed along her warming pad to staff crews who were working hard to share the warmth.
During the shooting of the day , Lee Jin held a warming and script on her both hands, and practiced acting with opposite actors or chit-chatted with others to pass the time. Outside of the filming scene, she still held a warming pad coupled with wearing leather jacket to resist the cold.

After seeing the photos, netizens commented one after another, “Lee Jin on the set is not a cold city girl but a hot city girl,” “cold cannot stop the passion of Lee Jin to acting,” “really jealous of the warming pad and leather jacket,” and so on.

In addition, the curiosity of viewers to Glory Jane has increased on how Lee Jin who is been discussion topic due to her fashion sense is going to react to the caring of Chun Jung Myung.

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Making 29 of MOH

Check out MY fooling around with evil daddy :w00t: ... r_embedded

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What Park Min Young Did During Filming Rest Time
During the standby time in the midst of filming, Park Min Young sometimes drew sesame-sized picture and showed it to people around her, and sometimes she held tightly to the thermos cup with both hands to savor the coffee, showing a very naughty side, which also attracted public attention.

These are performance of Park Min Young during filming of Glory Jane (Man of Honor). In the course of seriously memorizing script, Park Ming Young sometimes felt bored and so she drew sesame-sized drawing, and shyly made public her drawing skill to people around her. Or she used thermos cup to fill with hot coffee, savoring the delicious coffee, proving her status of been “fanatic coffee lover.” Especially for using the thermos mug to replace the disposable cup on the set, Park Min Young was really leaving deep impression to others.
After seeing the photos, netizens commented, “The drawing of Park Min Young is really small,” “The drawing is as the person, so cute!” “Bringing own thermos mug new concept actress Park Min Young,” “In Park Min Young previous dramas she also can’t separate from coffee! Really is avid coffee lover.”

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My thoughts on Episodes 15 n 16

Post by mimi2601 » Dec 7th, '11, 16:00

I started out MOH without many expectations, having not watched BK. I am not a huge fan of melodrama and the plot seemed kind of cliched from the first two episodes. It was by the 7th or 8th episode that I started investing in this drama. But even before that, I used to enjoy YK-JI scenes. But it was with JI coming and living in YK's house that I started loving this pair.

Though the fauxcest angle is not something new, I liked how it was treated in MOH. And yeah, I think what is absurd is not the fauxcest, but the heights to which some people's moral indignation has risen over it. I loved how somebody explained the whole thing in S. that these were people who were interested in each other n then found out suddenly that they were bro n sis. I thought it was perfectly natural for YK n JI to have those developing feelings for each other because both realised that they had found their soulmates. If not for the hue n cry, I think I would have been able to enjoy those scenes better.

Chun Jung Myung has been a revelation for me. Part of it could be that he is able to identify with Young Gwang who is an interesting character in that his pride is both his strength n weakness. I also like how his character has developed from someone who could never take an insult lying down to a person who was ready to make a fool of himself in front of his own baseball team just for the sake of his family. His is a very relatable character n it is not often that you get a male lead who is not a type.

The same goes for In Woo. Again, what a performance from Lee Jang Woo! His character is also pretty interesting in that his negative shades are pretty clear to see n I thought that thankfully, there wasn't much attempt to whitewash his character. In Woo is the spoilt brat right from his childhood n that continues in his youth as well. However, his dad is one of the meanest dads I have seen on screen, especially with his kid. The very fact that IW realised he had become a grown man n need not take his dad's abuse any longer only when JI told him so shows us the extent to which the dad had scarred him as a boy. Yet, it will also be wrong to absolve him of all responsibility with regard to how he treats people. True, he has inherited his parents' style of treating people lower than him in status like 'dirt', but the fact that his actions hurt so many people is not something to be discounted. Ultimately, one has to take responsibility for one's actions.

Jae In started out as the bright, girl with the golden heart we see so often that PMY's character seemed a follow up of Nana to me. But as the drama progressed, I realized this is a different character. In some ways, JI is a child when compared to Nana. Nana could be streetsmart when the writers wanted. :P Jae In is all instinct and innocence, though like Nana, she stands up for herself. Jae In is still in the process of showing different shades of her personality. But I realize MY had to do some work to make her so gullible a character, a fact which I did not perhaps appreciate in the beginning. Also, because YK is also like her in many respects, her character becomes more believable than if the main lead was diametrically opposite to her in character.

I started appreciating Jae In's innocence fully in these last two episodes and friends, you have to watch these two episodes. She has always been wanting a home of her own, a family. Yet when she started gaining acceptance in YK's home, she had to leave it n was transported into a place that does not suit her bright n open-hearted nature. (But because of that, In Woo was saved) There is this scene where she goes missing after being insulted by IW's mom (a bit dramatic for me) n YK finds her sitting on the noodle shop doorsteps. I really felt pity for her then. :cry: It brought home to me that she is also such a fragile thing and that though she tries to be bright n all, inside she is still a child.

Now about In Woo and Jae In. I sometimes think she kind of fills in a sibling spot for him. She is the one who protects him against his dad, something which neither In Chul or his mom does for him. Also, she is the first to realise that he is a man who needs help. If IW had not known she was the real JI, perhaps the story would have been entirely different. Bcoz he knows she is his childhood friend, he opens out to her and lets her see him for what he is. I think JI has pity for him because she realises he is deep down a very insecure child, but I don't think she has feelings other than that.

About Young Kwang and Jae In, think it is long since I saw two leads who were similar in character and yes, sometimes birds of the same feather have to flock together. YK is a solid guy, who is pretty expressive about his emotions. It is great to see a guy coming straight to the point and not getting the girl confused about his feelings for her. :thumleft:

So what am I saying? Now that we have got some peace, I think it is time some of you started watching from where you left off. :wink: And to those who are :study: , watch it when you have time. Otherwise, it will get very lonely for me here and I will become like :alcoholic: Also, isn't it your responsibility to keep me out of trouble? :fight: LOL

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@mimi Busy now but don't worry, will find time to watch it maybe this weekend so we can discuss some of the most interesting scenes.

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I don't know why I can't get into this drama. These are two of my favorite leads and I just don't feel any chemistry between the two. I tried forcing myself to watch it but... oh well, maybe I will watch it some other time.
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