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Ojakgyo Brothers (KBS2 2011)

Posted: Nov 29th, '11, 20:28
by arakira

* Title: 오작교 형제들 / Ojakgyo Hyungjedeul
* Genre: Family, romance
* Episodes: TBA
* Broadcast Network: KBS2
* Broadcast period: 2011-Aug-06 to TBA

The story of a family with four sons who live together with their relatives on a farm near Seoul. Hwang Tae Hee is the third son and a policeman who falls in love with a girl named Baek Ja Eun. Baek Ja Eun is a haughty young woman who only believes in her pretty looks and is quick to flare up in anger.

* Uee as Baek Ja Eun
* Joo Won as Hwang Tae Hee
* Ryu Soo Young as Hwang Tae Bum
* Choi Jung Yoon as Cha Soo Young

Hwang family
* Kim Yong Rim as Madam Shim
* Baek Il Sub as Hwang Chang Shik
* Kim Ja Ok as Park Bok Ja
* Jung Woong In as Hwang Tae Shik
* Yun Woo Jin as Hwang Tae Pil

Baek family
* Lee Young Ha as Baek In Ho
* Jo Mi Ryung as Jung Yoon Sook

Cha family
* Kim Yong Gun as Cha Hyun Jae
* Park Joon Geum as Nam Yeo Kyung

Source: drama-wiki

Posted: Nov 29th, '11, 20:31
by arakira
Ecchan, glad I listened to you and started this one. It's a great family drama, felt it was a shame that it got no topic here...

Posted: Nov 29th, '11, 20:39
by Sham26
Oh ara,I love you, thank you for the thread !
Im still behind (ep15),hopefully I won't get tired by downloading the episodes and Im using the medium quality !
Anyways,it's a lovely drama !

Posted: Nov 29th, '11, 21:23
by arakira
I'm also still catching up. At 25 now. So far I like almost all of the side stories lines and pairings, the only annoying characters are team manager Cha's screaming mother and Jaeun's evil step mom. Though I wonder about Jeong Seok-won's role...not yet comfy with him.
So him and Taehee are related...well it's nice to learn a bit more about his background but I kinda could do without yet another storyline.
Wonder when our main couple will finally progress...well at least now they kinda know each other's and the old theme of the circumstances that keep them apart...why am I still not tired of it??
Also love the 2nd hyung and team manager pairing, cute to see them slowly get accustomed to and fond of each other.
What shocked me a bit was the coldness and racism the little one has to face...poor kiddo must get scarred for life from all the bickering over him.

Posted: Dec 5th, '11, 16:02
by el_canuck
I believe this is the number one rated drama in Korea and has been since the third or fourth episode. Great show. Has anyone peeked at the end of episode 36?

Team Manager's mother was also in Secret Garden, I think this is too soon to have to listen or see her again.

I did not like the actor (oldest brother) in Coffee House and I hate him here.

Uee gets better and better, there are always a few "idols/singers" that do become good actors. Uee can join the list of Yoon Eun Hye, Eric and Rain as good actors.

Sham 26---I just got back from Casablanca and Agadir. Does anyone obey traffic lights in Casablanca? Crossing the street is quite a scary adventure. The bazaar was fun walking through though.

Now to wait for next weekend and episodes 37 & 38.

Posted: Dec 5th, '11, 16:29
by Silverman
el_canuck wrote:I
Sham 26---I just got back from Casablanca and Agadir. Does anyone obey traffic lights in Casablanca? Crossing the street is quite a scary adventure. The bazaar was fun walking through though.
There are like 5 countries in the world, where they obey the traffic laws. Even in the most developed countries traffic laws are just a formality. f.e. London is funny. The most people go over the street, when the red traffic-light is on, while they wait if the lights are green^^.

Posted: Dec 6th, '11, 13:40
by el_canuck
I am not talking about walkers not obeying, it is the cars that do not care. When you cross the street, cross with as many people as possible, just to feel safer.

Posted: Dec 6th, '11, 13:48
by Silverman
I know what you are talking about. Its just, that the cars in Londons don't always care about the traffic lights. So i saw a lot of times, that they just drive through. But if the light is red (for the walkers), then the cars wait. Don't ask me why. But i saw, that we have a someone from London in this forum, so perhaps can he explain^^.

Posted: Dec 6th, '11, 20:05
by arakira
el_canuck wrote:I believe this is the number one rated drama in Korea and has been since the third or fourth episode. Great show. Has anyone peeked at the end of episode 36?
YES, finally! :wub:
LOL I can't believe I caught up with this already.
Joo Won seems to have a hand for high-rated series...first baker and now this one...

el_canuck wrote:Sham 26---I just got back from Casablanca and Agadir. Does anyone obey traffic lights in Casablanca? Crossing the street is quite a scary adventure. The bazaar was fun walking through though.

Yep, traffic in the Arab world is crazy. Driving in Kairo is one of the scariest experiences of my life...but you get used to it and actually people do look out for each I learned loads of different meanings of the end I even thought I could make out the different tones for different purposes ;)

Posted: Dec 9th, '11, 16:40
by Sham26
Since I read some recaps here and there,I know what you're talking about ,can\t wait to catch up but I don\t think I can ,Im at ep 23!Sometimes some characters really really bother me ,like the oldest brother,isn't he supposed to be more mature ? Ha Na's mother too she's so childish but loving the mother, I mean she's so beautiful for her age ,no ?Plus she breaks my heart whenever she calls her mother ! JE&TH are so cute together ,got so many screecaps and when they were going to the weeding ,that was sooooooo cute !

About the traffic, well it\s Casablanaca but in other cities , I think most people obey the rules anyway hope you next time come and visit the other cities!

Posted: Dec 15th, '11, 19:14
by Sham26
Watching ep25 and that new character said that TH looks like KDW hahaha !
Glad Im not the only one who thinks so :D

Posted: Dec 15th, '11, 19:54
by arakira
LOL, no there is a certain similarity...but he lacks the creepiness ;)
Dunno why...but after the end of ep 36 and the long awaited development...I got pretty bored with the series. And I really really dislike how they wrote Guksu's character and story. Really feel bad for the boy being treated so unfairly by everybody in the family and also the racism he has to face everywhere. Wish they'd elaborate on that topic and not just use him as a prop for the development of the hyung's character...

Posted: Dec 20th, '11, 20:32
by Peggy
I am really very shaken with the way the Korean writers and the director are pushing the racism to such a great extent. I can't believe they would do this using a child who is not unintelligent and must feel pretty bad at having to listen to the dialogue concerning his character.
He is slightly dark skinned compared to the rest of the cast who are obviously well made up to look as light as possible. Is he wearing darker makeup?

the thing that is so silly is that in Britain for many years people would go on holiday every year seeking the sun. In fact if you did not come home with a good suntan ...or even sunburn...people would say you did not have a good holiday. I think it may still be the fashion to go to sunny places to get 'brown' !
I live here in southern California and I stay out of the sun solely for health reasons but I never actively stayed in sunlight. Skin colour may be interesting but it is not important.

The reactions of the families in this drama when they see this little boy are almost grotesque.. Is it really like that in Korean?

Posted: Dec 20th, '11, 21:07
by Issy
My dear Peggy, this is very common in Asian countries. You always thought to be very blessed if you have a fair and light skin. girls with lighter skin and eye colour are very popular. You never see such girls struggling to find husband because there is always a que behind their doors.
I could not believe my eyes when one time I saw a CM from one of my backhome country satellite channel. Basically the girl was applying for a news presenter job and they did not accept her. Few weeks later and after using the product, she was hired in seconds.
Funny thing was when I changed to our UK channel and it was for a tanning product. Basically people want what they don't have but of course there always be a degree of racism in those countries.

Posted: Dec 20th, '11, 21:07
by Silverman
As far as i know yes, its like that in korea. A lot of younger people make fun of people with darker skin and give them nicknames like "Obama". But this wasn't different in Europe/America and Africa a few hundred years ago. (Noble) Women tried to have their skin as light as possible. Because the slaves and peasants had darker skin, because they worked in the fields. So to show the difference it was the beauty ideal. They even tried to make their skin lighter through lemon juice. But i digress again...sorry. Back to korea. I think its always awkward in the dramas if they say that someone is darkskinned, but i can't tell the difference between light and dark korean skin (at least, if the difference isn't too big).
But its not always racism in korea, its "just" pure curiosity. And when koreans see people, who are different, they point out, that they are different, without an evil thought.
At least its what i heard from my penpal.

Posted: Dec 20th, '11, 21:20
by Sham26
Issy,not only in asian countries,in my country too, men prefer ladies with light skin!

First I thought that this racism was just temporary but it starts to annoy me,the reactions are too much, and like Silverman said ,the difference isn't even that big!

Posted: Dec 21st, '11, 05:40
by Peggy
I appreciate your replies. thanks. I suppose that all over the world some people cannot be happy with different skin colours. It is something that has never been large in my life except to sometimes admire it. I can quite understand that a darker or different colour skin would be a problem getting a job or whatever might be the situation. Isn't it strange the things that are done in order to preserve a position in society. I believe noble Chinese ladies used to grow their finger nails extremely long to show that they did no work of any kind. They also bound their feet to make them so small that they could not walk on them. Exceedingly painful from what I have read.
Then there are those ladies who put a metal ring around their necks every few months or so to elongate their necks. Was it in Borneo. I can't remember but I don't think I would have wanted to do that. I don't know what the reason was for that.
Now here in US women and young girls are making themselves as thin as possible and their breasts as large as possible. Very unattractive and top heavy looking to me at least....

Posted: Dec 21st, '11, 06:09
by moadeep
meanwhile I get flack from people for being pasty. I find this amusing. Now that I think about it I've gotten a lot of compliments from the older korean ladies I've known on my complexion.

Posted: Jan 15th, '12, 23:21
by iluvasiandrama
It's sad that in 2012 some cultures are so closed-minded towards living with other races. I wonder how they get along in other countries where there are not many Koreans? I guess some end up going back while others make the adjustment. I appreciate the diversity the US has to offer. It's 2012 for goodness sake wake up!

Anyhow, I love this drama. It is so touching and it's good that they are addressing issues they need to deal with. Especially the last episode when
his son came to the hospital and he claimed him as his own and when he let him sleep in the same room with him... I almost cried :cry:

Posted: Feb 20th, '12, 23:32
by el_canuck
Well I have watched the last episode and now wait for the subs that are not too far back (4 eps) and I have one question left after watching this great drama. Where is the OST, has anyone seen it yet?

Uhee is developing into a fine actress and I think she enjoys the romantic/comedy genre. Watching her and Lee Si Young in comedy makes me feel like they are following in Kim Sun Ah's footsteps into the next generation.

Now the the big question, what to watch next.