Need help to identify a Kdrama? Ask here!

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Re: Need help to identify a Kdrama? Ask here!

Post by LadyPaulus » Apr 30th, '18, 16:53

Found it I think Marriage not Dating a 2014 series I will watch to see if this is it.

If any one remembers that wall let me know thanks for reading and being here.

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Need help to identify a Kdrama

Post by Lyandra » Oct 8th, '18, 20:43

Hi everyone
Can you help me identify a drama (a korean one if i remember)

I have no image, no name of actors or their characters.... but a little bit of the plot

Here s a bit of the story:
A woman with a young son marries a man with a (teen) daughter for the sake of recreating a family. But the daughter bullies the son and the new mother. The husband stand still and eventually cheats (or the likes) with his ex wife (mother of the girl).
The main woman needs to take care of her son afraid of school.
Slowly the step daughter opens up to the new mother. And the husband think he loves her in the end.
I'm not sure for what s following but i think that the man or the woman found his/her familly or something like that in the process of the strory. And still not sure but the woman is quite abused by a sister or sis in law not sure...

If you have any idea i ll be grateful

I've watched (and rewatched) too many asian dramas ... and sometime it's hard to remember the name to rewatch it ...(and i'm quite frustrated too :p )


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