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Do JE boys get along with non-JE actors?

Discuss about your favourite Japanese Actors and Actresses
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Do JE boys get along with non-JE actors?

Post by Zazaza29 » Jan 28th, '11, 06:25

I've wondering that for some time now... I know that some JE boys look up to Shun Oguri as their role model, but what about the rest? I know that actors tend to stick with people from their own talent agencies, eg Johnny, Stardust, AMUSE...

I also read somewhere that dating a Johnny is a status symbol for some actresses... Is that true?

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Post by jewelpham » Jan 28th, '11, 07:03

I know some good relationships between Johnny's and other actors, like:
_Kamenashi Kazuya(KAT-TUN, Johnny's) and Mokomichi Hayami(Ken-On)
_Akanishi Jin(ex-KAT-TUN, Johnny's) and Shirota Yuu(Watanabe)
_Yamashita Tomohisa(News, Johnny's) and Fukuyama Masaharu(Amuse)
About dating, I don't think that true, it's just the gossip. Johnny's is very strict about dating. Some Johnny's Jr. were quited because they've been having relationship with the young actresses.

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Post by Salz » Jan 28th, '11, 11:18

most JE talent have always have good relationship with other non-je actors or other talent such as singer and comedian.....

i know of Matsumoto Jun and Ikuta Toma is very good friend of Oguri Shun...
Nino with Takahashi Katsumi, Takenato Naoto, Matsuken, Kase Ryo
Sho with Takashi Tsukamoto, Sato Ryuta etc
Ohno with Yashima Norito etc
Yamapi and Jin with Shirota Yuu, Mizobata Junpei, Hero JaeJoong
Kimutaku with Hiro Mizushima and many more actor

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Post by nnnc » Jan 28th, '11, 14:08

Kimura Takuya gets along really well with HERO casts. They still have a regular get together every once in a while even until this day, almost 10 years after the original broadcast. If I'm not mistaken, they take turn being the one who organize and host the event. The HERO casts (Matsu Takako, Abe Hiroshi, and the rest of the Josai branch) went to watch him in SMAP concert last year. He also gets along well with Akashiya Sanma. Their comradeship is well known and they have a very popular annual special program that shows them hanging out and doing funny/challenging stuffs together.

Katori Shingo also get along well with Shinsegumi cast. They also have a get together at the end of each year, organized by Yamamoto Koji.. Shingo once told an episode of him, Yamamoto Koji and Sakai Masato got drunk and sat in front of a convenience store together drinking.

Speaking of SMAP concert, actors/actresses who attended a concert and are believed to be in a good term with one or most/all SMAP members also include Takeuchi Yuko, Yamamoto Koji, Nakam Yukie, Izumi Pinko, Becky, Mizuki Arisa, Shinohara Ryoko, Matsuda Shota, and more.

In fact, all SMAP members hang out and get along well with non-JE actors much more so than with their JE juniors. Probably because they are older. Within Johnny's Jimusho, SMAP probably get along with Kinki Kids and TOKIO the best. However, Ikuta Toma seems to be one of their favorite Kohai (junior). Inagaki Goro went out and had a meal with him several times and Nakai Masahiro once sent bento boxes to every casts and crews of Toma's drama as a gift. I don't remember which drama but I remember Toma was very excited and proud of it.

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Post by saayan » Jan 29th, '11, 11:08

Kanjani8's Yasuda Shota and Ohkura Tadayoshi are BFFs with Koike Teppei.

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Post by beldaran » Feb 13th, '11, 20:03

Some of the Johnny's boys went to school (at Horikoshi, for a lot of them) with some non-Johnny's actors/performers and they all seem to get along well with each other.

Shirota Yuu is probably most well-known as the non-Johnny's who hangs out with Johnny's since Yamapi, Toma, and Jin are his best friends.

It's funny to see this thread now.. I was just reading about a small number of these relationships on JUNON 01/11... where they report on how well the people they feature on their magazines supposedly get along together.

Like, how Koike Teppei, Shirota Yuu, Yamashita Tomohisa, and Tanaka Koki formed singing units during a cultural festival in high school. (Teppei and Koki in one team, Yuu and Yamapi on the other.)

Ikuta Toma, who isn't debuted in a group, but is spreading out all over in drama-land gets a lot of stories about hanging out with other performers. He supposedly went to watch the "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" play with Narimiya Hiroki and Goro. He also gets along with Mizobata Junpei, who he gives advice to when Junpei has work issues.

Yamapi being on good terms with Mizobata Junpei is apparently backed up by the fact that Yamapi sat on Junpei's knee during a shoot. In fact, the two of them went out to eat with Wentz Eiji, who told them stories about Korea.

TOKIO's Matsuoka Masahiro and Yutti were high school classmates, and supposedly got along well back then.

(Anyway, I'm rambling... but thanks for giving me a venue to talk about that what-I-think-is-funny article. XD; )

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