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Posted: Jul 13th, '13, 21:50
by forweg
Any deformed creature from Johnny's or any other boy band.

And Takei Emi.

Posted: Jul 18th, '13, 15:25
by ilovejdramas
Err, I guess the actor I dont like is Yamapi. He's okay as a performer. In fact, I'm one of his fan when he was in NewS. Though when it comes to acting, I don't like him as an actor. He doesn't show any emotion at all. Maybe he's just conscious or wanted to keep his cool image as an idol.

Posted: Jul 18th, '13, 18:57
by kz_skies
cute_angel wrote:Matsuzaka Tori - Overrated and irritating to look at! :x I can't stand his acting!! Plain & boring. :glare:

hahahaha the most badass red ranger XD

But i think it still has some good point on TAKE FIVE. Well, i don't hate or like him anyway :p

Anyway,, is there anyone hates kanjiya shihori here?
If it is, please tell me your reason.

Even though i'm her fans, i think i should try take some other perspective view, like from the negative side :D

Posted: Aug 11th, '13, 15:01
by YukawaManabu
Now that you guys mention it, yeah, Toda Erika isn't much of a good actress :)

And I might be the only one here, but I get irritated by Ayase Haruka sometimes. She's an OK actress but sometimes, I think she's meh.

Posted: Aug 11th, '13, 18:45
by bmwracer
YukawaManabu wrote:And I might be the only one here, but I get irritated by Ayase Haruka sometimes. She's an OK actress but sometimes, I think she's meh.
I sorta agree... I think most people like her because of her boobs.

Posted: Aug 11th, '13, 19:17
by kitty10
I'm adding Shinohara Ryoko to the list of actresses I can't stand watching on my screen. She is so annoying.

Posted: Aug 18th, '13, 08:02
by YukawaManabu
bmwracer wrote: I sorta agree... I think most people like her because of her boobs.
Funny but true!

Posted: Aug 18th, '13, 12:13
by ailahai
that should be Narimiya Hiroki

Posted: Oct 1st, '13, 16:04
by karin-chan
Maeda Atsuko

Posted: Oct 1st, '13, 16:15
by Epleskrotten
Is it not a bit sad that you all complain about who you don't like? These are not ugly people, and I am sure they are not horrible people. Do they deserve to be spoken about in this manner? What have they done to you personally? Life is too short to go around disliking people because of their eyes or because she wore her hair short in a movie in 2002.

What about talking about things or people you like instead? Be more positive.

Posted: Feb 11th, '14, 16:01
by GokaiGold
Least Favorite Actresses: Shinoda Mariko (only ex-AKB48 girl i don't like), Tsuyica Anna, Watanabe Eri, Fujisawa Ema and Otake Shinobu

Least Favorite Actors: Musaka Naomasa (not a hottie), Takashima Masanobu and Motoki Masahiro

Posted: Mar 10th, '14, 18:17
by yuji07
haha well I don't like Ayame Goukiri, its just that, even she's portraying a serious role, it
ends up like she's doing a Comedy role. Another Actress that i Don't like is Kyoko Fukada, I mean her acting is always like a bit "childish" , the way she deliver her lines, it always end up like in a baby talk tone.

When it comes to actors, i must say Matsumoto jun :D
haha It's a bit complicated for me I mean, I ALWAYS LOVE MATUSUJUN but sometimes,
when he portrays a role there are times that his acting is not reaching the audience :D but I'm not saying that This always happens.

another actor is Yamapi, well his expressions are always the same, and when he delivers his lines, it feels like he's bored doing it :D

Posted: Apr 11th, '14, 09:15
by ShiBaru11
For the sake of killing time, this is quite fun....
I don't watch many dramas but I do have my list.

For actresses:
Kiritani Mirei
Kitagawa Keiko
Inoue Mao

For actors:
Matsumoto Jun
Kimura Takuya
Katori Shingo

you can always ask me why.... :D

Posted: Apr 11th, '14, 13:59
by GokaiGold
ShiBaru11 wrote:For the sake of killing time, this is quite fun....
I don't watch many dramas but I do have my list.

For actresses:
Kiritani Mirei

For actors:

Kimura Takuya

you can always ask me why.... :D
then don't watch Ando Lloyd. do i mention that Mirei was in Hana Kimi? yeah. she was Dorm 1 leader's girlfriend

Posted: Apr 30th, '14, 13:32
by cute_angel
Kiriyama Renn :sleeping:

Posted: May 7th, '14, 15:46
by Akane_61
Actors I don't like:
- Kimura Takuya (looks too arrogant and full of himself)
- Fujiki Naohito (I thought he was arrogant because his acting is very stiff, but then I saw him in Oshareizumu and he was nice and more natural, so I guess he's just really bad at acting)
- Jinnai Takanori
- Abe Sadao
- Takizawa Hideaki

Actresses I don't like:
- Inoue Mao (I don't like her face and she can't act)
- Mizukawa Asami (her voice is annoying and she's just bad)
- Kuroki Meisa (very very boring actress, she always looks and acts the same)
- Fukada Kyouko (looks like a doll, she moves as if she's trying not to break her doll-like face --->very limited expression range)
- Ayase Haruka (I can tolerate her acting, but she's bad, in my opinion)
- Nagasawa Masami
- Sawajiri Erika (terrible acting!)
- Horikita Maki (she looks fake, I don't know there's something I really don't like about her, and I think it's her acting:))
- Hirosue Ryouko
- Kashii Yuu (don't like her face, and her voice is terrible...bad and annoying actress)

These are the actors that disappoint me every time I see them...(there are certainly others but I don't remember right now)

But sometimes I change my mind about some actors and actresses and reevalute them, like I did for Amami Yuki (saw "Amalfi" and other dramas and I thought she was really bad, but then I watched "Onna Nobunaga" and totally fell in love with her acting), Nakama Yukie (I've always thought she was a terrible actress, but she was really good in "Saki"), Ueto Aya (I used to dislike her acting, but in "Nagareboshi" she was awesome) or Matsuda Shouta (he is always so stiff but in "Taira no Kiyomori", he completely blew me away, he was just fantastic there), just to name a few.

Posted: May 8th, '14, 16:48
by GokaiGold
post deleted

Posted: May 8th, '14, 17:12
by bmwracer
GokaiGold wrote:am i only one on this forum that i don't like Juri Ueno? i'm not a big fan of her. when i saw her in Nodame and episode 4 shows
her start to crying while watching the orchestra
then i stopped watch that show. yeah, i don't like her crying scenes
If you don't like her, why are you watching Alice no Toge? :scratch:

Re: How About J-Actresses/Actors you DON'T like??

Posted: May 6th, '15, 20:11
by ching123
certainly Anne Watanabe shes like in every Drama and i cant comprehend WHY! shes so Overrated acting isnt exceptional and not so good looking although ive enjoyed Kasuka no Kanojo any good actress would have played her part well

Re: How About J-Actresses/Actors you DON'T like??

Posted: May 15th, '15, 12:41
by dramaticme
actresses i don't like because of their BAD ACTING [ i dun necessarily dislike their personalities ]
takei emi
ayame gouriki
toda erika [ before u judge , erika herself said she only does what the director tells her which means she doesn't add anything to her roles herself and an actress without an opinion of her own is no actress , especially since not all the directors are good >.> ]
aragaki yui
horikita maki
kuroki meisa
inoue mao
ayase haruka
kitagawa keiko
kojima haruna
atsuko maeda
kiritani mirei
kawaguchi haruna
ishihara satomi
watanabe anne

actors i don't like
yamada ryosuke
matsuzaka tori
nakayama yuma
ayano go
yamashita tomohisa [ i'm sorry but he is disappointing me greatly lately ]
aiba masaki [ as much as i love his personality he is not fit for acting >.> ]
Exile's AKIRA
takaki yuya [not much of an actor i guess? ]
chinen yuri
nakajima yuto
all the younger generation johnny's tbh

Re: How About J-Actresses/Actors you DON'T like??

Posted: Jul 24th, '15, 09:38
by P@permoon
Yes, I do have some, the ones I can think of right now are especially:

Higashide Masahiro
Everything I have seen him in he is just plain bad. Not one single cell in his face seems to be able to move, much less form any kind of expressive emotion. He is just standing like a stick and reciting his text in a horrible mumbling. And you know one of the major signs that a person didn´t had the benefit of an acting training is if he can´t talk or emote.

Sometani Shota
When I first saw him in the Taiga drama 'Gou' I thought he was an decent young actor. Then I watched 'Himizu' and more and more of his other works, but I started to get bored the more I saw of him. No matter what part, his way of talking is always monotone, the face bland and body language wooden. He lacks the skill to interact with his co-stars, to bring his characters to life and always shows a one-dimensional portrayal. There is no depth in his characters, nothing that makes them interesting and in comedy he is only doing the awkward deadpan.

Maeda Atsuko
The female version of Sometani.

Kiritani Mirei
She might be a cute girl, but only as model, or in very small supporting parts - without any dialogue.

Ayame Gouriki
There is nothing she ever bought to a part that was in any way interesting. Plus, her lack for emoting.

Matsuzaka Tori
The male version of Gouriki.

Sato Takeru, Kamiki Ryunosuke and Miura Haruma - aka the overrated and not very talented Amuse-Trio. No matter what, there is always at least a handful of better actors you can name, that would have been able to make more of the parts they got.

I´m not even going to name Johnny-members.

Re: How About J-Actresses/Actors you DON'T like??

Posted: Sep 15th, '15, 11:10
by uedajirou
1. Horikita Maki
Eww.. such a horrible acting :thumbdown:
i am glad that most people agree with me here...
she is just empty beauty imho.. no content whatever
when she appears in variety show she is kinda annoying too, she is simply... double face

1. Oshima Yuko
I am not sure whether I can call her actress.. she is just so horrible in every aspect. She ruined my queen's drama and even Kimutaku's. Very bad!!!

Only that I can think of

Re: How About J-Actresses/Actors you DON'T like??

Posted: Sep 15th, '15, 11:15
by uedajirou
Nino- Bad, overrated actors

The actors and actress below are still on the middle linr
Aibu Saki - Doesnt mind her in Attention Please, Hate her since Buzzer beat. But I saw her recent work Last doctor with the Aibou guy. Her acting wasnt annoying imho. In fact her character is likeable. Too bad only on that drama thou

Toda Erika- Only liked her in Boss.

Re: How About J-Actresses/Actors you DON'T like??

Posted: Jul 21st, '19, 22:56
by Yanez
I'll admit not paying much attention to actors :sweat: (unless I think they're extremely good actors - and of those, I can name just around half a dozen), whereas I focus more on actresses :P ; those, I devide into four categories: the ones I adore (quite a few, actually :wub: ), the ones I like a lot, the ones I like enough...and then, the very small group - of relevance for this topic :D - of those I can't really stand, no matter how hard I try to find good aspects in them... :scratch:
Three names, so far (to those who will venture in this topic and read this rant of mine: please bear in mind that this is only my very humble opinion; if your fave's in here, just ignore me and go on with your life :sweat: ):

1) Naka Riisa: I find her acting awfully excessive (as in, she tries too hard and the results are imho plainly ridiculous :fear: ) and her presence simply irritating (as in: I could only tolerate her, for example, in "My Boss, My Hero" precisely 'cause she had a very small part in that dorama; when she's the lead, I just can't watch it. I can't, seriously...she has on me the same effect as kryptonite on Superman, what can I say...) :pale:

2) Hashimoto Ai: ironically enough, she's, like, the polar opposite of the previous, as I find her as expressive as...a rock! XD As far as I'm concerned, she can't act, period. She reminds me of this very funny scene from an old Italian movie where the lead, Renato Pozzetto, plays a clueless guy without the slightest acting ability but with the big dream of becoming an actor - the casting scene is quite famous here, and sometimes used as a reference when one wants to say that an actor can't act; the photographer asks him, in order, to express: anger, extreme anger, love, melancholy, nonchalance, sadness, fright, terror - see for yourself the "different" expressions, LOL :rofl: :

3) Kanjiya Shihori: a kind of mix of the two above (not as inexpressive as #2, and not as exaggerate as #1 - therefore, maybe a lil' less terrible than those), still I just don't like her...I find her acting altogether much below par... :thumbdown:

Incidentally, I don't find any of those three attractive (whereas, with very few exceptions, I find almost all other Japanese actresses attractive or very attractive), but actually all that's not the cause, but rather just a mere effect: I may go as far as admitting that those three I named above could be objectively attractive; the problem is that I dislike them so much as actresses...that I can't help not being attracted subjectively as a consequence. If that makes any sense... :sweat:

Whatever. All this, I repeat once more, only imvho. Take care! :wink: