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Yokoyama Yu

Posted: Dec 29th, '07, 19:57
by Mrs-Nishikado
Why isnt there a thread for this hot guy??
and can anyone post some pics of him as i cant find much! :glare:

Posted: Jan 23rd, '08, 16:10
by ena
Stage Name: Yokoyama Yu (横山裕)
Real Name: Yokoyama Kimitaka (横山侯隆)
Nickname: Yoko, Kimi-kun, Yuu-chin (from Eito Spirits concert ~ Joanna's LJ ~ many DLs)
Birthday: 1981.05.09
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Shoe Size: 26.5cm
Blood Type: A
Radioshow: Recomen together with Murakami Shingo
Joined JE: 1996.12.25
Group: Kanjani8

His image color is black ~ Burakku Renjaa (black ranger)
Always goes out to eat with Ohkura Tadayoshi.
Writes the lyrics to Sankyoudai's songs.
Loves to say "breasts".
Really likes to eat.
Favorite musician is Mr.Children.
Collects manga - loves to read manga or play videogames on his days off.
Is good friends with Aiba Masaki and Ninomiya Kazunari from Arashi.
Is nicknamed "Peter Pan" because of his childish behaviour and refusal to "grow up".
Together with Hina he is the most talkative member of the group and is often seen as a leader, which is wrong since Kanjani8 doesn't have a leader (Ryo-chan aka Nishikido Ryo is rumored to be the secret leader of Eito)

[2007] Yukan Club as Kikumasamune Seishiro :wub:
[2007] Haikei, Chichiue-sama as Nakagawa Tokio
[2006] Kemarishi as Kasuga You
[2005] Gekidan Engimono Lonely My Room as Ootani Natsuki
[2003] Hakusen Nagashi ~25-sai as Kousaka Satoshi
[2000] Food Fight as Mannaka Hiroumi Only in episode 5
[1999] P.S. Genki Desu, Shunpei as Shimokawa Keisuke (?)
[1999] Ako Roshi
[1999] Kowai Nichiyoubi Only appeared in episode 1.
[1998] Don't Worry as Igarashi Isamu
[1996] Hakusen Nagashi

[1998] Shinjuku Tanteidan Shonen (Shinjuku Boy Detectives) as Suou Akira (?)

credit: Vendy's blog

More to come or visit Vendy's blog

Posted: Jan 23rd, '08, 16:21
by lilswtangel
KIMI-KUN!!!!!!!!!!! :wub:

I love the black ranger!!!

I wanted to start threads for ALL members of Eito just because they're the greatest, but I fear that I'LL NEVER stop spamming~

Posted: Jan 23rd, '08, 16:25
by ena
Yoshi, Joanna!!! Lwt's spam!!! Somehow letter w is here ~~ I loved it coz it reminds me of you, so LET's SPAM!!!! Yuu-chin is KOI!!! :wub: as he likes to call himself during Spirits concert!!!! :wub:

Kawaiii!!!!! :wub:

Posted: Jan 23rd, '08, 16:41
by cherryaddict
Yoko one of my favourites in K8, this guy is the dorkiest guy i have ever seen XD and he's MECHA kawaii XD

Posted: Jan 23rd, '08, 16:45
by Lotikuma
Yoko xDDD
" Huahahahahaha "
His laugh is soooo funny xD
I love it xD

He's my fav in k8 with Ryo-tan.
Loved him in Haikei, chichiue Sama xDDDD

Posted: Jan 23rd, '08, 16:46
by ena
YEAH!!! Love him ~~ i must confess at first I thought this guy is an AHO!!! But with time, I started having fun watching him and VOILA!!! :wub: ..Almost forgot to mention that it's Joanna's fault that she got me into Eito and their Spirits concert!!!!! :wub:

He's kawaiii!!!! cherry, u're online...:unsure: I thought you went to sleep!!! XD XD

Lotikuma ~ Desshou!!! XD He makes totalyy stupid jokes and that his Muawahah is so dorky!!! :wub:...During concerts, when he laughs, I really can't help but laugh with him!!!!!! :lol

Posted: Jan 23rd, '08, 17:09
by lilswtangel
ena wrote:Lwt's spam!!! Somehow letter w is here ~~ I loved it coz it reminds me of you
ah! I see it!!! :wub: Thanks Ena sweetie! awesome! :)

hahhaha...and I remember the "Yuu-chin" part in Spirits. That was during the MC part where he was asking how come everyone had a cool nickname and he wanted one, too.

Oh my favorite Eito is such a camera whore, i admit it........but I love him just the same.

what can I say about Yoko:
01. he's a great host/MC ~ the other being Hina
02. he's the black ranger from Kanjani8's "Eito Rangers"
03. he gets really grumpy sometimes but it's okay, who doesn't?
04. he appears to be really outgoing onstage, but in reality, he can be pretty quiet backstage
05. he pays the tuition expenses for his two younger brothers with the money he earns
06. he is known as: "Yokoyama Yuu, Yokoyama Yu, Yokoyama You, Yokoyama Kimitaka (real name), Yoko, Yokocho, Yuu-chan, Kimi-kun, Yu-chin, Black Ranger"
07. he tries really hard to be funny....and sometimes fails. XD
08. every now and then, he complains that the other members all know how to play instruments ~ so you can see him playing the triangle or the tambourine during concerts
09. I forgot which Junior said this, but he claimed Yoko to be the worst dancer
10. some people think he can't sing, but he tries, ("Fantastic Music" and "Wonder Boy" = GREAT SOLOS!!!)
11. I find it very endearing when he refers to Ryo-chan as "Dokkun"~
12. recently, he spent a large amount of money on his mother and brothers for a trip to Hokkaido~
13. he's the OLDEST member of Kanjani8 (born May 9, 1981) ~> therefore, making him one of the Ossans! LOL
14. he's part of the Eito-subgroup "Sankyoudai" (3kyoudai) where he usually writes the lyrics, Yassan composes the music & plays the guitar, and Baru sings.
15. had a successful series of solo concerts that took place last month
16. suggested that a Christmas tree be placed in Shochikuza theater (Osaka) during the month of December
17. has a pouty bottom lip
18. looks better with shorter hair w/o his roots showing (my personal opinion)
19. found out his name was changed from "Kimitaka" to "Yu" while watching the rolling credits of a show he participated in
20. loves eating (actually, ALL members of K8 loves to eat!!!!)
21. writes the scripts to the Eito Ranger scripts (aiiiiii, can't imagine the 131 scripts he had to write for the 47 Prefecture Tours)
22. I first really took noticed him in the Tokyo Jrs vs Kansai Jrs special + Junior Fight IV clip
23. was known as "Yuuko" in the "7 Okan" segment from K8's old variety show, "Honjani"
24. shows that he used to host with Kanjani8: J³Kansai, Urajani, Mugendai no Gimon, Suka-J, Honjani
25. shows that he is currently hosting with Kanjani8: Mucha Buri, Janiben
27. is a pretty good actor, he's pretty much the main reason why I didn't give up watching "Yukan Club" (also, give "Kemarishi" and "Haikei Chichiue-sama" a chance!)
28. can usually be found on covers of "Myojo", "Popolo", "Wink Up", "Duet" monthly alongside the rest of his band members

and so much more, but I'll end it here at 28 because it's a good number (EIGHT!)~

you can find downloads of Yoko and K8 here

Posted: Jan 23rd, '08, 17:23
by ena
Woaahh!! I think I know only one third of the 28 points you posted here!!!

He really grew up in my mind after knowing that he pays tuition fee of his younger and cares for his family!!!
Poor Yuu-chin, coz during Zoom-in (kanaa :unsure:), he mentioned that he tried other jobs because he had doubts in his career as entertainer and it was quite hard for him as he was doing minor works.

As for his jokes, I didn't get the understanding, but during Excite! concert where they usually MC, Yoko compared Subaru to something and every Eito member was LTAO (changed version of LMAO) and he himself told, Aaah, chigau ka!!! Kawaiii, Yuu-chin!!! :wub:

It's gonna make a loooong thread if I write back, so yamemasu...

Posted: Jan 23rd, '08, 17:44
by lilswtangel
ena wrote:Woaahh!! I think I know only one third of the 28 points you posted here!!!
awwww, *hugs* it's okay hun~ I noticed that usually people knows the least about Hina, Yoko, and sometimes Maru. There are SO many Ryo and Subaru fans out there~ XD and a growing fanbase for Yassan and Tacchon. and then of course, Uchi had a large fanbase before his suspension and it grew even more after......and of course with the propaganda of "RyoUchi" :wub:
ena wrote:He really grew up in my mind after knowing that he pays tuition fee of his younger and cares for his family!!!

Poor Yuu-chin, coz during Zoom-in (kanaa :unsure:), he mentioned that he tried other jobs because he had doubts in his career as entertainer and it was quite hard for him as he was doing minor works.
if anything, I would say the ones he cares most about would be his family members with Kanjani8 at a close second. :) About him wanting to give up......that was true. It was circa 2001 right after the September 11 attacks and a lot of Kansai Jrs were left with a lot less to do. In fact, I think the one who took it the hardest was probably Subaru because he was at the time one of the most popular juniors, "Takki of the East, and Subaru of the West" (or was it the other way around? LOL~ don't remember anymore).
ena wrote:As for his jokes, I didn't get the understanding, but during Excite! concert where they usually MC, Yoko compared Subaru to something and every Eito member was LTAO (changed version of LMAO) and he himself told, Aaah, chigau ka!!! Kawaiii, Yuu-chin!!! :wub:
I don't get his jokes a lot of the time.........but I always crack up because I love the faces everyone else makes while they're laughing and guffawing!! I haven't watched "Heat Up" or "Excite" in ages so your post is definitely going to motivate me to watch them when I get home later tonight. :) Especially "Excite" just because of Uchi's presence. XD

i find these two to be the most helpful (for me at least) for updates and news of K8:
Kanjani8 - Eden @ LiveJournal
Master Key Forums

Posted: Jan 26th, '08, 15:25
by ena
Awww, thanks, Joanna!!! :wub: Keep posting things about Yoko, ne!!! coz he deserves it and he's THE funniest one within Eito members...XD XD

That famous expression of Subaru and takki ~~ Takki from East and Subaru from West (was it correct), coz Baru mentioned it during Shokura Premium and was quite sensitive about that ne!! XD it was kinda competition between them about who's the one, ne!!! XD but Baru was, is and will be really THE best singer among Jrs.... :lol

Will check out the forums and LJ!!!! XD XD

Posted: Jan 30th, '08, 14:48
by snowbug


Last summer when Eito was in Utaban Yoko said that the reason he was given a stage name was that Johnny thought Kimitaka was too difficult, and that "Yuu" possibly came from the fact that Johhny always calls everyone "you". Apparently Johnny always calls him Yoko, though, and the Utaban host then said that he should be Yokoyama Yoko... or Yoko-yoko. I think Yoko-yoko sounds like a monkey, and therefore really suits him :P

Despite the fact that I am not into this whole pairing thing, one of my favourite Yoko-yoko moments is from the Janiben Okinawa special... When Hina says there's a list of things to do so the members can choose what they want, and Yoko says "I want you."

(Oh and Subaru totall pwns Takki in every possible way... in my opinion anyway)

Posted: Jan 30th, '08, 15:05
by cherryaddict
17. has a pouty bottom lip

EXACTLY what I like in him XDDDDDD those lips r just so cute, sometimes it look like a bee sting or whatever XDDD

Posted: Jan 30th, '08, 15:26
by minerva
huahahaha!!!! finally, more thread for eito members!!!!

Joanna-san and ena-san, you did a very great job for those infos and scans.

Now I have more reason to be active in d-addicts forum.... and being distracted heavily from my shikens and ronbun!

What can I say, eito is soo tempting. Long live eito ranger!!!

Posted: Jan 30th, '08, 16:00
by ena
Yoshi, good that you joined, minerva!!! XD XD Welcome and let's spread love for Eito members!!! :wub:

Posted: Feb 15th, '08, 00:39
by ena
Heh!!! Nande this thread is not moving at all??!!! Strange!!!

Anyways, it seems like Yu-chin :wub: had his solo concert, though I couldn't find any links about the concert....I'm afraid that his management will not produce DVD, tooo baaaddd!!! :cry:

Really waiting for his singing and acting during concert!!! :lol...well, especially, for his singing....:mrgreen:

Posted: Feb 15th, '08, 17:25
by yunizuka
why nobody is posting there ? :(

Hey guys have you watched Janiben with Kana-chan ? Yoko was soo damn cute there ! He really got prettier as he grow up <333 He's really hot now! well, he was cute before but now, he's really hot XD this show was so funny "it's wild? You're a shogun" ahah XDD

Posted: Feb 16th, '08, 04:16
by ena
Yeah, only few post in here, but I think thread will move soon, so don't worry, ne!!! :P

Yep, I saw a post with links to English-subbed Janiben with Kana-chan (by the way, who Kana?) on our Ryo Watch community, so it's downloading now XD XD

Can't wait to watch that Janiben!!!! Eito is always funny, especially Yu-chin :wub: He's getting hot, not funny ~~ mitai desu!!!! :lol

Posted: Feb 16th, '08, 09:38
by Lotikuma
Aaa h~
I miss Yoko-chan's laugh xDDD


Posted: Feb 16th, '08, 14:48
by yunizuka
yea me too I wonder how is Kaba-chan... anybody know ?
This janiben epi was really funny! poor yoko and espacially poor Ryo-chan XDD

and I LOVE his laugh ! everytime he's lauhging, I can't help it but laughing too XD

Posted: Feb 16th, '08, 15:37
by Lotikuma
His laugh is priceless xD
Can't help but laugh

Posted: Feb 16th, '08, 17:55
by ena
Guys, you made me more interested to see that Janiben and what I understood about that Kana-chan is that HE's transvestite and he's been invited to that Janiben...:lol

Guessing from screencaps, Kana-chan was abusing our precious Ryo-chan and Yoko has been having fun... Ahhh, why downloading takes so long time nowadays??? :cry:

Posted: Feb 17th, '08, 01:25
by yunizuka
have you watched it now? downloading is so slow sometime, I want to kill my computer when it's slow >_< can't have the time to wait to see kanjani8! especially when the epi is funny =DD
after the kiss, ryo-chan's face was so "SHOCK" , he looked so innocent like he have been raped by someone ahah

Posted: Feb 17th, '08, 06:31
by ena
Hahhhaa, "like he has been raped by someone" ~~~ yeah, he has that expression on his face!!!! :wub:

No, yunizuka, not yet, download is taking sooooooooooooo long...:cry:

Posted: Mar 28th, '08, 04:40
by hey9
I just watched (well, skimmed) Dear Father. This guy LOL! I liked his character as well, very different from the guy in Yukan Club.

Posted: May 8th, '08, 09:18
by shi_rabu
oh i love him there!! really reminds me of kyouya (ouran). i can't resist him in suit with glasses.!!

Posted: May 9th, '08, 18:17
by lilswtangel

Yokocho, Kimi-kun, Kimitaka, You, Yuu, Yu, Yu-chan, Yuchin, Yuu-chin, Yoko, Yokoyama-kun, Black Ranger, Burakku Renjaa... = 27 years old as of 2008.05.09!!

Posted: Apr 21st, '09, 15:32
by lilswtangel

HOLY MOLY.......................was that hotness or what?? Leather and dark denim-clad Yokocho nearly gave me a nosebleed!

I was planning on watching it for both Sho & Yoko, but I found myself looking forward to any and all scenes with Yoko.

Posted: Apr 21st, '09, 16:04
by Ladymercury
The only reason I'm watching is for the guy right in my avatar as Sho didn't impress me much 8)

Posted: Oct 16th, '09, 09:55
by LeviaYuko
Did anyone else see him in Koishite Akuma? For me, he was the only good thing about that drama, and they only had him in one episode....ah~ Yoko is sooo good at playing evil characters even though he's so cuddly in real life.