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Mika Nakashima

Posted: Nov 3rd, '06, 03:06
by EMTQueen
I don't really like her music, but I think she's pretty and I enjoyed NANA, so I guess I'm a bit of a fan.

Posted: Nov 4th, '06, 15:39
by myaku
well, i don't think she's pefectly fit for NANA. she made the character a bit too sweet..but i love her skinny body. i'm jealous of it. Look at my avatar ^^

Posted: Nov 4th, '06, 15:53
by EMTQueen
She's a little too skinny. She has a large gap between her thighs even when her knees are together. She has a tiny bone structure so she doesn't look anorexic, but she could stand to gain a few pounds.

Posted: Jan 4th, '07, 22:02
by Delilah
I really love Mika Nakashima. I'm a huge fan of her music.

I think she looked the part of Nana but her acting was a bit...cold? But since it was her debut in the big screen, I guess it was a good performance. I hear in NANA 2 she did a better job, so I can't wait to see that!

But I agree...she really is skinny. It seems like you could just break her in half...but I guess it's natural for a lot of asian actors/actresses.

Posted: Jan 31st, '07, 17:04
by animefreak
yay for mika! lol, so i guess there arent too many mika fans on this forum. 3 posts, now 4. *sigh*

Posted: Jan 31st, '07, 23:35
by altec1
I like her. I liked Nana and her voice is really cool. :cheers:

Posted: Jan 31st, '07, 23:37
by animefreak
yes, she was good in nana, though personally i think they could've found a better person to play as nana. when is nana 2 comming out in subs?

Posted: Feb 1st, '07, 06:01
by emrams
Nana 2 just came out in theatres a month or so ago. It won't be out for a while. And the subs won't be here because we only do dramas. But there WILL be a sub group doing it I am sure.

I really love Mika. I think she is awesome. I don't like all of her music, just like any other musician. She has a very unique voice and it is very beautiful when she is doing ballads. Anyway I think she has a lot of potential and did the Nana character pretty well too. She is thumbs up in my books. When she was in New York for the screening of Nana 2 I was like "curse it!" because I sooo wanted to go. And a girl I know, her mom did her 2 videos that were shot in the states. Je suis jalouse!

Posted: Feb 1st, '07, 11:22
by baka_maki
i really lyk her music and her flexibility wif her styles.
shes got good character and her role in NANA wasnt too much different to her i think

uummm...but i remember sometimes when i see her in her pvs, shes too skinny, thin arms and hips *hope she doesnt become anorecsic :-(
:cheers: luv her always :cheers:

Posted: Feb 1st, '07, 21:14
by Delilah
Yeah I agree...Mika is really thin. :-( But I'm sure she's not anorexic. She's probably just one of those people with a high metabolism. :-)

Posted: Feb 2nd, '07, 06:37
by Vierran
I like her voice and music, and I liked her in Nana as well, which is what originally got me interested in finding out more about her.

Posted: Feb 4th, '07, 18:06
by oturanx
I like Mika Nakashima but she is waaaay too thin...kinda fits for NANA though since nana suppose to be thin too...

Posted: Feb 5th, '07, 10:55
by inochi
can someone kindly tell me what site(s) you can download movies like NANA from and have trust in the quality of the files?
i really need to watch this movie haha. i just found out not too long ago that Ito Yuna's debut was from this movie

im listening to Mika's NANA singles right now... ^^ i think HYDE did quite a good job songwriting for glamorous sky. Mika definitely has a unique style. i don't know too much about her though, haven't done my research yet

Posted: Feb 6th, '07, 05:59
by altec1
I saw a pic of her's today in a mag- those eyebrows are really something 8) eh.

Posted: Apr 1st, '07, 06:08
by kuvli
hmmmm....i listened to her music...though never taken a chance to watch NANA....wonder why...i think my sister saw a peek at it...but yeah...admired that she don't have a very soft voice like some other japanese actresses/ far as i heard from her a question....where is the japanese main celebrity base city????? is it tokyo or something?

Posted: Jul 13th, '07, 01:48
by Mugy5639
lol i am one of mika's SUPER FAN LOL!!!!! haha i even got my hair cut like hers MUAHAH now I'm going to grow my hair long so i can make it look like from the video Seppun

Posted: Jul 31st, '07, 17:25
by wuff
I listened her song in NANA first and later I donwloaded a full album from her. Well, as she mentioned in one of her interviews the two music styles are far far away from each other. But I like her music. I think she is very pretty with long hair.

Posted: Jul 31st, '07, 20:44
by phramc
I think she's absolutely gorgeous. really really skinny but gorgeous. if she were american I'd be like "ANOREXIC" but I think it's her body build. I thought she did a really good job in NANA and even pulled off being uber punk. I like some of her music but not all since I usually like more upbeat rock music but she's got a lovely voice.

Posted: Oct 7th, '07, 17:58
by Tadanga
Her goth style had caught my eye before I watched Nana. I watched her on Music Station and she really looked like a vampire, that silent and collected type was at the opposite of those chirpy and highly energetic pop idols. Kakui !!! And, yes, that voice !!

As far as the gap between her legs, that is typical in women in all societies where they sit on the floor. But true, she could really do with a few more pounds.

Posted: Oct 7th, '07, 18:28
by ~ Phantom ~
I liked her New Song "LIFE" ..
well .. compaired to Now Mika and as Nana i liked her as Nana,
but still .. she's omg and i love her and her voice =3