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Posted: Nov 30th, '10, 01:55
by shiofmedea
grr!!! ignore my spelling, I guess I'm regresing in my English and it's too late for me to think :glare:

Posted: Dec 17th, '10, 01:57
by Ginoru
Merry X-mas in case i can't drop by later!!!

Yep that's it like if they had lost strenght/power

Yep it's from his latest solo concerts that i hope he will start having more and more! I think someone already translated it :scratch: did you check Captain_U community LJ? maybe they have the lyrics there :)

And i want an album already!!! jijji :cussing:

Ohh by the way it's been funny seeing the latest months magazines and latest performances too, in mags and so it's always moody Ueda with Junno to a side and then the rest and in the latest perfs Junno and Ueda have been channeling Jin!! XD Sooo greaat!!

Oh yes! we have it! The "Saint" we call it here, they chose names of saints to go with the day and if you share the name it's your Saint ^^

By the way PMed my mail :) check your private messages ;)

Posted: Jan 5th, '11, 19:55
by shiofmedea
Happy New Year!!!!

Went back home on sort of vacation for Chrismas so it was difficult for me to connect and now this load of work which was waiting for me had to be taken care of.

O, yes, hurry please, I am regular on shoping sites, just to sure to not miss anything from Jin. :glare: :lol

Oh yes boys are sooo interesting to observe those days :lol

By the way I just received my concert DVD so all work was thrown in the corner and I went back to my happy vacation time once again. Unfortunatelly no Marie Antoinette for Ueada :cry: It was sooo great, why, why not when they were recordering? :cry: Not that Rebbit or wolf is bad by MA performance was really something ! I am falling in love once again every time I remember it :wub:
So this time for DVD Koki with his solo is the best, thumleft: , sorry Tatchan :sorry: . his own style of seduction but I keep compare to Jin , probably becouse is still playful enough, when Kame is doing it I always had this feeling as I should step back, just to be sure XD . When for Jin.. mmm.. but you could always switch it to fun, just my feeling. For Ueda I think it will be more like freezing in place :whistling:
Just went back as I feel I shouldn't left Juno i Maru out, very impolite of me :lol, so I just can't imagine Maru... and my reaction would be: :blink :blink , what's going on? (stronger but I don't want to swear) :blink :blink . For Juno, only one :blink and Are you for sure? Really? .. Why not.. but really?

And I must say that after Jin left I like Kame less and less (not that I was fan before but liked him enough) and switched my affectation in band to Koki. You got me here, Ginoru. And of course still Ueda as my number one, now without any competition :D . I guess this was recorded in August? I wander becouse Ueda is smiling and it was so sad to not see it on concert I was present. Big difference even if I still have feeling it is waaay tuned in comparison to his usuall one ... or he was trying for recording?
By the way he looks great at the end on horse with this simple clothing, does he? Best outfit from all in this show, this kind of natural elegance suits him, I dare to say. Especially with hat. He is cute with his hair in ponytail but there... high class 8). Why not stay like this? Huge contrast to the rest (ok, maybe Juno is often going this way too) and sorry to say but his tase went down lately.. or I just hate this length of trouses more and more. Some switch in promoted style, please, somebody, Paris, Tokyo, big designers, whoever!

Ah, going to check :-)

Posted: Mar 11th, '11, 23:53
by shiofmedea
Ueda is confirmed to be safe but his house is damaged, I just read. Rest of KAT-TUN and Jin are OK too. So good to know!
But so many people dead and such disaster.. Just do not have words..

Posted: Mar 15th, '11, 18:10
by Ginoru
Yeah good to know they are fine! I've been glued tothe tv since friday! >.<
By the way, i answered your mail but dunnoif you got it :)

Posted: Mar 28th, '11, 21:05
by shiofmedea

Aa.. You are still around, I thought you must be really busy.
No, I did not I wonder why? I had some trouble to login and it was overloaded, maybe this is why. Can you try once again? BTW I will be in Madrit next week for business trip. But still too far to arrange meeting and it will only be 1,5 day. Pitty.
I was considering vacation in Japan this year too (part of them) but now I'm not sure.. maybe I skip it. Especially that I'm not sure there will be much activity for some time. I hoped I could buy tickets through JE new service :-(


So trivial comparing to all that is still going on. I was on NHK all the time from moment I went home and on Internet in office. And all my friends around were sending me e-mails to check if I was still in Europe not there as I'm known for crazy vacation escapades out of schedule.

Posted: Apr 10th, '11, 22:41
by Ginoru
Wrote again.

Poor Tatchan that eyebags,not smiling and covering are not like him :(

Posted: Nov 2nd, '11, 23:08
by shiofmedea
and our Ueda in asian version of Prison Break, wow! I was surprised, I did not check news lately so I doublechecked when I saw picture like "wait a moment I know this guy from somewhere... Ueda?????? :goggle: " and second thought "what they did with his hairs!" :blink " but he still looks good, nice shape of bones (it sounds creepy, does it?). I'm looking forwad to it.