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Posted: Aug 15th, '06, 19:13
by Gia3000
I can't take it anymore; I must confess. I LOVE THIS GUY! I kinda feel like I'm being unfaithful to my darling YamaPi but whatever. My gosh! He's SO tall. 1.86m!!! That's 9 cm taller than me! I just adore tall Japanese guys. Girls must've jumped on this guy even before he was famous.

He's super dreamy in Regatta. I highly recommend it... especially now that it will be subbed!

One of my favorite pictures of him... cuz he's so cute!
[img] ... o263fs.jpg[/img]
ETA: credit: asianfanatics... I think...

Posted: Aug 16th, '06, 01:05
by hamstaball
omg haha i LOVE that pic!! it makes him so hot (even tho he is already) cuz i love men who can cook :mrgreen: i'll post a few pics too, cuz i just love him too much

[img] ...[/img]
Rondo Hair = daaaaaaamn sweeet.

[img] ...[/img] :wub: :wub:

Posted: Aug 16th, '06, 20:48
by sakura_rin
Thanks for this :lol

Posted: Aug 16th, '06, 22:40
by GodsGirl7
@ hamstaball: Heh, your avatar... :lol And I know this is the Mokomichi thread, but I love your sig. :wub: Nice pics!

Posted: Aug 17th, '06, 05:52
by hamstaball
yeaa i love jun very much too ~_~ (me mesmerized by his smile lol)

i'm still waiting for the subs on regatta, i cant wait any longer!! hehe well i'm trying my best :P
i just wanna understand the words coming out of the hot hayami

Posted: Aug 17th, '06, 06:28
by kouri
i like him in brother beat and gokusen... hahaha.. ^^ and i also like his brother in brother beat... the eldest bro~~

Posted: Aug 19th, '06, 16:26
by Gia3000
Thanks for the pix mina-san!

He's so gorgeous! And feast your eyes on THIS!!!! There aren't enough shirtless pictures of him! (credit: Dorothy)
[img] ... 0421em.jpg[/img]

And does anyone have this wallpaper? Or the picture? Any help is appreciated.
[img] ... 98d0b5.jpg[/img]

And here's Moco in some jmag (credit: matsujun's girl).
[img] ... an0006.jpg[/img]
[img] ... 9bdf91.jpg[/img]
[img] ... 1005b4.jpg[/img]
[img] ... ae511a.jpg[/img]
[img] ... 552b74.jpg[/img]

Posted: Sep 10th, '06, 01:56
by manon
i like those pics
dunno where i saved them tho~ before
should redo
hmmm soo many nice pictures!!!

and Gia3000

do u know where the first pic of him shirtless is from?
cuz i have a little one of him wearing the exact same shorts ( u know what i mean hamstaball) and hes playing a guitar but i have no idea why

Posted: Sep 10th, '06, 05:53
by hamstaball
hahahaaa yeaaa this one:

Posted: Sep 10th, '06, 05:59
by manon
yeah as i said i realized he was wearing the same green crotch shorts

just kidding people

Posted: Sep 15th, '06, 00:43
by hamstaball
manon wrote:yeah as i said i realized he was wearing the same green crotch shorts

just kidding people
yay for crotch pants!!! :lol

My favourite actors :)

Posted: Dec 11th, '06, 13:45
by digthat
:w00t: Hey, my first time on here. Was just doing a search on who the hottie was from "Rondo" and "Densha Otoko" (series) and found out that it's Mocomichi Hayami. Then I stumbled upon this site and realised how popular he was...

My ultimate favourite is Kaname Jun :mrgreen:

* First saw him in "Konya Hitori no Beddo de" / "On the Single Bed Tonight" while I was in Japan but then I was only there for 2 weeks so only got to see one episode...
* Veeery cool in "Yaoh" cos he gets to wear snazzy black suits and strut his stuff. His hair is sooo cool! I liked watching the special features on the dvd that I bought. You got to see him as himself. How cute! He's the ultimate "anime otoko". It's hard to believe someone can be born with this face!
* Fair role in "Casshern" (movie) but the costumes were kinda corny!

My other favourites are:

Kanako Noboru

* Totally hot in "Jyouou" wow that series had some shocking scenes!! Quite impressive for Japanese prime time series! I liked the costumes and the over-the-top manager.
* Teeny role in "Yaoh" (with Kaname Jun :mrgreen:)
* Seems like there's not much info on him on the web!!

Tsukamoto Takashi

*First noticed him in "Battle Royale" but didn't think to look up who he was, then when I saw a bit of "Tiger & Dragon" (which I gave up after 3 episodes cos I found it boring!) I realised it was the same guy. Wow! He has a very pretty face!

Tsumabuki Satoshi

* "Water Boys" (movie)
* Apparently he was in Fast & the Furious Tokyo Drift?!
* Black Jack (haven't seen this)

Takenouchi Yutaka

* I've liked him for a really long time. Ever since "Hoshi no Kinka" (Heaven's Coin) His character was so cool and he was so hot! It's funny...but he's not especially good looking but somehow he is?! I think it's more that he's quite manly. Haven't you noticed that many new stars are so girly???
* Rondo
* a series where he plays a psychologist...forget the title!

Moriyama Mirai

* Although I don't think he's hot per se. He is very talented and is so funny in the roles I've seen him in. I think he's a great actor! And he has a sweet cuteness about him. He was great in "Last Christmas" (remember when he was the announcer at the wedding?!) and in "Water Boys" (series 1) he was the highlight.

Watabe Atsurou

* Another great actor...he is kind of hot...but more of a cool actor. I think he tackles some really great roles. I first saw him in "Stalker" but why the hell can't I find this series anywhere?!?! I really want to watch it again!
* "Byakuyakou"

Takenaka Naoto

* Having said all that my favourite actor has to be Takenaka Naoto. He is sooo talented and just a great actor. Not based on looks hehehe. He can do great impressions as well (like Bruce Lee). he was fabulous in "Shall We Dance" (I hated the American version!!), hilarious in "Sumo Do, Sumo Don't" and so sweet in "Swing Girls". I think he must be one of the most busiest actors in Japan!!
* He's also in the series "Good Luck" (I think Kaneko Noboru might have bit part in it too). Haven't seen this yet...

Other series I have enjoyed recently:

One Missed Call
Byakuyakou (midnight Walkers)
Attack No. 1
Bengoshi no Kuzu (looved the opening credits!!)
Shiroi Kyotou (White Tower)
Hoshi no Kinka (heaven's Coin)
Stalker (why can't I find this on dvd?!)

I also love my anime:
Hajime No Ippo
Tennis no Oujisama (Prince of Tennis)
Initial D
Fruits Basket
One Piece etc etc

Okok so I am behind the times...I am actually Japanese but have lived in Sydney, Australia most of my life so my Japanese is only conversational level. I wish I lived in Japan though so I wouldn't miss out on all the great tv shows :) Plus I would get to see more variety shows where you get to see your favourite stars as themselves sigh...
and my nickname 'digthat' is from my favourite movie "Swingers" with Vince Vaughn 8)


Posted: Dec 12th, '06, 08:22
by MizTsukuura
I think he's cute. i saw him on Gokusen 2. wonder he doesn't look too japanese since he's got Filiipino & spanish blood in him. i like his skin colour.. :mrgreen:

[img] ... 082722.jpg ... omichi.jpg ... png0cf.png

Posted: Feb 12th, '07, 08:19
by megwon
MizTsukuura wrote:I think he's cute. i saw him on Gokusen 2. wonder he doesn't look too japanese since he's got Filiipino & spanish blood in him. i like his skin colour.. :mrgreen:

[img] ... 082722.jpg ... omichi.jpg ... png0cf.png
right now, its just a rumor. i dont know.

but it would explain his skin color. >>>

Posted: Feb 12th, '07, 22:15
by kittiekissies
awwww I love him!!!! :wub: He's gorgeous, and such a good actor! Currently watching Tokyo Tower and he makes me cry in it :cry:

Posted: Feb 12th, '07, 23:49
by Ar_Yue
OMG!!! Funny picture!! XD I don't think I've seen anything like that... hmm... green cross shorts. phuahahahaha!!!

Very handsome and tall. Big bonus!

I did watch Tokyo tower but I thought it was suppose to be ranchy storyline?? Does it get better? I only watched the first ep...

Posted: Mar 15th, '07, 11:12
by veela16
hmm...i've only watched Gokusen 2 so far...and i say, he's pretty impressive. i had fun reading this thread! :D do post more pics of him especially some wallpapers please? do share them! thanks a lot! :-)

Posted: Apr 12th, '07, 09:03
by katrina_097
ei...who's filipino??... Is i mokomichi??? is he a filipino??? pls. tell me...

Posted: Apr 22nd, '07, 15:16
by princess_rui
I love mokomichi!!! I love him in gokusen 2!!! he's funny!!! always carrying that fan... he's hot, he's tall, he's funny and he has a great smile!!!

Posted: Apr 27th, '07, 10:26
by kunornadia
He's HOT !!! He's one of my fav Japanese actors.Like him in Gokusen 2. :wub:

Posted: May 9th, '07, 19:16
by isbes83
love him in rough and gokusen. and i think if there is any slam dunk live action he would be perfect as rukawa or sakuragi hanamichi. he hottttttt! ouch

Posted: May 9th, '07, 19:17
by isbes83
love him in rough and gokusen. and i think if there is any slam dunk live action he would be perfect as rukawa or sakuragi hanamichi. he hottttttt! ouch

Posted: May 16th, '07, 06:15
by phreakish
Mmm... Moko-san is quite tasty, indeed. Does anybody have an HQ version of Rough they could upload? The only copy of Rough I could find was on, and they don't have English subtitles for it. Poo.

Posted: May 16th, '07, 07:21
by prettYpink

can I join the thread?????

I alSO loVe moKomichi in GokUsEn 2 :wub: !!!

Posted: May 16th, '07, 15:59
by bebeh
He was great in gokusen 2. I loved his hairstyle

Posted: Jul 3rd, '07, 07:55
by cluelessyf
i'm currently on ep 8 of tokyo tower!! it's not that ranchy-cuz he moves to tokyo and basically lives there since. w/ flashbacks of when he was back in the countryside. it's pretty good! tries to teach u lessons about life like alot of japanese dramas haha..

he's really cute/dorky in there! he was SUPER HOTTTTT in densha otoko so i watchd rough and then this hehe :D

on a side note.. haha i didn't know there was a tokyo tower movie (w/ matsujun in it) and this tokyo tower 2007 so i watchd the movie.. i didn't know je boys were allowed to portray such promiscuous roles hahhaha

Posted: Jul 3rd, '07, 09:25
by AshanishiLynn
katrina_097 wrote:ei...who's filipino??... Is i mokomichi??? is he a filipino??? pls. tell me...

I am almost certian Mokomotion is full Japanese

people keep saying he's part filipino
but I think its a rumour, people say because of his
dark skin he's part filipino, there are japanese people
who are just naturally tanned

I love Mokomotion (made that up myself lol)
he is one of my fav japanese actors
he is so cool and so tall and handsome

he reminds me of taebin so much

I feel so bad because I look up to Mokomotion like a brother
but I think I'm falling in love with him kekke

Posted: Jul 3rd, '07, 17:48
by Uuree34
Moko with curly hair

Posted: Jul 3rd, '07, 17:54
by Uuree34
Moko in suit

Posted: Jul 3rd, '07, 17:55
by Uuree34
topless Moko

Posted: Jul 4th, '07, 13:37
by euphoria148
oh man...only 7 pages to this thread? i thought it should be much more.

i really dig tanned japanese guys so it's only natural that i got fascinated with moko-chan. and he's pretty tall for japanese guys.

moko-chan, all the way! :wub:

Posted: Jul 6th, '07, 13:49
by AshanishiLynn
He is the man

why the heck is this thread only 8 pages

this is unacceptable
I demand more pichas of this sexy beast lol :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

MokoMotion! Do the Mokomotion with me :)

Posted: Jul 17th, '07, 09:13
by enairra_hayami
I'm a newbie here and i love and adore moco so much..!!!!!!!!



do you have any news bout him..?

Posted: Aug 24th, '07, 23:32
by neknek
i really liked him in gokusen 2... hihi.. he's cute and tall... umm.. it would be nice if he's a filipino (because i'm a filipino.. hihi) but i don't think he is.. i mean.. he's tall... filipinos aren't naturally tall.. and japanese actors are also not that tall.. just usually around 5'8-5'10....

Posted: Sep 5th, '07, 20:43
by Ginoru
He is full japanese

Hey nobody here has photos from Jotei?? he appeared in this last episode! There are a couple of photos in the drama thread.

Posted: Sep 6th, '07, 04:17
by lilswtangel
I was really surprised to see him in Jotei during episode 7's preview of episode 8 since I didn't see his name in the cast list over at dramawiki.

but by God, he was SMOKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!! he definitely pulled off the "host" look w/o any efforts. (is reminded of his "host stint" which his role took on in "Brother Beat")


Posted: Sep 6th, '07, 14:30
by Ginoru
Do you know where could i get more caps??

Posted: Sep 19th, '07, 04:49
by celestial_aoi
I heard Moco's going to be in a new drama this October... Hataraki Man. We'll get to see Moco in a new drama! Yay

Posted: Sep 20th, '07, 04:13
by Azuka-chan
i wanna post his photo....


so cuuuutttteeee....
i like him coz awesome...


Posted: Sep 24th, '07, 19:42
by flaming turkey
Mokomichi is one of the few j-actors who are hot and still masculine.
He's freeakin' tall to boot too.

Brother Beat was heaven for me cause Tamayama+ Mocomichi = who cares about the story.

He has a photobook out (one only, I think?) but it's sooo pricey that unfortunately, even thoug he's sizzling, I couldn't buy the book. :cry:

Posted: Oct 2nd, '07, 04:13
by jomskie
Watashi wa jomskie desu
Dozo Yoroshiku!!!

This is my first time posting here
I've been reading this forum for some time now
I just observed that there's not much personal info about him
I mean it's not like there's no info about's just that no one translates them
I have lots of articles about him from different mags
so minna......I need your help
anyone here know japanese or know someone that is willing to translate those articles
please send me a PM or e-mail me at
I will upload MU links to his mag scans

PS. hello last I posted it LOL

Posted: Oct 24th, '07, 17:50
by christ_freak
He's so good looking - and I love the fact that he's tall. My other fav. j-actors out there that are tall are
Oguri Shun - 6'
Ito HIdeaki - 5' 11"
Matsuda Shota - about 5'10/11"

that's about it!

Posted: Nov 2nd, '07, 07:32
by enairra_hayami
come on!! letz keep the moco thread alive!!!!

did you watch Hataraki Man already??!!

shocks,moco is so HHOOOTTT!!!!!

i hope the subs will come soon...

you can watch it in

@ jomskie: hi! ur here already!!
i'll visit afterwards..!! :lol :thumleft:

Posted: Nov 2nd, '07, 07:44
by ranjitha
hey guys! atlast there is a thread about him! :D

anyway hataraki man is currently being subbed by doremii ... oject.html

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
some CM of him

[the panda was seriously cute when he held it!]

i will post more! :D

Posted: Nov 2nd, '07, 08:04
by ranjitha
this is panada CM no. 2!
with momo-san

Posted: Feb 18th, '08, 21:29
by sunshine990
Hello minna-san ^^
this thread is a little too small ;) let's put some pics of the beautiful moko!!!!!!
These are my scans, please feel free to use them as you want ^^

Image undercover Image sssssso hot >__< Image
Image Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Posted: Feb 19th, '08, 23:16
by Ginoru
Thank you very much! This is very welcomed, there is not a lot of Moco-chan around ;)

Posted: Feb 22nd, '08, 05:44
by tsurashi313
He's gonna be in a new drama called Zettai Kareshi. It seems like its based on a manga. The good news is that he is leading! :cheers: The drama will also have Mizushima Hiro! :D

And thank you sunshine990 for the lovely pics! I love all of them. XD

Posted: Apr 17th, '08, 20:45
by mikoto69
Hello! I'm a french girl (sorry for my english, I speak just a little)
I love this actor but he is not very popular in France. I try to talk of him in french forums.
i discover him in brother beat and after in tokyo tower 2007.
For me his a best japones actor.
Thank you for pics there are very beautiful.

Posted: Apr 17th, '08, 23:45
by Jecky
thanks sunshine990 for the scans!
moko-kun is sooo hot! im currently watching the 1st episode of Zettai Kareshi! he is soooo awesome there! :wub:

Posted: Apr 18th, '08, 12:09
by sunshine990
@ Jecky: you're right! I watched only half 1st episode 'cause I don't understand japanese and I need subs but I wanted to see how beautiful he was... and he's sooooo hot!!!
Moco is one of the best j actor for me!!! When I watch his photobook my nose starts to bleed XD

Posted: Apr 21st, '08, 15:45
by mskakashi
Mokomichi is indeed very very hot. Oh FYI some one posted the subs in a thread two days ago. Mokomichi is perfect as the Zettai Kareshi :D

Posted: Apr 21st, '08, 16:03
by lilswtangel
Oh man! Moko-chan's body in "Zettai Kareshi" is droolicious!!! This is the most skin we've seen of him.

He plays the part of "Night" to a T!!! I don't know what else to say except that I'm now eagerly awaiting the 2nd episode~

Posted: Apr 21st, '08, 23:23
by mrsmilevskyi2001
sars zettai kareshi is already available for download :wub:

Posted: May 3rd, '08, 02:24
by cute_angel
Mokomichi-kun is SUPER HOT in Zettai Kareshi/Absolute Boyfriend!!!!! :wub:

Posted: May 6th, '08, 13:29
by sunshine990
moko-chan is so lovely in zettai kareshi *__* I can't wait to finish dl the third ep >___________<

Posted: May 12th, '08, 07:34
by rairai
mokomichi is the definition of hotness!!! kya..
iv seen im in densha and regatta.. but he's sexier in zettai kareshi.. im melting..

Posted: May 12th, '08, 12:46
by katrina_097
he is so cute...

Posted: May 12th, '08, 12:51
by mskakashi
:wub: I first saw him in Tokyo Tower the drama, but when he was chosen to play Night in Zettai his hotness level exploded. He is awesome in the series he does not even have to talk :wub: :wub:

Posted: May 12th, '08, 14:52
by sunshine990
And what about brother beat and rough???? in bb he's super hot, and also in rough 'cause he's always in swimsuit *___*

Posted: May 13th, '08, 10:13
by rairai
mskakashi: yea ur right, he became more popular and looked sexier in Zettai.. he's perfect for the role .. he's an absolute Night. lols. :)

sunshine990: u can also see him in swimsuit in Regatta.. :wub:

Posted: May 13th, '08, 12:51
by sunshine990
@ rairai: I've dl 6 eps of regatta but I want to wait to have all eps before start to watch it... I watched also 10 minutes of 1st ep, moko is beautiful as usual *___*

Posted: May 13th, '08, 13:02
by Meecha
oh gosh he's sooooo cute <3
i want to have a night <3

Posted: May 14th, '08, 02:10
by rairai
yep.. beautiful.. and hot.. :wub:

Posted: Jun 14th, '08, 23:19
by imagine_me
Moko is love :wub:
It was actually an accident. I had a Mokomichi overload. Imagine this: Densha Otoko>Rondo>Taiho Shichauzo>Regatta>Gokusen 2. The rest is history.

He's so yummy. I am currently watching Zettai Kareshi.

Posted: Jun 25th, '08, 09:34
by chocomarsh
Gasp! only 10 pages so far? D: i expected Moko to be much more popular than this...but he'll be forever loved by me <3 lolz.

Btw I'm on ep 9 of Zettai Kareshi and he is super hot in there! Tall dark and handsome...i wish i could get myself a Tenjo Night too! :D

Posted: Jun 25th, '08, 10:14
by rurounimon
I first noticed Moco in Gokusen 2. His awesome hairstyle, height, and handsome dark features just stood out!! After watching Zettai Kareshi, I am now officially a fan of Hayami Mocomichi!!! He did such a great job as Tenjo Night: the robotic movements and reactions in the beginning, up to the human-like actions towards the end. 大好き!

Posted: Jun 27th, '08, 03:54
by Trang Chick
I love him from the first time I saw Gokusen 2. And I think I will be his fan. At that time, I still like Yama P.
But, when I saw Rough, Brother Beat and his role on Eps 8 of Jotei, I suddenly felt in love with him. And I swear that I will only love him from now on.
He's so sexy....
And he stole my heart when I watch Zettai Kareshi. Thanks for ZK, he is more famous now.

Posted: Jul 4th, '08, 03:51
by herachan
awww moco moco!!!

zettai kareshi reached its finale T_____T no more Nighto kun!!

im quite shocked to know he is half filipino! im so proud of him!

Posted: Jul 4th, '08, 16:22
by avontflex
he is really the eye candy in zettai kareshi... its the kind u see its really handsome no matter from which point...

Posted: Jul 5th, '08, 01:39
by avontflex
its his regatta show nice? i think some addicters mention it above. but the ratings very jialat ler...hahahaha...
other nice shows to rec? erm i dont like gokusen after 1st season it gets very boring to keep seeing yankumi takin off her specs n start fighting in nearly every epi

Posted: Jul 5th, '08, 10:21
by seirin
regatta is not bad. It's not spectacular but it's watchable. He's also in Jotei ep8. He's pretty cool looking there too. Definitely suits the role of a gigolo.

Posted: Jul 5th, '08, 11:49
by sunshine990
brothers beat is a good drama! and moco is sooooooo gorgeus *___*

Posted: Jul 5th, '08, 16:19
by avontflex
i watch regatta 1st epi. just like a normal sports show to me ler... i didnt know izawa riiko is inside as well...i tink she slimmer 2 yrs ago compared to her in ZK.hahahaha... but hayami moko more handsome in ZK than regatta.

aiyo regatta ratings v poor ler... from 1st epi it doesnt look like v turn off... so pitiful...i wish hayami wil b more popular after ZK. seems tt both show of him n aibu all v poor ratings :unsure:

Posted: Jul 5th, '08, 21:05
by KawaiiYumeGirl
Hayami Mokomichi.. defenetly hot :wub: .. I loved his role in Zettai kareshi.. he looked so cool ... :roll .. Kakoii