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Posted: Dec 9th, '05, 18:25
by pokute
Haha, somebody over in the S-O forums reminded me of my hopeless infatuation with Kitagawa Keiko. I will simply never get over her ;^)

Posted: Dec 10th, '05, 08:23
by Xi@h
Yumiko Shaku has just been added to my long list of actress :P She's so cute. More than Itoh Misaki :P

Posted: Dec 14th, '05, 10:19
by EroSennin
Before :

1. Matsu Takako
2. Matsu Takako
3. Matsu Takako
4. Matsu Takako
5. Matsu Takako

Now :

1. Matsu Takako
2. Matsu Takako
3. Matsu Takako
4. Matsu Takako
5. Misaki Itoh

:scratch: :P

Posted: Dec 27th, '05, 23:02
by chaldean
I couldn't make a list I'd agree with tonight. So much depends on my mood....

As kind of a variation on what's been said, we can pretend there are two ways to approach this. There are some women I enjoy as themselves, and there are some women's roles {characters} I enjoy. It's always nice when they happen in the same dorama!!

So in watching "Densha Otoko," the woman I enjoyed most was Shiraishi Miho. Since the only function Hermes served was to make Densha's hands shake, Itoh Misaki had no chance to show me if she can act. She looked nice, but I didn't look forward to her being on-screen. Most of Densha's on-line companions interested me more than Hermes.

"Love Generation" was the reverse of this. Riko was a gem of a character, and Matsu Takako played her beautifully. Possibly my favorite female lead role in five years of dorama.

And I'll always have to smile to myself about the women in "Where Is Love?" The character Mikan was first on-screen, and Kanno Miho gave her real presence. Later in the first episode some "glamor-type" character/actress appeared. It wasn't until maybe the fifth episode, that I realized Miho wasn't the lead. But the Ai character had considerably less personality than Mikan, so I always felt Watabe wound up with the wrong woman.

So I don't think I'll make a list, though it's kind of fun thinking about why I can't...

Posted: Dec 28th, '05, 17:55
by dan12
Sawajiri Erika def her from 1 litre of tears shess so cute and hott

Posted: Dec 30th, '05, 10:47
by kerumai
Before my top five in no particular order:
Fujiwara Norika
Matsu Takako
Matsushima Nanako
Tokiwa Takako
Yamaguchi Tomoko

Now my top five in no particular order:
Nakama Yukie
Shibasaki Kou
Tokiwa Takako
Takeuchi Yuko
Yada Akiko

I think my lists (with the exception of Tokiwa Takako cause I just like her :D ) are more a function of what I'm watching rather then who I think is a better actress.

Posted: Jan 12th, '06, 04:22
by raven_frost
My Top 5 Now:
1. Eri Fukatsu
2. Makiko Esumi
3. Yasuko Matsuyuki
4. Yukie Nakama
5. Yuko Takeuchi

My Top 5 Previously:
1. Makiko Esumi
2. Yasuko Matsuyuki
3. Eri Fukatsu
4. Yoshino Kimura
5. Mayu Tsuruta

Like kerumai my list depends on what dramas I watch though the top 3 are probably my all time favs.

Posted: Jan 12th, '06, 18:12
by Chikan
My Current Top 5:
1. Erika Sawajiri (1 Litre of Tears)
2. Ryoko Hirosue (Summer Snow)
3. Ishihara Satomi (H2)
4. Maki Horikita (Nobuta wo Produce)
5. Inoue Mao (Hana Yori Dango)

Posted: Jan 26th, '06, 04:25
by Prince of Moles
Hmm, I like the following as actresses.

Matsuzaka Keiko
Kuroki Hitomi
Muroi Shigeru
Amami Yuki
Kanno Miho

(As people who can act.) My list of beautiful women is in the other thread.

Posted: Feb 2nd, '06, 14:24
by K.T.Tran
K.T.Tran wrote:my top 5....
1. Ueto Aya
2. Yonekura Ryoko
3. Yada Akiko
4. Tanaka Rena
5. Uchiyama Rina<---need to see more of her acting to see if she'll move up a spot or not. Anyone know of any dramas she in where she is the main character or has a pretty big role.
Not much change. Rina moved to #4 slot and Tanaka Rena is replaced by Shibasaki Kou.
Ishihara Satomi is quickly getting to become one of my Top 5 favorites :O :mrgreen:

Posted: Feb 2nd, '06, 20:27
by beer
Have you ever tried clicking on the Wiki link on top of the page? To find e.g.

Posted: Feb 6th, '06, 19:59
by Kanin
Females only! :lol

1) Matsushima Nanako (GTO, Majo no jouken)

Having starred in two of the best dramas ever, she's one of the best.

2) Fujiwara Norika (Sutaa no Koi, Friday's Lovers, Love generation, Akimahende)

Got hooked on Norika in Friday's lovers. She's over 30 and looks like a mature Ishikawa Rika, meaning, she looks fantastic! First drama I saw her was in Sutaa no Koi. Looking like that in her 30's she must have killed many boys in her younger life. I really would like to see a drama where Norika is younger (like seeing Takeuchi Yuko in Nanisama), like 20 or something

3) Takeuchi Yuko (Mukodono, Lunch queen, Egao no Hosoku)

I'm waiting to watch Lunch queen and Egao no Hosoku. It's truly what everyone says about her. It's her smile that shines. Mukodono was kind of perfect for her. I'm hoping Lunch queen and Egao will hit me as hard cause i wasn't too fancy about Pride.

4) Matsu Takako (Love generation, Hero, Itsumo futari de)

Simply magnificent in Love generation. There were many memorable scenes in that drama, the magician being one of them. Falling in love with her should be very easy.

5) Spot reserved to todays upcoming stars I haven't watched yet.

groink wrote:
Versalius many guys goin guguGaGa over Misaki Itoh!
I think it is because she symbolizes the "falsified fact" that dorks have a chance with beautiful women. Yes, she is definitely very beautiful, has a very sweet personality, and has the body that even some supermodels lust over. And, I own three of her photobooks. But, I think she's not a even a good actress. She's just a geinoujin, using her idol status for marketing prosperity.
Most of what you said sounds valid to me. I can agree to the point that in Densha Misaki didn't have much to play with as her role were kind of placed on a pedestal and so her actin were extremely limited. I'm not sure if she's a bad actress or not cause I onlly seen her in 3 dramas as of yet.

I hope it's not exactly what you said about having lost things in the past writers. Even if that's true JDramas of today I'm sure must have developed in other ways cause it is still interesting and highly enjoyable to watch. :-)

Ito Misaki, Very beautiful, Very sweet personality and a supermodel-like body, yep got that rightt. :D

Posted: May 7th, '06, 08:19
by oberon

1. Uchiyama Rina
2. Matsushima Nanako
3. Hasegawa Kyoko
4. Nakama Yukie
5. Shibasaki Kou


1. Aragaki Yui (dragon zakura&gyarusa, damn she's hot)
2. Horikita Maki (Nobuta wo produce & kurosagi)
3 Uchiyama Rina (I still love you :roll )
4 Suzuki Anne (stand up!!)
5 Shibasaki Kou/ Kuriyama Chiaki (beautiful girls with an icecold look)

Posted: May 7th, '06, 08:51
by Crazy Penguin
Hmmm... let's see...

1) Maeda Aki
2) Suzuki An
3) Maeda Ai
4) Hirosue Ryoko/ Shibasaki Kou
5) Kaji Meiko

Aki fired herself up to first place earlier this year with two statements she made. One at the Saikano premiere about WMDs (after all, the character she plays, Chise IS a WMD), the other at her Becoming of Age Day about not getting married before 26. I liked her before (though not in the top five), but that did it. It proved that she's more than just a cute face (even though, I wouldn't really call her that cute, she's more... normal). Also, when I stumbled over the website of Harami I was like "WTF". They had a flash animation, starting with white and red, a red tree, then fade in Aki's face covered with blood. Really, that was a "WTF" moment. Though, it didn't really surprise me. She never really played the typical "cutesie" roles, but usually more serious characters (like in "Jogakusei no tomo" or "North Point - Tsubasa"; even in "Harami" her character was what? A 17 year old, pregnant girl.)

An (or Ann, Anne; it's a pain, really, my import shops have her work split up under An Suzuki, Ann Suzuki and Anne Suzuki) is just amazing. She can play anything. Only one thing she still has to do... the bad girl. Curious how she'd do it. Not to mention her stage work (can't wait for the DVD of Romeo and Juliet to come to me).

Ai's usually overlooked, though, she's quite good.

Hirosue and Shibasaki, that's an equal position. Ryoko was my #1 some years ago, she's still in the top five, since, going by her recent work, she defnitely grew up and improved. Comparing her in Long Vacation or Beach Boys with her performance in Slow Dance... Great. And Kou, well, Kou is Kou, what else is there to say? Just that... she freaked me out with Chakushin Ari. Seeing a character played by her being really scared is... odd. Really.

And the great old lady Meiko Kaji, well... her Yuki in Shurayukihime would make Ueto's Azumi run home crying like a little girl. She had the icecold stare long before Kou or Kuriyama were even born. For me, she's the original female badass in Japanese movies. She's still good, sadly she has long since left the spotlight, but that's not really a surprise, given that she was pretty much on top of the food chain in the 70s.

If I was to add a #6, then it would be Miyazawa Rie, who, at least for me, is the refined Japanese lady.

#7 would be Nakama Yukie, definitely. #8 another great old lady... Kirin Kiki. #9 Fukada Kyoko, she's cute, beat me for it if you want. That's about it, though, she's cute, and her characters usually are a bit dumb. But, she's cute, so I can overlook that (even though she has proven that she can actually act in Kamikaze Girls and Tenshi). #10 Miyazaki Aoi (I always had her in mind as another one of those "cutesie" ones, yet, ever since seeing her in Junjou Kirai, my opinion has changed).

In five to ten years I'm expecting Shida Mirai and Fukuda Mayuko to be somewhere in my top 10, or even top 5. Those two have a lot of potential.

Now comes the odd fact. When I read "Misaki Itoh" all over this thread... I first didn't even have a face in mind for the name... Then I looked up (google is your friend) and, yes, she's really good looking, but... she doesn't have "it". For me, she lacks the charisma of a Shibasaki, a Nakama, a Maeda or a Suzuki. And I won't even compare her to the great old ladies, she stands no chance against those.

Posted: May 7th, '06, 09:18
by skachild

Posted: May 11th, '06, 17:10
by qilver
1. Yui Aragaki
2. Tomoka Kurokawa
3. Erika Toda
4. Masami Nagasawa
5. Maki Horikita

Posted: May 11th, '06, 17:28
by horndogbuddhist
Miskai Itou

Posted: May 17th, '06, 06:36
by haruna_hamasaki
Top 5:

1. Horikita Maki
2. Takako Matsu
3. Ueto Aya
4. Sawajiri Erika
5. Matsushima Nanako

Posted: Jul 4th, '06, 06:07
by Kakihara
1. Reiko Ike
2. Miki Sugimoto
3. Aya Ueto
4. Zhao Wei (not Japanese but still a favorite)
5. Eihi Shiina

Posted: Jul 4th, '06, 06:56
by a-nesuto
then (like a year ago)
1. Ueto Aya
2. Uchiyama Rina
3. Hirosue Ryouko
4. Hasegawa Kyouko
5. Matsumoto Rio

1. Horikita Maki
2. Ueto Aya
3. Inoue Mao
4. Uchiyama Rina
5. Takeuchi Yuuko

Posted: Jul 10th, '06, 08:04
by asprikitik
Here's my current top5 (I havent seen much)
1. Matsushima Nanako
2. Takeuchi Yuko
3. Nakama Yukie
4. Itoh Misaki
5. Inoue Mao or Hirokita Maki

Posted: Jul 12th, '06, 16:47
by Neji-sama
Ky├┤ko Fukada - From Kamikaze Girls
Anna Tsuchiya - From Kamikaze Girls
Hinano Yoshikawa - From Tokyo Eyes

<3 them all!

Posted: Jul 22nd, '06, 15:23
by ube
1. Yuko Takeuchi
2. Horikita Maki
3. Nagasawa Masami
4. Itoh Misaki
5. Ichikawa Yui

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 09:48
by fathuze
My previous favourite actresses:-
1) Nanako Matsushima
2) Matsu Takako
3) Ryoko Hirosue
4) Kyoko Hasegawa
5) Yoshino Kimura

My current favourite actresses
1) Kyoko Hasegawa
2) Satomi Ishihara
3) Nanako Matsushima
4) Yukie Nakama
5) Aya Ueto

totally surprised that only a person stated kyoko hasegawa as the favourites actress before... is she not very well known among us :scratch: ??? for me she is very great doing her acting and pretty as well :thumright: ... unlike itoh misaki who play like a dumb girl in densha otoko... very stiff n only depend on her charming n kawaii face :pale: ...

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 11:48
by keiko001
it has always been Aki Maeda!

Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 12:02
by huanab
1. Ryoko Hirosue
2. Ryoko Hirosue
3. Ryoko Hirosue
4. Ryoko Hirosue
5. Ryoko Hirosue


Posted: Aug 13th, '06, 12:37
by hanzyms
1 - Aya Ueto - Attention Please, Ace Wo Nerae
2 - Satomi Ishihara - H2, N's Aoi
3 - Keiko Kitagawa - Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, F&F Tokyo Drift
4 - Kato Natsuki - Kamen Rider Ryuki as Kamen Rider Femme, Attack No. 1

for now, just like 4 dont know who to pick for the 5th.

Posted: Aug 14th, '06, 16:29
by jump
1. Ichikawa Yui
2. Aibu Saki
3. Toda Erika
4. Nagasawa Masami
5. Miyazaki Aoi

Posted: Sep 7th, '06, 06:41
by Snyper11
1. Kou Shibasaki
2. Matsu Takako
3. Takeuchi Yuko
4. Yukie Nakama / Yada Akiko / Matsushima Nanako
5. Aya Ueto / Horikita Maki / Hasegawa Kyoko / Itoh Misaki / Uchiyama Rina

Posted: Sep 12th, '06, 04:07
by nix_renji
#1 -->Horikita Maki
#2 -->Yuko Takeuchi
#3 -->Ebihara Yuri
#4 -->Nanako Matsushima
#5 -->Nakama Yukie

Posted: Sep 14th, '06, 11:13
by berserk
My top 5 in no particular order:
Shibasaki Kou
Nakama Yukie
Takeuchi Yuko
Matsushima Nanako
Itoh Misaki

The list hasn't changed since I'm relatively new to J-dramas (seen 10 of them)

Posted: Sep 15th, '06, 13:06
by homeboi19
Horikita Maki
Sakai Ayana
Nagasawa Masami
Ueto aya

Posted: Sep 20th, '06, 06:34
by Silvestre
i just got started...pretty much (have only watched around 20 or more or less of J-Dramas) here they are from most faved to less...but let's just say i fave them all the same :D :
1. Takeuchi Yuko
2. Ishihara Satomi
3. Inoue Mao
4. Nakama Yukie
5. Aragaki Yui

I'm totally in love with Takeuchi Yuko...she's def. pretty and her voice is just maaaaaaaaaaaannnnn...for me, that's her BIGGEST attraction...Nakama Yukie too...but hers is just unique and not as attracting as Takeuchi's...for Ishihara Satomi, she has something that's just really special...her cuteness and acting are totally unique...Inoue Mao...hmmm i really like her in HYD...she's also unique like Ishihara Satomi and seems like a tomboy one (esp. in her younger days :D) and a pretty + tomboyish girls are irresistible :D Aragaki Yui is just freakin cute...I prefer her more than the likes of Ichikawa Yui (man what's so great bout her...yet she's all in those dramas) and Ayase Haruka (she's cute and quite pretty...but I dont like her)
Hmm sorry for Itoh Misaki, but she is just tall and has long guys might call me insane, but Ebihara Yuri is kinda better than her somehow (IMHO :D)

Posted: Sep 21st, '06, 22:09
by Rikayla
Ooooh~ Nice topic.

1. Reina Asami from Sapuri.
2. Yui Aragaki from My Boss My Hero.
3. Erika Toda from Nobuta wo Produce.
4. Aya Ueto from Attention Please!.
5. Maki Horikita from Kurosagi.

Posted: Sep 21st, '06, 22:31
by dli2k3
1) Matsushima Nanako
2) Matsu Takako
3) Hirosue Ryoko
4) Aya Ueto
5) Takeuchi Yuko

Close 6th would be Yada Akiko

Posted: Sep 22nd, '06, 14:21
by ringosan
i dont knowif i make it to 5
1.takako matsu
2.the lead actress in narita divorce dont know her name
3.horikita maki
see told you..i've watch alot but the actresses above have that factor in the drama theyre in and that make me a remember them..hehehe :D

Posted: Sep 30th, '06, 15:41
by ArieZ
Mine is...
1.definitely : Itoh Misaki :wub:
2. Itoh Misaki
3. Itoh Misaki
4. Kuninaka Ryoko
5. Erika Sawajiri
coz i can't figure out 2 other ppl 8)
gotta change it if found other 2 but Itoh Misaki will always be No 1 :heart: :dance:

Posted: Oct 1st, '06, 13:47
by Sin 31
ueto aya
natsukawa yui
nakama yukie
takeuchi yuko
horikita maki.

Posted: Oct 31st, '06, 11:24
by yanshin21126
Ueno Juri
Matsushima Nanako
Nakama Yukie
Fukada Kyoko

Posted: Oct 31st, '06, 15:51
by expanzee
After 50++ dramas, this is MY list

1. Ryoko Hirosue (Have been my favourite since watching Summer Snow and Shotgun Marriage)
2. Aya Ueto (Her gags has quality)
3. Horikita Maki (Owh, she's cute!)
4. Ishihara Satomi (Gotta love her in H2)
5. Pending ...

Posted: Oct 31st, '06, 16:48
by oldasianguy
current and past favorites:

in her 40's ---Yamaguchi Tomoko

in her 30's ----Tokowa Takako

in her 20's----Nakama Yuki

late teens----Inouye Mao

early teens----Shida Mirai/ Fukuda Mayuko

:-) :-) :-)

Posted: Oct 31st, '06, 19:06
by murmeli
My 5 favorites must be:
(in no order of any kind) :D
Jun Matsumoto
Kamenashi Kazuya
Oguri Shun
Suzuki Anne
and one extra Itoh Misaki


Posted: Oct 31st, '06, 20:04
by newersumm
MALE :salut:

1.Nagase Tomoya
2.Tomohisa Yamashita
3.Narimiya Hiroki
4.Sorimachi Takashi
5.Tanaka Koki

(few years ago, kimutaku was my all time n1 but I find it quite annoying now with his "coolness".

FEMALE :wub:

1.Aragaki Yui
2.Sato Chiaki
3.Hirosue Ryoko
4.Inamori Izumi
5.Shibasaki Kou

Posted: Nov 2nd, '06, 09:25
by Tetsu87
1. Toda Erika
2. Ayase Haruka
3. Sawajiri Erika
4. Matsushima Nanako
5. Matsu Takako

Posted: Nov 4th, '06, 15:54
by myaku
Is it okay for Actors?^^

1. Tomohisa Yamashita (of korzzz XDXD)
2. Matsumoto Jun
3. Tegoshi Yuya
4. Nishikido Ryo
5. Hayami Mokomichi ( i love tall boys XP)

1. Chiaki Kuriyama (Gogo Yubari is the best!)
2. Nakama Yukie
3. Kana Ichigo (she's a model from KERA.i'm out of idea...=o=;;;;)

Posted: Nov 4th, '06, 15:55
by myaku
Is it okay for Actors?^^

1. Tomohisa Yamashita (of korzzz XDXD)
2. Matsumoto Jun
3. Tegoshi Yuya
4. Nishikido Ryo
5. Hayami Mokomichi ( i love tall boys XP)

1. Chiaki Kuriyama (Gogo Yubari is the best!)
2. Nakama Yukie
3. Kana Ichigo (she's a model from KERA.i'm out of idea...=o=;;;;)

Posted: Nov 8th, '06, 00:09
by japysia
1)Takeuchi Yuko
2)Kuroki Hitomi
3)Inamori Izumi
4)Shinohara Ryoko
5)Matsuyuki Yasuko / Kurokawa Tomoka

Posted: Nov 19th, '06, 03:37
by homeboi19
Ueno Juri
Itoh Misaki
Ueto Aya
Horikita Maki
Shida Mirai

Posted: Nov 19th, '06, 04:34
by chroma
Horikita Maki (I seriously Love that girl)
Hasegawa Kyoko
Sawajiri Erika
Natsuko (from NwP, Teppan Shoujo Akane)
Nanako Matsushima

Posted: Dec 11th, '06, 11:31
by angelcoolz
my top 5 now

1- Ueto Aya (she so funny and can sing..not mention her beauty)
2- Sawajiri Erika (damn..luv her song-Taiyou No Uta..cute as well)
3- Horikita Maki (shes gr8)
4- Sakai Ayana
5- Itoh Misaki

Posted: Dec 11th, '06, 12:05
by * J k y
Erika.. Sawajiri

cause shes making me watch j-entertainment XD

Posted: Dec 11th, '06, 12:29
by OraPI it okay to post actors instead? ^^; -not a real fan of any actresses-

hai...I'll do it anyway n-n

1. Yamashita Tomohisa (hah. How predictable was that.)
2. Tegoshi Yuya
3. Masuda Takahisa
4. Kamenashi Kazuya
5. Koike Teppei

can't say my list has changed at all o.o;

Posted: Dec 11th, '06, 13:05
by Keymoon
1. Ayase Haruka
2. Itoh Masaki
3. ...
4. ...
5. ...

Posted: Dec 12th, '06, 07:00
by K.T.Tran
ok.....list has changed.

1.Ueto Aya
2.Yonekura Ryoko
3.Shibasaki Kou
4.Uchiyama Rina
5.Aragaki Yui/YUI *For her Taiyou No Uta movie*

Posted: Dec 14th, '06, 17:49
by n00bix
1. Sawajiri Erika
2. Itoh Masaki
3. Uchiyama Rina
4. Kamenashi Kazuya
5. Tomohisa Yamashita

Posted: Dec 14th, '06, 23:12
by angelcoolz
n00bix wrote:1. Sawajiri Erika
2. Itoh Masaki
3. Uchiyama Rina
4. Kamenashi Kazuya
5. Tomohisa Yamashita
since when kame and yamapi become an actress???

Posted: Dec 15th, '06, 01:52
by sessho
1. Horikita Maki
2. Sawajiri Erika
3. Ueto Aya
4. Keiko Kitagawa
5. Kaho

Posted: Jan 15th, '07, 13:55
by cute_angel
My top 5:
1. Keiko Kitagawa
2. Ayaka Komatsu
3. Kyoko Fukada
4. Koyuki
5. Itoh Misaki/Erika Sawajiri

Posted: Jan 19th, '07, 13:47
by baka_maki
uummm :-)
1) Erika Sawajiri
2) Aya Ueto
3)Keito Kitagawa
4)-coming soon-
5)-coming soon-

ACtor and Actresses:
1) Yamapi(in tuerms of being an actor)
2) Erika Sawajira 8)
3) Nishikido Ryo :wub:
4) Aya Ueto
5) Keito Kitagawa

Posted: Jan 19th, '07, 13:56
by arabian
My top favourite 5 actress:

1. Itoh Misaki ..
2. Takeuchi Yuko..
3. Koyuki..
4. Ayase Haruka..
5. Hirosue Ryoko..

Posted: Jan 20th, '07, 03:01
by a-nesuto
1. Horikita Maki
2. Ueto Aya
3. Inoue Mao
4. Uchiyama Rina
5. Takeuchi Yuuko

1. Horikita Maki
2. Inoue Mao
3. Nagasawa Masami
4. Aragaki Yui
5. Ueto Aya

Posted: Jan 20th, '07, 10:57
by terence_hideyoshi
a-nesuto wrote:Then
1. Horikita Maki
2. Ueto Aya
3. Inoue Mao
4. Uchiyama Rina
5. Takeuchi Yuuko

1. Horikita Maki
2. Inoue Mao
3. Nagasawa Masami
4. Aragaki Yui
5. Ueto Aya
Ueto Aya seems to drop a lot. :blink :-(

Posted: Jan 20th, '07, 23:50
by a-nesuto
terence_hideyoshi wrote:Ueto Aya seems to drop a lot. :blink :-(
the more girls i know the lower she

Posted: Jan 21st, '07, 02:10
by terence_hideyoshi
a-nesuto wrote:
terence_hideyoshi wrote:Ueto Aya seems to drop a lot. :blink :-(
the more girls i know the lower she

:crazy: That's bad.... :-(

Posted: Jan 21st, '07, 22:30
by unclehock
didn't notice this thread!

1. Maki Horikita :wub:
2. Ueto Aya
3. Ryoko Hirosue
4. Masami Nagasewa
5. Aki Maeda (for her role in Battle Royale :-) )

heh, aya-chan will always be there, don't worry! : p

Posted: Feb 16th, '07, 20:55
by wan_uni10
Hello...for me I think that Aragaki Yui are the best..since she make me back 2 watch j-dorama, the last time i watch are Momoduko (Son in Law-acting by Nagase Tomoya) it quite a long time ago...

First time i watch "My Bos My Hero", i think that Aragaki Yui have a talent to become a great actress..that if u all watch this j-dorama, her acting was so natural, not like just follow the script (not have any feeling when acting)..

So, for my opinion, Aragaki Yui in future will become a "Queen of J-Dorama..", just wait n c..

p/s-sorry i don't have any top 5 actress, coz i just starting watching "My Bos My Hero"..

Posted: Mar 10th, '07, 11:43
by japysia
1- Takeuchi Yuko
2- Kuroki Hitomi
3-Shinohara Ryoko
4-Matsushima Nanako
5-inamori Izumi
6-Matsuyuki Yasuko
7-Ishida Yuriko
8-Hirosue Ryoko
9-Kanno Miho
10-Kurokawa Tomoka

Posted: Mar 13th, '07, 01:25
by MochaValencia
1. Nakama Yukie (she's everywhere, isn't she?)
2. Kanno Miho
3. Hara Sachie (aahh, this is frustrating... I didn't see her name in any of the lists... think she's waaayy better than Misaki.. ok, sorry for the rant~ :P )
4. Amami Yuki (loved her in Jyoou no Kyoushitsu)
5. Zaizen Naomi

Posted: Jun 2nd, '07, 23:05
by eml132
1. Sawajiri Erika
2. Horikita Maki
3. Inoue Mao
4. Ueto Aya
5. Hirosue Ryoko

Posted: Jun 2nd, '07, 23:10
by groink
eml132 wrote:1. Sawajiri Erika
2. Horikita Maki
3. Inoue Mao
4. Ueto Aya
5. Hirosue Ryoko
The question, as indicated in the topic title, is if your list has changed over the years?

Posted: Jun 4th, '07, 16:57
by ryo.saeba
a year ago

it was :

1 : Kou Shibasaki
2 : Yui Ichikawa
3 : Erika Toda
4 : Aya Ueto
5 : Yui Aragaki

now (currently)

1: Aya Ueto (so cute in Hotelier) :wub:
2 : Erika Toda (great in Liar Game and pretty in Galcir )
3 : Yui Aragaki (pretty in My Boss My Hero and in Galcir too)
4 : Sawajira Erika
5 : Kou Shibasaki or Ayase Haruka

Posted: Jun 5th, '07, 01:27
by marion_kie
these is my top 5 and did not change!!!!! :roll

1. Inoue Mao
2.Sawajiri Erika
3. Horikita Maki
4. Ueto Aya
5. Hirosue Ryoko

Posted: Jun 5th, '07, 01:45
by kawaiimomo
my list hasn't changed.

favorite actresses:
1.Horikita Maki (i really luv her! she's so talented! :wub: )
2.Inoue Mao
3.Aya Ueto
4.Ryoko Shinohara
5.Kou Shibasaki

Posted: Jul 20th, '07, 15:31
by mikomiko123
1. Nakama Yukie (Im very loyal..xD)
2. Matsushima Nanako
3. Yada Akiko
4. Itoh Misaki
5. Maya Miki (i LUv her acting, shes great!!)

Posted: Jul 22nd, '07, 02:39
by jaemin
Mine is always the same...
1. Horikita Maki (always love her. Maki is my favourite Japanese actress of all time)
2. Yuko Takeuchi
3. Ueno Juri
4. Koyuki