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Hana Sugisaki

Posted: Sep 16th, '18, 22:37
by loic213

i love her , since she has playing dorama gakkou no kaidan then im following to see hana nochi hare
i think she was good to start


Re: Hana Sugisaki

Posted: Sep 17th, '18, 04:15
by Madoka
If you haven't, you should check her out in Blade of the Immortal and Bleach. I've very much enjoyed her in the movies and dramas she's been in.

Re: Hana Sugisaki

Posted: Sep 19th, '18, 00:44
by starsinheaven
i also fell in love with hana after seeing her in gakkou no kaidan, and i've been supporting her as a fan since then. i was so happy and excited when i found out she was in hanahare and recently watched bleach(she was amazing as rukia!). she's seriously come so far as an actress and i'm really proud of her :lol