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Posted: Mar 4th, '06, 08:49
by tharealest209
Hey im Cambodian n Chinese and i find Japanese female to be very hot, Shush Shush dunt blush now.8)

Posted: Mar 4th, '06, 20:17
by troublard
for all of you :mrgreen: ... a mini-ad-site with Nakama Yukie ......
she's just like an angel ... :wub: so you could get screensaver an wallpaper with Nakama Yukie ... and a video ad... :wub:

Posted: Mar 5th, '06, 05:15
by pentrixter
yea nakama yukie is really pretty in her commercials. anyway, incase u guys cant find the wallpaper, here it is. i kinda editted one of them cuz i never really liked the mole she had on her left cheek. they hide it pretty well in the movies tho. oh yea i did it with paint so im proud of myself. :D

here it is:

Posted: Mar 9th, '06, 07:37
by J-Fox
of course i choosed , Matsushima Nanako
she's my fav ^^

Posted: Mar 10th, '06, 15:00
by hikkichan
Gotta love how that dates back over 2 years...

Nanako had a baby, yuko got married and pregnant (right?) Yada Akiko got married (or was it engaged)...

Honestly, my favorite has been Tokiwa Takako since Aishiteiru to Ittekure... gah, so long ago. Now, I just have to live with the few CMs that she's put out in the past few months... Ito Misaki seemed to be this decade's Tokiwa Takako (with some striking similarities) but, she's kinda been MIA since Kikenna Aneki... is she up to anything soon?

We need more Matsuyuki Yasuko as well...

Posted: Mar 14th, '06, 08:42
by naxus
shes so cute... especially in GTO together with takashi sorimachi ^^

Posted: Mar 15th, '06, 21:56
by yuman
don't forget Matsuyuki Yasuko!!!! She is also very hot and she got something special! signs :wub:

Posted: Mar 16th, '06, 09:58
by pentrixter
ADD NAKAMA YUKIE!!! GRRRR!!! :cussing: :D

Posted: Mar 26th, '06, 22:05
by k_chocolat
the main actress in "ichirittoru no namida" (sorry, dont know her name) is SO pretty!!!!!! she's is one of the cutest japanese actresses seriously!

Re: Beautiful Women in Japan

Posted: Apr 4th, '06, 11:18
by kaname
xiaryx wrote:This is a merge between a previous favorite Japanese actress thread and "beautiful women in Japan"...Please post pics of all beautiful Japanese girls!
That is a tall order that would crash the server if i were to post all the pics of beautiful japanese women i have (starting with my wife)....

Re: Beautiful Women in Japan

Posted: Apr 4th, '06, 11:20
by kaname
kaname wrote:
xiaryx wrote:This is a merge between a previous favorite Japanese actress thread and "beautiful women in Japan"...Please post pics of all beautiful Japanese girls!
That is a tall order that would crash the server if i were to post all the pics of beautiful japanese women i have (starting with my wife)....
lol when i posted earlier someone looking over my shoulder that your wife?...well no actually my wife is better looking

Posted: Apr 5th, '06, 20:55
by albertoavena
:lol Your wife must be pretty..

Posted: Apr 7th, '06, 02:08
by techie
His wife would beat him if he didn't post that disclaimer in here :D

(Edit for self preservation: "And she should"...
just better add that if she found out where I am or in other case she'd beat me too ) :crazy:

Posted: Apr 8th, '06, 05:02
by albertoavena
haha :D
poor guy :P

Yuka Kosaka from Akihabara@DEEP

Posted: Nov 22nd, '06, 00:26
by Bodhi
Yuka Kosaka from Akihabara@DEEP because she has such a nice smile. according to the this is her first drama. Hope she's in a lot more in the future.

Posted: Nov 24th, '06, 14:15
by auroragb
I think that many of the most beautiful girls in Japan are actually in Hawaii's Waikiki Beach ... They seem to come out after the sun sets. You see some of them in the day, but they seem to come out in droves after the sun sets ... also the weather encourages short SHORT skirts :)

Posted: Dec 8th, '06, 21:10
by franchosa
I find Hasegawa Kyoko pretty.

Posted: Dec 9th, '06, 10:54
by oberon
franchosa wrote:I find Hasegawa Kyoko pretty.
OMG she is so pretty in searchin' for my polestar, but ugly in dragon zakura. I think we should extend the poll with more actresses.

Posted: Dec 26th, '06, 04:13
by adindabeckham
i´d vote nanako matsushima no doubt about it...

Posted: Dec 26th, '06, 04:21
by getsuga
They are all so beautiful, I can't choose... maybe maki horikita ?

Posted: Dec 26th, '06, 12:25
by richardli
Nanako for sure but let's have a different set of actresses now. This thread is old!

Posted: Dec 27th, '06, 02:12
by albertoavena

Posted: Dec 27th, '06, 20:45
by MikeNolan
Agent007 wrote:Honestly, I don't know too many. But of the ones I do know, my favorite is definately Matsu Takako.

Boku no sukina Nihonjin no joyuu wa Matsu Takako desu. Kanojo no dorama wa itsumo omoshiroi. Shoshite totemo kirei desu ne.

Sorry for butchering the language. ;)
I agree Matsu Takako is beautiful. :wub:

Posted: Apr 30th, '07, 10:18
by kunornadia
I voted for Matsushima Nanako because she's the prettiest.

Posted: May 2nd, '07, 15:23
by Riee109
Why isn't there Ebihara Yuri?
For me she is the most beautiful woman ever :wub:

Posted: May 2nd, '07, 22:56
by matsujun06
ivoted for Matsushima Nanako because she is very pretty, not to mention sexy, and very great actress... she is really very talented and pretty! :D

Posted: May 7th, '07, 12:27
by Natsu-chan
OH this is such an ancient thread!!! I voted without seeing the date! This year's list would have

-Keiko Kitagawa
-Erika Sawajiri
-Toda Erika
-Misaki Ito
& much more

Posted: May 7th, '07, 12:57
by Natsu-chan
sorry for the double post >.<

Posted: May 7th, '07, 13:19
by arabian
TAKEUCHI YUKO is really beautiful ..
I love her in Pride..

Posted: Jul 13th, '07, 04:09
by Gen Noka
definitely Matsushima Nanako

Posted: Jul 14th, '07, 02:17
by Keizou
I vote for ito misaki, the main female actress from densha otoko for those who dont know.
She isn't as beautiful as she was a few years ago but she's still pretty good lookn' (esp. in densha)l :lol

Posted: Jul 15th, '07, 12:34
by kyoshin

Love her... :wub:

Posted: Jul 15th, '07, 12:53
by scaturan
Kazue Fukiishi and Eri Murakawa

Posted: Jul 15th, '07, 19:32
by 8thSin
I got hots for Natsukawa Jun right now :wub:


Very good talker in variety shows as well.

Posted: Mar 10th, '11, 16:49
by kaorusy
Yamaguchi Yoshiko
Sawaguchi Yasuko
Horikita Maki

Posted: Mar 22nd, '11, 12:27
by kawaiiruna

Re: [poll] Beautiful Women in Japan

Posted: Jun 5th, '15, 01:34
by JackBauer2424
Matsu Takako
Yuko Takeuchi from Pride is super pretty, like a Japanese Rosamund Pike

Meisa Kuroki
Rina Uchiyama
Ryoko Yonekura
Noriko Kato
Reiko Takashima
Haruka Ayase
Risa Goto
Hiromi Kitagawa

Re: [poll] Beautiful Women in Japan

Posted: Jun 10th, '15, 19:24
by ching123
#1 in my Heart

Miori Takimoto :wub:

Re: [poll] Beautiful Women in Japan

Posted: Nov 15th, '15, 02:02
by JackBauer2424
After watching GTO (1998), Nanako Matsushima might be prettier than Ryoko Yonekura and Yuko Takeuchi... and maybe even Matsu Takako.

Re: [poll] Beautiful Women in Japan

Posted: Jan 12th, '16, 10:51
by Itadakimasu
I voted for Nanako Matsushima because she was beautiful in her 20's (not so much now, she didn't age as as well as some others). A couple of actresses who are not on the list but I think are beautiful are Haruka Ayase, Yuriko Yoshitaka and Misaki Itoh.

Re: [poll] Beautiful Women in Japan

Posted: May 26th, '16, 06:41
by JackBauer2424
Most recent Nanako I saw was Murder on the Orient Express and that was a period drama, so hard to judge. Everything else I saw her in, she looked super good, especially her eyes.

Nao Matsushita belongs among the elite, and almost makes me think "Ryoko Yonekura, who?". She's like a Japanese Claire Forlani... kinda sorta.

Rina Uchiyama is elite. Haruka Ayase seems mostly Plain Jane.

Re: [poll] Beautiful Women in Japan

Posted: May 26th, '16, 12:56
by bertiwooster
So many beautiful and talented actresses, but Nakama Yukie is in a league of her own! I've always been struck by her beauty, and amazed at her range as an actress. :wub:

Re: [poll] Beautiful Women in Japan

Posted: Jul 18th, '16, 23:23
by JackBauer2424
Watching Tokyo Love Story for the first time and Honami Suzuki is able to make such a super adorable smile! Her character is very likeable and playful. Really interested in seeing what see looks like now and in decent video resolution quality.

Update: She looks quite different 10 yrs after Tokyo Love Story. More stretched out and taller, or maybe it's because the TLS video I watched was stretched horizontally in the wrong aspect ratio making her look wider and shorter.

Re: [poll] Beautiful Women in Japan

Posted: Sep 22nd, '16, 06:25
by japlov
After watching the Asadora Amachan, I recommend Nounen Rena and Hashimoto Ai to that list :D :D :D

Re: [poll] Beautiful Women in Japan

Posted: Oct 11th, '16, 09:59
by JackBauer2424
Kyoka Suzuki from Second Virgin is quite good looking among the older actresses and she looks like she could be Reiko Takashima's sister. Maya Miki is also very good looking for an older actress.