Japanese actresses who resemble jav actresses

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Japanese actresses who resemble jav actresses

Post by panadol » Feb 8th, '14, 14:44

hi everyone... just doing this for fun... if it's too vulgar for this forum please delete it... I'm just wondering if anyone thinks some of the actresses resemble jav actresses?

Kanjiya Shihori 貫地谷しほり - ゆうきさやか

Fueki Yuko 笛木優子 - 吉沢明歩(AKIHO YOSHIZAWA)

anyone comes to mind? :P

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Post by occho » Feb 8th, '14, 15:02

but i think fueki not like a akiho :D :D

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Post by GokaiGold » Feb 8th, '14, 15:43

ゆうきさやか exactly look like Shihori!

anyways, here's another one-

Ueno Juri 上野 樹里 - 茜笑美 (Akane Emi) it really surprised me in the first place

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