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[Discussion] Unubore Deka (Nagase Tomoya, Ikuta Toma)

Discuss Japanese drama series here.
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Post by danls79 » Sep 26th, '10, 09:29

anyone know where can i download the ost ?

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Post by popoycanton » Oct 8th, '10, 18:21

I burst into laughter when I saw the rakugo/tiger and dragon parody coming at ep9, lol

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Post by nescafemath » Oct 12th, '10, 06:50

finish watching unubore(officially with subs.. :mrgreen: )!! i love the story and the weirdess detective story i gerenty everyone gonna love it as much as i do..
no wonder his father keep on calling him onore...

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unubore real name was


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Post by kuma601 » Oct 13th, '10, 06:59

Looks like this was well received...we are having a hard time watching. Just not feeling his comedy these days. :-(

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Post by Archaenon » Oct 13th, '10, 07:37

I re-watched Tiger & Dragon again for the 5th time after finishing it. Seems like they almost go hand in hand.

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Post by minyasuleien » Oct 16th, '10, 06:54

:cheers: what an awesome series. I was cracking up the whole time through. At first, I wasn't sure how the initial formula would carry through or if the exaggerated acting would be an asset or a burden. So I was glad to see that after a few episodes the storyline kind of strayed away from Unubore to the secondary Unubore 5 characters and added refreshing variations to the formula. The exaggerated acting definitely grew on me too. It was complemented very well by the human elements in the story, which I much appreciated and dubbed as 'serious relief' (a la comic relief). Anyway, I'm sorry I ever doubted you, Kudokan.

One thing that I really, really, really love and find worth mentioning about Kudokan's dramas is that they often feature a variety of dialects/accents and languages (without ever making them a focal point for the story). For instance, the Fukushima dialect in this particular series; and off the top of my head (though I'm no expert in dialects), Osaka dialect in Manhattan Love Story, Aomori dialect in Tiger & Dragon (and the old Edo dialect of course), Korean in Kisarazu Cat's Eye (the movies, in any case) and there were a bunch in IWGP. Brilliant.

I can't wait for another KudoKan drama. :wub: Here's hoping for a fourth Kudo x Nagase pairing in another 5 years. *crosses fingers*

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Post by ersby » Oct 16th, '10, 09:00

I loved this too. I can't remember another Japanese comedy that made me laugh as much as this. Great subs, too.

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Post by Pavlova Megaflop » Jan 8th, '11, 12:10

chokubi wrote:Those who can't wait for ep11 can listen to the full version of the dancing song in the meantime. :mrgreen:
Thanks for the link, was hoping I'd be able to find this music somewhere!

Awesome dorama, one of the most enjoyable I've seen for some time. I liked how the basic formula was subverted and twisted more and more as the show went on. Love the dancing, the facial contortions, the ever increasing age then variable gender of love interest, Saeki's hand writing and drunk voice, etc. etc.

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