[DISCUSSION] Dekichatta Kekkon / Shotgun Marriage

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[DISCUSSION] Dekichatta Kekkon / Shotgun Marriage

Post by geoffropuff » Oct 19th, '04, 15:26


that is the link to the review. now its open for discussion.

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Post by thetenken » Oct 19th, '04, 21:49

The actor playing Chiyo's father is none other than Sonny Chiba himself. =)

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Post by Akiramike » Oct 20th, '04, 15:23

Sonny Chiba rules! The version I watched had horrible english subs but it was a very enjoyable show nevertheless. Highly recommended. Great acting all round.

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Post by aNToK » Oct 28th, '04, 07:54

Hmm... Didn't know it by this title, so it kind of threw me. I thought that the characters were surprisingly believable, given the circumstances. Seeing the characters grow a bit as the series progress was nice. Never was much of a Ryoko Hirosue fan, but for some reason, I keep finding her to be very adorable in her dramas. So maybe I am after all....

The supporting cast did a nice job of keeping the eps flowing, and keeping the tone light.

Sonny's speech about why he really objected to the marriage was the scene that stuck out in my mind for some reason. Won't say any more on that though, don't want to spoil it for anyone. You'll know it when you see it.

Not life-altering, but when I run out of new dramas to watch, This is one that will be on my repeat list.

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Post by Meli » Nov 6th, '04, 23:37

Shotgun Marriage is a pretty good drama. It made me want to see Ryoko Hirosue in more dramas. Its worth watching.

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Post by ictylor » Nov 24th, '04, 07:18

Shotgun Marriage is a cool drama. I'm a big Hirosue fan and Hiroshi Abe is the f'n man. Everytime I see him he makes me think of Bruce Campbell (there is a weird similarity in how they act, maybe its just me though).. Never a real leading man but when he gets the chance he shines, and his facial expressions are absoultley awesome.

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Post by 206 » Dec 11th, '04, 03:18

This drama show the relationships that happen between people learning about each other. At the end of each show there is a credits headliner that really depicts the show's theme of many bumps in the road that the couple goes through. I'm a Ryoko fan even though she went and got married, still found her cute as usual in this one. Her father was really one tuff SOB which was a great roll.

It's well made and worth watching and in my top ten.

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Post by dofuagedashi » Dec 11th, '04, 03:38

Wow, I may be the only person who doesn't like this series. The acting just didn't seem natural to me, and plus I never like Takenouchi Yutaka. I like Hirosue in Summer Snow and Collage of Our lives (movie). If you haven't seen the movie, watch it. It's great.

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Post by donna8157 » Dec 11th, '04, 04:22

I thought that this was a good drama, but not something that I was really into. The acting was good and I thought Takenouchi Yutaka's character was really sweet. I liked how he wanted to take the responsibility of having the child with Chiyo. The only problem was that there was not much romantic development between the two of them, although they did have their few moments.

And another little pet peeve . . they could have at least had Ryoko Hirosue wear a pregnant belly thing so it would at least seem a little more believable. :blink

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Post by Kayote » Feb 22nd, '05, 22:39

If I remember this was my second jdrama and I fell in love with it. The main characters is played brilliantly. It was touching, hilarious and 'make you feel good' kind of drama. Definitely NOT TO BE MISSED! Oh and Hirosue iis gorgeous as ever. :D


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Post by YakZu » Feb 1st, '06, 11:51

i was wondering where you guyz found the torrent/s of this series... or where you guyz d/l it from...

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Post by gryzze » Feb 1st, '06, 12:07

YakZu wrote:i was wondering where you guyz found the torrent/s of this series... or where you guyz d/l it from...
It can be found on JEM's tracker: http://jem.d-addicts.com/
It's listed as Shotgun Marriage.

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Post by PauliNHo__ » Aug 17th, '08, 02:13

very good drama, and i'm only in episode 3!! who didnt watch have to!

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Post by QuantumReality » Jul 15th, '10, 11:17

Loved it! I tend to be a bit picky with my dramas, since I get really annoyed with childish plots/dialogues, but this one was pure viewing enjoyment. It gets really funny at several points and I think it's one of the few series that can be appreciated by non jdrama-addicted people. I'm taking a shot at putting my folks in front of the pc for it as soon as possible.

One piece of advice though. If you know even a little japanese, try to ignore the subtitles. They completely change the meaning in many places, to the point that it's like following a different plot.
For example, when Ryunosuke tries to propose to Chiyo and they end up fighting, the subtitles make it look like she didn't like the proposal. What really happened is that Ryunosuke unthinkingly used an expression that meant he was only doing it as a favor for Chiyo, and in a kind of condescending way too. So naturally she got pissed with his choice of words.

A bit later in the same episode, when Chiyo's father talks to her behind the rain, he asks her if she still plans to get married only because she got pregnant and warns her that marriage is not something to be used like that. According to the subtitles though, he asks her to admit that she misbehaved and is wrong about this. (???)
I can name many more examples like this. Personally, I stopped looking at the subtitles (I usually use them when the actors talk too fast or use words I don't recognize). It just seemed like something I had to comment on though.

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Post by Issy » Jul 15th, '10, 14:43

i watched it years back and i really did not like it even though i only watched it for Yutaka's sake. but at that time, my understanding of nihongo was much limited. now bearing in mind what you said, i may give this drama another chance. but i know that hirosue will annoy hell of me agai but it keeps happening with with most of her dramas.
but don't you think
her scene in last ep when she was about to have her baby was under acted a little? i seriouly thought she came down with cold or simple sickness when she fell ill. never thought she was in labour .:scratch:

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Post by Peggy » Jul 16th, '10, 06:31

I remember watching this drama years ago. I quite enjoyed it really although there were some places where I did not quite understand why things happened the way they did. The proposal was funny and the two people were quite wary of one another. It seemed to me that she could have done the whole thing alone but her father was somewhat of a tyrant. Yutaka played a reather interesting character I thought. He was not exactly the romantic type but he developed a certain courtesy finally, and I do think they had a good rapport. I wish he did not wear that silly hat so much.
I really liked the scene when he found out where she was heading to the hospital. He got the wrong idea somehow and raced like a madman to stop her from aborting the baby . Of course that was not her thought. At least as I remember she was goig for prenatal check I think. that is really the first time he fully realised what had happened and his ressponsibilty in the matter.

It wasn't an earthshaking story, but a very natural one and I think it was well presented. I wouldn't mind seeing it again actually.


! ! ! There's someone who doesn't like Takenouchi ????????????????????????????

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Post by Issy » Jul 16th, '10, 13:34

peggy wrote:! ! ! There's someone who doesn't like Takenouchi ????????????????????????????
:lol i was thinking about the samething. i really don't think so. he is so charming, it's love at the first sight with him with everyone. :wub:

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Post by Peggy » Jul 16th, '10, 18:39


I really love Takeno. He is so good to look at and very charming. He is a really good actor and I liked him in 'Beach Boys' way back when. Also really like him in that romantic drama 'With Love'. did you see that? Lovely romantic story and all the time made you wonder if he would ever find out who it was he loved so much on his email. Hope you saw it or can find it.

He was very funny in 'Boss'. such a flirt. Have not had time to watch the recent one with Toshiaki.

It was strange to me to hear someone say they did not like, or were not impressed with Takenouchi... :scratch:


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