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[Discussion] Zettai Reido (Ueto Aya) ^ــ

Discuss Japanese drama series here.
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[Discussion] Zettai Reido (Ueto Aya) ^ــ

Post by bayon-chan » Apr 17th, '10, 19:37

NEW Drama by Ueto aya

Drama looks very exciting

Waiting for English translation :-)


Sakuragi Izumi (Ueto Aya) is a new police sergeant with the Special Investigations Office, which was set up within the Metropolitan Police in November last year. The new investigation team uses DNA analysis and the latest in forensics science to investigate cold cases as well as cases suspected to involve missing persons.--

staaaaaaart :wub:

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Post by Reikaa » Apr 18th, '10, 20:59

i'm curious to watch this drama. Specially because it involves forensics science and the audience in the first episode was pretty good (18%).

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Post by lenrasoon » Apr 18th, '10, 21:22

i can't wait to watch this drama too, so far i only read good comments about it.

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Post by bayon-chan » Apr 19th, '10, 05:52

Yes, I was very surprised by 18%, this is why I can not wait to view it

So far, I didn't see Aya such a role, All roles her were comic ^^

Do any of you saw the first episode????

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Post by Sakuya » Apr 19th, '10, 08:40

She does seem kinda comical though. I skimmed a few parts from the raw posted on YouTube. Will wait for the subs.

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Post by Romance » Apr 19th, '10, 11:19

I have to say that I wasnt too impressed with this drama but ill keep watching.

btw, If you like criminal suspense i recommend RINJO!

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Post by Edohiguma » Apr 21st, '10, 14:11

I was looking forward to it, but it's coming too much after CSI. And CSI is just ridiculously stupid.

I wouldn't mind it if would involve actual forensics science, but some of the things they do are just not possible and others are just way to complicated. For example, nobody would scan a skull into the computer and then figure out the trajectory of the bullet with the software. You can do that with the real skull much faster. Or the video from the first case. Video images from a moving camera in the dark, a model from several years back, thus an alanog video on tape (which always loses quality over time anyway), gets used to figure out where the murderers happened. Yeah. Right. And not because they find some hints on the video (like a sign or something like that), no, because some nut in the office pushes the same three buttons on the keyboard like 50 times in a row and uses a flash-based Google Earth knock-off. Because the limited view from the camera, the bad light, the movement and the analog quality would certainly allow that. Yep. Totally.... not.

That's not forensics science, that's just nonsense.

The last time my intelligence got insulted like this was when I saw episode one of The Unit (which was actually worse than this here.)

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Post by archive18 » May 5th, '10, 08:32

Chill Edohiguma

it's not a fact base drama, it's just entertainment :)

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Post by Rollins » May 7th, '10, 02:14

Just a note that I have not given up on translation of this series, however without a steady QC I don't feel comfortable releasing the translations for ep1 and 2 just yet.

Furransu may be able to step in starting next week but until then I won't be able to release the translations. Thanks for your patience!

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