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[Discussion] J-Drama called SECOND CHANCE

Posted: Jan 28th, '10, 02:50
by manoarain808
I've been looking for a j-drama called SECOND CHANCE for a while now. I don't see it in the torrent list, so I assume no one has uploaded yet.

It's a comedy/romance that was released around 1995 starring Tanaka Misako and Akai Hidekazu. It also has a catchy opening theme song by Okamoto Mayo called "Tomorrow". I was wondering if anyone ever heard of it or if it has been uploaded here before because I'm interested in obtaining a copy. Thanks!

Posted: May 26th, '12, 20:45
by manoarain808
Anyone? :unsure:

Posted: May 27th, '12, 06:57
by Kazuya_
I have seen this drama when it aired in the SF Bay area. It had English subs but that was during the VHS era, so if anyone has a copy, chances are it would be a TVrip on VHS.

I doubt it would be uploaded anywhere online as it would have made it to this site by now if it had.

Posted: May 28th, '12, 12:20
by xploring
You can try trading for it via snail mail, at trade forum. I have the theme song in mp3, you may still find it at jdorama ost thread.

More information about the drama

Posted: May 31st, '12, 09:13
by doramaworld
Hi manoarain808,

Not sure if you've seen this before but here's some information about this drama:

Posted: May 31st, '12, 15:36
by y0ssy
It is available on Youku with Chinese hard subtitles.