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[Discussion] Best opening for a J-Drama

Posted: Jun 20th, '09, 08:35
by citrone
My vote goes for Boss.... Marvelous and glamor opening... Maybe because of the cast but also they are soooo cool and music with their catwalk is superb.....

Posted: Jun 20th, '09, 08:54
by jive talkin
i love the boss opening.
i guess i can't really say i think these are best, but i really like the opening for:
katagoshi no koibito
toshishita no otoko

Posted: Jun 20th, '09, 09:36
by groink
My favorite openings:

Itsuka Mata Aeru - The theme song by Southern All Stars kicks butt! And, the part where Fukuyama, Sakurai and the rest keep trading looks with each other - that's really cool.

HOMEWORK - The scenes during the opening theme are comical! None of the scenes are of the actual characters. Instead, they're playing totally different people.

Dare ni mo Ienai - Matsutoya Yumi ROCKS in this opening theme. Watching Kaku Chikako running around the neighborhood (probably running from Sano Shiro,) and caught in only one take - it is really funny in a creepy sort of way.

Bokura ni Ai wo! - Great theme song. Again, the three main characters are acting out totally out-of-character during the opening credits. Eguchi Yosuke looks totally kakkoi here!

Komyo ga Tsuji - This is the by far the best theme song in all of taiga dramas. The animation throughout the opening credits is really great.

Wataru Seken wa Oni Bakari - By far this is THE BEST theme song of all TV dramas. The background is drab and boring, but the music just spells tragedy.

--- groink

Posted: Jun 20th, '09, 09:50
by fifimimi
The best opening i have seen is Pride...the song was "Born to love you" by Queen and the actions of the ice hockey players were so gets your heart and adrenaline pumping!! I love it!!

Boss is also super cool!! I love openings that are not just snipets from the drama and are filmed aside with some budget and thought! Let me think or more I like...

Posted: Jun 20th, '09, 11:18
by kuro570
My favorite openings would have to be,

Maou-Epic, that is all

Triangle- Just love the opening theme song and how they preview a bit of the last episode and goes into the present.

Yukemuri Sniper - Watching a guy murder ppl in opening scenes with the type of music it plays is incredibly fitting.

Joshidaisei Kaikeishi- Love the collage and song as well.

First Love - Only because it plays Sakura Drops which is one of my favorite songs. lol

Posted: Jun 20th, '09, 13:23
by Aiko_
my vote goes to ORANGE DAYS .. i love this opening! :)

Posted: Jun 20th, '09, 14:18
by ainhoa
last friends - because it reminds me of the closing of s.o.s. which goes down in drama history for being completely awesome

honorable mentions:
searching for my polestar
ikebukuro west gate park
stand up!!

Posted: Jun 20th, '09, 14:41
by xploring
I like Summer Snow's, though I don't remember most openings.

Posted: Jun 20th, '09, 17:04
by Salz
Last Friend
Nodame Cantabile
Innocent Love
Akai Ito
Atashinchi no Danshi

Posted: Jun 21st, '09, 14:24
by totemokakkoii
Boss.. haha.. i think it is so cool! everyone looks so good!!!

Posted: Jun 21st, '09, 16:13
by lenrasoon
Last Friends
Nodame Cantabile
Ikebukuro West Gate Park

if i had to choose just one i would pick Nodame Cantabile.

Posted: Jun 21st, '09, 16:20
by Super_MAMA
I like love so sweet from haha yori dango 2 :D

and the one from my boss my hero .. i dont remember the name :unsure:

Posted: Jun 27th, '09, 06:14
by xotique
Kimi Hannin Janai yo ne? is my current favorite.

Hanayome wa Yakudoshi
Love Shuffle
Yamada Taro Monogatari
Nodame Cantabile

Posted: Jun 27th, '09, 23:00
by infundibuliform

I look the opening up on youtube every now and then just to watch it. lol

Posted: Jun 28th, '09, 21:32
by mokudekiru
I really liked the opening to Binbo Danshi... all the characters in white toilet stalls doing different actions...
in case you haven't seen it

It was a loooot like the Mr. Children Houkiboushi PV, but oh well...
Too bad the show wasn't as good as the opening >_<

Posted: Jun 28th, '09, 22:09
by pyxee
hands down for me it has to be Maou!

Posted: Jul 1st, '09, 02:36
by ryoko11
Kimi Hannin Janai yo ne? is probably my favorite opening. The photo animation was really funny, and Super Looper was stuck in my head for the entire season. That opening always made me laugh.

Nodame and IWGP are great openings. I also really like Hissatsu Shigotonin... the puppets are pure win.

Posted: Jul 2nd, '09, 21:21
by nix_renji
personally, My Boss My Hero and Innocent Love :thumright:

Posted: Jul 2nd, '09, 21:58
by SSpiegel
I really like Kimi Hannin janai yo ne? opening, too! I even have the Super Looper (Ya-Kyim) video on my iPod. :)
Osen has a great opening, with the cast looking all cool and Micro's Odore on the background.
Like someone already mentioned, Binbo Danshi and the bathrooms.
Love Shuffle, tho if I remember correctly, it was pretty short... :scratch: Tamaki Hiroshi looks really cool when he flips the card, and the music was good, too.

Posted: Jul 2nd, '09, 22:18
by kusaina
i loved last friends opening , ths song is amazing, and the video is so good.
also the song for the ending of koshonin, the group is called shonan no kaze

i dont like the opening for boss, it doesn't match a police drama

Posted: Jul 2nd, '09, 22:21
by mewific
1. Last Friends
2. Maou
3. Pride
4. Hana Yori Dango 1 and 2
5. Around 40 (love the song!)

Posted: Aug 24th, '09, 03:38
by Feisty_Warrior
Hana Kimi

Posted: Aug 24th, '09, 07:07
by jecca
I agree with Love Shuffle! Loved the song they used. I also loved the opening of Stand Up!! The shots of families, friends/people you grew up with, places you've lived all your life etc. It's perfect for the show. And of course, it also helps that the song is by Arashi!

Um.. I also liked the Mei-chan opening because Hiro looks so cute in slow motion haha :D

Posted: Aug 24th, '09, 13:24
by chisato
I like the BOSS opening too, everyone are so cool and just love their clothes. but lately I love buzzer beat's opening....the theme song is awesome!!

Posted: Aug 24th, '09, 14:05
by emmy21
My favourites are:

Love Revolution - love the Ken Hirai song, and all of main leads are so good looking.
IWGP - awesome song by SADS

Posted: Sep 1st, '09, 07:51
by Aikawa Ringo
1. Maou
2. Innocent Love
3. Love Shuffle
4. Last Friend

Gonna watch the others dorama to compare hihihihi :D

Posted: Sep 14th, '09, 17:23
by j_halo7
I can't remember most of the openings of all the dramas I've watched but the following stands out so I remember them well. :P

Osen - First, I love the song used! The whole opening is pretty cool with Aoi Yuu waving the huge flag and the red and white pattern drapes in the background reflects the traditional Japanese feel of the drama.

Binbo Danshi - I really like the trail of flower petals or ribbon that flutters to the next toilet stall as it moves to the right. The concept is quite unique and cool too. Love the song too.

Liar Game - I like the wallpaper design in the background. The font used for the drama title is nice too. In general, quite cool.

Among those 3 I listed, my favourite is Osen. :D

Posted: Sep 14th, '09, 18:10
by Lucille
My favorite Jdrama openings go to two completely different dramas.

1. Innocent Love - It was so artsy and beautiful.
2. Be Nice to People - It was very edgy and gritty. Old drama, but great opening. I mean the opening could be a music video on it's own. I think it was 2.5 min long.

Posted: Sep 15th, '09, 01:56
by jazky2002
:roll definitely Maou

Posted: Sep 15th, '09, 03:34
by sweetanna
One of the best for me was the Slow Dance intro.

Didn't love the drama, but yeah, the slow filming and languid swinging song was fitting and the title eventually coming into view was nice.

Actually I think the opening was the best part of the whole drama.

Posted: Sep 15th, '09, 09:48
by Endexus
As everybody has said, Maou and I think the recent drama Buzzer Beat has a nice opening too. :D

Posted: Sep 17th, '09, 13:39
by ailamarie
MAOU!!!! kyaaa!!

Posted: Sep 17th, '09, 22:01
by Love Angel
Orange Days :thumright:

Posted: Feb 6th, '14, 08:33
by Sorvaseven
1) Tokyo Love Story /
2) Densha Otoko /
3) GTO /

Posted: Feb 6th, '14, 11:29
by lontong.stroong
1. JIN
2. GTO (the original one, that one with Poison)
3. Amachan
4. Chiritotechin (never watched the full series though, saw the opening on Youtube years ago)

Posted: Feb 6th, '14, 11:37
by Keiko1981
Must say that I like the opening of many taiga dramas.
Nogaremon Orin
Asunaro Hakusho

Nakajima Miyuki's "Inochi no Betsumei" from Seija no Koushin (not that it an opening, but part of the drama.)

(I have the piano scores for this song, if anyone wants it, send me a PM.)

Same with "Home Nite" from Kita no Kuni kara.
Could be heard in the background of one of the first episodes when Jun was waiting for the train to travel home to Tokyo.

Posted: Feb 6th, '14, 11:48
by DoramasORB
I agree that both Asunaro hakusho and Tokyo Love story are great, but my favorite is:
Wakamono no subete:

After all , "Tomorrow Never Knows" by Mr. Children is incredible!

Posted: Feb 6th, '14, 12:50
by Sorvaseven
DoramasORB wrote:but my favorite is:
Wakamono no subete:
After all , "Tomorrow Never Knows" by Mr. Children is incredible!
Yes, nice opening. Never watched Wakamono, because there are no subs... i guess??

Posted: Feb 6th, '14, 13:31
by antspace
The opening of Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi: very cool :-) and the opening of Moteki (also One Hitoshi) :P

Posted: Feb 8th, '14, 21:22
by kathia_sophia
Gegege no Nyobo opening is very cute and lovely.

I watched lots of doramas, so I came to forget about openings...I remenber Gegege, because it was a Asadora and with 152 episodes, it's impossible to forget...

Posted: Feb 8th, '14, 21:58
by DragonSpikeXIII
Long Vacation, hands down

Posted: Feb 11th, '14, 23:46
by lilmanjs
I have to say, I don't really take much stock in openings, but I really grew to love Slow Dance.
Such a sweet opening that really captures the feel of the show.

Posted: Feb 22nd, '14, 13:07
by Sakari
fifimimi wrote:The best opening i have seen is Pride...the song was "Born to love you" by Queen and the actions of the ice hockey players were so gets your heart and adrenaline pumping!! I love it!!
I agree!

Posted: Mar 14th, '14, 11:07
by zenith777
lilmanjs wrote:I have to say, I don't really take much stock in openings, but I really grew to love Slow Dance.
Such a sweet opening that really captures the feel of the show.
Definitely, the opening music so soft and tender, calming heart :lol

The scariest is probably Maou, such killing intense :evil: :goggle:

Posted: Mar 19th, '14, 02:51
by rootabega
I have to second the nomination for Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi. Laid back, seemingly simple, and conceptually brilliant.

My all time fave has to be the opening sequence for Shiritsu Tantei Hama Maiku (2002) . The song is "Kuchibashi ni Cherry" by Ego Wrappin. Nagase Masatoshi cannot be topped in the cool department.
This link has the best video I could find online:

Posted: Mar 19th, '14, 22:07
by miyachanfan
Liar Game was my fave!

Posted: Mar 20th, '14, 03:03
by dhisashi
I still like the opening theme for the 1997 Beach Boys. It has Sorimachi Takashi and Richie Sambora's "Forever".


Posted: Mar 25th, '14, 03:17
by totally_0bsessed
I'd like to add both of Yuusha Yoshihiko's openings. :D
s1 -
s2 -

I really enjoyed the songs used, the animations and the reiteration that it is a low budget adventure. :lol

Posted: Apr 5th, '14, 07:49
by judithdayao
Orange Days (so cute!! :wub: never skipped it. Sign by MisuChiru is one of my fave song because of this)
Amachan (GREAT)
Liar Game
Maou (YES!!!)
Manhattan Love Story (LOL Tokio <3)

i will add more if anyhing comes to mind. but from my list, I would say Orange Days is the cutest, Amachan is my favorite.

Posted: Jul 15th, '14, 02:56
by yanaliao
I also go for Boss! It's just glamorous yet action-packed. hihihi~
Also, Long Vacation (looks like they're really having fun)
Wakamono no subete Mr. Children, love the song... forgot what happened during the opening though x)
Recently watched Bitter Blood-- Mayday's Do you ever shine sounds sooo kakkoii with the father and son criss-crossing the road as tandem detectives. x)

Posted: Jul 18th, '14, 05:45
by GaussAlgorithmus
Original GTO. It was my first dorama, and I still love it to death. And the guitar-riff that starts the opening must be one of the best I've ever heard...ever.

Posted: Sep 9th, '14, 19:52
by doodoofan
It looks like everybody loves the drama Boss. I'll watch it when I have time. I like the opening of Hanazakari no kimitachi e. The song Ikenai Taiyou is just awesome and it fits the drama perfectly.