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[Discussion] Yako no Kaidan (Fujiki Naohito,Kimura Yoshino)

Posted: Mar 22nd, '09, 15:43
by fifimimi
No one has started a topic about this drama so I'll start one...
I'm getting really excied about this dram purely because I've just become a fan of Kimura Yoshino having just watched her in Uta no Onii-san.

Yako no Kaidan

Fujiki Naohito as Sayama Michio
Kimura Yoshino as Edamura Sachiko
Natsukawa Yui as Fukuchi Fujiko
Oginome Keiko as Murase Minako
Muroi Shigeru as Hatano Masako
Yo Kimiko
Kobayashi Nenji

Sayama Michio (Fujiki Naohito) is a young and callous beautician who will stop at nothing to fulfill his ambition(s). Coming from an impoverished background, he suddenly becomes the darling of the beauty world. Sayama uses women as his stepping stone to get to the top and puts on several different faces when dealing with them. Edamura Sachiko (Kimura Yoshino) is the editor of a top woman’s magazine and proud to be a working woman. She becomes Sayama’s customer and falls for his charms. He has magnificent hair techniques and is the type that brings out a female’s motherly instincts. Sayama initially gets close to Sachiko because of her connections to the entertainment industry, and gradually finds himself attracted to her. Sachiko, who is used by Sayama, soon learns about his past and his connection to a murder … (from JDrama Weblog)

Production Credits
Original writing (novel): Yako no Kaidan by Matsumoto Seicho (松本清張)
Screenwriter: Takeyama Yo (竹山洋)
Director: Fujita Meiji (藤田明二)

Official site
Wiki page

Hardsub by Massuki <<< Hurray! They are super quick and efficient!! Thanks all @ Massuki!!

Posted: Mar 22nd, '09, 15:52
by Issy
not sure about the story but as i watched Naohito Fujiki's most dramas, i probably will watch this one too. hope it would be something interesting to watch.

Posted: Mar 22nd, '09, 15:57
by fifimimi
True true, none of the dramas for next season seems to be terms of storyline. But I have my eyes fixed on a few based on the casting...this is one obviously but I'm also gonna try out BOSS, Meitantei no Okite, Smile and possibly Konkatsu!

Posted: Mar 22nd, '09, 16:18
by ryoko11
I like Fujiko Naohito, and from the description there might be a bit of mystery involved with the whole past murder. I'll give this one a go.

Posted: Mar 22nd, '09, 17:31
by lenrasoon
this drama looks interesting, and the cast is awesome!! I'll definitely watch this one:-)

Posted: Mar 28th, '09, 12:25
by raven_frost
The term used to describe Sayama Michio's occupation is rather broad but he's probably a hairstylist, judging from the CM.

Posted: Mar 30th, '09, 18:23
by fifimimi
I would have thought 'image' includes hair and makeup

Posted: May 4th, '09, 23:49
by fifimimi
Has anyone started this series? Ep1 subbed by Massuki has been release...I just watched it!

It's a far different drama I had imagined...much more dark and 'evil'..but I think I'm gonna like it! Definately will continue chasing. Fujiki Naohito's character is so mysterious...I just want to know more about the 'incident' and him!

Posted: May 5th, '09, 04:05
by MitsukaiKuroi
I haven't watched this yet but I just got the first ep and I am going to watch it tomorrow night! As soon as I saw that Fujiki Naohito was in it I HAD to download it! LOL

I have liked most of the dramas that he has been in (even Gal Circle!) so I am sure I will like this one too! His choice in dramas have been good so far! (^_^)

Posted: Jun 5th, '09, 14:32
by Issy
This must be the worst drama of this season (and maybe ever).
characters have no chemistry with eachother, the two lead roles (even though i love Naohito fujiki) are the most annoying of all annoying cast (except Yui Natsukawa which i think she is the only want that keeps you from dozing off in the middle of the drama).

i really don't know why i keep watching this drama. kind of self torture. i am watching just to know how all these silliness and cheesy acting going to end. i am sure i will regret wasting of my precious time by the end.

Posted: Jun 5th, '09, 16:13
by calimerina
I've watched only the first 2 episodes but I like it so far (and it seems I'm the only one who likes it). Not the best dorama ever, but one of the most interesting of this season. I don't like the acting of the two leading actors but I find something very intriguing in the story. Unfortunately the most important thing in the story (the fatal attraction between the two leading characters) isn't showed properly, as others said before, and there is no chemistry between the two actors, as Issy said. It seems to me that they don't like each other so they can't "work" together. I don't know if she is a good actress, this is the first time I see her. As for him, he's not a great actor but he was good enough with other roles. I don't know if it's only their fault, maybe the director isn't good....
But I really want to know more about the characters and about the story. I'm looking forward to the next episode.

Posted: Jun 15th, '09, 21:41
by fifimimi
I have to sort of ditto what has been said...this drama really isn't that good at all but at the same time I sort of don't want to stop watching. I mean I kinda feel like I can/should be watching something better but then I continue to watch it's like an unfinished dinner.

I don't like the relationships and the 'feel' of the drama or the characters. I really love watching Kimura Yoshino's acting but I don't like the way here character is...I mean...why couldn't they just keep her the way she was??? Hmm...I've only watched 4eps so I dunno how it'll pan out at all!

Posted: Dec 28th, '09, 20:12
by MitsukaiKuroi
So am I to guess that this has been dropped by the subbers? Was it really that bad? I downloaded the first five episodes but I did not want to watch it until the whole season was complete.