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Good dramas for helping pick up the language?

Discuss Japanese drama series here.
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Good dramas for helping pick up the language?

Post by justin138 » Jan 12th, '08, 10:10

I'm looking for any good J-dramas for people who are just learning Japanese and want to immerse themselves in the language. Right now I suppose I'm looking for basic words and phrases, while avoiding most slang.

Sorry if this topic is a duplicate or not in the appropriate forum -- I searched and couldn't find any like this.

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Post by minifussy » Jan 12th, '08, 10:29

hmmmm well most of all its a very good idea to avoid NHK dramas (or any dramas that involve old historical wartime scenarios as it can be confusing (as they mix in Formal Japanese with regular japanese) so your mostly looking for modern j dramas but perhaps not gang or yob related ones like (IWGP)

the most appropriate ones for this then, are perhaps
"Hana yori dango" with SARS English subs
....hmm thats about all i can think of

the one i started with was
Pretty guardian sailor moon live action - and thats perfect for simple phrases, infact
taught me half the langauge, but is unfortunately not hosted here at D - addicts
and is very poorly seeded using torrents, wich means (hard to get hold of)
although i believe Veoh might have them with Ryuusei fansubs.

Good luck

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Post by Karawhite » Jan 12th, '08, 13:34

i started off with anime because there is a wider variety of genres to choose from and a large amount has been subbed. If you pick a kids anime, then there are less hard words to sort through. I would suggest anything from Studio Ghibli since the main characters are children and they are really nice simple stories. Titles include: kiki's delivery service, laputa's castle in the sky.

As for drama's I agree HYD is a good choice. But i think its pretty hard to avoid slang. In fact, learning slang from a drama is so much more useful than learning textbook japanese from books or audio cds. I would recommend Queen's Classroom because the main characters are six graders so they wouldn't use words that are too hard or genre specific. It also happens to be an excellent drama and it deals with everyday life-ish so you'll learn useful things.

Hope that helps

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Post by hikkichan » Jan 12th, '08, 15:10

Actually, go find those old "Yan-san" videos...

They're actually educational in nature.

Watching dramas, you learn inproper speech, rhythmic speaking and innotation that imply bad acting (popular youth dramas), and other downsides.

Taiga dramas are historical and may be a little difficult to decipher. ...and never, never use cartoons as a source for learning Japanese.

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Post by mizune » Jan 12th, '08, 15:35

this should be posted here, but since it's a little different, i'll let it float on the forum for another day before merging it there.

i agree with hikkichan, in that dramas are full of improper japanese because it's colloquial speech.
if you just want to immerse yourself so you can pick up speech better, almost anything will do.

in terms of complexity, family and human dramas are probably the simplest because even if you can't pick up the exact plotlines, interactions between ppl and basic stories are pretty universal so you can infer a fair amount of what they're saying.

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Post by ryoko11 » Jan 12th, '08, 17:24

Definitely go for "Yan-san". The title is actually Let's Learn Japanese Basic, and it's got 52 episodes and two texts you can follow along in. (Small file sizes though) The shows have a running story about a man named Yan who comes to live in Japan. They teach you the Japanese out of each part of his story and build on what you've learned. They insert lots of humor too.

You can find it here:
http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/torrents ... +all&sort=

I've also found it on torrents from other sites, so if you don't have enough seeds you could probably find it on other major torrent sites as well.

Then you can simply pick up whatever dramas you like. I find romantic comedies among the easiest for me to understand for the same reasons that Mizune gave. Plus, I really like them. I also am really fond of detective shows; so after learning certain key words and phrases from the subbed series that's a pretty good genre for me too because of the common plot structure that most shows in that genre use. You can still hit some tough bits on raw series for people with strange motives or complex murder methods, but most motives and means are pretty universal.

Just always try to pick shows that interest you. The more you are motivated to watch the better.

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Post by emerica1123 » Jan 13th, '08, 17:04

Try watching variety shows such as Cartoon Kat-tun and shows similar to that. They have "real" japanese.

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Post by Karawhite » Jan 14th, '08, 07:22

i find that its really hard to understand variety shows though. They talk really fast and the topics switch fast too so i'm less likely to be able to understand it. I haven't watched Cartoon Kattun though so it might be different.

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Post by groink » Jan 14th, '08, 07:34

Watch Wataru Seken wa Oni Bakari. The characters in this renzoku speak in COMPLETE, properly structured sentences. You can't find it on-line anywhere. But they're available if you search hard enough via Google and maybe purchase or trade with someone.

If not, find ANYTHING that is written by Hashida Sugako, such as:

- Haru e Natsu
- Hyaku-nen no Monogatari

And now..... The GREATEST Japanese drama opening theme song ever:

--- groink

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