Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Jdrama) VS Coffee Prince (Kdrama)

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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Jdrama) VS Coffee Prince (Kdrama)

Post by cccc » Aug 7th, '07, 12:56

I watch both of the dramas but I realize that both of the drams are very similar.
The episodes are very similar too.
Both of the drama is aired at almost sametime.
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Hanazakari_no_Kimitachi_e
Coffee Prince http://wiki.d-addicts.com/The_1st_Shop_of_Coffee_Prince

Do you think that both of dramas are similar??

And do you think that I should make a same topic in Kdrama Discussions???

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Post by popoycanton » Aug 7th, '07, 13:15

No I don't think they are similar. Spare DA the bandwidth and don't post in the kdrama discussion section.

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Post by jess22 » Aug 7th, '07, 14:00

I don't think they're similar either.

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Post by XoX » Aug 7th, '07, 19:27

I also think that they are both very different...
You could say opposites with the only similarity that the main leads are females dressed as males.
HK (female lead is often mistaken as a girl = girlish boy) vs. CP (female lead is mistaken as a boy = tomboyish girl)
HK (male lead is cold, aloof, & mysterious) vs. CP (male lead is rash, ****, & a player)
also the second male leads also seemed to be polar opposites...
I have been following both HK & CP but I am leading more towards HK... probably because I absolutely adore the cast (& extended cast) & I loved the manga.
YEH sort of got on my nerves in Goong and I think acts out the tomboyish lead well (despite the fact that she seems to cry alot in CP too :glare: ), but I still like Maki's portrayal better. :D
Side note: I absolutely love Toma's as Nakatsu... and Shun as Sano... :P

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Post by parkelicious » Aug 9th, '07, 05:14

Yeah they're similar. I don't enjoy hana kimi as much because Yoon Eun Hae is so much better being a guy than Horikita Maki, and is overall pretty convincing. In hana kimi it feels like everyone has to pretend that Maki's a guy when it's totally obvious to the audience that she's not. Saying "oh" in a deep voice does not equate to being a guy. It's not that bad, but comparing the two makes me enjoy hana kimi a lot less.

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Post by iheartyamapi » Aug 9th, '07, 05:25

I don't think they're similar either. It's a completely different drama and it might have some resemblance but not enough to compare them as similar dramas.

@parkelicious: How can you let CP affect you so much while watching HK? I really don't understand that because it's a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DRAMA. And if you don't enjoy watching HK b/c of the comparisons then why do you even compare it? Watch HK in it's entirety and don't let extraneous things like comparing it with the manga or another drama affect it.

A lot of times people complain about HK (jdrama) because they let other things influence their reasoning when they should give the drama a chance and just watch it from a fresh perspective.

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Post by khmai_kandi22 » Aug 9th, '07, 05:31

Meh, why is there a disussion about these two dramas? They are completely different from each other. :blink

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oh so asian
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Post by oh so asian » Aug 9th, '07, 05:41

i think they're totally different besides the fact that both main girls in the drama disguise themselves as boys.

but other than that i think they're entirely different. there's not much that's the same really, the characters are really different and the point of the drama is like ying and yang lol.

but both are great dramas~ i also watch them >_<

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Post by Amy209 » Aug 9th, '07, 06:15

Well, I guess you might find it similar because of the gender switches and what not, but in truth, both stories are quite different.

To me, I'd honestly have to say that Coffee Prince was a much well thought out drama, because in my and other's perspective, the one disguising as a male is very convincing, while the Hana Kimi lead, you can see pretty obviously that she's female.

Since both started from books, I think the books would have been much better than the drama -,-;; I collect the Hana Kimi books and have just recently started reading the Coffee Prince book, and so far, I think I like the books better ^^

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Post by strawberrynkiwi » Aug 9th, '07, 06:46

I don't think that Coffee Prince and Hana Kimi was any similarities at all.
I always thought Why Why Love (Taiwanese) and Coffee Prince are similar.
Both female leads are poor/in debt, fatherless, and would almost do anything for money. One would pretend to be a boy and the other would exchange herself.
Both male leads are rich/spoiled/playboy, have mother-related issues and fall in love with the female lead.
I think Coffee Prince is by far the best out of all 3.
Hana Kimi is definitely good for entertainment and laughs. (I love TOMA) But because of the 'nature'(?) of Japanese drama, each episode has a theme (mini stories) and has that one scene of emotional expression. (dunno how to put it) So it is really missing that big X factor of unity(?) for me. of Plus, I watched the Taiwanese one, so I knda know what is going to happen. And I have to agree that YEH makes a much better boy than Maki. Maki just has a girl written all over her. I think one thing that Hana Kimi is missing is the chemistry between Maki and Shun. Maybe at this point, they haven't developed it. But from what I see, and because it is a Japanese drama, there will be a lack of romantic scene and it is more of a light-hearted/funny drama. All the bittersweet will be gone.
As for my comparsion to WWL, I just get more disappointed one episode after another. I guess because Coffee Prince is getting so good. WWL just isn't cutting it for me. The story is not realistic and the acting isn't the best. Mike did improve though <3 haha.
I think this is what separates Korean drama from Japanese drama and from Taiwanese drama. I don't enjoy watching Korean drama in general because they are draggy, but after Coffee Prince, I believe that Korean dramas can be incrediably amazing (better than ALL[most] of the Japanese/Taiwanese drama I have watch) when its the right cast, story and chemistry. Coffee Prince really has surpass my expectation for all dramas.

Wow that was long.
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Post by vina.loves.sushi » Aug 9th, '07, 12:37

hmmm...yes in HK and CP both are pretending to be guys but i don't think it's right to compare both of the main lead...who is more convincing or what not...cause in HK, mizuki is often seen as a pretty or girlish guy, often mistaken as a girl so it's not really a problem if she doesn't look like a guy plus she has only been pretending when she entered the all boys school, which is very new to her but from what i've seen in CP, eun chan has been acting like a boy since she was young so it's natural for her to act more boyish, even look more boyish..

all in all i don't think there's anything to compare, they have different storyline...the only they have in common, as mentioned before, is that both girls are pretending to be guys...

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Post by arabian » Aug 9th, '07, 12:41

If the both actress from the dramas pretend to be a boy dosen't mean they are the same..
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Post by ashenfae » Aug 9th, '07, 13:16

^ how can they be the same when the storylines are very different. O.o

there are lots of dramas where girls act or pretend to be boys...anywhoo

I must say I'm enjoying CP more than HK..the story is alot more mature and convincing..
and no I'm not bashing HK I've read the manga and loved it to bits..but HK seems to have lost its charm for me. I'm still watching it though hoping it will improve

but back to the point, both dramas have the same basic themes but definitely not the same.

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Post by xsakaiie » Aug 9th, '07, 21:19

what's the use to ask if you're posting this in the JApanese thread :D !?
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Post by Nomanymore » Aug 10th, '07, 00:08

This thread should be closed becuz it's pointless.

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Post by MitsukaiKuroi » Aug 11th, '07, 02:17

strawberrynkiwi wrote:Maki just has a girl written all over her. I think one thing that Hana Kimi is missing is the chemistry between Maki and Shun. Maybe at this point, they haven't developed it.
I agree with you completely! That was one of the reasons I stopped watching it. I feel absolutely nothing between Maki and Shun. I also think it is boring and the lead characters have a lot to do with it.

The TW drama was a little better. I did not finish watching it because the storyline started to annoy me but I feel that there was some chemistry between the leads. And the humor was a better played out.

I was really disappointed with the JDrama version.

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Post by jellagen » Aug 12th, '07, 16:11


even though they're not really all that the same
i'd choose coffee prince :D

i really liked hana kimi, but when i started watching coffee prince, i didnt enjoy hana kimi as much; either that or hana kimi is just getting strange to me.. <_<

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Post by Nomanymore » Aug 12th, '07, 16:18

Come on! those 2 dramas have nothing in common!

Mod pliz do sthing :) Thanks !

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Post by vina.loves.sushi » Aug 12th, '07, 18:08

they're not really the same

coffee prince is just too dramatic...

or at least majority of the kdramas...

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