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Post by moderagio » Aug 19th, '07, 10:47

Daish wrote:
sakurachan wrote: Yea I agree the dad acted convincingly as a teenage girl. However, in honesty, Aragaki wasn't that convincing acting as a 40 year-old man. Don't get me wrong. Her acting has certainly improved tremendously since I last saw her in My Boss My Hero. But when my friends who had not been following the show were overlooking me watching this show, they asked me why the dad is acting like such a little teenage girl but they never suspected that the daughter was acting out of character at all.
I sort of agree with your assessment where the dad's skills showed way more than gakki's but in her defense, I think guy act girlish is easier than girl act guyish at least from a "facial/physical stand point", plus the pains relating to have a older body "stayed" with the father, so gakki couldn't do that bit. You're free to counter arguement me, i could be totally wrong.

I think the teacher's tiraids (sp) was hilarious, in particular his evil look during that chase scene, other wacky expression was priceless.
I'm with you on this. Indeed playing a teenage girl stuck in a 40 year old man body is way easier than the opposite. Sure, Tachi Hiroshi is doing an awesome job but personality wise, it's way easier to picture a teenager. As an actor, he can use lots of well-known odd habits, slang, stereotypes or facial features... Plus, the dad's character is a 40 year old tired, quiet and not so confident salary-man. She hasn't got much to use except the manly part (and manly girls are a common character so that doesn't really strike)or the fact he's overprotective with his daughter. And yeah, she actually has less screen time than he has.

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Post by kezianthei » Aug 19th, '07, 18:09

wonder what happened in the final episode??

spoilers anyone? thanks!

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Post by harukaya » Aug 19th, '07, 21:19

the ending was GREAT! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
i think Aragaki was doing her Pocky dance when she avoided her Papa's hug in the hospital. hahaha :lol

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Post by motao » Aug 20th, '07, 00:39

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Post by person » Aug 20th, '07, 23:57

I finished watching episode 6 and I am itching to watch the last episode with subs. I'm actually watching it raw right now... though I have no idea what they're saying, I kind of have an idea, so I guess I'm good. Ah this drama is sooo good and I'm rather sad that it's done cause it's just sooo good to watch.

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Post by ninjabunny » Aug 22nd, '07, 04:46

I like this series a lot. I thought the ending was a bit weak though. Everything was wrapped up too quickly. After the first 20 minutes, everything was resolved already. But it was a good series overall.

My favorite moment
At the end of the 7 days, Papa went into Koume's room and looked into the mirror and said something like, "oh no, we switched back", as a joke. that was so wrong of him but it was funny.

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Post by auroragb » Aug 22nd, '07, 12:04

Yes, but it's important to see how their experience has transformed them. So I was fine with that.

I wonder if there will be an SP

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ep.2: reference to Yamapi??

Post by yamarita » Aug 26th, '07, 00:51

i just started watching this drama today and i LOVE IT!! I'm on ep. 2 right now (sorry i'm so behind!!) --

I'm not sure if this has been discussed/pointed out yet, (and I apologize if it has already) but...:

did anyone else catch Kenta senpai's reference to *Yamapi*??? wub: It's at the scene where Kenta and Koume are having dinner at the fast food restaurant and while Papa is talking loudly on his cell phone, Kenta rants about how he ran into a friend who asked about "P-chan" and Kenta goes, "Pink?!?"

Or maybe it wasn't a reference to Yamapi...*shrugs* What do you guys think??

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Post by yamapinku-rabu » Sep 24th, '07, 11:52

does anyone have kenta's ringtone? i think it says "goal~~" XD

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Post by kujahleague » Sep 27th, '07, 08:50

Thanks for denwadayo ringtone
May I request the "mail dayo" as well ?

love it so much

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Post by OnneQ » Nov 2nd, '07, 13:14

i juz finish watching this dorama.it's really nice show.kenta senpai is so handsome n co0l...
anyone can help me...i want to find the ringtone from koume hp.it's cute.can anyone upload it?

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Post by brys27 » Mar 30th, '08, 12:03

anyone has a subtitle for this one? i wanna watch it hehehee.

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Post by You-Suge » Sep 20th, '09, 19:40

What the hell is this? Didn't notice the first time though...


And it moves...

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Post by k361 » Sep 20th, '09, 20:32

Hehe, funny picture.
Maybe a technic staff member with the micro.

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Post by Xanthos » Sep 23rd, '09, 16:11


I can't stop laughing. It looks kinda eerie but it made me laugh.

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Post by LRCLRCLRClrc » Apr 6th, '13, 17:07

why do the subs look like this? (VLC, Win8) and how do i fix it??

00:00:01,160 --> 00:00:03,800

00:00:04,330 --> 00:00:05,070

00:00:05,100 --> 00:00:07,440

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Post by k361 » Apr 6th, '13, 18:07

you download the batch with the chinese subs - http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/viewtopic_72736.htm

your VLC don't recognize the encoding.

I download the subs from the batch and test them with my editor
it suggest charset GB2312

00:00:01,160 --> 00:00:03,800

00:00:04,330 --> 00:00:05,070

00:00:05,100 --> 00:00:07,440

btw: english subs can be found at http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/viewtopic_50375.htm
But I don't know if the timing fit to this release

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Post by LRCLRCLRClrc » Apr 6th, '13, 18:15

Thanks for the explanation AND THE LINK! :)

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