What's matsujun's best drama?

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What's Matsumoto Jun's best drama??

Hana Yori Dango1 and 2
Kimi Wa Petto
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What's matsujun's best drama?

Post by aeris0729 » May 9th, '07, 08:17

I have watched many drama of my favorite japanese idol Matsujun!!so i was wondering what is your favorite matsujun drama as far as i have watched....

Mine would definitely be HANA YORI DANGO1 and 2!! no doubt,in hanadan he brought out doumyouji's emotion and character greatly i must say it's superb. All of his reaction,mood,dialogues i really loved it!! and obviously he has a very cute chemistry with mao-chan that made the drama a success

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Post by kiki » May 9th, '07, 08:22

um since hyd that got me to become his fan. I say hyd, but kimi wa petto and gokusen come close.

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Post by aishoni2 » May 9th, '07, 08:36

Kimi wa Petto definitely. It showed his acting range the most. Domyouji was great but I can feel him hesitating in some scenes. Jun overacts Domyouji in HYD2. Fortunately it ended nicely.

He completely let loose his inner child as Momo but was innocently sexy. The dancing was horrible tho' :p

Néa Vanille
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Post by Néa Vanille » May 9th, '07, 09:03

I also think he was the cutest in Kimi wa Petto. :-)

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Post by GoddessCarlie » May 9th, '07, 09:46

Hana Yori Dango is the best, with Kimi wa Petto comming in second. :)

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Post by muhi » May 16th, '07, 16:02

i vote Hana Yori Dango
he's at there so cuuuteee

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Post by kiwigloomy » May 16th, '07, 21:57

definitely Kindaichi~!!
(Porbably becos i like the character too much, and even thou i think Tsuyoshi was better,
I would still say he was pretty cool in that drama when solving those mystery)
But of course I'll never forget him in "Miman Toushi"~~
Haha, dont think Jun can get any cuter than that...

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Post by nfl0nza » May 17th, '07, 02:19

Is it fair to put Bambino in it when it's not over yet?

I dfntly <3d him in Kimi Wa Petto!!! :)

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Post by minimin » May 17th, '07, 02:26

Well although I love Hana Yori Dango to bits, but I gotta chose Gokusen!!

It was because of Gokusen that I started to like him and that was the drama that Jun had his breakthrough and became popular in dramas, so I have to choose Gokusen. Was a really good drama and it got me into Jdorama too and also JE if you know what I mean... hehe

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Post by novemberbaby » May 17th, '07, 02:30

Although I absolutely LOVE Hanadan, I would have to say that Sawada Shin captured my heart quickly than Domyouji Tsukasa did. I mean, I was trying so hard not to fall in love with Rui instead, haha.

Anyway, Shin had this really cold aura to him, but in fact, he cared a lot for his friends and his sister. Plus, I loved the way he teased Yankumi.

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Post by symanith » May 17th, '07, 03:06

I LOVED Matsumoto Jun in Kimi Wa Petto!
I first saw him in Hana Yori Dango 1 and I liked him, but after seeing him in Kimi Wa Petto and comparing the two characters, I definitely liked his role in Kimi Wa Petto better! I was able to see different sides of Jun through his acting! His role as a cute, funloving "pet" just made me want to crush him in a hug, and I loved his expressions when he's dancing!

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Post by 8thSin » May 17th, '07, 03:08

Gokusen for sure. Unlike Kamenashi, he was actually convincing as a bad-ass student.

His acting in Bambino! is the absolute worst. It's a crappy immitation of Doumyouji character with no money :-(

melancholic witch
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Post by melancholic witch » May 17th, '07, 07:38

well, physically he is adorable and lovable in all of his dramas

in HYD he tends to overact
in Kimi Wa Petto, he is funny-looking

Bambino isn't over yet

soo.... most definitely Gokusen with his "valedictorian" role hahaha
I do admire quite and calm but sensible characters

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Post by kgonewild » May 17th, '07, 16:46

I just have seen HYD 1&2! But i think Matsujun played Tsukasa Domyoji so good that dun think any one can beat him!! lol seriously, from the physical looking to the way he talks, they look just the same as i imagine before i watch the dorama! ^__^ Plus the song Wish and Love so Sweet :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: 8) :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :thumright: :thumleft: :lol :lol :cheers:

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Post by battlegirlai » May 17th, '07, 16:59

where's kindaichi on that list? kindaichi is the best! if you are going to have a vote of his best drama, you should include them all

Eternal Snow
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Post by Eternal Snow » May 17th, '07, 17:04

heeh.. hmm.. i`ll have to choose HYD 1 & 2 for the same reasons.. :mrgreen:

in kimi wa petto he`s sooo cute.. demo sa.. i don`t think the role there was hard enough to make it his best role..

Gokusen.. hmm.. he was perfect in there. & i would definitley vote 4 it if i didn`t see HYD ..
it`s just that i think Doumyoji`s role was very tough.. i believe no other actor could bring out the Doumyoji`s charecter as MatsuJun did.. he`s really amazing there :wub:

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Post by cosplaysensei » May 17th, '07, 17:39

I'd have to say Gokusen. It's definitely my favorite. I love his portrayal of Sawada Shin.

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Post by princess_jime » May 17th, '07, 19:37

I'll vote for HanaDan merely because there's two seasons of it so the time and opportunity for matsujun to expand and explore the role of Doumyouji was bigger than on his other doramas. It gave him more of a chance to develop the character.

But if there wasn't two seasons of HYD, then I'd say Kimi wa Petto is his best so far. It's not easy to play a submissive role like that one and not make it look S&M... mwahahahaha!

On the other hand, I think it's unfair to include Bambino! in this poll. It's a dorama that's just starting, we haven't seen the entire product, we cannot compare 1/4 of a beginning dorama with other doramas that are done and over with.

Overall, I think matsujun's best dorama is yet to come, he still has a lot of road to walk.

Whisper Softly
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Post by Whisper Softly » May 20th, '07, 03:37

Hana Yori Dango <3

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Post by avontflex » May 20th, '07, 04:26

HYD... i tink previous kindaichi is better, so he doesnt look v gd there..hahaha..haven watch tt bambino or kimi wa petto. gokusen he not bad lar, but i dont like him b so cool cool kind

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Post by stefonia » May 21st, '07, 11:45

am i the only one voting for bambino!?
i think his acting, at least up till now has improved aaaa llllooooottt compared to the previous ones he did! & omg look at him when he was crying in ep3
it was so real ;P

melancholic witch
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Post by melancholic witch » May 23rd, '07, 13:06

i also hope that this thread will not just be about MATSUJUN's drama, you could also include his movies...

Boku Wa Imouto Ni Koi Wo Suru is coming up!

And what about Tokyo Tower?

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Post by arabian » May 23rd, '07, 13:12

Hana Yori Dango 1 & 2 NO DOUBT..

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Post by tonks » May 23rd, '07, 16:45

I only know him from Hanadan 1&2 so my vote goes for that one.. I think he really played the part well.. But I'm planning to watch Gokusen because of him! This guy got me so hooked into J-dorama! :lol

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Post by vanjuve » May 23rd, '07, 18:14

for me, HYD, no question about that.
though, he's really great in Gokusen...
and i am definitely loving Ban, sooo much.
{ what can i say, he cooks it HOT! }

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Post by gelli93 » May 24th, '07, 05:34

My pick would definitely be Hana Yori Dango 1 and 2!! He is really good in HYD, best role so far... :-) I fell head-over-heels in luv with him wen I saw him in HYD... :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

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Post by SmiLeeGirl » May 25th, '07, 06:55

I liked him best in Gokusen < -- he was very cool

HYD1/2 (my gosh his hair was killing me ... i know i know that is how it was supposed to be)

Kimi Wa Petto <-- he part certaining was strange

Kindaichi -- well actualy he was kinda cool in that ;)

dramaholic love
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Post by dramaholic love » Jun 4th, '07, 14:21

HANA YORI DANGO is the coolest~♥

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Post by JunLOVE24 » Jun 4th, '07, 16:13

I'd say kimi wa petto is my favorite one <3
actually i've just started watching i like a couple of dys ago and
i think the acting is really cute in that drama :wub:

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Post by MitsukaiKuroi » Jun 5th, '07, 01:59

I have loved every drama that he has done so far!

It was a toss up between HYD and Kimi wa Petto for me.

I chose HYD in the end but him barking and pretending to be a bad dog in KwP was the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! :wub: :P

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Post by touchthesun » Jun 5th, '07, 02:08

I've seen all of Jun's dramas except Bambino. I don't know why I can't seem to watch it. Anyway Kindaichi Shounen no Jikembo isn't on there. That was a really entertaining drama and would be one of my favorite to watch dramas akin to Liar Game and Kurosagi I guess.

Jun tends to overact in everything he does, and I think it is in part because of his overaggressive nature to get things right and perfect. He still needs a lot of work on his acting, but he is getting much better playing serious roles. I admire his dedication to his craft.

Although his character in Gokusen is the most appealing to me, I think his role in Kimi Wa Petto is the most complex and really establishes his versatility as an actor. He was able to successfully play a role in which he needed to communicate a sense of innocence, strength, greed and humanity all at the same time.

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Post by hacksign » Jun 5th, '07, 02:38

His part in Kimi wa Petto was probably the most impressive because it's seems like one of the more difficult roles, but I his portrayal of Shin in Gokusen is my favorite. Haven't seen Bambino yet, but Kindaichi and Hana Yori Dango didn't stand out as much for me.

Also, in term of movies, I haven't seen Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru yet, but he was pretty good in Tokyo Tower. The movie itself was sorta a drag but I was amazed by his character and how he pulled it off.

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Post by lizzy_han » Jun 5th, '07, 06:34

definetly hana yori dango 1 and 2.
he shined in there : )

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Post by Issy » Jun 5th, '07, 22:24

as much as i love Jun as Domyouji, but i really think he really shined in his role as momo :wub: :wub: :wub: , there is no way that you watch this drama and not to fall for his charm.
i saw HYD before watching KWP. i was very impressed by him in HYD but when i saw KWP, i thought that was his best performance so far. saying this, i also think that domyouji in HYD 2 was better than HYD.

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Post by muhi » Jun 6th, '07, 07:41

i agree with you he's in HDY2 more like domyouji than HDY1

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Post by <3s-tei. » Jun 6th, '07, 18:53

I didn't even realize Kindaichi wasn't on this list. Maybe someone should add it.

I think MatsuJun's best performance was in Hana Yori Dango. I loved his version of Domyouji, it's just so cute and pretty. I started watching Kimi wa Petto because I liked his performance in Gokusen, but I didn't really like the storyline, although MatsuJun's performance was pretty good, though far from his portrayal of Doumyouji Tsukasa.

Other than that, Kindaichi was pretty good too, but you could see his immaturity and newbie-ness so it wasn't that great. In HanaDan, he had no loopholes; it was like the character was written for him.

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Post by chicann » Jun 8th, '07, 12:19

Also HYD for me and I also loved how he portrayed Domyouji in HYD 2. Gokusen comes quite close simply because he looked more HOT there than in HYD. Totally didn't like him with curly hair especially HYD1.

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hey you guys

Post by gs56cb » Jun 8th, '07, 21:59

well, I would say Matsujun's best performance, is Kimi Wa Petto. Hana Yori Dango , I didn't really feel anything in that. But, he did a better job than the girl character, by far. The first time I saw this guy act in Tokyo Tower, I was impressed. I really want to watch that movie where he falls in love with his sister. But, I don't know anything, about the fansubs for that. Anyone have information on that, private message me. Alright, :)

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Post by immaperson » Jun 23rd, '07, 12:26

hyd 1. he portrayed his character very well, even the exaggerated actions that the manga calls for.
gokusen. i initially watched it cuz of him, but then i started to observe the teacher more so i dont remember how he carried out his character that well
kimi wa petto. i never finished the manga and the plot didnt appeal to me, so i never really warmed up to the drama and his acting in ths one. i dunno aobut his character that well, but i felt he did a fine job too.

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Post by elaeye » Jun 25th, '07, 06:39

Definitely Gokusen for me. He had the perfect balance of aloof-ness, quiet stoic-ism, looks (I actually liked his hair in Gokusen) and all round depicted Shin so well. He wasn't over-the-top and did the entire 'really-smart-kid-who-cares-about-his-friends' thing awesomely. Even the name suited him! [/Shin fangirlism]

I loved the chemistry between him and "Yankumi" and they do complement each other appearance-wise.

Kimi wa Petto and HYD came close second but I think he was just a little too overdramatic in HYD (I was very much a Rui fangirl before I found Jun again in Gokusen x3) I just hated his HAIR in most of his other dramas! The curly perm is not good for his face shape and his hair in Kimi wa Petto seemed to get larger and frizzier until it was almost a really big afro/lion mane.

Yes, I'm shallow but I think looks do count when you're trying to portray a character's personality. But I still love MatsuJun in any drama because he's so versatile. :thumleft:[/i]

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Post by DarkDerina » Jun 25th, '07, 06:55

I think the best is Hana Yori Dango!!! :))
I really like him in this Dorama, he's so funny as Domyouji

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Post by Missaness » Jun 25th, '07, 08:05

Meh. I can't decide. Seriously. For me, it's a toss up between Gokusen and Kimi wa Petto. He was really good in Gokusen, but the versatility he showed in Kimi wa Petto was amazing too, especially since the supporting cast wasn't all that great.

But still, it was watching him in Gokusen that got me watching his movies and dramas...


Kimi wa Petto it is.

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Post by doubledown11 » Jun 25th, '07, 08:21

My first exposure to Jun's acting would have been Gokusen... but I could only stand 2 episodes of that crappy dorama (I couldn't help but compare it to GTO which I felt was superior in every way).
My next exposure would have been HYD. I thought he did a pretty good job. I was genuinely rooting for the dude to win over Makino's heart.
Bambino? To be honest, I've only watched 3 episodes. I had high expectations of it based on the pedigree of the cast but is sucked. It sucked whale dikk! Jun seemed to take a step backwards in his acting ability.

Although Gokusen and HYD are the roles that catapulted him into Jdrama stardom. From an acting standpoint, i think Kimi wa Petto was his best work. Unfortunately I haven't seen Kindaichi yet, but he managed to bring a very complicated character to life in KWP, so that's my vote for best role thusfar.

PS. Watch Tokkyu Tanaka 3 Go, and try to argue against Tanaka Koki being a better actor than Jun. I can't believe Bambino gets so much more fanfare compared to TT3G on D-addicts. TT3G is one of the best Jdoramas to come around in a long tiome.

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Post by angel333 » Jun 25th, '07, 08:40

I liked him the most in Kindaichi, maybe because he was still young and you could see the passion for acting in him. And of course Kimi wa peto goes after that

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Post by kiki » Jun 25th, '07, 08:47

i sorry that you only get to watch three ep. bambino and judge him on that, if you had watch on, jun acting increase and he created another character for himself, his acting is simple on there. an interesting thing to watch.. Bambino may not be the best drama but the acting in there make up for it. my favorite character of him is hyd and kimi wa petto. A very interesting character.

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Post by EpikLow » Jun 26th, '07, 20:23

100% KIMI WA PETO!!!!!!!!!

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Post by wasureppoi » Jul 1st, '07, 04:45

id hav to say hyd becuz dat was my first jdorama ever nd its wat got me hooked on da whole asian dramas nd matsumoto jun loving. ^^ i loved his role of domyouji. he made me laugh so many times nd i jus loved his character to death! >.<

after dat i wud hav to say gokusen cuz i lovd how he was serious alot of times but den u cud see dat he cared alot about da ppl around him. lovd it.

da only drama on da list dat i havnt seen yet is bambino. but dats only for now. i plan on watchn it eventualy

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Post by kozumifan » Jul 1st, '07, 04:48


best drama ever.. and matsujun soo awesome...

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Post by jeeda » Mar 31st, '08, 12:08

HEHE... :P :P

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Post by Salz » Mar 31st, '08, 14:19

Matsujun best role ever of course is Sawada Shin<3
after that is HYD1&2 and Kimi wa petto

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Post by Beecubed » Apr 2nd, '08, 03:06

HYD 1 & 2 most definitely. Best drama meaning we focus on the drama, right? Rather than his acting skills or whatevs? if that's the case, HYD by far!

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matsujun's best dorama!

Post by dindaputri » Apr 2nd, '08, 03:51

i absolutely choose HYD1&2 .

he was really hot there!

n i choose kimi wa petto for the 2nd! .


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Post by shimmi » Apr 9th, '08, 19:13

I voted for Kimi wa Petto cuz although it is not as popular as Hana Yori Dango I think he could develop his actings skills better during that drama!!!!

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Post by supertodo100 » Apr 13th, '08, 16:09


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