Which one of the F4 do u like the most??

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Which one of the F4 do u like the most??

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Which one of the F4 do u like the most??

Post by NADZ » Dec 17th, '06, 15:36

Which one of the F4 do u like the most??

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Post by 8thSin » Dec 17th, '06, 17:38

This dorama make me want to alt+f4 :glare:

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Post by ayeosq » Dec 17th, '06, 17:56

8thSin wrote:This dorama make me want to alt+f4 :glare:
LOL... nice one...
And I think F4 is from taiwan???

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Post by Gorahgurl » Dec 17th, '06, 18:30

Ooh, I LOVE this dorama! I just finished it 30 minutes ago and I can't wait until HYD2! ^_^ But definitely Tsukasa is my favorite. He's so cute and stupid (lesson pandas...wrap her in NORI..x_x) but selfish and stuck-up too, which for some reason makes him more appealing..o.O And I find his habit of saying,"Or I'll kill you!" funny and cute.

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Post by cuddly » Dec 17th, '06, 20:04

Domyouji for sure is the best

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Post by dina_nada » Dec 17th, '06, 20:19

I like Sojiru , i think he is probably the most normal character of all F4 :unsure:

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Post by giagurrl » Dec 18th, '06, 06:29


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Post by NADZ » Dec 18th, '06, 13:30

ayeosq wrote: And I think F4 is from taiwan???
Hana Yori Dango is a j-anime and the was made to MG (t-Drama) and finally Hana Yori Dango (J-Drama)

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Post by AzNightDreams » Dec 19th, '06, 02:41

Wow Hard question... :unsure: :unsure: lol

I like all of them realli :D :D

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Post by Hachiko-chan » Dec 19th, '06, 18:10

Hard to choose :D
They are all good looking but I guess Domyouji :wub:

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Post by fishy » Dec 20th, '06, 01:41

}. Domyouji, he is superb :wub:

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Post by blue_smurf » Dec 20th, '06, 14:33

No contest--Domyuji! Ugh, he is just too adorable...naive, funny, silly, childish, and sweet at one moment and scary, short-tempered, and cruel the next :lol which makes his character more appealing. Oh, his facial expressions are just so priceless and that "I will kill you" expression XD cracked me up so much, makes me want to kiss him :wub: he's the only way who could say that in an endearing way :wub:

Soujiroh would be my next fave in the drama. He may be a playboy but he is so cute and sweet :wub:

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Post by princess_jime » Dec 20th, '06, 18:57

I voted for Akira since he never gets any love, hehehehe...
But to me, the F4 are a unit that cannot be picked apart, Hahahaha! I like'em ALL!.
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Post by NADZ » Dec 20th, '06, 19:04

domyouji has traits that r only good on him no one else :wub: :wub:
and, ya, i would have to agree Sojiro would be my second choice

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Post by Junfan21 » Dec 21st, '06, 01:55

I voted for Doumyoji ^-^ He's soo funny, how he mixes up his words and stuff all the time, but my second favorite would definitely be Rui, because he's sooo cute :wub:

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Post by ayuayuayumi » Dec 21st, '06, 22:51

i think they gay

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Post by anneyuu » Dec 21st, '06, 23:16

Reffering to the manga: Domyouji for sure! ^__^

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Post by Chidori-Chan » Dec 21st, '06, 23:33

Rui for me (manga and anime) ^^
i feel sorry for him, as he fell for her too late .. ahh... i love the NY trip scene in the manga ...

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Post by imissjpn » Dec 23rd, '06, 04:31

i don't really have a favorite. but if i chose 3 out of the 4 i would definetly choose Domyouji, Rui, and Soujiro, cause i don't really care about Akira that much.

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Post by Alecsa-chan » Dec 24th, '06, 21:03

*screams* Domiouji !!! In the first 2 episodes or so i liked Rui aka Ogure but his acting was kind of bad :| And then in the last episodes i thought Akira was really cute :mrgreen:

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Post by funki3 » Dec 25th, '06, 16:17

domyouji of course. but next to him, its either a sojirou or rui. i can't really pick between the two cause they're both super funny (sojirou more so in the manga than the drama, but i still think he's awesome in the drama)

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Post by Oguri_Shun_lover » Dec 27th, '06, 14:58

I vote to Rui :wub: :wub:


I loooooooooooooooooooove him very much :wub:

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Post by kimster=) » Dec 28th, '06, 08:44

RUUUUUUUUUUI! is by far hands down the best one...hes so fine hes the only reason i watched the show

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Post by Kath-Lee » Dec 29th, '06, 23:49

8thSin wrote:This dorama make me want to alt+f4 :glare:
Lol! This was a good one!

Anyhow, I like Hana yori Dango (the manga, not really the drama...) and I'm 100 % devoted to Doumyouji. :P

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Post by thislove » Jan 19th, '07, 03:10

My first is Domyouji then my second would be Sojiru

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Post by Fleet » Jan 19th, '07, 03:12

There's nothing wrong with Domyouji .. But I vote for Rui!

Oguri Shun is hot sauce :wub:

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Post by luvergurl » Jan 19th, '07, 03:23

i can't deside cause i like three of them they are Domyouji, Rui, and Soujiro and Akira i not that attracte to me. But a perfer the other three better

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Post by arabian » Jan 19th, '07, 07:51

I love them all.. But I prefer Domyouji & Rui :wub:

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Post by thtlam » Jan 19th, '07, 08:00

I pick Domyouji :D

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Post by Athemyst » Jan 19th, '07, 08:30

Sojiro looks hotter in this season. I love it when he's riding on his motorcycle. So cool >__< But I like Domyouji and Oguri too =P

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Post by fishy » Jan 19th, '07, 08:37

:wub: Domyouji & Sojiro :wub:

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Post by reomani » Jan 19th, '07, 08:44

I Vote 4 Domyoji coz he is the best

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Post by rxvien » Jan 19th, '07, 08:46

Definitely Sojiru!! He's my tea guy!

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Post by evil_zai » Jan 19th, '07, 11:09

it's always been rui. in the manga, in the anime, and now in the live action.
although i have to admit, i also like doumyoji, esp matsujun's portrayal.
but i've always been more drawn to rui's character, thus my vote.
oh, and i must also add that soujiro is not so bad too.

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Post by eternalstar » Jan 19th, '07, 18:17

I :wub: Rui. *sigh* Oguri Shun does such a perfect job at playing him. So Rui definitely gets my vote!!!

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Post by xiah1fan » Jan 19th, '07, 18:37

RUI ....Helloow dom....somthing ...is not hot ....at list when it comes to me....but jun...look alot like michel jacksson.....But The One Matsuda...I think Shota Matsuda...or somthing ... he is very hott ...and handsome......but matsuda(the tea guy) is hoottt....Awiii I Wonder if there is somebody here that dont understand witch F4 we mean... W Mean Boys Over Flower The Japanese guys.....The hott guys but with a ugly leader Dom..somthing :glare:

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Post by Christabel » Jan 20th, '07, 02:51

just love him!!!!

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Post by phramc » Jan 21st, '07, 00:11

I think Domyouji and Rui are the same for me. haha Domyouji aggravates me but Rui does too in his own quiet way. I love both of them. :wub:

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Post by a-nesuto » Jan 21st, '07, 00:15

The Thing

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Post by Ayulyn » Jan 21st, '07, 00:29

Soujirou is the hottest. Rui and Domyouji are the cutest, while Akira just looks funny to me.
I love them all, but If I could date any of them, I would have to go with Soujirou! XDXD

My favorite? I can't choose. They all have great aspects about themselves.

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Post by MatsuJunlover » Jan 21st, '07, 00:32

I'm a little biased...I'm a huge Jun fan...so I'm going to say I love Domyouji, I think he's great! Yeah he can be a jerk sometimes...but well he's like a child and well you can tell his feelings are true just because of that. I mean he's going to inherit a huge company and have the massive weight of that world on his shoulders...it's a lot to deal with.

I think he tries to be tough, but there's obviously a lot of hurt hidden beneath his surface. It makes me feel sorry for him...especially since he loves Makino so much but there's all the outside forces trying to tear them apart.

I like Rui as well for the fact that he's such a good friend to Makino and he's done things that have upset the others...but he does what he thinks is right. You have to admire him for that.

Akira is the more reasonable one...he tries to be the voice of reason...

and then you have Soujiro who tries to be reasonable as well...he too has done some great things...especially when he helped Yuuki in season 1 when she was having problems with her jerk of a boyfriend. He's kind of nutral...and well Rui, Akira, and Soujiro as a whole are great friends to Makino...and I think it's cool how they try to help her with Domyouji when he's unreasonable.

Junfan21, do you know who the guy is in the glasses on your banner thing? :wub: :wub: :wub:

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Post by MatsuJunlover » Jan 21st, '07, 00:34

I like Rui, Domyouji, and Soujiro....ummmm Akira is just...well he doesn't do anything for me

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Post by anchan » Jan 21st, '07, 00:41

DOUMYOJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII for sure!!!!!!!!!! well i liked rui in the beginning...but Doumyoji just grew on me....and i <3 him sooooooo MUCH.
and i like Soujiro! his love story is the BEST (in the manga)~!

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Post by cmge » Jan 21st, '07, 06:39

Rui and Sojiro FTW

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Post by ilovehyd » Jan 22nd, '07, 07:26

I say Domyoji All the way baby!
Domyoji is just too perfect than your average guy.
I mean, Sure is the rest of f4, but Domyoji's just different In a sense that He just knows the perfect moment to perk you up or catch your attention.
He's just so cute. All You ladies out there know what I mean. It's just hard to explain.
My second choice would be Rui, Cause He's awesome.
Cute, Nice, kindhearted, hotassbody, romantic, calm, a very chilll person, yknow?

Yknow whats funny? People only started noticing Soujiro This season. Perhaps its cause he's gotten hotter? hahaha, Akira is still kinda just out, But I like him too, cause he's also awesome 8) !

lalaalalala ! I love f4 !< 3

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Post by MatsuJunlover » Jan 23rd, '07, 05:13

yeah Sojiro wasn't that hot the first season....and well Akira....ummm still not hot, but he's nice so that's a plus

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Post by MatsuJunlover » Jan 23rd, '07, 05:42

yeah Sojiro wasn't that hot the first season....and well Akira....ummm still not hot, but he's nice so that's a plus

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Post by hamstaball » Jan 23rd, '07, 07:23


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Post by DMPA » Jan 23rd, '07, 07:45

Well, to tell you the truth, F4 always stays F4, and at one time i DID like Tsukasa better, but now that i watched hyd2, i realized that Rui is somehow better...I just love how he looks, how he smiles, how he cares, how he acts, and how he's very quiet, and how every time i watch HYD now he always makes my heart skip a beat, and then i realize that it's jus an act, and in reality, there will never be a guy like him, especially for me. Makes me sad, but happy at the same time. ='( (=


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Post by anushkajan » Jan 23rd, '07, 08:15

ayeosq wrote:
8thSin wrote:This dorama make me want to alt+f4 :glare:
LOL... nice one...
And I think F4 is from taiwan???
I know what u'r talking about. F4 is a group from Taiwan they're actors and singers, but we're talking about F4 from the Manga, anime and J-Drama Hana Yori Dango. They are the flowery four and they are the richest guys in the whole manga. The manga centers around one of the members of the F4, names Doumyoji and a really poor girl named Tsukushi. But to answer the question for sure my favorite is DOUMYOJI TSUKASA BECAUSE HE IS SO DUMB AND CUTE AND COOL ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!!
:wub: :wub: :wub: :thumright:

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Post by AzNightDreams » Jan 23rd, '07, 23:02


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Post by arashisuki58 » Jan 23rd, '07, 23:42

yeah, it's Doumyoji all the way!!!!! :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

I didn't think he can get even HOTTER this season but he did!!! :wub: :wub:

But I've got to admit, the rest of F4 are looking GREAT!!! Especially Soujiro...I'm really enjoying his scenes with Yuki...I think their story will be a good one (even if it takes away the scenes between Makino and Doumyoji... :unsure: )

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Post by chack » Jan 23rd, '07, 23:57

Ahh, man. Rui. <3

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Post by milleu87 » Jan 24th, '07, 00:00

well i kinda like domyouji but right now i am looking forward to more soujiro....

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Post by cebusnacker » Jan 24th, '07, 00:04

Rui Now there is a character we can all fantasize about :roll :wub:

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Post by animefreak » Jan 28th, '07, 05:33

damn. everybody likes jun.. -.- shun is a greatest, man.. xD

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Post by Moondy » Jan 28th, '07, 22:36

hmmmm I think Nishikado is handsomer than the others but Tsukasa is the best on my heart :P

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Post by ohcrapimonfire » Jan 28th, '07, 22:59

I don't like how Jun is playing Doumyouji... he's too silly and idiotic, despite his (usually good) intentions. I normally love Matsumoto Jun, but not in this part.

Oguri Shun on the other hand... he's awesomeeee.

In the Manga and Anime, I'd say Doumyouji by far. But for some reason, in the live action versions of Hanadan, both Ruis (Vic Zhou and Oguri Shu) have blown away their Doumyouji counterparts, in my opinion.

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Post by hl4eva » Jan 28th, '07, 23:15


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Post by Spike23 » Jan 28th, '07, 23:17

8thSin wrote:This dorama make me want to alt+f4 :glare:
haha i so agree. :cheers:

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Post by dragon35fire90 » Jan 28th, '07, 23:34

Hanazawa Rui / Oguri Shun!

Eternal Snow
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Post by Eternal Snow » Jan 29th, '07, 00:02

2. Akira..
3. Rui..
4. Souijiro!

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Post by bleakreserve » Jan 29th, '07, 00:07

Uh, is this voting for females only? I think they all got issues. Soujiro has the least issues so when i watch the drama its nice that he doesn't complicate things on his end. :lol

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Post by sheep11 » Jan 29th, '07, 00:14

i think Sojiru is the best looking, but i like Domyouji's personality the best, even though he's kinda messed up, but in a fun way :P

Lil' SnowFlake
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Post by Lil' SnowFlake » Jan 29th, '07, 00:27

Doumyoji !!

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Post by xtehdeb » Jan 31st, '07, 00:38

def Rui
he is soooo cute and I love his character XDDDD <33

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Post by aeris0729 » Feb 7th, '07, 11:00

Doumyoji forever!!!!!!!Matsumoto jun!!!
next would be rui/ oguri shun
and soujiro/ matushida shota

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Post by HUAY » Feb 8th, '07, 20:30


Néa Vanille
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Post by Néa Vanille » Feb 8th, '07, 20:45

Vic Zhou was still the hottest ever. :lol I think nobody in the Japanese version can measure up to him.

Soujirou would come closest, though. :wub:

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Post by HaJoSa » Feb 8th, '07, 20:49




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Post by nela302 » Feb 8th, '07, 20:53

definitly rui. he's number one than doumyogi

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Post by Kdramafan1 » Feb 11th, '07, 05:04

Rui-kun + Soujirou-kunfor SURE :wub:

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Post by SiMPLYSMiLES » Feb 11th, '07, 05:16

I like Sojiro and Akira. They're funny and amuse me. Haha! And mostly because Matsuda-kun is such a hottie!!

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Post by ssj_100 » Feb 11th, '07, 05:24

I dont have a favorite but I'll say Rui cause I like his clothes :P

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Post by Tatsuri » Feb 11th, '07, 05:42

SiMPLYSMiLES wrote:I like Sojiro and Akira. They're funny and amuse me. Haha! And mostly because Matsuda-kun is such a hottie!!
I must agree. As much as I love Shun and Jun, Soujiro is my favorite. Akira is next. They are too cool. And Matsuda-kun is "such a hottie". Look at him in Regetta, you'll see.

Rui still pwns all of them.[/i]

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