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[Disussion] Sh15uya

Discuss Japanese drama series here.
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[Disussion] Sh15uya

Post by senpuuken » May 21st, '06, 21:38

if you havent seen the series, you can download it here.

Whats your take on the series, any comments or discussions about it?

I believe it is another knockout series from director, Ryuta Tazaki. He has worked on some of the greatest tokusatsu series out there. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Kamen RIder 555, Kamen Rider Ryuki and Kamen Rider Agito. This series takes his idelogy to a whole new level. I say DJ and Asumi were my favorite characters from the series and their storylines were really great.

anyone else?

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Post by Thuan » May 23rd, '06, 20:23

Thanks, heard good things about Sh15uya but couldn't find it anywhere.

Do you know where if there's a fansubbed version of Kamen Rider Agito?

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Post by tUrtleAE86 » Jun 7th, '06, 06:42

Pleasantly surprised to see that Aragaki Yui (Gal Circle, Dragon Zakura) is one of the main characters in this. :-)

Very cool show. First drama I've seen that's so sci-fi anime-like.

Miaka FY
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Post by Miaka FY » Jun 13th, '06, 18:41

download all and upload in AO site ^^
i'm really become sentai and toku fan so download all kamen rider and garo, Sh15uya
still i'm really little sad when it's finish this serie ..really

i was like O.O how come it's finish like that

same thing with Garo ...how come it's finish !!!

It's funny to see it's a girl who play a main male ..loll
now T-N currently have 3 episodes out ..
Hero-Legend was a first fansub ..but didn't complete so Mishicorp take it
that true ...TV-Nihon take this project before ....well well..
now i wait for my Kamen rider Kuuga, Kamen Rider Ryuki and Kamen Rider Agito ...someone please sub it or in raw torrent? :cry:

hehe ...after a first episodes from Sh15uya ..you want kick someone ..lolllll
[contain spoiler so please]
check here and tell me if you want kick someone after lolllll :-)
this serie is mature language and violent !!!! like Garo ...well it's Toku

EDIT: senpuuken euh are you member from AO forum?..because seem i saw your name member in ..maybe my mistake loll!!

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Post by GodsGirl7 » Jul 7th, '06, 01:15

I saw this series listed on AnimeSuki but couldn't find much info on it. Can someone tell me what it's about?

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Post by lilswtangel » Jul 7th, '06, 01:18

hmmms, the mishicorp link didn't work. but I'll try animesuki~ thanks for that tidbit, GG :salut:

hmms, I'll go & see if googling Sh15uya will give back detailed results.

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Post by lilswtangel » Jul 7th, '06, 01:26

here's an intentional double post. :whistling: :roll :lol

taken from english wikipedia:
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Sh15uya (pronounced and alternatively known as Shibuya 15) is a Japanese drama television series. It was currently broadcast on TV Asahi in 2005. As the title implies, it is set in the famous district of Shibuya in Tokyo, however, it is only a virtual simulation of Shibuya. The plot concerns a group of fifteen-year-olds. The story centers on a boy named Tsuyoshi (at least he thinks he's Tsuyoshi) trying to recover his memories and find a way out of Shibuya. But standing in the way is the system set in place to keep Shibuya as is. One entity, known as Piece, locks on to any of the fifteen year olds when they become 'Broken' and he kills them. Shortly the "fixed" children are resurrected with new names and new personalities, and everyone forgets the old version. Except Tsuyoshi and Ema, that is. Ema, Tsuyoshi's only ally, is different from the others. She is the only one--until Tsuyoshi appears--who remembers the dead. She also has the ability to "merge" into a battle suit and with that suit is the only one able to kill Piece.

* 1 Cast
* 2 Staff
* 3 Characters
* 4 Episodes
* 5 Notes
* 6 References



* Ayano Sugiyama as Fastfood tenchô
* Hironari Amano as Ginkôin fû no otoko
* Jun Takatsuki as Takuhaibin no otoko
* Jun Yamasaki as Biyoshi fû (ep 11)
* Mao Kato as Mikio
* Mark Musashi as Peace
* Mitsuru Karahashi as Ootomo
* Nanase Iwai as Nami (ep 3-5)
* Risa Ai as Haru
* Saya Yuki as Tsuyoshi
* Takamasa Suga as Senkyôshi fû no otoko
* Takashi Matsuyama as Igaya
* Takuya Uehara as DJ
* Tomohisa Yuge as Kengo
* Toru Yamashita as Ryûgo
* Yui Aragaki as Ema
* Yuria Haga as Asagi




* Nobuhiro Suzuki
* Ryuta Tazaki

Script: Shoji Yonemura

Music: Kuniaki Haishima


* Kazuo Katou
* Koichi Yano
* Naomi Takeda
* Saeko Matsuda
* Shinichiro Shirakura

Visual Effects Supervision: Shingo Kobayashi


(detailed information will be added soon)





(Details of episodes to be added soon)


* Hironari Amano formly starred in Kamen Rider Blade as Rider Garren
* Takamasa Suga was formly Kamen Rider Ryuki
* Takashi Matsuyama starred in Kamen Rider Kuuga as Morimichi Sugita
* Tomohisa Yuge starred in Kamen Rider Ryuki as Goro Yura, also Kamen Rider Zolda (eps 10, 50) and currently is featured in the 2006 Kamen Rider Kabuto
* Yui Aaragaki starred in Digimon Savers (TV) as Fujieda Yoshino and Keroro Gunso (movie) as Mirara
* Yuria Haga starred in Kamen Rider 555 (live-action TV) as Mari Sonoda
* Mark Musashi did motion capture for several video games, and after Sh15uya, would go on to join the cast of GARO.
taken from drama wiki:

* Title: シブヤフィフティーン / Shibuya Fifteen
* Also Known As: Shi15uya
* Episodes: 12
* Genre: Action
* Air time: Monday 5:12pm
* Broadcast network: TV Asahi


* Based on the manga series published by TOEI.
* The main character Tsuyoshi (boy) is played by Yuki Saya (girl).
* If you are with me you can get it. This is Shibuya but it is not Shibuya. This is where Shibuya 109 is next to 108 (Tokyo), and the highways signs write Shibuya. The people who live in this virtual world are "Shibuya 15". The only thing real is the pain.


* Yuki Saya as Tsuyoshi
* Aragaki Yui as Ema
* Haga Yuria as Asagi
* Yamashita Tooru as Ryuugo
* Uehara Takuya as DJ
* Katou Mao as Mikio
* Yuge Tomohisa as Kengo
* Karahashi Mitsuru as Ootomo
* Musashi Mark as Piisu

* Ai Risa as Haru
* Amano Hironari as Ginkooin Fuu no Otoko
* Iwai Nanase as Nami (Episode 3-5)
* Matsuyama Takashi as Igaya
* Suga Takamasa as Senkyoushi Fuu no Otoko
* Sugiyama Ayano as Fastfood Tenchou
* Takatsuki Jun as Takuhaibin no Otoko
* Yamasaki Jun as Biyoshi Fuu (Episode 11)

Production Credits

* Producer: Katoo Kazuo, Matsuda Kazui, Shirakura Shinichirou, Takeda Naomi, Yano Kouichi
* Music by: Haishima Kuniaki
hmms, I didn't get much out of the info given....in fact I was left even more confused. :lol

hms............but the GARO bit caught my eye. That reminds me, that's another drama I have to finish downloading. I've left it on the side for over half a year now....... :whistling:

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Post by Amrai » Jul 7th, '06, 01:35

I began watching this, and was intrigued at the start, but after episode 9 (nearing some climax or another) I got bored. No offense to the story itself, but I just thought it lacked something. The plot twists were supposed to jump out at you and keep you going, but I had figured out most of them in the first three episodes. I may eventually finish watching, but I was sort of let down by this drama. It was going for fast, unique, and edgy, but all I got was ' [insert name] is going to die, [insert] is the bad guy, [insert] is also a bad guy, [insert] is weak and will go to the other side' kind of thing. Sorry if I spoiled anyone's viewing pleasure by that fragment. Perhaps it was just me overanalyzing to overwhelming accuracy, but when you read sci-fi and watch sci-fi, it's best to get away from the regular twists that always come.

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Post by tUrtleAE86 » Jul 7th, '06, 02:31

If anyone was wondering where to look, here is the link to Sh15uya on animesuki:

Note: This link includes files subbed by Mishicorp, and another version by TV-Nihon.
(The only reason I didn't link only to the Mishicorp files was because ep 5 by Mishicorp isn't being seeded right now.)

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Post by GodsGirl7 » Jul 7th, '06, 04:43

Hmmm... Maybe I'll give this drama a shot. It's different from most of the dramas I watch. Since I've seen basically 5 seconds of some Kamen Rider series or other, and a few eps of the live action Sailor Moon...

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Post by lilswtangel » Jul 7th, '06, 04:46

ah, so the DVD version was by TV-Nihon~ yatta! i'll give this a try as well~ :P

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Post by GodsGirl7 » Jul 7th, '06, 20:42

Yeah, and then we can randomly bring it up in the Yamapi forum. :P

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Post by candlePrince » Jun 2nd, '07, 15:53

sorry for those ppl who get bored by watching these drama but I myself think its quite interesting.THE ENDING WAS SAD.Imagine youre emma and trap in that world...besides SUPER humanity value were put in,this drama actually talks about religious value too..like reincarnation,world of prison/forbidden fruit/original sin(something you'll get when youre over 21 yrs old?)life and death itself turns to be very important(rather than i love you you love me lame)to teach pupils to become more grateful and responsible realising that we must face reality for everything.In art form,its amazingly entertaining..theres stop motion/great color plays and touchups..the hero(heroin)are unique too..the mistake that ema had done in past was her fate to have her now lying there disable for the rest of her life..ITS SAD..like I told you..people WHO DONT HAVE BRAINS AND HAD A BLIND HEART will dislike these drama..Rating-7.7/10 -imdb.com.Thank god most people can judge.. :glare:

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Post by FoolyDooly » May 5th, '08, 18:02

I just found this drama, and I found out that this drama's setting is utterly close to new DS game for US ,The World Ends With You (Subarashiki Kono Sekai / It's A Wonderful World(JP title)).

I wanna try this out soon as I can.

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