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[Discussion] Umizaru*Movie* & Umizaru Evolution

Posted: Jan 25th, '06, 17:00
by nicpkh
Hei guy what you all think about these series...Because the drama is continue from the movie so I put it movie and drama in same thread....

I just finish watched the movie and episode 1of the drama...Well this drama quite interesting...

So guys give some opinion about these series...Hope to see some opinion at here.. :-)

Posted: May 7th, '06, 01:12
by mizune
Was at the bookstore and noticed that the novelized version of the next movie is out. The roadshow begins on 5/6 (if I remember, which would make that today :p ) and the subtitle for the movie is something funny like, "Limit of Love"... ^_^;

Posted: May 10th, '06, 18:55
by broken_string
i am a big fan of this series :)
watch the drama till epi 6 - sub till epi 6 only :(

juz finish the movie juz now hehe.
not bad but lack of actions compare to the drama but the movie second part will be surely action pack.

cant wait for it hehe

Posted: May 12th, '06, 03:26
by nicpkh
Yea, I also now waiting for the second movie to be come out.. Limit Of Love... :D

Can't wait for this movie to come out... Big fans of kato ai...

Posted: May 12th, '06, 03:40
by Hayashi_kun
the movie is much nicer, more action packed.
check out the theme song by yuna ito, 'precious' i think it's v nice!

Posted: May 15th, '06, 23:59
by nicpkh
Hayashi_kun wrote:the movie is much nicer, more action packed.
check out the theme song by yuna ito, 'precious' i think it's v nice!
Yea i already have this song :D ....I like both movie and drama... the story is interesting with all the guy is muscular hahaha

Posted: May 19th, '06, 16:33
by broken_string
anybody know when will the second movie be release?

cant wait to watch it, those short clips included in yuna ito Pv is really nice :D

Posted: May 20th, '06, 04:29
by nicpkh
I not sure about it but i think it around somewhere around June if not mistaken...
Yea Ito Yuna sing the song Precious really nice...

PS: Correct me if I am wrong :-)

Posted: May 20th, '06, 06:14
by mizune
^ *cough*
mizune wrote: The roadshow begins on 5/6 (if I remember, which would make that today :p ) and the subtitle for the movie is something funny like, "Limit of Love"... ^_^;
The movie is already out and playing in theatres... it'll be awhile yet before it hits DVD...

Posted: May 20th, '06, 18:10
by seaweed
I watched both the first movie and the dorama. It's simply great!! Hopes the dvd of limit of love comes out soon!

Umizaru Evolution

Posted: May 27th, '06, 18:32
by Harithz
I can't find the torrent for this jdorama with English Subs....
minna... help me... onegaii....

Re: [Discussion] Umizaru*Movie* & Umizaru Evolution

Posted: May 28th, '06, 19:30
by memory
l am looking forward to the release of the DVD movie 2
If I haven't forget, the DVD movie have English Sub. , I hope this time it will also have the English Sub :cheers:

I am also one of the matter the 1st movie / Drama

Let's discuss back to the movie/ Drama

I was touched when I was watching 1st movie / Drama
Not only the love story beteen Daisuke and Kanna, but also the partner are trustworthy between each other.....

I was shocked when I watched until Ikezawa was died...... :cussing:
It was just a tragedy, how come the baby was borned the minutes just before the father's died...... :cussing: :cussing:
I can't be clam for this cruel things :-( :-(

Posted: Jun 6th, '06, 14:22
by broken_string
dude next time use the spoiler

i havent watch it, still waiting for the subs :D

Posted: Jun 8th, '06, 09:28
by Wolfsbane68
Did anyone see the Umizaru 2 movie yet? Judging from the teaser, looks like it's devoid of the first movie's and the series' main draw, naked butts, is that right?

Posted: Aug 31st, '06, 05:16
by oceanic
My friend actually recommend me Umizaru 2.
But when I searched about it, I realise there's a drama sandwiched between the movies.
:w00t: Very interesting.
It's been quite some time since I last watched Japanese drama.

I am now getting the files for the drama... and waiting for the entire serie subs release.
Wow. I cant wait to watch Umizaru 2.
But I'm rather pessimistic that it'll be screening in cinemas here. Perhaps somewhere obscure or I dont know about. :-(

IMO, Umizaru 1 was a mixed bag, and an excellent one. :wub: it.
Took me some effort to find it, though in CB.
We get to see how these boys meet, trained and bond with each other.
Though there is not a lot of action, like the drama (saw some clips), but it's just as good.
For those who want eye candies, it's in there too.

Posted: Aug 31st, '06, 06:16
by raven_frost
Umizaru II didn't seem as good as Umizaru I. While Umizaru I was about the training the recruits endured, Umizaru II touched on the rescue of passengers aboard a stricken ferry cruise ship. Despite the potential Umizaru II had to be a good, riveting action movie, I thought the decision to have tense scenes fraught with danger frequently interspersed with melodrama and flashbacks spoilt the mood of the movie and watered down the climax.

The close of the movie was rather open-ended, and that might pave the way for a second drama by FujiTV.

Posted: Sep 12th, '06, 13:08
by flik007
I hav not watch umizaru I, and jus watch umizaru 2. i hav to say it is a very interesting show to watch.. tat y i been trying to look for its drama and umizaru 1.. anyone is seeding the dramas or movies?

1 thing i find it interesting is the part 2 even though u didnt see part 1, u can stil follow the plot.. and there r certain scenes inside tat depict abt trust between frens.. romance.. professionalism and much much more.. i find it an A grade show..

the song name...

Posted: Feb 20th, '07, 18:01
by idealess about the 1st movie the one English song wan......what the song name.....
[ ]...listen it....
got anyone know the song name....

Posted: Mar 4th, '07, 16:01
by chiyoaiki
I've never seen both movies before and just started watching the drama, please could anyone fill me in on how did Senzaki's partner, Kudo, die in the first movie?

Thank you.

Posted: Feb 19th, '08, 04:03
by curiousplay
Does anyone still have this series? I am trying to download it but there's no seeder.
If you know where I can watch this online please please let me know!

Or else, I am willing to trade any dramas you might be looking (if I have it. otherwise, I would definitely try to get it!) with Umizaru.

Please PM me! Any help is greatly appreciated!