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[Discussion] Hotaru no Haka (Grave Of The Fireflies)

Posted: Oct 29th, '05, 03:13
by Lowest
I was just on ann (anime news network) reading the news, as you do then I see a post about Grave Of The Fireflies Live-action :O so I went to the site and noticed it stars Matsushima Nanako and Namase Katsuhisa, and so I went to the wiki and noticed I've been there before browsing and didn't even notice.

So I rushed to start a topic of this, I'm sure other anime fans like me are going to be really excited about this, if you haven't seen Grave Of The Fireflies (which considering the type of people that come here and how well known the anime movie is I think that's almost impossible) then you should since it's an amazing movie.

Anyway It'll be a 3 hour special on the 1st of November (This Tuesday) at 9 (I think)
Can't wait :D

- Official Site

Posted: Oct 29th, '05, 03:16
by equang
Hmm, I'm not sure how I'll feel about this. Seeing an animated 5yo starving to death was bad enough. That's the entire reason why they animated it instead of making it live action. They didn't think the audience would be able to see past the shock of a seeing an actual small child gradually starve to death on the big screen.

Posted: Oct 29th, '05, 05:11
by Eria
this anime brought tears to my eyes! it was pretty sad. live action, eh? i should just wait til it comes out. i don't wanna make any negative assumptions until i see it. nov 1st, huh? cool! my sis just told me i can't see this because it's her bday and i'll be busy kissing the ground she walks on. and according to her, yatta!

nevertheless, i'll check it out the next day.

Posted: Oct 30th, '05, 20:07
by Wwaldo37
Guess I dont have to start a thread after all ;-)

I Look forward to someone capturing this one... kinda... if you know what I mean... :pale:

Posted: Oct 30th, '05, 21:16
by doc_tomoe
The Anime really shocked me.
It was so sad, but at the same time it just wasn't your regular fictional sad anime.
It really told the story of a horrible time, which WWII was.
In regular movies war is often shown as if it's some kind of video game.
I hope they made the LE Movie just as drastic, or even more, as the Anime was, just to show people that war isn't just about some green flash lights on tv

Posted: Oct 30th, '05, 22:31
by Poochy
Interesting. I have the DVD of this anime, and have read more about it than any other anime I have, but simply cannot bring myself to watch it. Perhaps one day when I'm super happy or super sad. But that won't stop me from getting this live-version if it becomes available :).

Posted: Oct 31st, '05, 09:04
by Lowest
You should watch the anime before the live version I think. I also have a dvd of the anime, woth buying.
Considering it's a 3 hour special the file size it going to be huge.

Posted: Nov 1st, '05, 10:13
by Jitterbugger
I'm definetly checking out the drama, if I can get it somewhere.

I'll post my views once I've watched it.

Posted: Nov 1st, '05, 14:47
by heppy
i'm waiting for this drama!! omgggggg din know they'd make it into life-action.. the anime's very SAD!! hmmm waiting waiting.. T.T

Posted: Nov 1st, '05, 21:23
by xiaryx
yea.. like some of you already said I am not looking forward to this drama either. I read somewhere that Masushima Nanoko was having difficulties playing the aunt role as it conflicts with her maternal feeling toward her kids...

Hotaru no Haka Live Action Drama

Posted: Nov 2nd, '05, 07:11
by Sakuya
There's a (60th Anniversary Special?) live action drama for the reknown anime Hotaru no Haka, or Grave of the Fireflies. It stars the popular actress Matsushima Nanako!

I heard this is really sad as well from the raw provider. So, this is a TV one-shot movie drama? I wonder why it's not released in theaters? Anyone in Japan see it yet?

Posted: Nov 2nd, '05, 07:45
by mizune
Please take a look around before starting a new thread...

Posted: Nov 2nd, '05, 07:56
by x_XJules
oh. my. goodness.

i adore that movie.

thanks for the info!

Posted: Nov 4th, '05, 04:26
by pwner4once
awww when is this going to be uploaded! :x

Posted: Nov 4th, '05, 13:01
by Gir
2 days ago.

Posted: Nov 4th, '05, 13:30
by heppy
i hope subs come out for this.. T.T

Posted: Nov 5th, '05, 18:34
by sunmoon
omg i never knew that there was a live action for GoTF... when this thread started somehow i thought it was bout the anime (lol sowwy... im new to this forum so ..:D) im goin to dl it now ^^ i heard inoue is in this movie? and btw the kids look so cute from the website i saw... this movie is goin to be heartbreakin when it comes to the end T_T
edit: yea i hope sm1 will sub this too.... its a great movie... hmm i wish i knew japanese :crazy: :cry:

Posted: Nov 6th, '05, 05:32
by wachi
i just found this out today as well. i saw this thread before & i thought it was meant for the anime not the drama. well, now i know i'm slow. hope someone will sub this, but then again, if it's like the anime, it'll pretty much be understandable. T___T i cried so much watching the anime.

Posted: Nov 6th, '05, 06:41
by x_XJules

:cry: :cry:

Posted: Nov 6th, '05, 07:33
by mikomi


This special is just as sad as the movie. I was mentally prepared before I watched this show, but even so, I couldn't hold back my tears. This drama special follows very closely to the movie, especially the later parts. Gosh, I cried buckets for the last 45 minutes, I cried even more than when I watched Grave of the Firefiles the movie. I guess I'm just too emotional, but the actings of those two young actors are great. I really wish there will be subs for this drama special.

Posted: Nov 6th, '05, 07:48
by wachi
i'm tearing up just looking at these caps.. i guess i'm just emotional. firefly brings back sad memories for me as well.

Posted: Nov 6th, '05, 18:14
by sunmoon
the kids in the drama are just too cute, esp the lil one... soo kawaiiiii :(

Posted: Nov 6th, '05, 19:06
by phrensy
gosh! i love this anime to bits and thanks for informing about the movie! ah~ its the boy from Engine deshou?

yeah. i cried watching the anime and if these two kids brought to life what the anime did...... then.... i think i need more than a box of tissues. :cry:

i just finished watching and i cried even more horribly than i did when i watched the anime. my gosh. the kid was great! i don't know if its just me, but this is the first time that i cried this badly after watching a movie.

and yes. this version actually gave a very fresh perspective with regards to the aunts point of view and it was brought out nicely.


Posted: Nov 6th, '05, 22:20
by sunmoon
does any1 hav this drama in their clubbox? :(

Posted: Nov 6th, '05, 22:45
by Chidori-Chan
every time i watches this anime movie, it make me cry ...

definitely worth watching

Posted: Nov 6th, '05, 22:47
by hanchan
The thing that makes this version really interesting is that it shows you a little more from the aunt's pov. The story is narrated by Setsuko and Seita's cousin just after her mother (the aunt) dies. It's an interesting take on the movie without detracting at all from the tragedy of Setsuko and Seita.

Re: definitely worth watching

Posted: Nov 7th, '05, 13:47
by nashi
hanchan wrote:The thing that makes this version really interesting is that it shows you a little more from the aunt's pov. The story is narrated by Setsuko and Seita's cousin just after her mother (the aunt) dies. It's an interesting take on the movie without detracting at all from the tragedy of Setsuko and Seita.
Yes, I can't agree more! This is a refreshing take on the story, and from this perspective, the aunt is actually not evil... she just behave like how a normal person would react! Definitely worth the 2 1/2 hrs to watch!

Posted: Nov 20th, '05, 01:32
by Ai_Winds
does anyone know the actor's name and the actress's name that played the brother and sister?

Posted: Nov 21st, '05, 04:54
by mizune
Ai_Winds wrote:does anyone know the actor's name and the actress's name that played the brother and sister?
Brother played by Ishida Houshi, sister by Sasaki Mao.

Posted: Nov 21st, '05, 23:12
by mms
i got so depressed watching dis drama special. n then i did some 2hrs research on wiki about ww2. haha..

Posted: Nov 22nd, '05, 11:09
by heppy
:cry: soooooooo sad.. cry alot for this special.. setsuko n seita were very well casted.. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: very sad to see how ppl'd change in the war.. grrrrrrrr..

Posted: Nov 22nd, '05, 13:04
by Speedman
:cry: Really...That's better(in some points) than the anime! Cause explains why their aunt do what she do...the movie is beautiful!!

Posted: Nov 30th, '05, 03:20
by uniquo
where can I dl a copy of this with eng subs?>


Posted: Nov 30th, '05, 03:26
by Poochy
uniquo wrote:where can I dl a copy of this with eng subs?
Search for the japanese name in the torrent section as well as the subtitle forum and you'll be able to find them both :).

Posted: Dec 11th, '05, 16:06
by Lowest
Actually just got around to watching it, and obviously I thought it was awesome. Soo sad though :(
The child actors in this were really good especially the little girl she was amazing.
If it ever gets a dvd release here or somewhere like yesasia then I'm so getting it.

Posted: Dec 19th, '05, 06:46
by MokaGirl
Ive seen the anime version years ago. I remember I cried non-stop even when the movie has ended. I end up being depressed for a very long time.

Few hours ago, I was TRYING to watch it. After only 5 minutes, I started sobbing again as the anime version scenes keep on coming back to memory. Both story start so alike it's very hard to experience the vewing again.

As I'm typing Ive stopped watching it. I cried too much already. So far, I got a bit from the aunt POV. something that was lacking in the anime version. Eventho I understand more her position, I can't help but feel bad for the two kids.
the anime version presented the aunt as an absolute selfish and sheming character. even her family didn't bother with the two kids. Also Seita and little sister didn't have much solution in order to survive.

In this special movie, the script presented the condition of the Aunt family and developped her character. Seita character seems to know he can have a meal ratio if he helps with some community duties ?? But he didn't want to as he felt he needed to stay with his sister. This just shows a bit that Seita's partly at fault for his own death.
I'm still half way of finishing watching this. I'm still unsure of when I'll be able to continue it. Probably whenever I feel my heart can handle it. Currently, I'm too moody and depressed. It might be a fictionnal story and not a documentory per se, still its background it's one true reality. That's the thing that hurt.

I wrote too much already. This movie a great one. A must watch. The anime was a classic. This one should be too a nice reference to represent the cruelity of war.

Posted: Dec 22nd, '05, 21:38
by sunmoon
yea i agree with mokagirl :(
in the anime the brother didnt have much choice in order to survive... so i think it was more reasonable... however in this drama he could have helped out with sm work to earn rations or smth like that... and i didnt like it.. :glare: i mean he wouldnt be as obsessed as in translating what his father said about protecting the family so literally to the point that he wouldnt go to work in order to help raise setsuko.... its just unreasonable... he seems to be very mature... he wouldnt be as dumb as to think that he needs to stick by his sister 24/24... :x so ya i liked the anime version better... but i liked the way they portray the aunt in this drama better :-)
its strange cuz when i checked the infor for this special in dramawiki and they didnt have any infor on the two main leads .... any1 knows what their names are... the brother and sister setsuko? thanks 8)

Posted: Dec 23rd, '05, 06:59
by mizune
From the previous page... :whistling:
mizune wrote:
Ai_Winds wrote:does anyone know the actor's name and the actress's name that played the brother and sister?
Brother played by Ishida Houshi, sister by Sasaki Mao.

Posted: Dec 24th, '05, 19:36
by sunmoon
haha thanks a lot mizune!! sorry i didnt read all the posts :D

Posted: Dec 27th, '05, 05:26
by Tomi
SOrry to bring this back up. I just saw the special and I must say it changed my entire view on the war. I have never cried so much in my life. Not even when someone died. I literally cried gallons and my shirt was wet from tears by the end. It's interesting to see a Japanese pov of the war instead of an American which I'm so used to. I love how it showed from all point of views especially the Aunt's. This was so great.

Posted: Mar 23rd, '06, 10:14
by ali-chan
when I saw the anime version, long time ago, I was shocked and very depressed about the situation with WWII.... and then, I´ve seen the live action version, and it was sooooo touching :cry: !!! and the little girl is amazing!!!!

I couldn´t sop crying, so sad :cry:

Posted: Mar 25th, '06, 11:26
by Sukachu
Hmm, this drama was ok. Sometimes it was a bit boring, some parts.
At a moment I really started to dislike the aunt. The fireflies were cute though :whistling: .
Seita didn't want to help out a bit which is pretty stupid. The part where Seita's little sister dies is sad.
*So little screening time for Kaname Jun :unsure: .